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Unauthorized Charges for "E Trim Trainer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST. GEORGE, UTAH, OREGON -- This is a copy of my email message today...They are doing the same thing to many others, I'm sure...
To: delivery@mediahub. bz ; raspberryketone@nutritioncustomercare. com
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 4:35 PM
Subject: Fw: Electronic Receipt #1224098

Hey you guys...

How the heck do you figure that I bought "E-Trim Trainer". I did not buy anything except some bottles of Garcinia Cambogia 1300 Weight Management dietary supplement in 60 capsules per bottle. I received 5 bottles.

I know nothing nor have I ever read anything about your E - Trim Trainer, and I see you have made this $9.47 charge to my Mastercard debit card every 30 day period since, and I am going to report your scam to my bank, Google, and to the police directly unless you return this money and just go on about your business. If I have to waste my time and another $50 bucks to drive another big nail through your butts over this, I'll just go about getting it done.

I have had a look at your lists of complaints that are posted on the web and you might suspect your reputation is ruined by many others already...

Let me know your handling. I'll give you just a couple more days to git' this done.

Sincerely, you bums...
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User Replies:
Jay on 05/27/2013:
From all appearance you have been scammed.

First, is not a valid domain.
Second, is located in Belize, Central America.

It not likely anything can be done unless your bank is willing to reverse the charge.
Anna on 05/27/2013:
I also bought the product and was charged for some E-trainer since Dec 12. I just got off of the phone with them. I was lied to and told that there is no way to speak with a manager, one told me that the manager was in a meeting and another said there were no supervisors or managers around AT ALL for the day and that I should try back tomorrow. They barely speak English and have been charging me the 9.47 monthly without me knowing. This stuff is ridiculous and DO NOT BUY!! I will be posting my comments on every website that I can get my hands on until they return my call and I am reimbursed.

Old Timer on 05/27/2013:
Probably a well hidden auto-ship program you signed up for. A lot of the scam ecom sites bury additional services in the fine print. Now that the scammers have your credit card number you may want to cancel that account and get a new number.
Tracie on 05/28/2013:
I also bought Garcina Cambogia and was automatically signed up for this 'trim trainer' site. I saw it debited from my account, I immediately called, spoke to someone with horrible English, was told the account was cancelled, given a cancellation number and that was that. A month went by and I was charged again. I had stupidly not kept the cancellation number, but I called anyway told them I had a cancellation number but had discarded it, they said there was no record of my call, but assured me it would be cancelled and no future charges would be made. I kept the cancellation number this time, and good thing because sure enough, another charge showed up yesterday. I just called, told them I had the cancellation number, she said she didn't need it, but I had called too late last month to stop this months draft. What? It was 4/26 that I called? It was 31 days! I am considering closing my bank account over this. I refuse to be a slave to some company and keep giving them my money.
From Melbourne: A Mother - BM on 06/07/2013:
This is my message to Customer Support Care - I don't know where they are, but I am contacting the Ombudsman and my bank

"I tried to call your tel no there seems to be area cdes missing - which country is the telephone number below. I do not want any more products, I did enroll to the "yourtrimtrainer" I merely ordered a product - I did not see any agreement for access of tools - which I sorrowfully ordered your product as I thought my daughter had forwarded me your product. I felt that this was a very deceptive way of trying to sell me products which I fell for.

I have NEVER accessed your website with regards to YourTrimTrainer. Please refund me money of $9.47 immediately. I shall contact my bank to stop any authorisation to pay to you.

How deceptive that you state "by placing an order through our website, that I agreed to the terms and conditions".

I tried to call your number from Australia - how deceptive also that you do not state which country your telephone number is in to get the country code.

