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Do Not Order From Ganz
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CHEEKTOWAGA, NEW YORK -- Cancelled order 39 days ago. They have shipped and are continuing to ship the order in increments despite our phone and written cancellation. We received a fax response to our written cancellation notice that there were no open or pending orders on our account. They changed our account number without telling us, and converted the orders to the new account number. They won't issue call tags for the shipments and won't issue credit: They dropship bill through Ace Corporate before we even received the merchandise. This has been a total nightmare. I sure wish I had checked with the Canadian BBB before I placed this order; Ganz has a rating of F!
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Soaring Consumer on 03/21/2009:
If you have written confirmation of cancellation and also proof that there are no orders on your account, send a copy of it to your bank or your credit card company and put the charges into dispute.

Those documents pretty much prove that even though they are sending those things to you, you chose not to continue with the purchase and it was acknowledged.
Anonymous on 03/21/2009:
There is a law in California that if a merchant sends you something you did not order that you get to keep the stuff for free. Not sure where you are located but you may have a similar law that "might" apply to your situation. Check it out if you have the time.
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Website unavailable
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PENNSYLVANIA -- My children, as have many other children, received Webkinz for Christmas. (In case you don't know, they are stuffed animals that come with a computer code which you enter into the website and get a virtual pet to play within Webkinz world.) On Christmas day, the website was inaccessible due to the volume of users. This site moved slowly on December 26 and has been inaccessible the 27th and the 28th. Since you have to buy the plush to get the code, Ganz had to know that their sites would be overloaded. I understand that this is a heavy usage time for them with the holiday and kids being off school, but I have $30 worth of stuff here that my kids are wanting to play with and cannot. I also sent these to some other children as gifts and I'm sure they can't play either.
Ganz needs to upgrade their servers or only sell as many toys as their system can handle.
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Anonymous on 12/28/2007:
I understand your frustration, but it's tough to build a network to handle the increased activity that must hit them once a year. If your freeway jams once a year on the 4th of July - do you build an 18-lane highway to compensate? I would be more worried if the problems continue after this week. With luck, the kids will learn a good lesson in patience this week, and the frustration will soon be forgotten. I hope they get a chance to fully enjoy their gifts soon.
spiderman2 on 12/28/2007:
Good points and they are well taken, but Ganz had problems with this prior to the holiday so IMHO they should have been aware that they wouldn't be able to handle an influx of Christmas gifts.
Anonymous on 12/28/2007:
spiderman I totally agree! My son got three of those little stinkers and has been dying to get online to play. He actually got on for a super short time late Christmas Day but that has been it since then. I did have him prepared for the post-Christmas online rush (we experienced it with my other son on World of Warcraft last year) but it still stinks.
Hope the kids get to play soon. :)
sarahnkrystal on 12/28/2007:
My daughter has been begging me for days, and she was so sad when she couldn't get on
Anonymous on 12/29/2007:
try again sarah, we had much better luck late yesterday and today and my son is really enjoying the games and website. Hope she gets on, it is tough to see them sad :(
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