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Do Not Go There
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I went to Garden State Honda to purchase an Insight. We took the test drive and sat down to negotiate. That's when the trouble began. We were set on what we wanted to pay - no more no less. All they had to do was say yes or no. First they held on to my Amex card that I gave them as a good faith (their suggestion), so when we asked for it back so we could leave the salesman instead brought back a manager (and I use the terms salesman and manager loosely). After about 4 hours we came to an agreement and since the car we wanted was not there at the time we would just sign the contract and come back. Now at first they gave us a blank contract saying it was late they would fill in later. I don't know if we looked that stupid to them but we did make them fill it in with the terms and with an attached paper stating that when we came back to do the finance papers our payment would not be more than what was agreed. After another hour all this was done and we left, 11PM. Two days later the car was in and we went back and sat down with finance to fill out the forms. All of a sudden they couldn't give us the rate agreed upon and our payment was going to be higher because that offer was only good up till two days ago - when we signed the contract!! So again we were ready to forget the whole thing and leave. The finance person told us he would go speak with the manager (what a surprise, that's all we heard from the salesman). When he came back he did say they would work it out so the payment was the same. Okay - we signed everything and left with the car.

NOW. I just received a letter from the old finance company from our trade in that we owe them money. The payoff letter had a date that was good for a week after we signed and drove off with the new car, ample time for them to make the payoff. When I called the bank that was supposed to be paid off they informed me the payoff was not received until TWO WEEKS after we drove off with the new car. Not only is the payoff short but there is a $10.00 late fee added because they waited two weeks. I guess that's how they worked out our payment being lowered, by leaving a balance on our payoff! This is the worst experience we had. We have purchased many cars over the years and have never been treated so poorly.

I am sure there are many Honda dealerships in your area that you could go to. Please take my advise, drive a few miles out of your way to go somewhere else. This place is just not worth the time, effort or money.
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Alain on 05/14/2011:
I would have left when they wanted to keep my credit card, but I agree with you that all you described would not be worth the time, effort and money.
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Fraud - Stay Away From This Dealership
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Stay far away from this dealership, their business practices are Illegal and if it's happened to me it will happen to you. I'm an educated professional who for a living is the National Director of Customer Service where integrity and doing right by the customer has always been my practice. This started back in August of 06 when I purchased a brand new Honda Accord off of the showroom floor for my son as a college graduation gift. It has been a nightmare ever since and nobody is willing to take responsibility. The summary of my situation is this: Purchased brand new car off showroom floor, it was customized with dual colored leather seats, custom wheels and other accessories that don't normally come on a stock car. Trust me, I paid for all of the accessories in the price of the car. I then bought a ROAD SIDE HAZARD WARRANTY in which I paid approx. $300.00.

In April of 07, while driving one of the tires went flat. No big deal because I have the warranty right? WRONG, the warranty Garden State Honda sold me was a bogus blank piece of paper and when I tried filing my claim they told me they have NO RECORD of me purchasing the Warranty. Even when I supplied the actual contract with my signature and GSH's, the party that holds the Warranty told me tough luck and to take it up with the dealership. At the same time while fighting to have the tire paid for under warranty, I take the car to a Honda dealership upstate (where it resided at the time) and that dealership tells me not only can't they do it under warranty but the actual TIRES AND RIMS have LONG since been DISCONTINUED. So this decked out brand new car off the show room floor with custom tires and rims was really DISCONTINUED tires and rims from their other shop in Passaic.

Since all of this began I replaced the one tire and rim myself in hopes that GSH or Honda Corporate would do the correct moral, ethical business practice and reimburse me. HOWEVER, they have NOT and since then 2 more tires have blown and the place I took it to then said to get those tires off of the care they're ALL a road hazard! I ended up footing the bill for 4 new rims and 4 new tires. Now the car has regular stock tires and rims since GSH or Corporate Honda refuses to acknowledge they owe me the money for the WARRANTY I PURCHASED!!!! A lot has transpired over the past almost 2 years now and trust me I have better things to do with my time but I will not leave this alone because what they did is ILLEGAL and I will settle this in court. Corporate Honda is taking the stance that I need to take it up with the dealership because THEY DON'T OWN THEIR DEALERSHIPS, THEY'RE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED!

