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Mountain Valley Dreams...More like a nightmare!
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Rating: 1/51

PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE -- 12/29/2015 - We paid $375 per night for a luxury cabin but got a cabin with no heat or A/C for the full seven days that we were there. They never got it fixed so we spent our entire holiday vacation with no climate control. It was hot and stuffy in the daytime and freezing at night. The first two nights the master bedroom fireplace didn't work so it was freezing in there as well as the upstairs bedroom which had no fireplace. It took them three days to fix the master bedroom fireplace. We called at 8PM the first night to report the Heat and fireplace not working and they said someone would be out in 2-4 hours. No one came out.

Their idea of compensation was to refund $400 and offer us a 20% discount on a future visit. I assured them there would be no future visit! The hot water heater doesn't hold enough hot water to fill even one of the Jacuzzi tubs above the jets with warm water so they are useless. The chemicals in the hot tub were off and I don't believe it was drained and cleaned before we got here. The back door is hung backwards so the hinges are to the outside and anyone who wants to get into the cabin just needs to knock out the pins and take the door off the hinges. There were no oven mittens or pot holders so we had to use towels.

The banister in the game room loft was broken so that if anyone leans against it they will fall to the living room floor below. This was overall a horrible experience and management is unresponsive once they get your money. We will never do business with this group again and I will make sure that everyone I can reach knows about our experience here.

Bad Experience With Rental Cabin From This Company
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Rating: 1/51

GATLINBURG, TENNESSEE -- My family of 15 experienced a very disappointed stay at Smoky Seasons cabin which was rented from Gatlinburg Falls Cabin Rentals. Let me start with the entryway to the cabin which looked like it had not been scrubbed down in months. The dryer does not dry, it is apparent that the filter in the outside vent is stopped up but we didn't know where it was to clean it. When we called about it, the maintenance representative said they knew about it and it had been reported to the vendor (whatever that means).

The WiFi was not working and we kept getting notices on our electronic devices that we needed to pay HughesNet for the service. Called about it numerous times and finally asked for management. Some lady named Lindsay finally came on the phone and said they would look into having the cabin owner settle the account. She promised me a call back. That was four days ago - we have been home now for three days. So I was blatantly lied to about fixing the problem and calling me back.

The cabin advertised that it slept 16 people. But there was zero bedding (sheets, pillows and blankets) or towels and washcloths for those using the queen pull out sleepers. (6 people). Several calls finally resulted in a plastic bag of bedding and towels being dropped off that night. From a dining perspective there were only 7 dinner plates for 16 people so we had to go out and purchase paper plates so everyone could eat.

The lighting was also hurting since we had to call and have 7 light bulbs replaced. Took three trips and several different kinds of bulbs and one was still not replaced. The hot tub was only in service for the last 3 days since it took four days to get the tub repaired. It was completely broken when we checked in. The bottom drawer under the oven is not installed correctly and difficult to pull out or push in. In trying to fix, noticed that the area underneath was in bad need of cleaning.

The bottom of the oven itself had been sprayed with oven cleaner but not cleaned. Mixture of cleaner and grease had to be cleaned out. Floor in the pool room was constantly wet and everything in the room was wet including an inoperative TV set. We had to call for a vacuum cleaner so we could try to keep the floors clean while we were there.

Finally I found one smoke detector in a shelf on a closet with bad batteries in it (corroded and used up). Not sure where the detector was supposed to be installed. I have absolutely nothing good to say about our stay at Smoky Seasons or Gatlinburg Falls Cabin Rentals.

Beware Of Gatlinburg Falls Cabin Rentals Please Read Our Story Before Renting From This Company
By -

Please learn from my mistake and ALWAYS ALWAYS check your cabin before deciding to pay or sign for your stay. Gatlinburg Falls Cabin rental company looks great but BEWARE>BEWARE-BEWARE-FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Here is my family's disappointing and painful experience. This type of situation just should never happen.

