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These Guys Are Crooks
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BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI -- I used to deal with David, who ripped me off on 2 of the 3 shipments I purchased from him. The latest was supposed to be "electronics" from Wal-Mart, which ended up being 200,000 used/damaged screen protectors and phone cases from discontinued phones. He ripped me off. You guys are dishonest and crooks.

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BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI -- We have purchased the Polo Ralph Lauren from GBY Liquidation (located in Biloxi, MS) but they shipped us a counterfeit product. The owner of GBY says it is an original product, so he will provide us with the supporting documents. However, he made excuses all the times (sometimes he says he is traveling South Africa or New York to get an information etc.) and never provide any supporting information. Therefore the goods were scraped in customs yards with a huge penalty.

In addition, we remitted of USD 38,500 for other polo order prior to arrival but he did not shipped the goods nor he did not refund us the money. He was very generous at the very beginning of the business, but all of sudden he changed his face and stopped communication. He did not reply to my phone calls or email request.

We even sent out an official letter through lawyer, but he did not response to the letters. I thought GBY is reliable company to deal with. That's why I am very disappointed at their unexpected reactions. I would do anything to collect the money. The Polo Ralph Lauren product still in their home page saying that is good for Korea. Please do not deal with GBY Liquidations if you do not want to go through such a case.

Please also share with me your thought how to collect the money from GBY Liquidations and how to let more people knows about GBY Liquidations fraud. I strongly believe that all business people should know about the case to prevent any future fraud.

GBY Liquidations Is A Rip Off!
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MISSISSIPPI, MICHIGAN -- I ordered 500 pieces of clothing from GBY. I was told they were high end clothes. I paid 2700.00 for these so called high end clothes. When they arrived I sorted through them, every single piece was damaged. Sweaters with huge holes in the jeans with ink all over them unrepairable rips, tears, dirt, every single piece was damaged in some way. When I finally got the owner to talk to me several weeks later he told me I bought them so deal with them and maybe I could fix them. They treated me like I made the mistake and then they tried to sell me some more. Don't think so.

They said they would send me some replacements. They sent about 300 pieces of some of the dirtiest clothes I have ever seen, stained, dirty, smelled, old, and used not what I paid for I could have gone to a yard sale and got better GBY is a joke they will take your money and send you whatever then tell you to deal with it don't deal with them they are a rip off!!! And they lie they will tell you how great their stuff is and it is junk!!! The BBB should check them out!!!

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GBY Liquidations
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