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Gateway Stay Away
Posted by PackerPassion on 03/26/2010
I have been in the computer business 22 years and I have to say Gateway by far has the worst support. I install and maintain networks for companies and I have approx. 125 clients with multiple computers. I also have a client base of individual computers.

I have worked on over 10,000 computers. When designing a system or recommending an individual computer I consider many things, cost, compatibility, quality and of course support for the computer.

This laptop a customer purchased had issues and he contacted me to help fix the issue. After reviewing the laptop, it had no operating system. It seems the person that tried to help him prior had deleted the operating system. (Vista) The drive had no recovery partition. I had to contact Gateway to order the disk which was approx. $23.00. The disk arrived almost 2 weeks later. I installed the recovery disk. It clearly states on the disk "Applications and Drivers."

After finishing the recovery I found 2 drivers were missing the wireless card and a media driver. I tried to call Gateway and found myself in a maze of push 1 for this and 2 for that. No matter what combination I used could not get them on the phone I then preceded to Chat. That was a joke. I had already downloaded the drivers I needed. I just wanted them to send the disk including all the drivers for that computer so these steps would not have to be repeated. That is downloading the drivers to another computer then transferring them to the Gateway. Then installing them.

First I was told the drivers could only be downloaded. Then was told only a few computers had drivers available on the recovery disk. I explained that I did not have the wireless driver to get on the internet and a few moments later he asked if I was using chat on the computer in question. I explained I had to use another computer to download the drivers.

Many of the companies are using scripted information to give tech support to their customers. In some cases some have never seen the program. I work with over 500 programs and it is terrible. I have been in computers many years and remember when you received tech support years ago, they actually knew the program. Today you and I pay for their lack of talent in the support field. Working on as many computers, I know all tech support is less then perfect. In rating the support I have to say Gateway makes the bottom of my list. Even E machines have better support for a less expensive product.

Personally I own 6 computers and 5 are HP and one is Toshiba. (inherited) Depending on their needs and budget I will recommend various computers. I can promise it will not be a Gateway. Since they are in with Acer, I can’t in good conscience recommend either. Dell is not a bad computer but the support is not that much better. Forget it if you bought your computer second hand. Dell does not supply the recovery disk unless you are the original owner.

In the end I had to download and burn disk for this Gateway owner. The sad thing is many of my customers would not be able to install these drivers on their own. That leaves them at the mercy of others to get the drivers in Gateway computers.
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Tech Support or Customer Service
Posted by -D- on 06/14/2006
I purchased a fantastic computer from Gateway. It is the 610 media center and it has all the features. At least this is what I thought. I started having problems with a memory stick, then the screen started blinking out. I did a little research on the screen and have found that it was a widespread problem reported across the internet. Some of the "fixes" entailed disconnecting the subwoofer as they thought the power was insufficient to operate the computer.

Just to be sure I called Gateway, and they told me there was a fix now for the problem. I finally decided to send my computer in. Since I live outside the US, I paid to send it. However once I got it back, I found that they did not fix the memory stick, and although the screen was not blinking, it was put back on crooked and the subwoofer was not connected. Gateway indicated they would fix everything but I would have to pay again for shipping it back. TO FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT HAPPENED WHILE IT WAS IN THEIR POSSESION. No one at Gateway is willing to help. I talked with over 15 people and tech support says its a customer service issue, and vice versa. I even had some of the customer service thought it was funny.