Please reply to my email with your country code so that I can speak to someone in customer support."
Monica on 06/23/2013:
The same thing happened to me. There was a charge for 9.47 on my account for erring trainor. I don't even know what this is. I ordered the 5 bottles of pills. That's all! And a month later this appears on my account. And the pills don't even work! Wtf!
paul on 07/08/2013:
Excatly the same charge $9.47 monthly a real scam, my credit card company reversed< I phoned to have the monthly payment stopped they said they would we will see. I cannot believe Dr Oz's is affiliated with this!
John on 07/23/2013:
Read the website before purchasing. I always read the entire website before I make a purchase online. This was clearly stated in the terms and I canceled the service after I checked it out.
Delle on 08/07/2013:
Same happened to me - how the heck do we even phone the number? I don't know where it is? Can anyone help me?
Ernie on 08/08/2013:
It took me 3 months to notice the reoccurring charge. I called my credit cards fraud department - they placed a 3 way call to the company and notified them that they were recording. I canceled the "subscription", they issued a cancellation number and said they would refund the pending charge. I am eating the earlier charges for not noticing. Hope that the charges are truly canceled.
angela neil on 08/13/2013:
I cannot stop these crooks from debiting our credit card I have tried emailing phoning threatenting the police , will need to cancel the credit card to stop them the bank have been useless .time consuming etc .io stupidly bought the weight loss andhave never received the raspberry crap I am being charged for
Smh on 08/20/2013:
I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They already have over 300 complaints with this "company". I used the customer service phone number to track them on the BBB website, 855-978-6683.
KMP on 08/25/2013:
I was trying to order this off the same site. I seen where the $9.47 for the would be billed per month. I unchecked the box and it would not let me order the product. I was getting frustrated and decided to look up the website and no website existed. It led me to all these complaints. I am glad I decided not to go through with it.
Wilma on 08/31/2013:
I was checking my e-mails on aug30, and discovered, a charge of 9.47 on my credit card, I had no idea what thist charge was for, had never heard of a e-trimmer. I called my card company, right a way, and found out I had the same charges on July 30. My husband does all the bills, and asked me about it,right away I new something was wrong. Alway check your charges,on your credit cards, and debit cards.This has happen to me before and be very careful. These scammers are very smart. Thanks Wilma
Lynn I on 09/03/2013:
Yup. I'm another victim of the Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Scam. My bank have sent my a form iro a "disputed claim". The bank also recommended that the only certain way of stopping payments to these thugs was to cancel my MasterCard card. That is a hassle. I'm spewing mad. That's 50 dollars down the gurgler.
Jan on 09/09/2013:
Yep, me too! I have sucked in as well. I ordered the pills, and now I am being charged $9.47 per month. How do I stop this, when the number is in America and I don't know the area code. Never agreed to anything like this, this is definitely a rip off!!!
Sue on 09/11/2013:
We have also been scammed. Bought the Garcinia blah blah and this E Timmer thing has happened to us. A payment each month of around $10.00 taken via our card. The card is now cancelled but with a great deal of inconvenience.
Katie on 09/12/2013:
Yet, another victim of this scam. My credit card company, Capital One, placed a three-way call to the customer service line as well and demanded that the charges stop. If you have American Express, you can just call them and they will block further charges without question. I highly recommend that you have your credit card company card call because they will argue with the customer service rep for you. My credit card company actually got hung up on when he tried to have my charge reversed. She wouldn't let him speak to a manager and she wouldn't let him reverse the pending charge because she had 'already processed my reversal'. I ended up having to get a new card bu since my credit card company rep heard the entire conversation, he noted my account and said they'd find a way to reverse the charge regardless of whether or not the scam company does.
Mary on 09/15/2013:
This is a definite SCAM!!! Wish I had checked this site out first. I have called my credit card company and put a block on any further charges from this company HEALTHY RESULT . They are located in the state of Utah.
Kathleen on 09/24/2013:
Have not received the product I ordered yet, but noticed the fine print telling me I would be charged $9.47 a month for which I did not realize I had agreed to. Contacted my bank immediately and cancelled my credit card. Now I am wondering, if the product does arrive, is it what they say it is? DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!
Azusana on 10/07/2013:
I called the E trainer before the 30 days so I can cancel on time and they told me that they don't have any account number under my name. They wanted more information on my ccredit card. Then they told me that the hiring department will call me within 48 hrs. If they don't I'm cancelling my card before they charge me then ill see what happens
