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Does Anyone Have The Direct Contact Number For The Gateway Repair?
Posted by Baskets on 10/10/2009
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- GATEWAY has a repair center in TEMPLE, TX. There is also a contact phone number to speak with someone, but the GATEWAY SUPPORT PEOPLE, will not provide it.

I had it once, since it was listed on the outside FEDEX label showing the shipper information. And I have called it and spoke with a representative about the item being sent to me. I have since misplaced this number, and in no way, will GATEWAY give it out... they tell you there is no number, you have to just send in the item for repair...etc.

So, if someone has it, please post it and send to me as well. GATEWAY does not want people to call this number, but the service at GATEWAY support (not meant for words I can type) is awful.
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Posted by nate'smom on 2009-10-15:
This is the number I got from my box 1866-658-2237
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-10-15:
For Tech Suppport, call 800-846-2000- hit #3- Give a 2 digit serial # and it will connect you to a live rep.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-10-15:
Does Gateway also go by 'Acer America'? Because I have this contact info for Gateway Repair, but it's also listed as Acer Amercia:

1394 Eberhardt Rd
Temple, TX 76504
PH: 254-982-4000

Posted by D. Aliff on 2009-10-15:
^ Acer bought Gateway, so yes, that could be the number OP is looking for.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-10-16:
Thanks DA...
Posted by PunchDrunk on 2009-11-25:
I sent my laptop in a year ago for a repair to the mouse buttons and it broke again i called and needed to use it for a summer class so they told me it was ok to wait untill september to send it in since my warrenty was good till october. Well also the power supply went bad and i used one from my brothers laptop (same voltage and apes) and then the hard drive went bad so i called got a repair number and sent it in. it was returned the second week of october 2 days after the warrenty was up , the letter with it said only "updated bios, replaced LCD, replaced hard drive" then at the bottom it said 90 day warrenty from time of repair and if i had any problems call the number wich i always called . I called it and entered my serial and it wont put me through , it says im out of warrenty , live help from the site says the same thing and gave me an email address, which gave me no reply in 3 weeks so far. The phone number that was on the side of the box from the repair center doesnt work, when i call it it rings 2 times and then disconnects me , i tried to call using *67 to block caller ID and i was right because i get the message that the number does not accept blocked calls. Im sure this is their way of not having to real with coustomers and maby there was too much to repair on my laptop so they just decided to screw me over
Posted by MelD on 2011-02-11:
Thank you, Nate's Mom!! I called the number and verified that it is the "Acer" call center--RIGHT HERE IN THE U.S.A.!! I have been on the phone--and around the world--for over an hour just trying to find out how to get my computer fixed. the 1st person took 15 minutes only to just send me a copy of the warranty. (instant messenger). when i asked where to send my computer, he told me to "look it up!" after trying to google it i kept running into service stores that weren't gateway certified--even though they advertised as such. And two different stores--both of whom spoke very broken english--actually hung on me, once they found out i wasn't paying cash because of my warranty. i finally got India on the phone who didn't want to transfer me to america. but finally agreed to do so, but only to transfer me as far as the Philippines!! the philippines then finally transferred me to texas. each phone call had me on hold for at least 15 minutes each. Gateway used to be known for their great customer service. But since they were bought by Acer, it has been horrible. When i went to buy my computer i purposefully stayed away from Acer--guess what!! I should have just bought the Acer and saved my self a few bucks, instead of an Acer camouflaged as a Gateway.
Posted by raggedypam on 2011-05-17:
I too used the number 1-866-658-2237 to get thru' to repairs of my Gateway without having to go thru' all the same questions with the robo lady. Got a real person. Thanks, Nates Mom.
Posted by Jana on 2012-06-08:
This is not the number to Acer-Gateway repairs. There is a call center located in Temple TX, and also a separate location that is the actual repair center. There is no direct line that will let you talk to the guy fixing your computer. No company works that way, duh! The number listed above is for the Service Operations department. It's basically for warranty issues but they can also tell you about your repair and answer questions. Tech support line can't do that because they are in India. Learn to look up your facts before you go bashing a company.
Posted by Sheila on 2013-09-18:
Jana, they should not make the number so hard to find! Do you work for them?
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Gateway customer service
Posted by Tlynn on 11/07/2006
I purchased a Gateway Computer in August of 2006. After 2 months my 19" LCD monitor went bad. On 10-16 Customer service sent me a box to return the defective monitor to them in. I received the box on 10-18 and Fed Ex'd it back to them on the 19th. (2nd day ). I called Customer service on the 27th. They said they just received it that day. Chris, the rep. I talked to said they would expedite the new one and get it out that same day. Lie number one. On 10-30 I called again, just to be sure it had been sent. This time I talked to David who said it had been sent on 10-30. He gave me a Fed EX tracking number and said I would receive it in 2 days. Lie number two. On 10-31 I used my daughter's 2 yr. old Dell laptop to track my new monitor. It seems the tracking number I was given was for the box they had sent me on 10-16, I again called Customer service and talked to Dave. He could find no record of the shipment and after putting me on hold for a considerable amount of time told me the monitor was on backorder. At this time I asked to talk to his boss. Now I talked to Narvid, who said it was on back order until the middle of November Maybe. Not only was my monitor on back order, there were 61 of them on backorder. I asked that they send me an upgrade, comparable monitor, or any ole monitors I could temporarily use. NOT! Finding this completely unacceptable, I asked to talk to his boss. He was of course, as high up as They would allow me to go. He did give me a number to their corporate office. I really thought I would get somewhere now. Silly me. I talked to Mikel at the corporate office. He could give a hoot that I had a 2 month old computer I could not use for I had no monitor. He could care that I told him I would bad mouth his company to everyone who would listen. This company is not willing to do anything to make it's customer happy. I would never deal with them again. I only wish I didn't have to deal with them now.
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Posted by EquityScout on 2007-09-21:
Wow, I wish I would have read this post before I bought a Gateway machine. Don't get me started on the ordeal that I just went through to return a defective LCD monitor that I bought from Gateway: hours and hours w/ the technical service chat, followed by hours and hours w/ the returns department (mostly on hold) topped off by a $50 fee!

