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Gateway LX6810 Shut Downs
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my Gateway LX6810 in 2009. After three months, it started to turn off every 30 minutes. I took it to Best Buy. Best Buy sent it out for "repair." When it arrived, I had the same problem. Gateway told me to send it to them at my expense. I took it to a computer repair place and the computer worked okay. Four months later, and it's shutting down once again. I contacted Gateway - they told me it was shutting down because I had Windows 7 installed!! And gave me a link!

My question is this.. why can't we start a class action suit against them. Search Gateway LX6810, you will find loads of customers with the exact complaint. Gateway must know this and yet they ignore their customers. I will never buy a computer from Gateway again. I will never shop for a computer at Best Buy.

Customer Service Is a Joke
By -

My Gateway computer is less than a year old and I've had numerous problems with it in the past year. The latest is that the hard drive crashed. The restore function on the drive was never installed by the factory so I wasn't able to make discs and recovery discs were not supplied with the product (as they used to be). After the crash I needed to buy a restore disc from Gateway - not sure where the phone call went to but it was just about impossible to understand the person on the other end of the line. I ordered the disc at about noon (EST) and requested it be shipped overnight. I was told that the disc would be sent that day.

I called the next day to get the tracking number and I was told that, not only had the disc not been shipped yet, but that it would take 3 to 8 business days to ship!! I told this guy that I had requested and paid for overnight and that I need the disc now. He then apologized (as if this makes it OK) and said that the disc would ship the next business day and I should receive it within 3 business days (?). I again stated that overnight meant the next business day.

It is obvious that in whatever country Gateway chose to have these calls go to they don't understand the meaning of "it will ship today" and the definition of the word "overnight!" I will NEVER buy another Gateway product again and I suggest you don't either.

UPDATE: I emailed Gateway (or so I thought, the email went down to God knows where) today to relay the above information. I received a reply stating that the recovery discs are on back order and that they don't know when they will be available. Now if you have read above you will see that twice I have been told that the discs would be shipping either that day or the next business day.

How then is it possible for the discs to be shipped at the same time that the discs are on back order? Am I totally missing something here (other than satisfactory customer support)? I can now see why Gateway has earned the reputation for a customer service department that totally sucks!!

Don't Buy Gateway
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Let me review my many instances of unhappiness with my Gateway product:

Within a few weeks of purchase my hard drive crashed and ultimately was replaced at Gateway service center. In attempts to rectify the problem before shipping it for service your tech support person failed to send me the "systems cd" in addition to the "recovery cd." This mistake was acknowledged by your tech support person and delayed the ultimate repair of my computer by another week. I had to pay $35 to ship my computer to your service center. I estimate that I was without use of the computer for at least 3 weeks.

In my encounters with your tech support personnel, I found their accents to be so thick it was difficult to understand them many times. And I work in New York City with people from all over the world where I don't have a problem understanding accents.

Finally, even though I sent a scanned promotional statement from Gateway stating that I was eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7, they later said I was not eligible. Follow-up emails to Gateway customer service and a company executive were not answered.

Does Anyone Have the Direct Contact Number for the Gateway Repair?
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- GATEWAY has a repair center in TEMPLE, TX. There is also a contact phone number to speak with someone, but the GATEWAY SUPPORT PEOPLE, will not provide it. I had it once, since it was listed on the outside FEDEX label showing the shipper information. And I have called it and spoke with a representative about the item being sent to me. I have since misplaced this number, and in no way, will GATEWAY give it out... they tell you "There is no number, you have to just send in the item for repair..." etc.

So, if someone has it, please post it and send to me as well. GATEWAY does not want people to call this number, but the service at GATEWAY support (not meant for words I can type) is awful.

The Joke of Gateway Tech Support
By -

I bought a Gateway NV56 Notebook 3 weeks ago. 1 week later my kid sat on it accidentally and cracked the LCD (never mind that previous notebooks - I've had have gone through a lot tougher treatment and held strong). I checked the web to find a replacement LCD panel and had virtually no luck since the notebook was such a new model.

I used live chat with Gateway and was told they could offer no help other than to have me ship the notebook to them and pay $200 for them to repair, a repair that would take 7-10 business days (which is ALWAYS a GROSS understatement). Granted that isn't unreasonable, an LCD runs between 100-150, but time was my enemy as I use the notebook for work.

A few days later after searching some more I called Gateway and was treated like garbage for simply inquiring about buying the part from them, or seeing if a compatible part existed. An hour and 45 minutes that included 1 CSR talking down to me because I asked him a question about what exactly came with the LCD package they were at that time willing to sell me "Does that include the inverter cable, the bezel?", he essentially yelled at me that he had already told me before and then preceded read off the computer screen slowly, as I were a child.

