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Get zig zap wallpaper pattern after 5 minutes, tried recovery disc, did same thing after 5 minutes
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Has anyone had this problem, and what is wrong with it. Thanks.
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leet60 on 07/08/2010:
It sounds like the graphics processor or card has died. Many recent PC's have onboard video processors rather than video cards, and if this is the case with yours you have only a few options:
1. If the PC is under warranty return it to Gateway.
2. Purchase a video card from a local store, very simple installation to run the video separate from the onboard video.

If your onboard video has gone bad, the motherboard may not be far behind.
PepperElf on 07/08/2010:
actually most desktop PC motherboards have video ports
however yes... it's usually not the best video you can get.

even a cheap card is usually better than the onboard video
madconsumer on 07/08/2010:
have you updated the driver?
madconsumer on 07/08/2010:
my new mobo has online hdmi hd, so I would say it is all about the mobo.
Helpful on 07/08/2010:
I wish I could tell you more. There isn't enough information here to make an absolute diagnosis. As others have expressed, looking at the video out is one option and may be the likely culprit.

Make sure you eliminate any software related issues too.
PepperElf on 07/08/2010:
There's an easy - and possibly free - way to test this.

Bring the computer into your favorite repair shop and see if they'll hook up a monitor to it.
Or get a friend to hook up his or her monitor to it

if the output still looks like crap, then it's your computer and not the monitor.
anniea24 on 07/09/2010:
Thank you, I'm trying to find a cheap monitor on Craigslist to see if it is the monitor. The computer is 4 years old, came with the monitor.
MRM on 07/09/2010:
Also try the thrift store for a computer monitor and should only costs you $10.
CrazyRedHead on 07/09/2010:
I'm currently having the same problem. My computer is in the shop due to my video card going out. My screen went wonky and finally died. I couldn't do anything, not even reload windows after my factory reset. Luckily I have an extended warranty till next May that is taking care of it.
anniea24 on 07/11/2010:
Thanks everyone. I can't hook up the monitor to my computer, without buying an adapter for the analog cable of the old monitor. With the price of repairs here, it doesn't really pay to fix it, if it's the computer. I'll try a thrift store and keep checking Craigslist for a monitor.
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Thanks for stopping my purc\hase of a Gateway laptop or desktop
Posted by on
Thanks to all for halting my purchase of either a laptop or desktop computer. I was attracted to the price-point but hesitated and stumbled on "3 cents"; thank God I did. Who needs all those headaches, and I discerned that all I've read has to be more than random cases. So my comments to Gateway: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER IN THIS COUNTRY OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS!
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lobo65 on 06/15/2010:
I am in no way a shill for Toshiba, but my repair guy said their satellite laptops were some of the better ones he had experienced.
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Keep away from Gateway desktops.
Posted by on
I have a Gateway dual-core processor tower desktop that just now died of motherboard failure. That is the third time in less than one year. The first time required nearly 8 weeks of waiting to get a new motherboard. The second time required a few weeks. I assume this time will require the same few weeks or more ... provided Gateway assumes any responsibility for selling such a shoddy piece of equipment. I think it is time to use it as a boat anchor, something for which it perhaps was originally intended.
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MRM on 12/23/2009:
That is one cheap boat anchor compared to a real anchor.
TheePlanB on 01/29/2010:
I very strongly agree with you. I'm in the same boat with you and using the anchor as well. I thought it made a nice propeller. Any class actions on this at all? feel free to read mine as well.
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Piece Of Junk
Posted by on
Purchased a desktop in 2007. It is a piece of junk. Came with security system which does not work. Warranty not refundable. Security not refundable. You get referred to the security company. The security company refers you back to Gateway. The supervisor at Gateway gives you the wrong information. Poor service for a pathetic piece of junk.
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Repairs & Stealing
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- In July 2007, I purchase a desktop from gateway, and I have returned it twice for repairs, it keeps shutting down when in a restart mode, and I have lost all of my input. The second time I returned it In December 2007, I had just purchased a Sony DVD+R Ram, on Nov 24, 2007, for $71.00, from gateway Direct.A part which did not come with the original purchase.

When they returned the computer the DVD+R was missing;and they said they removed it because they said it was not an original part.

They have failed to return my DVD+R even after several request and the computer is still defective.
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Anonymous on 12/18/2007:
Well I think this is a first: "When they returned the computer the DVD+R was missing, and they said they removed it because they said it was not an original part". I do not believe I have ever heard of a PC Dealer keeping parts that were not shipped with the original PC. As far as I know (and were in the business) you can strap a Teddy Bear to your PC if you want. If the DVD+R met the specs to run on your PC it should not affect the warranty or cause the Mfr to remove it, just to strange. Make a big stink about this whole thing to the brass at Gateway. Gateway at (800) 292-6813
ani on 07/12/2008:
I had previously contacted the N.Y. state attorneys office, and I got an aggravated response from a Gateway personal via telephone. He was responding to the AG forwarding my complaint to them He Was very nasty and we were not able to resolve any of the initial issues.
However, since I had purchase the confiscated drive with my Amex credit card I filed a dispute with the credit card company, and I was refunded my money by the credit card company. The AG's office created a file on Gateway, and will monitor them for further business disputes, so I suggest that anyone with a complaint against Gateway report it to the AG's office.
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Oh, and I Have to Add This...
Posted on
DOVER, OHIO -- I'm on my 3rd or 4th monitor. I've re-installed my software about times. I've re-formatted my hard drive, wrote zeros to the hard drive, re-installed the software over and over again, only to have the computer re-boot and give me the message that I need to re-install Windows 98. It doesn't recognize the software that's installed. The drivers keep going bad. You name the problem, that computer has had it. The techs suck big time. You never get the same one so they are supposed to keep a running file on your complaint until the issue is resolved. Good luck. Some of the techs don't read. Last week I had to send my computer back to Gateway. I called them and asked where it was, when they finally found it, the Customer Relations person told me all the diagnostics tests had not been completed. That was Tuesday, 11/19. Today I called and was told that my computer was shipped back to me on Tuesday, 11/19. HUH!! Does this mean they shipped it back without testing it?
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Bleck on 09/23/2004:
actually.... working for gateway.... it only takes a day to diagnose/fix a problem usually.... how many computers do you think they go through in a day at the service center? Its quite a bit. Either way, they troubleshoot, then fix it, then ship it back. If the notes that the tech left are decent, they should find the problem. Its more the technicians on the phone and their notes, than it is the actual problem with the service center ;-)
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Gateway ACTUAL complaint contact info
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GATEWAY COMPLAINTS -- In my experience, Gateway support personnel refuse to give information on how to escalate a problem. Here is where to send your letter of complaint (they do not accept faxes or phone calls):

Executive Response Team
610 Gateway Drive
P. O. Box 2000
No. Sioux City, SD 57049

For better response, you can fax your letter of complaint to the South Dakota consumer affairs dept at:

Ms. Jill Dean, Consumer Affairs
Office of the Attorney General
500 E. Capitol
State Capitol Building
Pierre, SD 57501-5070

Good luck!
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User Replies:
zkorpio on 10/07/2004:
Thanks "emgoodi"
I was looking for this info.
cowpie911 on 12/02/2004:
Thanks for the contact information. Gateway Customer Service Dept. seems to be a dead end and they often don't follow their stated policy of bumping you up the higher level management when requested. I've had more than a fair share of frustration with that company. I encourage all to boycott them totally.
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