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Tech Support or Customer Service
Posted by -D- on 06/14/2006
I purchased a fantastic computer from Gateway. It is the 610 media center and it has all the features. At least this is what I thought. I started having problems with a memory stick, then the screen started blinking out. I did a little research on the screen and have found that it was a widespread problem reported across the internet. Some of the "fixes" entailed disconnecting the subwoofer as they thought the power was insufficient to operate the computer.

Just to be sure I called Gateway, and they told me there was a fix now for the problem. I finally decided to send my computer in. Since I live outside the US, I paid to send it. However once I got it back, I found that they did not fix the memory stick, and although the screen was not blinking, it was put back on crooked and the subwoofer was not connected. Gateway indicated they would fix everything but I would have to pay again for shipping it back. TO FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT HAPPENED WHILE IT WAS IN THEIR POSSESION. No one at Gateway is willing to help. I talked with over 15 people and tech support says its a customer service issue, and vice versa. I even had some of the customer service thought it was funny.

I liked the computer, I would have bought from Gateway again. I Will Never again now however.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-15:
I just read a great review on the new MacBook. Listed at $1299 I think I may just try one out for my next laptop. Came with a 2.0GHz processor (Intel), 512GB RAM, 60GB hard, Bluetooth, Wireless ethernet card, DVD/RW-CD (built-in), 5+ hour battery life. For an extra $250 you upgrade to the 100GB hard drive and 1GB RAM. Not bad. And you don't have to call India for customer support.
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Gateway Going Out of Business Farce
Posted by BoomTKJ on 04/03/2004
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- Gateways Going Out of Business Sale is a farce. I was the second one in the door, at the Anchorage store, at 10AM on Saturday, the day Gateway advertised the sale would start, only to find everything, including all the monitors, sold. First they informed us that the sale had actually started Friday night. When confronted by the customer that was there Friday night, the employee changed his story and informed us that they had their own little employee’s only sale Friday after closing, who had happened to purchased all the discounted items. This is an example of false advertising that I plan on perusing in the courts. With shady business practices like this, Gateway deserved to go under.
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Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-04-05:
Oh what, you are going to try to prove in court that it is illegal for store employees to purchase merchandise?? Good luck, mister. Let me know when your case is scheduled so I can come and have a great laugh.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-04-10:
Morons like this who think you can sue large companies for crap like this kill me...Its like they have nothing else to do but "persue" meaningless court appearances.
Posted by TarHeelV on 2004-04-21:
Uhh..Gateway is not going out of business. They are closing their retail stores. Please explain to me how you should receive damages because the sale that was advertised for the public to start on a Saturday DID start on a Saturday? The fact that they let employees get first shot has absolutely no bearing on you.
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Gateway will never get my business again
Posted by Wheezer on 10/27/2010
Two weeks after purchasing my Gateway computer, my husband wanted to copy some photos to a disk. It was then we discover the door for the CD etc.. would not open. We tried to exchange it a few days later, but found the dealer obviously did not have faith in the product. They gave us 16 days to do returns. We were at 18. They said take it up with Gateway. Gateway offered to trade it for a USED computer or repair it. One hour on the phone with a man who could not say the letter v therefore could not get my email address correct, I had a ship code to get the computer sent to Texas for repair. Went to shipping place. They did not except the number. Need a different one they said. Another hour on the phone with a phonetically challenged man, instructed to drive 30 minuets to a facility that would ship, using this number and a new one.

Got the computer back a week and a half later. The quick turn around was impressive until I tried to put a disk in to check the repair. Would not open still. No repairs had been made. Forty five minuets on the phone with someone who could not tell me why computer had not been fixed. They said ship it back and we will see if we can fix it this time. Livid is not even enough to express my disgust and frustration with Gateway.
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Gateway LX6810 shut downs
Posted by What.the on 07/31/2010
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my Gateway LX6810 in 2009. After three months, it started to turn off every 30 minutes. I took it to Best Buy. Best Buy sent it out for "repair". When it arrived, I had the same problem. Gateway told me to send it to them at my expense~ I took it to a computer repair place and the computer worked okay. Four months later, and it's shutting down once again. I contacted Gateway ~ they told me it was shutting down because I had Window 7 installed!! And gave me a link!
My question is this..why can't we start a class action suit against them. Search Gateway LX6810, you will find loads of customers with the exact complaint. Gateway must know this and yet they ignore their customers. I will never buy a computer from Gateway again. I will never shop for a computer at Best Buy.
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-31:
The problem is not Windows 7, it is the case design and onboard graphics for this computer. The CPU has a sensor that will send a shutdown command when the computer temperature reaches a critical level.