Given the fact I am a National Director and have the same business model of dealerships my corporate company doesn't own, we do however make good with the customer and then deal with our dealer between ourselves. In this case Honda Corporate acknowledged to me that this dealership has the LOWEST QOB scores out of ALL of their dealerships which makes me wonder why they kept them as a dealer representing the Honda name. My stance at this point is I bought a Honda and the last time I checked, I can't purchase directly from Corporate Honda so the only way for me to buy their product is through their dealership. Knowing about the business, we all know that dealerships must be certified and uphold certain standards to remain a Honda dealer. So the moral of this story is Honda DISOWNS their dealerships when there is a problem but certainly doesn't worry about taking your money even when illegal activity has happened AND when the tires became a safety issue, nobody wanted to take responsibility. GSH itself has turned over to a new owner since this has happened and he had his lawyer write me a letter stating he just acquired the ASSETS and NOT the liabilities...ahahhaha ever heard of such a thing? In addition, one more thing you should know about...after looking at my bill of sale with a fine tooth comb, they were taking me to the cleaners on the NJ registration which if you look on line it should cost approx. 50-60 bucks...nooo they charged me almost $300.00!!!!!!

One last thing which was illegal as well, when I traded in my 2000 Honda for this brand new one in August, I continued to get PAST DUE notices from Honda Finance telling me I was late in making my car payment on the 2000. Considering I turned it over to them in August and it was now December after looking at what happened is that they were 'floating' money. They took possession of the 2000 Honda and never paid it off until 120 days later which KILLED my credit. Finally just recently within the past 2 months was I able to wipe that off my credit. So in summary, they took my trade in car and didn't pay it off for 120 days which affected my credit, they sold me a brand new car with custom tires and rims that had been discontinued prior to me purchasing the car, I now have a car with stock tires and rims so the 5k I paid for the accessories and upgrades is out the window, they quadrupled the amount of money for registering the car and lastly the sold me a warranty in which I paid for that doesn't exist. FRAUD and ILLEGAL activity.

