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Ashley Furniture, The worst Furniture Store
Posted by Taheri.bt on 01/17/2014
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I bought everything from them and they said it will be delivered in about two weeks. I said OK. Then few days before delivery I got a phone call for delivery confirmation. They did not deliver them on the date (Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014) and time they confirmed with me and said we deliver everything about 3 hours before the confirmed delivery time. Then I called them and told them about their mistake, they said they will deliver them on Friday Jan 17.

Guess what happened on Friday, I get call from them and they say they do not have some of my items ready for delivery!!! I told them if you do not have them how the hell you claimed delivered them to my house two days ago??? are you kidding me??? And their system is so messed up. No body takes the responsibility! the only answer you hear is: "I do not know" So if you care about your time, just avoid ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!

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Out of Area Delivery - Big Mistake
Posted by Jsbyin on 08/28/2013
WATCHUNG, NEW JERSEY -- You would need to be out of your mind to order out of area from Raymour & Flanigan. Not only was it NOT delivered when promised, it wasn't delivered "evening or Saturday without extra charge due to the inconvenience" and was delivered DAMAGED.

We have ordered several items from R&F in the NJ area without issue.
Our daughter graduated and started a new job in NC so we ordered bedroom and living furniture to be delivered there while we were there helping her set up the apt. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!

Not only wasn't it delivered in a timely manner, after a few weeks, it hadn't even been registered as needing to be delivered in the "out of area deliver center". The offered solution? Would you like to cancel? Sure, we always run around and give zero interest loans to furniture stores. It's great fun. And don't waste your time trying to call those people - it just circles around in an endless loop of automated responses...we've wasted a lot of time trying. If you try another option and tell them the problem, they very helpfully put you on hold and then come back and say they are not answering . Well, we could try later. Want to guess how many times we had to "try later"?????

Ah, but then we were on our way. But Mom & Dad had to return home and daughter started her job. No worries, we were promised, they would accommodate her work schedule and no extra fee for delivery on Saturday or evening. Well, that would be nice except the local delivery group would ONLY DELIVER TO HER TOWN ON A TUESDAY. And it couldn't be the Tuesday before she started her job as they "needed time to inspect the furniture"

OK, it arrived at the apt. with the RE broker letting them in. AND IT ARRIVED WITH VERY VISIBLE DAMAGE in the center of the dresser!!!! So glad they took the extra week to inspect the furniture.
Oh, this was not a small order, this was multiple thousands of dollars worth of furniture.
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Posted by Joelene on 09/12/2012
I have had a couch for a week and it was sent in for repairs, it went in 4 times already and it come back not repaired. Furniture city Springfield only know to take peoples money and don't give after service. They are full of empty promises.
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Furniture Row Oak Express Incompetence
Posted by Larry-harris1969 on 02/20/2012
WICHITA, KANSAS -- I brought over two thousand dollars worth of furniture on a Saturday to be delivered the next Friday. It finally got there around 7pm. A wall unit was not delivered. I was told by delivery they would call the office and have someone call me immediately. It did not happen. When I called they said it was left. They would ready for this "fit me in Saturday" so now my Saturday is ruined waiting on another delivery. I called and wanted my delivery charge refunded. I am contacting the BBB and filing a small claims case as they broke a contract to deliver all my merchandise on a specific date and they did not. Go elsewhere too many other places to go.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-22:
If you get a chance, let us know how the small claims case goes and if you get any response from the company.
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Fraudulent with no help
Posted by Funeral potatoes on 05/01/2010
IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO -- I recently received a credit card notice that mentioned that I owed $3600+. I immediately called to see what furniture I had bought and was not enjoying. The last time I had entered their store was in 2000 and bought a sofa that lasted 3 months. Ratty, poor quality.

The 3600 dollars, of course, was not mine but someone else's. It has been over a week and no one from the store has taken this charge off my account.

I thought I had cancelled my account. When I called in 2000 to cancel, I cut up the card. NOw I cannot cancel because I don't have my account number and no one from the company can give it to me.

So, they can have my number to put other people's furniture on my card, but cannot give me the number or clear my name.

Surely, this is a dishonest company who delights in fraudulent behavior with an attitude of impossible to help you ma'am.

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Still Waiting
Posted by WeAreNotAmused on 03/15/2010
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- I purchased a new sofa from Furniture Row on February 10th 2010. I wasn't sure I wanted to buy from them right away, but they had exactly what I wanted, and the sales representative said that if we bought the sofa that day that he would put it into the computer so that it would be on the next truck that was coming in about two weeks. So, I jumped on it thinking that I would have my new sofa delivered to me very soon. Well, it's been well over a month, and no one can tell me when my sofa will be getting to me. The sales representative that answered the phone also copped an attitude with me because I was upset about the wait even though he read off to me that my couch was quoted to be delivered in two to three weeks. I'll never buy anything from that company again!!!
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What A Joke
Posted by CustomerServiceTech on 02/01/2009
As an employee of Furniture Row, I can tell you that shopping there would be a mistake. The corporate goons only care about making their wallets bigger and are willing to do anything they can to do it. They make the stores sell used furniture at new prices, they raise the prices on furniture before starting a sale to trick the customers in to thinking that they are getting a deal because, as their motto says, "A Sucker Is Born Every Minute." Pretty messed up that they train you to think that at managers training schools. They even cut back half of their employees and put the warehouse workers on a commission rate, just to save a few hundred bucks a year. Can you believe that? Hourly workers on a commission rate. Now they have no control over the money they make and they have to rely on other people to sell to make their money. I'm not even sure that it's legal, is it? But hey, what do they care? They have their own "in-house" lawyers that make up their own laws and, as far as they are concerned, no one can touch them, not even State or Federal Laws matter to them. One of these days some ones going to take this company down and I'm going to laugh the whole time it's happening. Also, don't by into that line that it's "all wood furniture." Hah!

I can't count how many times I've had to try and make cardboard look like wood just to try and dupe some customer into taking it at full price. I feel bad about it but hey I've got a family to feed so what am I suppose to do about it, get fired? They expect 100% loyalty from me but give 0% in return.

That's a bad way to run a company no matter how you look at it, Barney Visser!
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Posted by jetzzx1 on 2009-02-04:
I visited the Furniture Row in Tyler, Tx. and was not impressed. First of all, nobody greeted me and I walked around for almost 15 minutes, a young lady finally walked pass me and said Hello with a smile - that was it. Secondly, I stood in the mattress area for quite sometime while two young men stood at a center counter and seemed to be complaining about their pay and hours. They never offered to help me! I will never go there again.
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