The design of the case provides inadequate ventilation, the fans rapidly clog with airborne dust, further restricting the air flow. The onboard graphics are poor for the configuration of this computer and cause the computer temperature to rise rapidly - thus the shutdowns.

You have a couple of options. You can operate the computer with the case open, giving it much better airflow. The computer will operate just fine with an open case.

You may wnat to purchase a separate graphics card, install it and run your monitor off this card, this will reduce the heat produced in the device. You can get a decent graphics card with its own cooling fan for around 100.00.

If you choosed to operate the device with the case closed, you wll want to purchase some "canned air" or preferably a small electronics vacuum device. On a regular basis, open the case, and either blow or vacuum all the accumulated dust from the fans, fan vents and anywhere you see it present in the device.

Gateway, BB and everyone you talk to will try to make excuses and shift the blame to you. It is simply a poor design that is causing the device to overheat.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-31:
leet60 has explained the problem well. I would agree that what has been described is the likely cause of the problem. You're laptop is by far the only one that has ever run into this type of problem. I can also occur when the ventilation for the unit is underneath the laptop. When you place the unit on a soft surface, including that of a pillow, bed or even your lap, the unit has a difficulty of receiving cooling. To resolve the problem, you can make sure you keep the system on a flat, hard surface. Better yet, I have a system I ran into a similar problem with and purchased what is commonly referred to as a "chill pad". This pad not only guarantees a hard surface to rest the unit on, but includes fans that give airflow to the system for cooling. You can pick one up at most electronic or office shops for about $15.

Best of luck.
Posted by RogerSm on 2010-10-25:
Here's some more information: looks like the fan is indeed the culprit. Lots of people complaining about the LX6810. For example, see these guys:


I may contact them to see what can be done.
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Here is there toll free number- Call and tell them how much they suck!
Posted by WYH on 10/31/2009
Gateway without a doubt has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Like some of the others who wrote reviews, I had many of the same experiences. I literally spent over an hour just "saying the sn#".


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My Gateway GT5656 just shuts off
Posted by TaylorCrowe on 06/08/2009
I purchased my Gateway GT5656 about one year and two months ago. For the first 8 months no problems what so ever, then on the ninth month out of nowhere it shut off, while I was checking my email. I thought I had a power shortage or that I had unplugged it by accident. I was wrong. I rebooted, it came on no problem. The next day, it shut off with no warning, 3 more times. I contacted Gateway, I was asked did I register it, I said no they registered it for me, then they said they could help. I told them what was happening, they told me to send them the hard drive and they would fix it. So I did. Three weeks later, I got a new hard drive, at least thats what I was told. Three more months go by and it does the exact same thing again. I contact them, they tell me my comp is no longer under warranty and that I must pay for help. I tell them that they didn't fix the problem and now I have to pay to even talk to a customer service rep, they say yes and that its gonna be around 250 dollars just to talk thats not counting the repairs fees. I now have a 2800 dollar comp that doesn't allow me to stay on longer than an hour and shuts off immediately if I try and do more than two things at once, example check email and open a web page. I advise anyone who wants a new comp stay away from Gateway. They don't have anyone that will speak to you for free when your warranty is done. They make crappy computers and don't care if your comp doesn't work. They have your money. My issues with this comp is as follows: Problem signature:

Problem Event Name:BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
BCP1: 98A879F8
BCP2: 00000001
BCP3: 94AEAE58
BCP4: 00000001
OS Version:6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Taylor\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-37861-0.sysdata. xml
C:\Users\Taylor\AppData\Local\Temp\WERDBBD. tmp. version. txt
Read our privacy statement:
http://go. microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=50163&clcid=0x0409

