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$114.00 in fees, 20% restocking, 15% Credit fee, + shipping on their mistake.
By -

I recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 465LMT (NOH Includes One Year Warranty) Widescreen Truck Navigator (010-00786-01) Cost: $284.95 which I ordered from the Factory Outlet Store. Instead of sending me what I ordered, they sent me a Garmin "465T€ Cost: $224.95. They also sent me the Garmin nuMaps North America with downloadable disc that would give me the lifetime maps.

With this download the "465T" has the same features as the 465LMT; so they claim that I did get what I ordered.
If I wanted a 465T, I would have ordered it somewhere else. (I could have gotten it cheaper and gotten a better deal on the lifetime maps.) The reason I purchased from this store was because they had the BEST DEAL ON THE "LMT"!

I call the outlet store and told them there was an error in my order and asked if they could exchange it. They were very adamant that I got what I ordered. They told me to call Garmin and they would tell me it is an "LMT with the download. I called Garmin they told me there are two different models just as I had expected. Garmin asked what my serial number was, and he verified that the unit I have is a 465T. Garmin did verify that it would have the same features with the download; but it would still be a "T" not an "LMT".

I called the outlet store back and they continued to claim I have what I ordered, they said I could exchange it, but I would have to pay for the shipping and the initial shipping on the first item they sent me and a restocking fee. I asked to talk to a supervisor and she started talking over me, and told me I have what I ordered and then she hung up on me. It would seem that I can't get a refund (per their policy) because it is a refurbished item. If I exchange it, I risk having to pay about $15.00 in shipping, then a restocking fee of 20% ($57.00) plus the possibility of a 15% credit fee of $42.75.

So if I am willing to pay $114.75 I can get what I ordered to begin with! I filed a claim with my credit card company and they are looking into it (they take situations like this and try to help you get your money back). I also contacted our local news with a "You ask, We Investigate" segment and hopefully they will be interested in this kind of problem. I also filed a claim with the BBB. Stay away from this store. I wish I would have known about this web site before making my purchase.

Garmin support wait times AVERAGE 30 minutes
By -

OLATHE, KANSAS -- Garmin products are pretty good. I love my 305. However, I have used their on-line ordering service twice and both times it took more than double the amount of time promised to get my order. Turns out this time, something (still don't know what) was on backorder... no communication during the ordering process letting me know there would be a delay. After two weeks (was supposed to take 5 days), I inquired and was told "something" was on back order. Two more weeks has passed and still nothing.

I decided to give their customer service line a try. I thought I had heard wrong when the recording said the wait time was "30+ minutes" so I called back. Yep...30 minutes. I finally got an operator who sounded like my grandmother who told me I had no choice and "that was the hold all day every day". Her words exactly. Decided to do a little research and found that there are loads of people who are furious because they can't get support for their products. WHO THE HELL HAS 30 - 40 MINUTES WAITING? These are not cheap products.

If Garmin has the millions of dollars it takes to sponsor a Tour de France team, they should invest the money it takes to put into place a reasonable on-line ordering service and enough technical/customer support people. This Kafka-esque experience can only be remedied by A viral, grassroots groundswell. If you've had this problem, please forward this to your friends and associates. Maybe we can get Garmin to do the right thing.

Doesn't Honor Its Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

OLATHE, KANSAS -- I bought a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit. From day one, it powers off and back on sometimes when I touch the screen, which is annoying and dangerous in high traffic times. I contacted Garmin while still under warranty. They replaced it with another unit with exactly the same problem. Garmin gave me some troubleshooting steps. When they didn't work, they refused to do anything more, saying it's out of warranty. They never fixed it while it was under warranty! They actually had the nerve to offer a discount off the purchase of a new one. They want me to give them MORE money after the first one didn't work!

Short battery life
By -

Some time ago I purchased a Garmin NUVI 650. It was not a cheap unit. It lasted about 6 months before the rechargeable battery died. I complained to Garmin about it and also about the fact that the user cannot service (change the battery). At that time they had me send the unit back. What they sent back looked like a used unit and they did not even bother to transfer all the info from the old unit to the new one. The second unit lasted about 6-7 months and the battery has died again. The only way to use it now is with the power cord. Using it on my motorcycle is now impossible. Contacted Garmin again.

Because this has been an ongoing issue I thought maybe they would try to make it right again but no. Now they want $79.00 and only offer a 90 day warranty. Big deal. Based on past history, the unit will only last just a little longer than the warranty and then the problem will return and I'd be out the money and still have the same problem. Guess I'll look at Tom Tom or Magellan instead for the next one.

Garmin Customer Service
By -

OLATHE, KANSAS -- I have used Garmin navigation units for years. I feel they make the best units but their customer service has deteriorated in recent years and I question whether I will ever purchase anything from Garmin ever again. I have an issue with a lifetime subscription on a traffic receiver of a navigation unit. The lifetime subscription does not come up. The unit has a unit I. d. and asks for a 25 digit code from Garmin (from their web site) to put into the unit for the traffic function to work. I have been emailing and telephoning Garmin for two weeks. I have been told to spend $49.xx for another lifetime subscription to get the 25 digit code needed for the unit to function.

I have been told to have the custom installation shop uninstall the traffic unit from wherever behind my dash and to send it back and have a replacement sent and then reinstalled so that the lifetime subscription 25 digit code will automatically come up. (The cost to uninstall and to reinstall is about $100.00 each way. The original cost of installation was $150.00, and the original cost of the traffic unit was $149.xx). I am very frustrated that Garmin will not telephone me back and give me a 25 digit code for my unit when the unit I purchased states it comes with the lifetime traffic subscription.

Garmin Update Does Not Update
By -

LENEXA, KANSAS -- I purchased a map "update" for my Garmin Nuvi. Cost was >$60. Recent interstate changes, however, were not included. I phoned Garmin and was advised that map changesd are normally two-three years behind. That lag makes the term "update" a total nonsense. It is nothing of the kind. I wrote the Garmin CEO, noting that this was, at a minimum, unethical. No response. The money, in my view, was a total waste and my interest in further Garmin purchases has evaporated.

Outdated map when I got it

STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- The map was old when I got it. After two years of not trusting it, I didn't want to update the map and purchased a GPS for Dummies for the price of updating the Garmin map and love it.

Outdated Maps
By -

CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Last year I purchased a Garmin Street Pilot 340 GPS navigation system for my car at a cost of $399.99. I was very disappointed to find that when I purchased it the maps were already outdated. Streets that had been built for 5 or more years simply did not show up and addresses that I tried to input were not accepted because they were not in the data base.

I complained to Garmin about the outdated maps and they offered to SELL me (for my brand new GPS unit) an updated map set. I purchased the updated map set (Cost was $75.99) and received a CD and I installed the update. Guess what? The maps are STILL outdated. My daughter's subdivision has been built for at least 5 years but when I drive to her house the GPS unit shows me in the middle of nowhere and not on a street. Her address is not in the data base, therefore it cannot be entered in the unit.

Additionally, the GPS unit fits onto a small mounting arm that attached to the windshield of my car. There is no tensioner device so the unit can be positioned where you want it consequently it flops around and continuously droops face down on the dash. Bottom line is I certainly cannot recommend Garmin as a GPS navigation unit and will never buy another one.

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