RUN FAST and PLEASE tell EVERYONE that you know who thought Honda cared about their customers and reputation. It's simply not true!!!!! I will NEVER purchase a Honda again, and the funny thing is after escalating this up to the PRESIDENT of the CA division, repeated attempts informing him of what had happened and lastly stating they have lost a customer for life, he had no response!!!!!
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Jay Chett on 08/25/2008:
I agree with everything that happened to you being extremely wrong except one thing. Honda Motor Company can not be held accountable for aftermarket products and accessories added to you vehicle. They are only responsible for "Factory Installed" options and equipment. Being a Customer Service professional you know that and it's unfair when you use your title to attempt to bully or mis-charachterize. I would bet that exactly as I stated it above is exactly what Honda America said but you tried to make it seem much worse, which damamges your credibility.
sekas326 on 01/30/2009:
Thank you for you comment Jay but you're missing the point. You are correct, I am a Senior Executive Customer Service Professional and work in an industry where we have Factory Authorized Dealers so I consider myself an expert on the subject. In order to become an authorized dealer, you must qualify and adhere to service level agreements or you will be revoked the right to sell the product because nobody will buy from crooks and it will damage your repuation and lead to a case like this. I think you and I will agree that in this case, Honda did not do its due dilligence (which is required and is why there is even a distributor compliance department created) when auditing this dealership to make sure it was adhering to the policy/procedure guidelines that were agreed upon. This dealership had over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in which they took in consumers money and DID NOT pay off the debt owed. That is the reason why it took SIX MONTHS for Garden State Honda to pay off the balance on the Honda I traded in the same day as driving the new car off the lot. That transaction by law was to take a MAXIMUM of 20 days. Honda is very much at fault here because they had a Regional Manager whom I spoke to that told me Garden State Honda ranked as their WORST dealership in quality and VOC scores. Honda should have been all over this dealership and terminated the relationship a long time ago, however they turned a blind eye. Don't become a gambling man because you would lose on this one. I do not try to use my title to bully anyone. If that were the case, Honda and Garden State would have settled this long ago and I would never have to post a comment. That is what reputable establishments do and that is what I was trying to convey in my message. The only response from Honda was they they are not responsible because they 'DO NOT OWN THE DEALERSHIP'. I will say to you exactly what I said to them. I did not go to Joe Schmo's car dealership for this very reason. I went to buy a Honda because of their reputation for selling quality cars and they were a MAJOR automotive company. I CANNOT buy directly from Honda if I want to buy their product so I am forced to go to one of their AUTHORIZED dealers! They stake their reputation on the dealerships they authorize. It was their responsibility to make sure this dealership was operating on the up and up because this dealership was selling Honda cars. My car isn't a Garden State brand, it's a HONDA. They need to do what's right and I'm positive I will win my case in court. By the way, before you try to come to Honda's rescue, I urge you to do your research and see what really happened with this dealership. Mine is just one story, there are hundreds from this same dealership that Honda is involved in. The Attorney General's office was overwhelmed with cases for Garden State Honda. They are a FRAUD and I stick to everything I said.
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Stay Away
Posted by on
October 2010 I was looking to buy a 4Cyl Honda Accord Ex-L coupe 2010.
On 10/11/2010 I requested on line price quote from local dealers where I work.
Glorima Santiago called me that night and invited me to Garden State Honda to test drive a 2010 accord Coupe.
I told her test drive is not necessary but I will go to the dealer ship if they have the car I am looking for.
I asked Glorima to double check to make sure they have a 4Cyl. Black 2010 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L.
She put me on Hold and came back in 30/40 seconds, She said " yes we have 4cyl Honda Accord coupe".
Once again I asked her if its a 2010 EX-L model in black and she said yes it is.
I told her the reason why I want 2010 model is because of the special finance rate of 1.9%.
I asked Glorima to give me the asking price for the car she put me on hold and came back in 30/40 seconds.
She told me their Internet price for the 2010 Honda accord coupe is 22,800, I asked if its for a Ex-L model and she said yes.

Since I have been wanting to buy this car for such a long time $$22000 price range at 1.9% sounded pretty good.
I set up an 6pm appointment for the following day.

Following day 2pm Glorima called my cell phone to confirm the appointment and I asked her if I could come in at 3pm instead of 6pm.
She said that's fine see you at 3.

When I arrived at dealer ship that day I was introduced to a sales Rep Rahid.
He had no Idea Why I was there. so I had to start all over again I told him I want 4cyl Accord coupe EX-L in black .
After 20 minutes Later he tells me they don't have the car in stock. I told him double check with Glorima. He leaves for 5 minutes when he came back he
said we don't have 2010 model Would you like to test Drive a 2011 model?

That's when I realize that they never had 2010 model in stock.
They lied to me to get me in the door so I can buy 2011 model for a higher price at higher interest rate.

I asked to speak to The GM, Sales Mgr came over with a nasty attitude and told me that there is no 2010 models in the dealership nor he can get one for me.
He told me to look into 2011 models.
I asked him what happened to the car Glorima asked me come look at, he replied there was a mistake. I asked to speak with Glorima ( The internet Sales MGR).
This Sales MGR was rude and did not offer any kind of help.
I asked to speak to his boss....this time lead Desk Manager Tim Burns came over and gave me the same story.

In between all this I googled this dealer ship on my cell phone and find out that this dealership have reputation of ling to their customers about stock.