Our family 4 night vacation began on a Sunday in March during the kids Spring break. We (My husband 4 children age 14yr and under and myself) were very excited to get to the beautifully advertised cabin from Gatlinburg Falls. My husband and I had searched for the perfect cabin for our entire family. Our decision as a family was a cabin with a theater room, game room, and hot tub. This vacation was the first real vacation as a family we had been able to afford or get time off work and school together, so we wanted to make it as special for the kids as we could. We had saved money for close to a year.

We had decided as a family that the cabin Gatlinburg Falls advertised would be perfect. The kids had a calendar they marked off the days until our family vacation. We rented 6 movies from Redbox. We bought 3 and took multiple of our own along with all the movie munchies.

We arrived at Gatlinburg Falls office around 8:00pm after a long 6 1/2 hour ride. By 9:00pm we had everything unpacked from the car and headed straight to the theater room kids, movies, and snacks in tow. The kids each chose where they were sitting as my husband popped the DVD in the player and WHAT no picture. There was sound but no picture. Can you imagine the disappointment at that moment?

Anyway we tried to make the situation OK as I was telling the kids we would go to bed early and be able to enjoy our vacation in the morning as my husband called the office about the problem. It was now 9:30pm. The women at the desk told my husband the maintenance person would be out first thing in the morning.

By 10:30 Monday morning after breakfast and getting the family ready for our day we had still not heard from nor seen anyone. My husband called back to the office and was then told the maintenance person was not going to in until 1:30pm but that we were first on the list. So we decided to wait. 5:30pm came still no contact with us. Again we had to call the office and at this point we were told that the maintenance person had been out and that the projector had a burnt out bulb and he was not able to fix it. No one from maintenance showed up.

We were then told that we would have to wait for the manufacturer to send out a service person which we were told could be 24-48 hours. Our vacation time was to end in 48 hours at this point. WHAT?--First of all we never left the cabin from our first call about the problem wasting our vacation so how did he already know this? Were they already aware? Kind of sounds that way huh. Second our vacation as we explained to the office staff would likely be over by then as we only were able to rent the cabin for 4 nights and the advertised theater room with projector was the reason we chose to stay with them.

Our conversation was fruitless. We tried every way to help solve the problem we asked if another projector could be brought in or if we could have a different cabin. They totally had no concern for our problem telling us they could not get us another projector or another cabin because they were booked which was only one of many lies because out of 20 back to back cabins as these are we only counted 9 with occupancy and when we checked the net there was still plenty of availability.

I went to the office to see if a simple solution to be found only to be confronted be a very unprofessional women who said she was the manager but would not give me her name. She was the rudest person I have ever tried to have an adult conversation when she was using profanity in front of my 14 year old and get this: Blamed us for the problem stating and I quote "you should have read the fine print equipment fails that's not our fault". I told her I realize equipment fails but typically businesses try to help fix the problem or show some concern to the issue--not here.

The manager again stated the fine print on the contract Which she was aware I never signed for or received a copy of. She continued with her unprofessional profound and aggressive manner I felt I needed to remove my 14 year old from the situation.

We left the second night before 7pm making only one night and less than 24 hours we had been in this cabin. I called my bank early the next morning to make sure we weren't going to be charged for the 4 day stay especially since we were now paying for another cabin, but to my surprise Gatlinburg Falls had already charged my account the full $936.00. We called back and spoke with the same female manager who basically told us "Sorry about your luck." We had to end up paying for two cabins for our trip. Unfortunately this left us very short on trip money and we could not do much else for the kids on the trip.

We tried at least 4 times to contact the main office in Carolina leaving a message each time and we never received a response. You have to wonder a toilet also can malfunction. So if the toilet had been overflowing on their floor would they wait 4 days to respond to and fix the problem? Probably not as this I am quite sure would have a personal interest to them and they would probably have gotten the problem taken care of at any cost. Please, please if you do use this company check your cabin prior to staying make sure the advertised equipment works and is there. And good luck.

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