I liked the computer, I would have bought from Gateway again. I Will Never again now however.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-15:
I just read a great review on the new MacBook. Listed at $1299 I think I may just try one out for my next laptop. Came with a 2.0GHz processor (Intel), 512GB RAM, 60GB hard, Bluetooth, Wireless ethernet card, DVD/RW-CD (built-in), 5+ hour battery life. For an extra $250 you upgrade to the 100GB hard drive and 1GB RAM. Not bad. And you don't have to call India for customer support.
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Gateway Going Out of Business Farce
Posted by BoomTKJ on 04/03/2004
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- Gateways Going Out of Business Sale is a farce. I was the second one in the door, at the Anchorage store, at 10AM on Saturday, the day Gateway advertised the sale would start, only to find everything, including all the monitors, sold. First they informed us that the sale had actually started Friday night. When confronted by the customer that was there Friday night, the employee changed his story and informed us that they had their own little employee’s only sale Friday after closing, who had happened to purchased all the discounted items. This is an example of false advertising that I plan on perusing in the courts. With shady business practices like this, Gateway deserved to go under.
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Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-04-05:
Oh what, you are going to try to prove in court that it is illegal for store employees to purchase merchandise?? Good luck, mister. Let me know when your case is scheduled so I can come and have a great laugh.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-04-10:
Morons like this who think you can sue large companies for crap like this kill me...Its like they have nothing else to do but "persue" meaningless court appearances.
Posted by TarHeelV on 2004-04-21:
Uhh..Gateway is not going out of business. They are closing their retail stores. Please explain to me how you should receive damages because the sale that was advertised for the public to start on a Saturday DID start on a Saturday? The fact that they let employees get first shot has absolutely no bearing on you.
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Careless Patient Service
Posted by SIMOda BRONXGUY1945685 on 03/01/2014
COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to this dr. 'S office about 3 weeks ago to make a new appointment with my new doctor. I was given several pages of forms to fill out regarding all of my personal health information. I filled them out on the spot in front of the clerk and handed them back. ( All within 10 minutes and within 6 feet of the clerk. Had my very first appointment on feb. 25,2014. After checking in with a different clerk, I saw the dr. Who mentioned filling out the very same forms I already had filled out. Apparently, the first clerk was not in and " nobody " knew who had given me the forms to fill out. ( Huh ? ) She works there. I was then given another form shrunk down to post card size. Could barely read it. Obviously they don't care about patient personal records or privacy. A nice way to start off with a new dr. So much for patient's privacy.
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Gateway Rated Below a Zero
Posted by Zalmakid1970 on 02/01/2014
I bought new and it worked three weeks then crashed. I sent to be repaired and it was worse when it came back. They have poor customer relations and I will never buy anything from Gateway again!
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Gateway Computers Suck
Posted by Spisakmason on 12/25/2013
I have had this computer for six months and it has broke 4 times. One of which was three days after I got it. Their tech support sucks, their repair company sucks, and their computers just suck all together.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-26:
Your complaint would be more effective if you mentioned how the computer "broke". Was it hardware or software? What parts "broke" exactly?
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Gateway Just A Nightmare
Posted by DEWISURYA on 12/18/2013
My husband and child gave me Gateway for mother's day present.
Just because of mother's day present, I still survive to keep it. No matter since the day I opened the package and start using it already have so many issue and trouble. I wanted to return, have to pay open package fee at $ 70, too much! I have been trying to fix in many ways, but remain so slow even still so much space on it, with any virus and malware software still get attacked, keyboard keep jumping, strange noise when log off/on, cursor freeze most of time and so on and so on and finally just a black screen. Fixing it, spend another $400 and in result remain worst of the worst! They just don't provide any freaking support, nothing!
I spent too much money, energy and time already for this crap! Just for a respect I keep it on my desk or else in the garbage bin! One lesson and that's it! Do not walk but RUN!!!
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Gateway Computer Service
Posted by Thosewhofoughthere on 08/03/2013
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I have a Gateway DX4820 Desktop Computer that came with Windows 7 64-bit, 6 GB memory, 1TB hard drive, DVD+/-R burner. It also came with a 24-inch widescreen monitor in a package deal from Costco. I paid CDN$799 for it, and the price included a two year warranty. Since I got it about a year and a half ago, I have added memory to max it out at 8 GB, a second 500 GB hard drive, a wifi card and an analog fax modem card.

The only complaint I have is that it only has 3 expansion slots, but that will become less of an issue once faxing is officially dead, and I can toss the fax modem. I also have an external floppy drive hooked up via a USB port, but again, floppies are all but officially dead. I have an external HD for backup, and the operating system is set up for periodic automatic backup. The computer stays on all the time.

Several months after I got it, I had problems with the monitor, so I took it to the Acer Service Centre here in Canada and they fixed it and shipped it back to me all on warranty. I've had no problems since then. My experience with computers started 20 years ago with a 486 clone and over the years, I've had every problem one can have with a computer. The most important thing I've learned is don't [snip] with it unless you really know what you're doing. And stay away from those third party "fix your registry" apps. They mostly screw it up.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-04:
The most important thing I've learned in my 20 years with computers is "Build your own".
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Less Than One Month After Purchase It Will Not Open Up
Posted by Captanpaul on 06/05/2013
FLORIDA -- Took the computer to BestBuy after the first incident of turning it on and seeing the Gateway Insignia and then nothing else. Nothing would open.

They kept it a few days and called to say they found no problem and had been able to open it from the off mode and the sleep mode and the hibernate mode. Brought it home and it worked less than two weeks and now the same thing has happened. Plan to return it for exchange or refund.

Not sure if this has anything to do with Windows 8 but whoever put that together should be fired.
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Gateway to Hell
Posted by Booboo1919 on 03/06/2013
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I bought a BRAND new GATEWAY notebook on 11/30/2013 for about $340.00 @ a WaLMart (who is my next complaint) and bought their service plan for more money bringing the total up to $400.00. I had the computer one month & the screen froze up. Couldn't fix it. Called support & blah blah blah. I was told at purchase time with warranty that if I had problems they would fix or give me a brand new one...so one month later it's broken, I have to pay the $21 shipping to send it to them, they said it had a 'defective hard drive" and sent it back w'a new one and all done. I told them it was a lemon. About 2 days later it broke again (lost Internet connection) Had to FIGHT to get them to even take it back, never mind get the replacement I was promised. They paid for shipping. Got it back on 2/27...broke again on 3/2...filed with the BBB. Just can't play their games any more
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-06:
In my opinion, you get what you pay for. $340 for a notebook is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, even a company with a big name like Gateway has to squeeze out some quality in exchange for lowering the price tag.

I bought a Dell (I know, I know, stop bragging...), and it's a piece of junk. I decided after buying it that I should pay more the next time to get a machine I am proud to own and use, and not a piece of garbage.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-07:
11/30/2013 has not arrived yet.
Posted by booboo1919 on 2013-03-07:
First of all, I am on a very limited income and it took a while to even afford that, so I'm happy you can afford bigger and better things. Cudos to you. If I could've afforded a better one I would have obviously bought one.
Posted by booboo1919 on 2013-03-07:
sorry..I was aggravated when I was writing that. Thanks for your keen eyesight and snyde remark. Will take note of that.
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