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Come On, Gap! Be Nice About Returns Within Limits!
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I bought a pair of khakis on 01/28. I never wore them and they sat in a drawer. Since I lost the receipt, they just continued to sit there. I was cleaning and found the receipt yesterday (03/20) and since the receipt said you have 90 days to return, I figured there would be no problem.

Took them today to the GAP store (Anchorage, AK). Was immediately told the return policy was changing April 1 for returns to be done within 30 days. I said that was fine, no big deal, I always return quickly- except for this one time I lost the receipt. I was then told I could not return because the pants were 'final sale'. I said I was never told that when I bought them in store (apparently, items ending in. 97 are final sale?) and had no idea that was a policy.

She then went on to talk about the new policy and how they hate for people to return so late because then things are horribly outdated (how outdated can khakis be?) and they lose money. Okay, fine. But the pants were on clearance when I bought them (this has NOTHING to do about needing the money, but rather the fact I don't need stuff hanging around the house I don't need).

I apologized for returning, but pointed out that I was still within my right. At that point, another salesperson (who I've talked with previous times while shopping) kindly said there was no problem and to just return. The other girl just sort of huffed about it and did not say anything else.

Listen, GAP, I get it- stuff goes out of style. But I was within the time frame YOU established… why make me feel bad about playing by the rules?! I'm a good customer and I'm entitled to make a purchase and return if I don't like it- and you shouldn't make me feel like a criminal for doing it.

Racist Behavior
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I walked into the Gap in Seattle on March 6, 2008, at 4:15 p.m. I asked the sales representative behind the counter for service after she was finished with another customer. I asked if they had any leggings, she said she would have to find out. After she was finished with the one customer, she totally ignored me. So I went to the next sales representative and I explained to her calmly what had just happened and really there wasn't a difference from that sales representative in the lingerie department.

I found a dress and a pair of shoes that I went on ahead and paid for. I gave her my credit card in her hand and when she was through, she threw my credit card on the counter and would not give it back to me in my hand. I told her was very dissatisfied with her and the other lady's service and her statement to me was she tried to do everything to could to help me. It made me even more angrier and didn't yell or anything, but I asked her for the manager and she would not get the manager for me. I did let her know that I will be calling corporate office. It didn't matter what race that I am, but she didn't seem to care, what kind of service is that.

I will have her to know I am a secret shopper "busted". She just made the Gap and Banana Republic look really, really, bad. They have a tendency of treating black people with such disgusting service and they make up most of the consumer sales. I have never seen such hatred towards black people before. This really saddens me to know that racism is still well and alive!!!

Black people, STOP PUTTING YOUR MONEY INTO STORES THAT DON'T WANT YOU IN THERE. THEY SHOW YOU BY THEIR ATTITUDES!!! Look at the men's Banana Republic, they treat black men so terrible, and the black men that can't find that item anywhere else will go ahead and buy the item. Don't do that, stop it!! Stop putting your hard earned money in places that will not treat you as human beings!!!

Misleading Advertising and Horrible Customer Service - Tracy, CA
By -

TRACY, CALIFORNIA -- I went into the Gap today to buy dresses for my 2 daughters. They found 2 they liked and I was happy to see that the sign they were under read "30% off dresses." We went to the register to pay for our purchase but the discount didn't come up on the register. I asked the cashier about it and she asked another associate to check. The associate came back and said that the 30% off sign was only for the dress directly underneath the sign, and not for the dresses to the right and left. Mind you, the sign said DRESSES (plural). I asked the manager about it and she was disinterested in my concern and had a "take it or leave it" attitude.

My daughters really wanted the dresses (they are 4 and 7) so I purchased them anyway. On my way out, I went back, took a picture of the display and the misleading sign and asked the manager for her name. I immediately came home, emailed my complaint to corporate and attached the pictures. I've been shopping at The Gap for years and I have never experienced such poor customer service. Two thumbs down!!!

When Is a GAP Store NOT a GAP Store?
By -

SILVERTHORN, COLORADO -- When is a GAP store not a GAP? When you try to return something. Today, I tried to return a present received at Christmas. The family member who sent it asked me specifically if there was a GAP nearby in case it needed to be exchanged. The receipt state it can be returned to any US GAP store within 30 days. Guess what, I drove 40 miles to the closest GAP store. This store is in a rural location and is a GAP Outlet store, and they would not accept the return. They stated I needed to return the item to a GAP retail store only and within 90 days.

Again, I questioned the fact that it does not state that on the receipt. I also asked about the 90 days since the receipt states 30 days. Again, they changed their story and said it is no longer 90 days but now 30 days to return the item which gives me 10 days. When asked where the closest GAP store is located, I discovered it is 140 miles away. I guess I'm stuck and they win. The items will not be returned since I will not be able to make a special trip to return this. Be forewarned, they do not even follow their own policies as listed in their own receipt. I will not EVER shop at a GAP store again.

