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Gamestop False Advertising
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GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- I had ordered the new 250GB Hard Drive for the Xbox 360 on the website with the COUPON CODE: 25OFF. The code was 25% off any order over 100$ w/ free shipping. The code was ACCEPTED & I received a confirmation e-mail about my order and when it would be delivered.

I just received an e-mail that the order was canceled. I thought it may have been a server error so I tried to re-order it from the website, but the coupon code was no longer valid. I called Customer Service and they said it was a mistake to allow the coupon code to work and that they would not honor their own code. This falls under that a common type of FRAUD known as FALSE ADVERTISING. I asked to speak to the supervisor and he was no more help than a guy selling sand in a desert.

I just finished submitting a complaint through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in hopes of some form of resolution (honoring their code would be nice). If not, I will make it my mission to twitter/Facebook/myspace this event to everyone I know about how GameStop does business. (shady like)

This is the first time that I have ever had a problem like this. I would bet that or would be the first to apologize, take the hit by honoring it, and move on with life. Making me (the customer) happy and continuing to both ORDER from them; and recommending them to friends & family.

This is the LAST time I will ever deal with Gamestop at all (online or in stores). The fact that you can ALWAYS get it cheaper online at Amazon/Buy/Ebay; and you don't have to pay tax makes it superior. That and as you can see, Amazon doesn't honor their OWN CODES!...

Disgruntled Consumer,
A Message From A Gamestop Employee
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I work at Gamestop, and I realize how awful some of the pushier clerks can be, I've known those guys and I even have a few working under me.

What some of you may not realize is that most of them aren't actually like that. I'll be damned if I've ever met a hardcore company-line clerk. For anyone who works retail, you probably understand, there are certain things we are supposed to say every time someone walks into the store, calls etc. There are certain things we are required to push or it's pink slip time. I won't deny any of it, I used to be one of those people. Constantly worried about my job because of what the company calls 'low numbers'. It's the unfortunate nature of the Gamestop beast.

We don't enjoy pushing product on you, we hate it. We know we annoy you, we annoy ourselves with it, believe me. But if you happen to be a secret shopper and we don't say our little lines, it's a write up and then a pink slip. I want to punch myself every time I say, "Thank you for calling Gamestop, where we buy and sell new and used games." Just typing makes me grit my teeth.

But take this into account when you purchase from any retail clerk. We have a lot of playing room in that magical computer of ours, we can do all kinds of exciting things, make returns that the company calls explicit 'no-no's'. New opened game? You bet we can return it, and for the most part we don't hear a word about it. However, if you enter the store with a chip on your shoulder, a piss poor attitude or an otherwise self-important demeanor, ask yourself why we should help you above and beyond our call of duty? There is no reason. You see, the retail world, the relationship between the customer and the clerk is not a one way street, far from it. The old adage, "the customer is always right' is a bit tired. The customer is right if the customer is polite. Try that one out and you'll find your shopping experience is much better.

Believe it or not, most of the employees at Gamestop are not out to get you. In fact we actually want to help you. But when we are treated as sub-human you have to expect some adverse consequence.

I'm not saying there isn't the occasional self-righteous gamer nerd who thinks you're some kind of stone-age relic because you don't play games and actually have some semblance of a social life outside of the internet. I wouldn't deal with those people either, and neither should you. Make a complaint, there's a phone number at the bottom of every receipt, the person who sold you your game, his name is at the top. If it's really bad, ask for the district manager's number.

I personally love most of my customers, I've grown to call some of them friends. I play with a dozen or so on Xbox Live, we exchange Christmas gifts, they come in and grab a slice of pizza and hang out and talk politics, games, movies, music, and a myriad of other things. And that's the kind of store I enjoy working in, it makes earning enough money to get through college a lot less stressful. Try treating a retail clerk like a human being and maybe the next time you go in you can get a free slice of pizza, or be updated about some new album that just came out. You may even just learn that the average, underpaid retail clerk is a pretty cool person who wants to help you get the right thing for your son or daughter, or turn you on to a game you would have otherwise overlooked. Who knows?