I even contacted Microsoft for help, they couldn't or wouldn't even reply to my emails. I'm so through with Gateway that its beyond belief. I purchased my Gateway computer through Best Buy, and you wont believe the price they quoted me to just look at it. Not to mention what its going to cost me to fix it. Also beware there is no free number to contact Gateway.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-08:
This is usually indicative of a hardware issue. This is likely a RAM issue or a motherboard problem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-08:
One easy thing to check is to make sure that your vents are not being blocked by anything, and that your fans are spinning. An overheating situation will often present itself this way.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-08:
yeah the hard drive?
they were fluffing you on that one in my opinion
Posted by MRM on 2009-06-08:
You have a bad power supply. A new power supply would fix the problem. Get a 500 watt power supply for $40.00 at Newegg.com.

Yours Truly,
Computer King
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-06-08:
Take the frigger and tie a rope to it and hook it to your car. Drag it down the street a ways and come back and plug it in. It should work. LOL!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-08:
though i would say... before you sink money into it again
take it in to a local place for repairs
Posted by syverian on 2009-06-19:
i agree with MRM... bad power supply unit (PSU) happened to me before too.It's either that or overheating processor(s)
There's absolutely no way it would be a hard-drive issue.
Posted by TaylorCrowe on 2009-10-03:
Well Im back, I got some really good advice from EarthGoddess! She was so dead on with it, that my comp from hell is working. I purchased a new PSU and graphics card and viola it solved the problem! Installed it myself and everything was great, but then it happened. The monitor would not come on. After messing with it for a few days, I took it to the Geek Squad who informed me that I did everything correctly and that I have virus on my hard drive, mind you this is a brand new hard drive, but I said what the hell they could be right, anything is possible. So I paid them the 160.00 dollars to fix the problem. I take my comp home and plug it up and again the monitor does not come on. So I noticed that the plug for the monitor in the back of the tower is no longer working, I wonder why, but I noticed that the geek squad used a different port to plug in my monitor. So I plug up the cord and my monitor comes on. So Im so happy, then my screen goes black and grey and I realize that I have the Anti Theft Deterrence from Gateway installed so I uninstall and reinstall it, still it does not work. I uninstall it and still it goes grey and black. I want it gone completely from my comp but I cant get it off. I have contacted Gateway lol, they want money to talk. I dont know what else to do. I cant get this theft deterrence off my comp no matter what I try. So I have learned one thing, I will never ever buy another Gateway and I will tell everyone I meet NEVER EVER buy a gateway, it has been nothing but hell for me since I got it. Dell isnt the best comp out there, but when I had old faithful for 7 years, and it still works my only problem with it was not enough memory... Wasted my money and time with this gateway.... I have just gotten use to unplugging the moniter every hour on the hour in order to use it...
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-03:
You are certainly Welcome and thanks for the update!
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Gateway Computers
Posted by HOWLINGAL on 10/25/2012
Don't buy gateway computer it does not have its own tech support it uses tech from India or philippines they take your money and don't fixed the problem name of tech support stay away from answer by PC support they say thee gateway tech support they take your money and don't fix the problem
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Posted by Bill on 2012-10-26:
Don't feel too bad. Most companies outsource their tech to India.
Hopefully this will change.
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Gateway is consistent over the years!!!!
Posted by Mazzee on 08/29/2010
It is so good to see that Gateway is so consistently bad. I purchased my PC in the year 2000. That was the worst experience ever. We purchased it because Gateway had a store in State College PA. What a mistake!!! They didn't know what they were doing and shortly after buying they closed the store. Customer Service was Terrible. There were times I was on the phone for hours trying to get help. Most of the time I was talking with people I couldn't understand because of language barriers. At lease I got to travel the would over and never leave my home!!!! I just needed someone who could speak ENGLISH!!! Finally after a lot of frustration I turned to a friend that knows a lot about computers. He completely rebuilt my computer. The only thing that is Gateway is the shell and the monitor. It has been wonderful since. I am ready to get a new computer and was even considering another Gateway figuring they probably fixed all their problems!!!! I must have lost my mind!!!! BOY AM I Glad I found this web site. Thanks to all you folks I certainly will never never never consider Gateway again. 10+ Years is a long time to have such a consistently bad record.
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Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-29:
I have a Gateway that I bought six or seven years ago. Other than a virus we've had no other problems.
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Warranty!?? You mean REFURBISHED OR LOW ENDS
Posted by TheePlanB on 01/29/2010
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Gateway filed Chapter 13 years ago by the way.