This Dealership Intentionally ling and telling the customers they have the car customer looking for so they can get the customers in the Door.
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User Replies:
NickL11354 on 10/15/2010:
$22,000 for an 2010 Accord EX-L ?? LOL!!!

A 2008 Accord EX is around that price.

If you haven't noticed or listened to the news, car sales are booming. It hasn't been a buyers market for at least a year at most dealers especially Honda & Toyota.
And about her attitude? That is just how business is conducted in the Tri State area.
rockfishing on 10/16/2010:
It's their job to get you into the dealership to buy a car. If they have to lie to get you there they'll do it. I bet it works more times then it doesn't. It's all part of the game if buying a car.
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They Are Real Thieves
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- These guys are scums. They got an advance down payment from me and when I went in to buy the car the next day they said that I need to purchase an insurance program from them or otherwise I wouldn't get a loan. They made me pay $3000 for that insurance for 3 years and said that the unused part is refundable anytime. Now I have completed my car payments in a year and applied for a refund of the unused part, but they won't do it. They made me wait for 2 hours in the office and then asked me come again. The next time they made me wait another couple of hours all to just have a couple of forms filled out. Now it has been more than 3 months since I applied for the refund and they still haven't refunded and they won't even return my phone calls. This is plain right stealing money. Wonder why Honda even allows them to have a dealership. Be careful when you deal with them. They are simply thieves.

And their new claim about new management is total crap. Its still the same level of service as I heard from a friend who went there to inquire about the price for an Accord.
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NickL11354 on 10/22/2008:
Of course it is a scam. You should have asked for a complete refund and walked out. You should never get insurance or finance through the dealer. Most car dealers are lower than subprime mortgage brokers
saj80 on 10/22/2008:
Your refund request should be via the warranty company, not the dealership.
MRM on 10/22/2008:
Son of a biscuit!
madconsumer on 10/22/2008:
was this the gap insurance? if so, it is handy in case of an accident. you won't be stuck making payments on a vehicle that is worthless.
Anonymous on 10/22/2008:
What's a sure fire way to figure out if you can afford that car or not?

Well, if you feel the need for gap insurance then, no sir, that car is out of your price range. Trust me on this one.
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Horrible Customer Service -- Drive Past This Dealership
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- I am still waiting on a $1400 refund on a used car that I returned 12 hours after driving it off the lot. This car died in the middle of a busy intersection, almost injuring me and others. Aside from the fact when I returned it, all the managers and the salesperson had to tell me is you should have bought a new car, this is what you get with a used car. Then I got the run around when I would get a refund, now it has been almost six weeks and they still have not credited my credit card, after the manager confirmed they would be crediting my account This is fraud and unfair business practices. And I still cannot get a straight answer from them.

I have never experienced customer service this horrible -- well Verizon is a strong second -- and I do not know how they stay in business.Please do not even step foot in this place.
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Anonymous on 07/20/2008:
If you haven't already done so, file a dispute with your credit card company. You have up to 60 days to do so. They are probably stringing you along until the time to dispute the charge is past.
suzieg on 07/20/2008:
Thank you. I filed a dispute with my credit card company right after this happened as Garden State Honda was giving me the run around. The credit card company informed me that the merchant never replied to their inquiry (after 30 days) and the credit card company will need to re-bill this amount.
Jay Chett on 08/25/2008:
For future information for everyone who reads this. The reason this dealer did not dispute the charge is because paying for a vehicle by credit card is against banking regulations because it qualifies as a finance agreement that the dealer is not liscensed to do. Even credit card deposits are illegal almost every state. They never disputed the charge because they put the transaction through as a Service transaction rather than a vehicle purchase. Check your reciepts and you will see that's what they did and they would lose their charge privelaeges for the service department if this was uncovered during investigation.
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Posted by on
Good dealers I paid fair price for my car used Nissan Altima with 50 thousand miles they gave me a good deal. I like this dealer.
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