Just remember, you as the customer are not always right. And we, as the clerk, aren't always right either. For the most part it's two people bonding, if ever so briefly, to help each other out. You should take this with you to what ever retail store you go to, not just Gamestop. You will find the whole thing move a lot smoother if you do. Also, remember, be nice to your local pharmacy employee, if anyone gets more crap than a retail employee, it's the underpaid pharmacy technician.

Your local Gamestop employee
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Sent Incorrect Items
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Rating: 1/51
ONLINE -- I ordered and received a pre-owned Nano Gen 7. I was VERY happy. It looked brand new. It had arrived in time for the birthday party. Then I reviewed the contents of the box (not the original box, a generic "Pre-Owned" box). The wrong sync cable was included. The Nano 7 uses the Lightning cable, not the old sync cable.

I called the 800 number. Spoke to a nice guy, but since he didn't even know the Nano 7 used a different cable, I told him I was going to go to the local store and have them change it out. The local stored didn't have one, so I called the 800 # back. I was told they couldn't send me just a cable. I would have to send the entire package back. Once received they would send me a new package with the correct cable (possibly). I have never in my entire life heard of something so ridiculous.

If these were new units I could maybe buy that GameStop doesn't have spare cables lying around. However, these are USED units, so clearly GameStop has NEW cables and earbuds in inventory to match up with the USED units that are purchased. This is just an example of what GameStop thinks of their customers, that we are just trying to get spare cables for free. Well then, ask me to return the cable and if it is not received in 10 days charge my credit card. Don't make me wait two weeks for GameStop to correct their mistake. It is insulting and a perfect example of lack of concern for their customers.

I will never shop at GameStop, online or in stores again. I would rather pay full price than deal with incompetence and line the pockets of a company who thinks so little of their customers.
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Rude Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I went to this store after I got off work to purchase mw3. The guy tells me their handing out tickets for the midnight launch at six o'clock. I look around there's only one line and its for people selling and buying games. So I stood fairly close to the counter so when six hit I would be in the line pretty quickly. Now there's other people just standing around in groups and one group in particular next to the counter was talking to the guy running the register. Well six o'clock came and he said he was handing out the tickets so everyone jumped in line. I was second in line so the guy in front of me got his then I came to the counter and was told I hadn't been waiting in the store since one o'clock so I had to go to the back of the line. Now I've gone to this store for years and spent altot of money in this place. I've called the customer hq and all I got was an I'm sorry. I have never been back will not ever go back. Walmart has better customer service.
Horrible Online Shopping Customer Service
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LONG, LONG term customer, with 2 teenage sons who one every gaming system in existence (all purchased from Game Stop), the first to pre-order games... have spent thousands of dollars at Game Stop.

Purchased Star Wars the Force, Unleashed for the PS3 ($29.99) on Tuesday with Overnight Shipping, UPS erroneously marked it as delivered on Thursday. Called Friday to report and seek a replacement (as it was a gift for my son). Was advised that a replacement could not be shipped until Game Stop completed its "investigation." This process of "tracing" the package would take 10 business days.

When asked to speak with a supervisor and gently remind them of my long term purchase history--I was placed on hold 3 times (for 3 minutes or more) and told that representative had spoken to supervisor and the policy stands.

When asked additional times to speak with supervisor, was finally transferred to Jamie at extension 7632, who proceeded to tell me that the policy was to protect Game Stop from customers who would abuse them. I reminded him to view my account, 16 purchases in the past 3 months alone--he said it did not matter, they must be protected.

Directly asked him to explain to me why Game Stop would be willing to lose a long term customer who has spent thousands, just this year alone over $29.99. He said, "Well ma'am that is certainly your choice."

Final resolution: I wait 10 business days for UPS investigation. Upon it going in my favor, I could receive a refund in 5-7 business days if their claims representative approves it. If UPS erroneously find it was delivered in hand, I have no recourse. If the claims representative does not approve the refund, I have no recourse.

My final resolution: To NEVER, EVER spend another dollar of my hard earned money at Game Stop and to find alternatives. I would rather spend more money to avoid the drama (total customer service call time 2 hours) of dealing with a business that sees the value of my business as worth less than $29.99.

Going Above and Beyond
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BEL AIR, MARYLAND -- First thing to note, I always start Christmas shopping early (in September) and always keep my receipts in a box.