Poor Management and Return policy
By -

TUNICA, MISSISSIPPI -- Purchased 2 pair of gloves, a hat and scarf for a Bowl Game. Both pair of gloves started unraveling and had holes in several areas after a few hours of wear inside the car before ever arriving at the game. Less than 24 hours after the initial purchase, we attempted to return them to the store. The rude manager said that since the items had been worn, they would offer no return or exchange??? I asked if the gloves were supposed to only last 1 day? Her reply was “Sorry, it says so on the receipt that there are no returns on worn merchandise.”

Another Gap worker stated that they had an entire basket FULL of these particular gloves with the same problems. I am not sure why a store would not stand behind a product within such a short time period when it was obvious the merchandise had quality problems. Gap has lost a family of customers.

Gap Credit Card SUCKS!
By -

Let me preface this with the fact that I am over the age of 40, live a responsible life. I am very responsible with my credit cards, and always pay my GapCard off. I only use it to get the percentage off. So, I had a $40 balance a month or so ago, and decided to pay my account off online. I pay for many of my bills online and I am not a computer novice, so I know how to pay bills online. I never rec'd anything saying the charge did not go through, and since I thought I was finished, I logged off.

The next month, I get my statement saying that my check was returned and was charged many different charges to rectify this. My $40 bill was now $116. I knew I would get nowhere with customer service because I had called and complained about another incident and I got absolutely nowhere, so I decided to pay the bill, by mail and earlier than stated on the due date.

Yesterday, two weeks before my bill was even due, I rec'd a note from a collection bank saying they had contacted me many times about this and that this bill needed to be paid in full. HELLO?? I quickly went to my wallet, took out my GapCard and cut that little sucker up as quickly as I could. I would be very careful before you take on a GapCard... I will never have one again.

Gap New Return Policy
By -

SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- Gaps new return policy stinks. My wife tried to return a pair of pants that were too small for him. She purchased them 37 days ago (back to school stuff). The store refused to accept return because it was beyond the 30 days. She had receipt but that did not matter. They would only give her the sale price which was 10 bucks less than we paid.

Well, I guess we did not expect our son to grow so fast, but I guess that is what kids do. So to sum it up, GAP just lost about a thousand dollars worth of business each year from us alone because of 10 bucks!!! Pretty dumb business move especially in this economic environment. Good luck GAP. See you when you are liquidating all your stuff like Circuit City.

By -

Received my GAP VISA bill and noticed a statement on the bill that I had triggered a penalty rate. Called and found that this had occurred because I had been late on my payments twice in a calendar year, once in Feb 09 (1 day late) and once in Aug 09 (4 days late). I have had this card since Nov. 07 with no other late payments. They also indicated that they have shortened their billing cycle to 23 days. I asked if they offered any grace period, the response was that (in my case) they sent the bill on Aug 24th, due on Sept 16th and that this should suffice as my grace period.

I am one that gets paid every two weeks, so the dates of my checks vary from month to month. My frustration lies in the fact that there is no variance in their policy. Some may say that being late at all is my fault, which I accept. However, every other card I have has anywhere from 7-10 days of grace period. I presume this is to allow for potential delays in the postal service or things of similar nature. To me this is another example of the "bullying" tactics of credit card issuers we hear about daily.

I have since closed my account and called GAP to let them know they have lost my business until such time as they reevaluate their relationship with the credit card holder. Who by the way is GE Money Bank. Once again, my fault for being late (1 day & 4 days). So for all out there, beware, no lenience at this place. And to add, had I been 10 days late or more, my mouth would have remained shut!

Horrible Customer Service
By -

BEACHWOOD, OHIO -- I purchased $300.00 worth of clothing at the Gap with the help of the girls working there. I told them I needed the cloths for a vacation I was taking in a month. Never did they mention their return policy. When I went to return what I hadn't worn, complete with tags and receipt and waited in line, the two people purchasing cloths before me were notified about the return policy and the cashier circled it on the receipt.

When it was my turn, I was told that I couldn't return my stuff - it was over the 30 days. The manager told me that they circle the return policy on each receipt (except of course mine), so she said she would return the merchandise but at the sale prices. I said OK. I asked for a credit to my card and was told that they could only send me a check in the mail, I agreed to that. In the mail yesterday, I received a merchandise certificate for my returns. I called the corporate office and was told sorry, that's all they can do. Why would I want a merchandise credit to a store that I never plan on shopping at ever again. They have the worst customer service of any store I know.

Bad Return Policy
By -

MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I bought a t-shirt at the Gap store in Milford, CT today. When it didn't fit, I took it back. The store manager told me that since the price ended in. 97, the shirt could not be returned; it says so at the bottom of the receipt. When I told her it was unfair to tell someone an item is non-returnable only after they buy it, she said this was company policy! When I called Gap customer service, they said there was a sign posted in the store (there wasn't), and that the policy was on the price tag (it isn't). They are pretty rigid about sticking to this rip-off policy. Well, I can be pretty rigid about never shopping at the Gap again.

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