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Identity Theft Is Ignored

DENVER, COLORADO -- In the summer of 2008, just before my ex slapped me with divorce papers, she went out and orderd about $5000 worth of new furniture. I was still there when it was delivered, but had no idea that she'd "purchased" this with a fraudulently-established credit account at the headquarters Furniture Row stores in Denver, CO.

I moved out a few months later, and it was not until another year had passed that I started getting the bill for this furniture (it was some sort of no-financing charges for 18 months deal). I contacted the store and also their corporate offices and asked them to show my signature on something establishing this account. They couldn't, even though they admitted "someone" had done so by physically coming to their main store. That someone was not me. Still, they are insisting that I am "responsible" for this debt as it was established when my former wife and I were still married.

I have been fighting this ever since and will, apparently, be forced to file a lawsuit against them and their finance company, HSBC, to stop them from slandering my credit as they are currently doing and to stop attempting to collect this debt from me. Their showroom staff need to make sales apparently overrode their security concerns; they appear to have allowed my now-ex to sign for me or to have permitted her boyfriend to impersonate me and do so. This laxity is not my fault and I should not be harmed by it. But I guess they'd like to drag this out into a courtroom, something I am now eager to do.

Settlement Not Taken
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On, Oct. 2010 called me and my saying they wanted to settle or account. We sent up payments for Oct., Nov. of 2010. They wanted 1500.00. So we settled and the end of Nov. We still received payments. I called them in Jan. and spoke to a manager and I said why are we still getting charged. Her response was that we broke the settlement.

I told them how if you gave us the due dates which I paid on time. Her argument was that the payment was taken after the due date. I told her how if you gave us the date to make the payment. She said that the company should've not take the payment they still took 1500 from me. She said ill-honor the settlement. I still have payment notices and the don't want to honor the settlement 4 months later.

Bad Quality of Products
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MADISON, ALABAMA -- We bought a dinning room set from Furniture Row in January '09. It wasn't delivered until April '09. After 3 months, the finish on top of the table started to flake and come off. Initially I thought "stop leaving glasses on the table" because they sweat and it may be causing this issue. But after much consideration, IT IS A DINNING ROOM TABLE! It is ridiculous that you would have to use coasters on a table that was supposedly designed to withstand daily use. The quality of this table is horrible.

It is now August '09 and there are several spots where the finish is coming off. After reading here that someone else had the same problem, I plan to try to reach some sort of resolution with them. But just like the other guy said, I'm not sure that I want to trade it for another one of the same model because it will probably do the same thing. I'm crossing my fingers...

Poor Service
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BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- We purchased a couch 4/2/2010 at the Billings Montana store and were GUARANTEED it would be delivered in 3 weeks - that was 7 weeks ago and still no couch. We have dealt with two unresponsive sales representatives. The sales reps have not returned calls they do however send an occasional text message. I have saved the texts which are contradicting and outright dishonest. I am not sure how the product is at this point but I know the service is as poor as it gets.

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