I went to GameStop back on 11/28/10 to pick up 6 items for Christmas gifts. 2 Gift Cards, 3 computer games and a hint book. Had fast, friendly service that day.

Yesterday I started wrapping all the gifts that I had bought for the last few months. When I started to wrap one of the computer games, I noticed that it was very light. When I looked closer, I saw that the DVD was not in the box and that the box wasn’t even shrink wrapped.

With a sigh, I started to look for the receipt. Instant panic. Not in my receipt box. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I would need to go and re-buy the computer game, right? I mean, over a month sense the purchase and with no receipt.

So I call the store and ask if they still have any of that computer game left. They said yes and I asked them to hold it until the evening when I could come up to get it. No problem, I’m told, they can hold the game.

So when my hubby gets home, off to GameStop we go. When I get there I ask for the game and with a sigh hand them the empty box and explain why I’m re-buying it. The manager, Brandon, over hears this and asks if I have a GameStop Card. I say yes and he asks if he can see it for a minute. I hand it over and he starts typing away at his computer. He then says, “You bought this game on November 28th right? Along with some other games and gift cards?” I say yep, that was the date. And he says, “Well, there is no sense in you re-buying the game if we forgot to put in the DVD the first time is there.” He then gives me the new computer game and says, “Here you go and Happy Holidays!”.

I was floored! This is the customer service I remember from ages ago.

I will now ALWAYS get any games and game items from this store, even if I have to pay more.

Kudos to GameStop and thank you, Brandon, for helping in making this a happy Christmas.
Pre-Sell Warning
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This is more of a warning/heads-up/reminder than a complaint because I acknowledge that it was partly my fault.

I get a discount on video games where I work but we weren't pre-selling Godfather II so I went to GameStop. There was a bonus character that you were supposed to receive when you picked up your reserved copy.

I was naive about the pre-sell process and when I picked up my game that's exactly what I got. The game and nothing else. I'd assumed that the pre-sell bonus was inside the game(That was MY mistake. Never never assume.). I got home, opened it, no character. I called them and was told the code for the character was on a separate card that I needed to drive back for and pick it up.

I drove back and at first they said they were out of the pre-sell cards. I was upset and a bit confused because I had reserved the game and not gotten the card so there should have been at least one left over.

The associate walked to the back and came back with one. It had been stapled in the corner and was a bit crumpled, but whatever.

I took it home and, unfortunately, the code was no longer valid for the character. In other words someone had used the code and returned it with their game.

To their credit, the sales associate was extremely nice and understanding. I went back to the store, explained the situation, and they totally refunded me.

I then bought it at work and at least got my discount. But I'm still sad that I never did get that pre-sell character. It was why I'd gotten myself into that mess in the first place.

Final warning: double check that you have everything before you leave the store.
Floating On Consumer Cash
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition

1.) Less than 30 minutes after I completed my transaction, a GameStop representative called me to confirm this order. Mumbling something about an address verification for the credit card that was used for this transaction.

2.) Furthermore, why was I NOT NOTIFIED at the "time" that I verified my address, that THIS ITEM HAD BEEN D-LISTED? I mean seriously, would it have been too proactive to have even considered adjusting your website to mention "OUT OF STOCK" ..or "D-LISTED" instead of processing a transaction for an item that WAS NEVER INTENDED TO SHIP?

3.) Lastly, NOT ONLY ARE YOU "NOW" HOLDING MY $95.73 ..hostage (you are literally borrowing it for 3-5 business days), but, you have the audacity to attempt to charge me $10.14 for some sort of processing fee. Are you kidding me?


To add insult to injury, I received a "canned" response from GameStop. That implied that somehow "my financial institution" was to blame for the incurred charges to my credit card.

NO APOLOGIES for taking my cash for an item that they KNEW they didn't have in stock, and that they NEVER INTENDED to ship.

AND! Had my son not logged into our GameStop account, and NOTICED that the order had been CANCELLED, we would still be sitting here twiddling our thumbs, wondering where the shipment was GameStop never even bothered to notify us.

AND IT ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE, that I should not be charged a processing fee ..I NEVER CANCELLED THE ORDER. GameStop did.


