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Garden City Dodge Jeep Chrysler Consumer Reviews

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Hidden Fees on Steroids
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GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- Went to this dealer after seeing one of their deals advertised on the internet. Once there, I was told that I had to finance half the price through them in order to get the advertised price. I was annoyed, but decided to go ahead and do it since I figured I could just pay off the loan right away. We signed an agreement for the negotiated price, left a deposit, and I returned a couple of days later to pay for and pick up the car. Aside from the car not being ready, I sat down with the finance person and discovered that there were approximately $3000 in hidden fees that I couldn't even explain to you even after having them explained to me twice.

On top of all that, you're forced to buy the extended warranty or else get penalized with a higher interest rate (remember, I wanted to pay cash in the first place), as well as additional fees on top of that. To top it all off, I was told that I had to put down $2000 less for the down payment so I could finance more. I didn't expect all this from a certified dealer (I wouldn't even expect it from a no-name car lot). Absolutely ridiculous.

Completely Disgusted!!!
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HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK -- I had an absolutely horrible experience at this “Garden City' dealership (which is actually in Hempstead, so even the name is a lie). Between the salesman I worked with (a Humpty Dumpty look-alike), the financial manager and the general manager, they each told a different lie every time I went into the place. After being shown a car that was listed on the internet for a competitive price, I test drive the car and am given a price that's actually $6000 more than what's advertised!!! When I tell the sales guy, very specifically, what I want to pay and over what terms, he says he can do that.

So I leave a deposit, go home to think it over and call the next morning. I'm told that the price we agreed to is still good and that he's going to run the financing application. So I go back, presumably to finish the paperwork and pick up the car. Wrong. When I get there, the financial manager gives me a whole set of payment plans that exceed what I had originally agreed on by thousands of dollars. (I also had a signed quote which meant nothing.) When I say the salesperson told me something completely different, the sales manager tells me he doesn't know where the salesperson got his numbers from.

So I ask for my deposit back so I can leave. Surprise, surprise -- the safe is locked. I'm sure they could have unlocked quite easily to accept a deposit though. So I left without my deposit because I was so ready to get out of there. I told them I'd be back the next day for my money. The next day the sales guy calls me to keep trying to pressure me into buying this car, I tell him "no thanks," and "I'll be there in the afternoon" and not to give me any more run-around stories as to why I can't get my money back. Surprise, surprise — he calls me back telling me no one can cut the check that day, I'll have to wait four more days.

So I say "let me speak to the general manager," he says he's not there. By this time, I found out about someone who had a similar problem with the SAME EXACT DEALERSHIP who was given excuse after excuse and was being jerked around for about a month before someone had to go up to the dealership on his behalf and get his deposit back for him – on the same day this was happening to me. So I know someone was there to cut a check.

When I arrive at the dealership, surprise, surprise, the manager is there. Needless to say, the situation was not pleasant, cops were called, the sales guy found some courage when the cops came and began cursing at me and my companion (so much for customer service) and when I called the next morning for my check, they said they had it.

Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge is a corrupt business ran with deceitful and sloppy business practices. I would strongly suggest NOT BUYING A CAR FROM GARDEN CITY JEEP CHRYSLER DODGE. The people are greedy and dishonest, well most of them anyway, because there were at least 2 sales people who conceded to us, in front of the cops, that the business is shady and that they knew where we were coming from.

Great Treatment From a Car Dealership!
By -

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- I am always the first person to complain when I do not receive the treatment I feel I deserve as a consumer so I think it is only fair to say something positive when a car dealership of all businesses exceeds my expectations. Here is what happened, my wife was conducting research online for our next mini-van. She found an internet special on [their website]. This dealership is about an hour from our house and the deal was significantly lower than any price we had received locally.

My wife called me at work to tell me that she wanted me to go to our Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge to meet her to buy a Dodge Caravan at a significantly lower price than anyone else. I told her I was not driving all the way there only to be switched into a more expensive vehicle. I am a firm believer that when things sound too good to be true they usually are. Luckily for me my wife drove to Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge without me.

She called me this time only to rub it in my face that she had purchased the car at the price that I told her was too good to be true. She still teases me about this one. What is even more mind blowing is that she finished the entire transaction in about 1 hour. Thanks guys from Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge! You really are the best.

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