Any masochists out there who want to read the whole story for themselves can check it out at http://www.equityscout.com/trouble-with-gateway-computers.

From their peak of around $84 Gateway is now trading at $1.87 and is about to be gobbled up by Taiwanese manufacturer Acer. As Gateway has spiraled into crisis mode it appears that their strategy has been to throw up so many obstacles in the face of customers trying to return a defective product that they simply give up.

It doesn't take a particularly smart businessperson to figure out that this is a pretty sorry strategy. I hope Acer knows what kind of culture they've just acquired.

Posted by rob1995 on 2007-12-04:
Wow. Story sounds just like my story. I'm about to bang my head on the wall dealing with these people. I don't even say good bye to them now. I ask my question and get my answer and hang up. That is all the respect they will get from me. My laptop is brand new. My son used it for about three hours and the DVD stopped ejecting. They have no clue when it will be ready because a part is on back order. I hope that most of these jerks lose their jobs when they are taken over. Back to working at a job where they don't have to deal with customers. Does anyone remember customers!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-04:
rob1995. You got a good head on your shoulders. You just made my trust list. Congratulations!!!
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Careless Patient Service
Posted by SIMOda BRONXGUY1945685 on 03/01/2014
COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to this dr. 'S office about 3 weeks ago to make a new appointment with my new doctor. I was given several pages of forms to fill out regarding all of my personal health information. I filled them out on the spot in front of the clerk and handed them back. ( All within 10 minutes and within 6 feet of the clerk. Had my very first appointment on feb. 25,2014. After checking in with a different clerk, I saw the dr. Who mentioned filling out the very same forms I already had filled out. Apparently, the first clerk was not in and " nobody " knew who had given me the forms to fill out. ( Huh ? ) She works there. I was then given another form shrunk down to post card size. Could barely read it. Obviously they don't care about patient personal records or privacy. A nice way to start off with a new dr. So much for patient's privacy.
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Gateway Rated Below a Zero
Posted by Zalmakid1970 on 02/01/2014
I bought new and it worked three weeks then crashed. I sent to be repaired and it was worse when it came back. They have poor customer relations and I will never buy anything from Gateway again!
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Gateway Computers Suck
Posted by Spisakmason on 12/25/2013
I have had this computer for six months and it has broke 4 times. One of which was three days after I got it. Their tech support sucks, their repair company sucks, and their computers just suck all together.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-26:
Your complaint would be more effective if you mentioned how the computer "broke". Was it hardware or software? What parts "broke" exactly?
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Gateway Just A Nightmare
Posted by DEWISURYA on 12/18/2013
My husband and child gave me Gateway for mother's day present.
Just because of mother's day present, I still survive to keep it. No matter since the day I opened the package and start using it already have so many issue and trouble. I wanted to return, have to pay open package fee at $ 70, too much! I have been trying to fix in many ways, but remain so slow even still so much space on it, with any virus and malware software still get attacked, keyboard keep jumping, strange noise when log off/on, cursor freeze most of time and so on and so on and finally just a black screen. Fixing it, spend another $400 and in result remain worst of the worst! They just don't provide any freaking support, nothing!
I spent too much money, energy and time already for this crap! Just for a respect I keep it on my desk or else in the garbage bin! One lesson and that's it! Do not walk but RUN!!!
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Gateway Computer Service
Posted by Thosewhofoughthere on 08/03/2013
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I have a Gateway DX4820 Desktop Computer that came with Windows 7 64-bit, 6 GB memory, 1TB hard drive, DVD+/-R burner. It also came with a 24-inch widescreen monitor in a package deal from Costco. I paid CDN$799 for it, and the price included a two year warranty. Since I got it about a year and a half ago, I have added memory to max it out at 8 GB, a second 500 GB hard drive, a wifi card and an analog fax modem card.