I recently contacted "ACER/GATEWAY" about a CD drive issue in the middle of a reformat. After sending my BluRay in 3 weeks later I get a $43 different color peice of S^%^T. I argued with India for days and finally handed me over to a state side "Level 2" in TX. Still they wanted that c/c number to put a $380 hold until they got the cheapo one back YA YOU HEARD RIGHT. I had to argue with them for quite a while about it being a BluRay in the first place! I kept all my packing info from the start and took pictures and P/N (part numbers) and S/N serial numbers on both with pictures... 2 weeks later I get my drive back, one more week to lift the hold.


Then I find out its not only the CD drive now its also the hard drive. I was forced to send in the whole 70lbs PC with insured came to $100. They replace the hard drive and the motherboard and 20 days later I get it back. I open it. ITS ALL BANGED UP! The case is ruined!

System is slooow and I find my VIDEO CARD UNDERNEITH THE PC IN THE BOX IN NOTHING BUT A STATIC GUARD PEICE OF PLASTIC. The note from the tech acused that the card was 3rd party and will not be re-installed. WHAT!!! I contacted the manufacturer ASUS who helped me ID the card. After speaking with yet another level 2 he checked it out after I told them I knew now what they tried to do. He looked it up and YES it is their card alright. Now smashed by a 70lb PC riding on it for 2 days OUTSIDE the PC.

Hard drive was a WD 500GB and now is a refurbished 465GB Samsung (less GB is the key here...dead givaway its refurbished) The motherboard which used to max 8 GB is now limited to max 3 GB. How nice.


I called and argued over and over and over and over.....they want me to ship it back again. I asked if I should use THEIR shipping box with the same stuff in it. Guy said with 5 layer of bubble wrap. I never got any when it was sent to me. I have to pack it better than THEY did or its considered void of contract. Cant wait for the next trip my PC makes out there now. Maybe they will replace everything with a used calculator inside next.


C O M M O N GEEEZZZZZ DO SOMETHING I have names times dates and plenty of paper to prove it all.
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Posted by MRM on 2010-01-29:
That is an awesome system! If you dont want it, I'll gladly take it! I'll be able to revive your dead PC and use it for home automation. Real talk...

Yours Truly,
The Computer King
Posted by TheePlanB on 2010-01-30:
Ya it was awesome while it worked properly and had the right parts put back in.
Posted by Panton on 2010-04-21:
A "500GB" hard disk will report in Windows (and most every other OS) as being about 465GB. It has to do with the difference between counting 1GB as 10^9 (1,000,000,000) bytes (which is how they're advertised right on the box) instead of 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes (which is how the OS sees it). So, no, it's not "a dead giveaway it's refurbished" it's how computers are sold vs. how they actually work.

In the case of your motherboard it's probably as simple as a 32-bit OS vs. 64-bit OS, but considering you're just ranting rather than giving useful information the world will never know.
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Don't Buy Gateway
Posted by Rs0615 on 10/27/2009
Let me review my many instances of unhappiness with my Gateway product:

- Within a few weeks of purchase my hard drive crashed and ultimately
was replaced at Gateway service center.
- In attempts to rectify the problem before shipping it for service your
tech support person failed to send me the "systems cd" in addition to
the "recovery cd". This mistake was acknowledged by your tech support
person and delayed the ultimate repair of my computer by another week.
- I had to pay $35 to ship my computer to your service center. I
estimate that I was without use of the computer for at least 3 weeks.
- In my encounters with your tech support personnel, I found there
accents to be so thick it was difficult to understand them many times.
And I work in New York City with people from all over the world where I
don't have a problem understanding accents.
-Finally, even though I sent a scanned promotional statement from Gateway stating that I was eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7, they later said I was not eligible. Follow-up emails to Gateway customer service and a company executive were not answered.
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