His supervisor then cut me off, and after calling back and being transferred to their stateside customer service division I was told that "No" they cannot sell me the LCD and referred to 2 companies, one that had never heard of the part, and another that wanted to charge me $300 plus tax and shipping just for the panel, half the price of the notebook.

Gateway is a vastly different company than they used to be, their tech support department is really just a bunch of poorly trained call center workers who only know how to read off of a database and possess no computer knowledge. One even asked me what an inverter cable was. Huge regret over this purchase. PS. Well they offered no help - they were sure to tell me how I had voided my warranty and duly note that within a moment of my call.

Gateway Failed On Many Accounts To Repair A Computer
By -

7565 ERVINE CENTER DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- The newly purchased E-Machine computer locked up and cannot be used and is less than 100 days old. In conversing with Gateway Support we were told it would cost us more than we paid for the computer in the first place or that we could pay for customer support which might or might not support the fix for the computer.

They advertise l00% American Technical support yet when contacted it was found their technical services are based in India and we cannot speak to someone, even a supervisor who speak enough English to understand the problem.

What can someone do?

Shoddy computer, worse Tech Support
By -

I bought a Gateway M-1617 laptop on Valentines Day of last year at Best Buy because my children needed another computer to do their schoolwork on and I needed an upgrade. It had all the bells and whistles and could have been a nice machine if Gateway thought about a few things before shipping the model out. My main gripe is it continually overheats. I could handle that after I got a lap desk to set it on. I was not going let this oversight affect my contentment with the computer, until one day it overheated and would not reboot. For three days it would not charge or boot up, so we assumed it dead. My husband who fixes computers, tried to get a CD out of the drive, and the drive broke. It then booted up, imagine that, he must have knocked something back into place. I called Gateway tech support with all my paperwork, along with my receipt. I had the serial number written down, but they had no record of my computer or my registration, nor did I even get my rebate, for that matter, and since they put paper UPC stickers on the bottom of the computer, I could not verify the number. They told me without the number they couldn't help me. I called Best Buy, they didn't have the number on my card but did have record of it being sold on Valentines Day.

I tried to get a replacement DVD-Rom drive for my computer, no luck. They asked for credit card information before they even looked for the part number. I don't think so, nope, not going to happen.

I then took it to the shop to see if they could fix the drive or find another. It was in the shop for over a month before they sent it home. Nobody carries the DVD-Rom drive, the computer is still under warranty, and less than a year old. So I am screwed. I had to buy an external drive so my children could do their school work. They are now two months behind on their schooling. Thanks a lot Gateway for bad service and no replacement parts.

Gateway RipOff
By -

SIOUX CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I had the misfortune to purchase a Gateway P-172XFX laptop in June 2008. It arrived the day I was leaving departing from the U.S. for two months. The wireless connection did not work upon arrival.

When I returned to the U.S. I called Gateway and after troubleshooting the computer with level 2 technical support they told me to send it to Teleplan in Dallas, TX for repair. I shipped it out via registered mail on 28 August 2008 and it was received by Teleplan on 3 September 2008. I spoke to Teleplan on 10 September and they told me that there was a software problem with the computer and they would have to reload the Operating System. They said they would be able to ship it back to me by 12 September 2008.

On 16 September 2008, I spoken to both Teleplan and Gateway, and neither can or will tell me when I will receive my computer back. Teleplan told me today (16 September) the DVD player on the computer was now broken and they had ordered a replacement on 12 September. They added that they just moved to Temple, TX and cannot find a listing for where my computer is in their databases and if they find it it will be at least 10-15 more business days before they can ship it back to me.

I contacted Gateway and after THREE hours on hold finally spoke to a level two (?) customer service representative that was supposed to be able to resolve the issue (either assure me that the laptop would be returned within 10 days or provide me with a new computer). The C.S. Rep (GTWA-150) told me that all she could do was contact Teleplan and ask them for an estimated return date. Since I will be departing the U.S. within two weeks for a deployment overseas for a year, I told the C.S. Rep that I either wanted a refund of the $2,000 I paid for the computer or a new computer (sent to me immediately), since I would be gone by the time they said they MIGHT ship it back to me.

The C.S. Rep said she c/would not do that and that I would have to just wait for the computer. She did not care that I was deploying or that I had been without the computer that I had already paid for. When I told her that I would not be in country to receive the computer when they choose to ship it, she did not care.

I have called my credit card company to dispute the charge since Gateway shipped me a defective computer and I will not be in country to receive it when they finally decide to ship it back to me. I will never buy another Gateway product, especially since they have no concern about people deploying overseas.