From: Gamestop Customer Service []
Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 10:17 AM
To: Lisa A. Johnson
Subject: RE: Your Order Confirmation - 4090319104247522 (KMM4687116I15977L0KM)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

In response to your request we have cancelled your order # 4090319104247522.

As a reminder, your payment method was never charged for the canceled items. Any related authorization hold on your credit or debit card account will be released in accordance with your financial institution holds policy. Please contact your financial institution for more information. For Barnes & Noble orders, refunds are processed within 3-5 business days. If your order was placed with a GameStop gift card or Edge Card, please note that any related authorization hold on the card should fall off within 3-5 business days.

Also, please feel free to check out our new website features for your future cancellation needs as we are now offering customer self-service options, like canceling your own order/items.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon!

Best regards,

John Customer Service Agent


SERIOUSLY ..WHAT GIVES HERE? Why is the consumers responsibility to LOAN MONEY to GameStop? I have to admit, this is a clever approach to floating cash flow .........but, at what expense?

Horrible Customer Service
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AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Shadow the Hedgehog was released in 2005 and I am a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan so I pre-ordered the game as soon as I heard that it was being released. A few weeks after the pre-order was placed, I was emailed a notification that Shadow the Hedgehog would be shipping with a free beanie for anyone who made the pre-order.

I was excited about this and couldn't wait to pick up my free beanie. I went into the store where I made the pre-order and asked if the Shadow Beanies were in the store yet. The clerk told me no and to check back in a week or so. I let 2 weeks pass me by and I visited the store again in hopes that I would finally receive it. This time a different clerk was working and he told me that the game would ship with it, so I could pick it up in a week when the game was released.

So I left and I came back on the day that the game was in stock. I paid the pre-order off and picked up my game which lacked the beanie. I asked the manager there why I didn't have the beanie. He said that the shipment was going to come in late and I could come back in a week or so to get it. By now, I was fed up with waiting for it and left the store unsatisfied. I called a week later to see if the beanie was in and a different clerk informed me that the shipment of beanies had been sitting in the store for so long that some employees finally took some home and the rest of them were thrown in the trash.

I was very upset and spoke to a manager who could only apologize and said he didn't know why I never received my beanie and assured me that this wouldn't happen again. Well guess what? It did happen again with the very next Sonic the Hedgehog game that was released.

Sonic Riders was released shortly after Shadow the Hedgehog and was supposed to come with a free t-shirt, I never received the shirt when I picked my copy of the game up. I was told again by a different clerk that the shirts would be coming in soon. I called every week after that for three weeks in a row until I finally gave up. I have never pre-ordered a game from Gamestop after this happened.
Gamestop Manager Dislikes The Return Policy
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AUGUSTA, MAINE -- My teenage son bought a VGA cable for his Xbox 360, using a gift card he received for Xmas. The cable did not work on his monitor, so he decided to return it. I dropped him off at out local Gamestop, and when he came back to the car, he still had the cable. He told me the manager said he could not return the item because it was opened. The receipt states that Opened accessories may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of purchase.

I went into the Gamestop, and told the clerk to refund the purchase price onto a gift card. The clerk said the item could not be returned because it had been opened. I asked if he knew how to read, and showed him what the receipt states. He said his manager already said the item could not be returned. I asked him to get the manager, and another clerk went to look for him. The clerk came back and said that the manager said to allow the return. I asked that they bring the manager out so I could find out the actual return policy. The manager came out, and (paraphrasing) said, "What's the problem? We're taking the return?" I asked him why he decided to arbitrarily decided to not allow the return, and he said, "The item is opened, I can't put it back on the shelf like that." I tried to explain to him that it doesn't matter that the item was opened, that the return policy allows the return regardless.

He kept asking me what the problem was, since they were accepting the return. I told him that the problem was that he was not honoring the return policy that is printed directly on the receipt, and I didn't like that they were trying to deny the return to a kid. I told him I would be writing to Gamestop corporate headquarters, and he said fine, but he still didn't understand what the problem was. This is a great example of a manager trying to deny a return by a teenager, figuring it would be simple to do so, and thereby keep his sales up and his returns low. Despicable, very despicable.
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