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LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- I bought a sofa, love seat, and 2 chairs on sale. I could see that they had a few dings in the wood, I assumed from shipping. After I got it delivered and signed for it, I discovered that it wasn't NEW. I found chips, Cheetos, makeup, trash, etc down in the side of the sofa and love seat. I called to complain, saying "You sold me USED furniture!!" the manager said "What do you mean?"

I told her what I had found inside the furniture and she said "Oh, Will didn't tell you it was on sale, because it was exchanged?' Of course he hadn't and since, I had signed "AS IS" I was cheated out of new furniture. Did you know a NEW furniture store can seal you used furniture without telling you? I sure didn't!!
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Anonymous on 05/12/2007:
When you signed for it "As Is," what details were included? As is, can mean many different things, a manufacturers defect, damaged in shipping, a return, etc. If the details weren't disclosed to you, you may still have a case, regardless that you signed on the dotted line. I'd also want to know why they didn't clean the furniture before reselling it? That's just bad business.
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Poor Service
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BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- We purchased a couch 4/2/2010 at the Billings Montana store and were GUARANTEED it would be delivered in 3 weeks-that was 7 weeks ago and still no couch. We have dealt with two unresponsive sales representatives. The sales reps have not returned calls they do however send an occasional text message. I have saved the texts which are contradicting and outright dishonest. I am not sure how the product is at this point but I know the service is as poor as it gets.
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