Warranty, Customer Service
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I work for an agency that buys pc's from Dell , Gateway and HP. Problems vary with each new model of pc. Quality of customer service seems vary over time. Most recently Gateway seems to be hit the bottom with just ridiculous customer service.

I Have a pile of failed gateway components , too much trouble to warranty. Calls to Gateway customer service often take up to an hour to verify serial numbers and warranty coverage. Once they do verify the coverage the part shows up in a day or two, then we have one week to send back the old parts. A week later we get a return shipping label in the mail. If I ship out the old parts the same day I get the label its already late. Then Gateway sends an invoice with my name on it charging our department for failing to return the old warranty part. I have to explain the invoice to my accounting department, then make phone calls to gateway to clear the invoice. Usually takes two or more calls to Gateways returns department and one or more calls to their accounting department.

It is much less time consuming for me to rob or modify parts from old equipment than go through their warranty procedure. A complaint to our head office resulted in the Gateway Rep assuring us that this was the exception rather than the rule and he would personally follow up and resolve this unusual customer service issue. Once the case was resolved it was business as usual with Gateway. Same problems all over again. If a keyboard fails I have to call customer service , then I am transferred to a tech that tells me “hold the keyboard between my palms with the end of the keyboard six inches above the desk and drop it to unstick the keys. And if that doesn't work call us back and we will go from there. Seemed ridiculous , but it worked and the keyboard worked for two days after that . The user called me two days later calling me an idiot, I laughed and agreed, “your right and I acted on some really bad advice I'll bring a new keyboard right away.” Just have to laugh every time I throw a gateway keyboard away, Just hold it between my palms six inches above the garbage can and drop it.

Computer manufacturers are selling pc's so cheap these days that there is very little of the profit margin left for customer service or warranty. They don't honor anything beyond what is stated in the warranty and they don't staff their help desks with professional people. Nothing against the help desk people, cut them some slack, they don't get much training and are just following the companies policy, for the most part they are really nice people with a really lousy job dealing with often angry customers.

If you really depend on your PC, it's better to buy your next computer from a local independent shop that builds and maintains pc's. Spend the extra money for quality components and professional local service . If your buying Big ticket electronics Costco is the bomb, they don't have the forever warranty any more but they will give you two years of warranty you can't beat anywhere.

By -

PITTSBURG,, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a gateway computer last November from Best Buy. This was my 2nd gateway computer I purchased within 2 1/2 years. I had to replace my first one because it would not take a charge. The connection in the computer was "wiggily" I NEED my computer for work. So I bought a new one.

After about 9 1/2 months of using my new computer the same problem happened as the first. I couldn't charge my battery. I went through 3 adapters I had to tape onto my computer for my computer to get any power to it at all. My computer was working it was just not getting power to the computer or o charge the battery. I called gateway to send it in for warranty repair. I was told a box was being shipped to me to send my computer in. I was told my warranty was going to expire soon and asked if I wanted to renew it. I declined at the time. They gave me some numbers to put on my box. I attached those numbers to my original box that I got the gateway in.

I waited and waited and after 1 1/2 weeks I called Gateway back asking about my box. They said it was supposed to be sent out to me but it wasn't they assigned me new numbers to put on my box. (which I did) they told me the box was being sent out. They mentioned that my warranty was to expire soon. I declined again. so once again..... I waited and after a week I called Gateway and asked about my box. and the same thing happened...... no box. I was reassigned numbers to attach to my box. I told Gateway that I would pay for the shipping. I had the original box the computer came in. they said no that it had to be sent out in there box to the address label they provide. this happened another time. I called back again and was told the box was delivered which it wasn't. this time though I renewed my warranty. I paid over $100 because I had the suspicions that Gateway was stalling so they wouldn't need to cover my repair. I attached the new numbers they provided me with to my box.

Finally the box came. I sent it in to Gateway and 4 days later I get a call saying that the warranty didn't cover the motherboard getting wet. My motherboard DID NOT GET WET! I sent it in because I couldn't charge my computer. If I charged my battery in a friends computer and used it on mine.... there was no problem!!! MY COMPUTER WORKED!!!! I requested pictures of my motherboard which I never received. I called gateway and was told to call this number and when I called it the lady was so rude. Told me my computer was already sent back to me I told her I requested photos of my motherboard and she said they could send me them. Gateway records our calls for quality. If they could review the call to this lady she first said it was sent back to me then she said she can send me photos. When I questioned this she said "oh, it's still down in our warehouse" What was gateway going to do send me photos of somebody else's computer?

I sent my working computer in to repair the plug. and the diagnosis... (after I spent more $ on a warranty) which didn't even kick in.. I was told the motherboard got wet and it wasn't under warranty.

I believe that Gateway lies about the diagnosis and that they steal.

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