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Gamestop Manager Dislikes The Return Policy
By -

AUGUSTA, MAINE -- My teenage son bought a VGA cable for his Xbox 360, using a gift card he received for Xmas. The cable did not work on his monitor, so he decided to return it. I dropped him off at out local Gamestop, and when he came back to the car, he still had the cable. He told me the manager said he could not return the item because it was opened. The receipt states that Opened accessories may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of purchase.

I went into the Gamestop, and told the clerk to refund the purchase price onto a gift card. The clerk said the item could not be returned because it had been opened. I asked if he knew how to read, and showed him what the receipt states. He said his manager already said the item could not be returned. I asked him to get the manager, and another clerk went to look for him. The clerk came back and said that the manager said to allow the return. I asked that they bring the manager out so I could find out the actual return policy.

The manager came out, and (paraphrasing) said, "What's the problem? We're taking the return?" I asked him why he decided to arbitrarily decided to not allow the return, and he said, "The item is opened, I can't put it back on the shelf like that." I tried to explain to him that it doesn't matter that the item was opened, that the return policy allows the return regardless.

He kept asking me what the problem was, since they were not accepting the return. I told him that the problem was that he was not honoring the return policy that is printed directly on the receipt, and I didn't like that they were trying to deny the return to a kid. I told him I would be writing to Gamestop corporate headquarters, and he said fine, but he still didn't understand what the problem was. This is a great example of a manager trying to deny a return by a teenager, figuring it would be simple to do so, and thereby keep his sales up and his returns low. Despicable, very despicable.

Worst Webstore
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I ordered a Pipboy edition of Fallout 4 on their online store because it was available for a short time. There was an issue with the order and their website wouldn't let me order another one or cancel it. I waited 2 hours for some guy in another country to answer my call. In that time the game had sold out and he told me there was nothing he could do. I'd give them even less than one stars if I could. Never ever doing business with them again.

Paid 255 For A Faulty Ps3 Slim Manager Won't Refund Refund Faulty Machine Next Day
By -

NEWRY -- Hi all, bought a PS3 slim from Gamestop Newry, for my young son. When I went back 2 Gamestop Newry, manager didn't want to know, he laughed at me and refused to give me my return which I'm entitled to under the sale of Goods Act Article 75 1975. Now I have to pursue the matter through small claims court. So be warned, don't buy from Gamestop a PS3 slim. They don't want to know when you go back to the store. Ahh. Aw we'll sure see what the courts have to say. Keep you all posted. Terrible service, an awful manager in the Newry store.

By -

I went to the Gamestop in the mall near my house recently to buy a game and a magazine. The lady behind the counter said that she was going to throw away last months issues because almost no one bought any, I told her that that sucked and she asked if I wanted one for free. I was happy that she would do that, I'm going to shop there more than the other locations I go to. I'm not going to be an idiot and expect more freebies, but the service and atmosphere were good, and the lady behind the counter was nice and polite.

Pre-Sell Nightmare
By -

I wrote a review titled "Pre-Sell Warning". Unfortunately this is NOT the first time I've had trouble with GameStop pre-sells. THIS time, the associate told us he had just found out his store was having a midnight launch for the new ghostbusters game and there would be free, first-come, first serve items received when you reserved the game (I should have known better due to my previous experience).

So we decided to buy the pre-sell and just come at midnight to get the free item and the game. We wouldn't have reserved a copy otherwise because we work during their normal store hours. So we put $25 dollars down for the reservation. What happened? We sat outside past midnight and no one showed. Then, we drove twenty minutes away to ANOTHER Gamestop and sure enough they were open, BUT THEY WOULDN'T ACCEPT OUR PRE-SELL FROM THE OTHER GAMESTOP. They told us all they could do was sell us the game but we wouldn't get the free item and we would have to wait until tomorrow get our $25 back from the other... We just left.

I'm furious. I'm exhausted from staying up late for this "launch". I'm out the gas money driving back and forth because I was misled. UPDATE: We went back today after work. In addition to being told that there was nothing they could do and that they were "sorry", we couldn't even get the free t-shirt from the game because, "The EMPLOYEES took them all."

Gamestop Customer Service
By -

MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA -- On the afternoon of February 4TH, 2009 I was in Gamestop #4440, browsing the games, and was also going to get a copy of Mass Effect for the XBOX 360, as well as put more money down on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I stood by both of the tills with my Visa card out, ready, and neither of the employees on duty at that time, made any effort to ask me what I wanted or if I was ready to go. This didn't make me very happy, as it was, because I was also dealing with my father recovering from a heart attack at the time.

I left said store, and as I walked out, said to the effect you guys must not want money, as I put my Visa card away and started walking out, and I said that the manager would hear about this. I filled out an online customer survey at the Gamestop website, and I can assume at this point, nothing was done concerning my experience at the store. I'm in store #4440 on a pretty regular basis, but after this mess, I'm going to the one decent store where I live and that is Gamestop Store #3499, that actually has a decent store manager.

In my opinion, store #4440 is the store that should have been closed recently, not store number 1011. Gamestop store number 1011 had better customer service than number #4440. As a result of what happened, as of Monday February 9TH, my reserves at Gamestop store #4440 are being cancelled, and then transferred to store number #3499.

Don't Sell Any More
By -

My brother went in to Gamestop to get me a game for my birthday so he went online to see if they had the game that I wanted and the web site said that they did. So he went in to Gamestop to buy the game and the person who worked there said that they don't sell xbox game any more and my brother said "well their web site said that they still sell xbox games there when in fact they don't." So that my review of Gamestop.

Great Customer Service!
By -

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- In February, my wife bought me the Guitar Hero II game pack for Valentine's Day. She also paid a few extra dollars for their protection plan. Recently, the disk stopped working. We tried to track down the receipt but, unfortunately, we could not locate it on that day. So I took the game in to see if they kept a record of the protection plan customers on their system.

I had it in mind that we were probably just out of luck and was prepared to just buy another copy of the game. We explained the situation to the manager. We learned that they do not keep these records on their system. He then looked at the disk, saw the problem. He then reached in the counter, pulled out a new copy of Guitar Hero, got my info and processed the exchange. No hassles, no accusations, just "You're all set!" We were so impressed by this, we ended up spending another $70 that day, and will continue to shop there!

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