The only complaint I have is that it only has 3 expansion slots, but that will become less of an issue once faxing is officially dead, and I can toss the fax modem. I also have an external floppy drive hooked up via a USB port, but again, floppies are all but officially dead. I have an external HD for backup, and the operating system is set up for periodic automatic backup. The computer stays on all the time.

Several months after I got it, I had problems with the monitor, so I took it to the Acer Service Centre here in Canada and they fixed it and shipped it back to me all on warranty. I've had no problems since then. My experience with computers started 20 years ago with a 486 clone and over the years, I've had every problem one can have with a computer. The most important thing I've learned is don't [snip] with it unless you really know what you're doing. And stay away from those third party "fix your registry" apps. They mostly screw it up.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-04:
The most important thing I've learned in my 20 years with computers is "Build your own".
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Less Than One Month After Purchase It Will Not Open Up
Posted by Captanpaul on 06/05/2013
FLORIDA -- Took the computer to BestBuy after the first incident of turning it on and seeing the Gateway Insignia and then nothing else. Nothing would open.

They kept it a few days and called to say they found no problem and had been able to open it from the off mode and the sleep mode and the hibernate mode. Brought it home and it worked less than two weeks and now the same thing has happened. Plan to return it for exchange or refund.

Not sure if this has anything to do with Windows 8 but whoever put that together should be fired.
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Gateway to Hell
Posted by Booboo1919 on 03/06/2013
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I bought a BRAND new GATEWAY notebook on 11/30/2013 for about $340.00 @ a WaLMart (who is my next complaint) and bought their service plan for more money bringing the total up to $400.00. I had the computer one month & the screen froze up. Couldn't fix it. Called support & blah blah blah. I was told at purchase time with warranty that if I had problems they would fix or give me a brand new one...so one month later it's broken, I have to pay the $21 shipping to send it to them, they said it had a 'defective hard drive" and sent it back w'a new one and all done. I told them it was a lemon. About 2 days later it broke again (lost Internet connection) Had to FIGHT to get them to even take it back, never mind get the replacement I was promised. They paid for shipping. Got it back on 2/27...broke again on 3/2...filed with the BBB. Just can't play their games any more
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-06:
In my opinion, you get what you pay for. $340 for a notebook is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, even a company with a big name like Gateway has to squeeze out some quality in exchange for lowering the price tag.

I bought a Dell (I know, I know, stop bragging...), and it's a piece of junk. I decided after buying it that I should pay more the next time to get a machine I am proud to own and use, and not a piece of garbage.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-07:
11/30/2013 has not arrived yet.
Posted by booboo1919 on 2013-03-07:
First of all, I am on a very limited income and it took a while to even afford that, so I'm happy you can afford bigger and better things. Cudos to you. If I could've afforded a better one I would have obviously bought one.
Posted by booboo1919 on 2013-03-07:
sorry..I was aggravated when I was writing that. Thanks for your keen eyesight and snyde remark. Will take note of that.
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Terrible support
Posted by Rodgerbunker on 03/07/2012
After purchasing a new Gateway NV79 computer, I noticed that the built in camera was not working. I called Gateway and they did not answer the call. I found their online support and described the problem. Their tech. said I had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the camera driver. I told him I did not want to reformat the hard drive but he insisted that this was the only way to fix this problem. I followed his in structions and did a reformat of the hard drive. All files were lost. Including photos of family members who had passed away. All the programs that came with the program also were gone. The camera still did not work. I could not get anymore help from Gateway so I took the camera to a computer repair center. After two days and $150 dollars they were able to get the computer to work again. Still no programs like word processor, etc. that originally came on the computer were there. By the way, the computer store was unable to get the built in camera to work. They said it was a problem with gateways camera driver.

I now own a $700 dollar Gateway laptop that is good for playing solitare or a boat anchor.

This all happened in the first couple of weeks of owning the computer.

My recommendations....DO NOT BUY GATEWAY!!!!!!! no support.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-03-07:
Try installing these drivers. If the 1st doesn't work uninstall it and try the 2nd one. One of the 2 should make the camera work. http://tinyurl.com/82edkst
Posted by Bill on 2012-03-08:
Before formatting the drive you should of purchased a USB thumb drive for about $10.00. You could of got a 4gb thumb drive for that price. You could of then backed up all of the important files to the TD before formatting. You would still have to re-install the executable programs but that way you would of preserved your photos.

If you have anything important on your computer that you don't want to lose back them up.

I keep a thumb drive constantly plugged into a USB port and anytime I save anything important I also save a copy to the thumb drive.

Hard drives crash, computer die, etc so it only makes sense.
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