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Is it really worth the money
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DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In January of 07 I went to a furniture store by the name of Gardella Furniture in Detroit MI. I also had visited a store by the name of The Designer Group in the Michigan Design Center. I saw a sofa which was manufactured by a company called Gamma. The two sofas which I viewed in the stores mentioned above were beautiful: the leather was very soft, the sofas were made from leather which was smooth and had only one texture as well as the workmanship was outstanding. As result of looking at these two sofas I decided to order one from Gardella's Furniture. When my sofa arrived in March it was nothing like the two sofas which I had seen. The sofa which I received has two types of leather, one section is smooth and one section is bumpy. My sofa has wrinkles in it as well as two shades of grey. I repeat the two sofas which I saw did not have any of these characteristics. When I asked for Mr. Gardella to come out to my home to look at the sofa he said he could not see anything wrong with the sofa. I asked for the representative for Gamma to come out and look at this sofa. The representative stated that there was nothing wrong and because this was a natural hide the things that I saw as defects were not. I asked the representative than why the two sofas I had seen previous to my ordering this sofa did not have these same things in the leather. His response was that the leather was different. I know for a fact that the one I saw at the Michigan Design Center the leather was a grade G.

I would have liked to have been told that my sofa was going to look different from the ones that I had seen and I would not have ordered a sofa from Gamma, who by the way is known for the superior leather which they use as well as they workman ship. I have contacted Gardella Furniture and Gamma in hopes that they will come and get this sofa and order me one where the complete sofa will have one texture, no different shading or wrinkles. I expected that when I spent almost $7000 that I would not have received a sofa like the one I have.
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Starlord on 06/29/2007:
If you are not swift enough to realize leather is a natural material, thus the texture, color, whatever, can not be guaranteed from one item to another, and often not even within one item. The larger the pieces of leather, the less likely that the material will maintain consistency. A belt is more like to be the same from one end to the other, while a couch uses more than one cow's worth of material. Virtually impossible to maintain any type of quality throughout the manufacture of the item.
Anonymous on 06/29/2007:
If you were so in love with the store display model, why didn't you buy it? Leather is known for its different characteristics. You should have bought vinyl instead.
dfields on 06/29/2007:
as the Poster stated, they did not know the ordered sofa may or may not appear like the displays. and to be honest, neither did I. with today's technology, some of us would not have thought this to be true. people need to READ the post and pay attention. the Poster was in the dark, like myself! the best thing the Poster can do--more than likely--is get a refund.
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