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Happy With Futuro for Her Wrist Brace for My Carpal Tunnel
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Rating: 5/51
SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- Have had carpal tunnel symptoms for a few years, and the "buzzing", tingling, swelling, and numbness in my hands seemed to be worsening - worried as I have heard that left untreated this damage becomes permanent. What to do? So my doctor says the cure is surgery, which I don't want. Or I can try getting some braces and "wear them constantly, even to sleep". Says to get any HARD brace from CVS, etc. Picked up 4 of these "Futuro for Her" braces at Target and wow, what a difference, my hands felt better immediately. Not saying this is some magic cure, and everyone should be evaluated, but in any event I am quite pleased with this product quality. They are well-sewn and cushy, easily adjustable, with a covered metal plate that stabilizes the wrist - leaves my fingers free to type. There is a nice padding where your palm rests and overall very comfortable to wear.

Thought 25 dollars for each was a lot, but after having them for a week, it's worth it and they are well-crafted. Just wish they were black, maybe. Don't mind paying for a good product, and the difference in my symptoms is amazing. My hands and wrists are grateful.
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Bill on 06/01/2012:
I've had CT for about 15 years now and I've had good success with the CT braces sold at Walmart.
They're about $15 and I usually get about a year out of them. A few months more if I add some velcro myself after the original starts to deteriorate.

Since mine isn't real bad, only bothers me at night I also decided against surgery.

Glad you found some relief.
virginia_tide on 06/01/2012:
Hey Bill thanks! Will check it out - I will need several pairs if these have to be worn all the time. And I am really happy about how better I feel - the symptoms were driving me crazy and becoming a real issue.
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