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Sperm in Gatorade
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CHICAGO, UTAH -- My daughter purchased a bottle of Gatorade at the Chevron (Kimball Junction) in Park City, Utah on 1/2/2012. My daughter's boyfriend drank the Gatorade and noticed something incredibly slimy and it looks like someone put sperm in the bottle of Gatorade at the factory. The lid was sealed when the bottle was purchased.

I am very concerned that this could potentially be HIV active. My daughter contacted the hospital and they said that there was a potential for being infected.

I would very much appreciate the company coming to my house and having this bottle tested so that we can validate that everything is OK.

Lids Too Tight
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- How embarrassing and ironic is it when you can't open a Gatorade bottle. I almost need to keep a plumber's wrench next to the drawer by the fridge to open my 20oz G2's. No wonder out of shape people drink so much soda...They can't open the Gatorade bottles. If Gatorade doesn't fix this soon then I'm going to have to go back to the calories of soda before I get a hernia opening these dang bottle.....


Can't Get The Top Off!
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Sick with pneumonia, need lots of electrolytes in my system. Yesterday, my husband had to open the bottle for me. It's now 5am and I am using a serrated kitchen knife to try to open the bottle. After vigorous sawing for 20 minutes, still can't get the bottle open. I don't need this hassle. Apparently Gatorade has known about this problem and is ignoring it!

Very disappointed.

Lids Too Tight To Open
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LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Gatorade is a wonderful product which is very refreshing and helps me maintain proper bodily fluid levels. I tend to dehydrate fairly easily.

But my complaint is not with the product but with its bottling. Others have found the same problem as I have. It's nearly impossible to unscrew the lids on the bottles.

Last night when I emptied one bottle at about 1-am I again had to get the vice grips to open another.

This is not a new problem, but a continuing one. I'm sure that what is isn't what is intended.

Milt nevrenchan

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