Mangalika on 10/20/2013:
Biggest racketeers in the world. This business should be sealed by any responsible government.
Robbers Rouges of the 1st order
steve on 11/08/2013:
wish they were in australia,I would feed these scumbags to the crocs and any leftovers to the wild pigs!!
helliwell on 11/15/2013:
Garcinia Cambogia - Unauthorized Charges for "E Trim Trainer'
I did not order this.
Dominic on 11/27/2013:
I wish I had done more research on this. I got forwarded an email from someone I know with this product and ordered the sample only to find out I was also going to be debited $10 a month for this dammed your trim trainer website. All emails come back rejected by the server and I have no idea how to call on the number given. I cancelled my credit card straight away and hope that's the end of it. These people should be shot and all those high profile media people with them for supporting and promoting such a scam! Do not buy this product.
Liliana on 11/29/2013:
Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz sent me unauthorized charges for
E trim trainer $9.47.
gary on 12/10/2013:
I ordered Garcinia Cambogia A free 30 supply.Pay shipping only.of$2.94 15 day later I get a email that I am being billed $54.37 In the mail it says please contact customer care at(no #) or email us at (no email address) Already in contact with my bank card.Gary
Thuy Le on 12/16/2013:
Same here , they charged me $9.47 a month which I don't know anything about it. Could someone give the phone number to call out from Australia. Please!
Rachel on 12/17/2013:
Same as Gary. I ordered Garcinia Cambogia A free 30 supply. Paid shipping only $2.95 and 12 days later I get a email that I am being billed $54.37. In the mail it says please contact customer care at(no #) or email us at (no email address). I cancelled my bank card and am disputing the charges.
JEANETTE RIOS on 12/26/2013:
Pamela Perdue on 12/27/2013:
I also tried to order a free sample of garcinia Cambogia all I had to pay was the shipping. Next thing I know they charged my card 159.00 and enrolled me in trimtrainer. I called the number on this receipt and they told me they had no record of my order and they didn't even sell this product. I went straight to my bank and reported it. Thank God I'm with Chase bank and they are investigating it. I had to cancel my debit card to keep them from charging anymore to it. I hope they shut these people down and no one else gets scammed !
Lavana Fitzgerald on 12/30/2013:
These are petty thieves that steal small amounts of money from a lot of people. I have three 800 numbers that "are not available" in Canada. I tried 4 times to cancel by email, to no avail. Finally after talking it over with the credit card company we agreed that the only way to stop further charges was to cancel my existing card and get a new one.
Suzanne Graham on 01/06/2014:
I, too, have had dealings with this "company" -more like scam artists. I noticed a charge on my card for $9.47 and called the # listed 888-794-8146. no more charges they say. My $159.00 is also disputed and was taken off my card. I would advise that you get a new card # so they can't do this again. The service calls go to a foreign country and they do talk over anyone calling. "Can't cancel" "already processed" they say.
Anthony on 01/28/2014:
Call From Australia 0011 1 855 978 6683 to cancel YourTrimTrainer!
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UTAH -- I just got off the phone with Bank of America. I spent the last hour disputing claims of unauthorized purchases that originated from Garcinia Cambodia weight loss supplements. Yes, I did buy the product a few months ago (which did not work), but apparently, I also agreed to a $ 9.47 monthly charge as well. This is supposedly for an online weight management service that I knew nothing about.

The interesting thing is the description on my credit card statement reads, "Etrim". When I looked it up online, I found it to be a huge scam! Each month, Garcinia Cambodia company deducts $9.47 from your account. The product is called something different each time such as Body Slim, Etrim, etc... The merchant location also changes each month. One was in SC and another in UT. If it is for an online weight management service, why don't they just call it that? And why does the location of the merchant change each month? Answer: it's a SCAM.

When Bank of America claims dept. connected me with the merchant representative, I was asked to confirm my email address for security purposes. The representative said she could credit my account for the most recent $9.47 "fee" but could not credit my account for the other 2 months. When I asked her to send me a confirmation email of this agreement, she said, "I am not allowed to provide anything in writing". What??!! She gave me a confirmation # over the phone, which I'm sure is bogus...along with her name. When I asked her what company she worked for, she said, " I am not allowed to give out that information."

I called BOA back and cancelled my card and asked them to send me a new one. I spoke with the fraud dept. and the bottom line is, no legal action can be taken, since I did authorize the initial purchase of Garcinia Cambodia weight loss supplements. The BOA representative Did agree that although legal, the company was at the very least...shady.

If you are reading to, it's probably too late. Cancel your card and don't be fooled again.
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