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General Electric Company
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GE Profile Refrigerator is a disgrace!
By -

In July of 2007, my husband and I purchased a counter-depth GE Profile fridge at Pacific Sales in Torrance, CA. The fridge is side-by-side with a door water/ice dispenser. In the summer of 2009, the fridge stopped being cool. We called a repairman who told us the fridge was made in Mexico, and that all the fridges made in Mexico tend to have this problem. The repairman said that the only thing we could do is replace the motherboard, at a cost of $600-700, but that doing so would provide only a 50/50 chance of fixing the problem.

We decided to think about it, and the fridge cooled down and was okay for a few weeks, and then warmed up, and it's been cycling like this since the summer of 2009. I just couldn't get up the nerve to spend $600-700 to replace the motherboard when the repairman couldn't promise more than a 50% likelihood of this fixing the problem. So, we've used our garage fridge for everything that needs to be cool (using the GE Profile for things like fruit and condiments). However, the freezer on the GE Profile is now on the fritz too.

When I took the ice cube bucket out yesterday, a ton of water spilled all over my favorite suede boots. So, I've had it!!! A fridge should last more than two years. It seems like fraud to sell a fridge for $2,000+ and not inform people that it's shelf-life is only a couple years.

GE Profile Gas Dryer Won't Dry
By -

After using my GE harmony Profile Gas Dryer for over 1.5 years, the blower stopped blowing and no heat (good thing). I took off the cover and found a wiring diagram of the system. To my shock and disbelief, I realized the complexity of their system. I saw what appeared to be a separate motor control system for the blower. This is a ridiculous design.

I am a product development engineer specializing in brush-less DC motor drives. These types of drives are my career, but everything has its place. This is not the place to design a complex motor drive system. The components are very expensive and the only way to trouble shoot problems is to substitute new parts. This leads to an unbelievable expense.

After paying over $1100.00 (I think) for the dryer, every repairman suggests that I throw it away and buy a bottom line Maytag or Whirlpool dryer or a rebuilt one for about $150. They can be repaired for under $100, the parts are readily available and can be fixed with a screwdriver and minimum of technical prowess. A minimal investigation on the number of similar problems with this dryer has brought me to the conclusion that these dryers is a major design FUBAR.

I would highly recommend all those out there to NEVER, NEVER buy one of these dryers. I am very curious to know if the G. E. Quality Control Field Failure Report is available to the public. And, it is highly unlikely, but I would like to get my hands on a schematic of this motor drive circuit and do my own failure analysis. I purchased a motor drive PCB from GE and it did not solve the problem. The other fail mode would be the motor itself or the connections between the motor drive and/or the position sensors.

Do Not Buy GE Appliances
By -

We paid $6800 for a GE Profile refrigerator in 2006 and have had nothing but problems with the auto-close door. GE repair people have been out numerous times to fix as the hinge was not strong enough to support the door (their analysis). Finally, GE replaced the door but it is too long for the unit (about 1/8th of an inch on top and bottom). We spoke with a supervisor who opened a case file and then called us back and offered to replace the unit with a comparable unit that came out on March 12th. We accepted.

Now, GE is not going to do that unless we pay 40% of the new unit. Not only that but they are saying they have only been here ONCE, in 2009. They are not even showing the replacement door being installed. I told them to call the repair guys, they would remember being here numerous times. Plus, the initial supervisor had ALL of the repair visits listed in her file.

Now they have all disappeared. They just kept saying we were told about the 40% (no way--I would NOT pay a dime more for anything GE) and we were out of warranty and that was that. I am warning all of you--DO NOT BUY GE!! They lied to us about the replacement unit and about their repair visits.

GE Profile Upright Washers
By -

Energy Star, which was important to me, but never dreamed the GE Profile Up Right washer would be such a piece of crap. Sure you save water and if you live in a Death Valley Desert area that has to use rain water as the ONLY source of water, you might like this washer better. But for ANYBODY that needs their clothes clean, this is not the washer for you. You are instructed to lightly arrange clothes around the drum so as not to cover the center, being careful not to stack above the holes in the stainless steel drum. But what they fail to tell you is that if you do this, your clothes will never get wet enough to be cleaned properly.

This washer is nothing more than a front-loading washer turned on its back but twice as deep and it could never possibly wash the load the machine will hold. I bought my machine in October 2009 and when it is paid off, I intend on returning to the same store to purchase a different make of washing machine BECAUSE it does no good to call companies like GE to complain. They train their people to never accept responsibility for the product being a lousy design and that it is always something the consumer is doing wrong.

I cannot afford expensive mistakes like this so I will never buy another GE appliance for as long as I live. Post note: my neighbor tried to warn me about GE but I wouldn't listen; I was stupid. He bought a dishwasher that would not clean the dishes and when he called to complain about the problem GE asked, “Are you pre-washing the dishes first?” He never pre-washed before with his previous dishwasher - that is called re-direction, make the poor performance of the appliance the fault of the customer.

GE Customer Relations Sucks -- Beware of Product Support
By -

My $3300 GE Profile fridge is less than 3 years old and it died. I contacted repair; I have a 3-year service contract on the appliance. The service tech diagnosed the problem and ordered a part. I was told the part would take a day or two to arrive and would be FedEx'd directly to my house. Four days later, I get a call from GE Parts. The part is on back-order and will not be arrive for approximately 1 month!

I called GE Customer Relations (a misnomer if ever I heard one) and complained. I asked that GE either find the part immediately or failing that, reimburse me for the cost of a replacement unit. The customer relations representative politely declined and offered me reimbursement for rental of a dorm fridge! Are they kidding? I am supposed to maintain a family for more than a month with a dorm fridge? I don't think so.

I asked to speak to a manager at GE and was informed that managers don't talk to the here I am with an expensive boat anchor that will take a month or more to fix. How GE could not find a part for a unit that isn't 3 years old is beyond me. I suspect that GE has to go back to China or Mexico for the part (as the original unit was assembled in Mexico). No more GE products for me. I ran to Sears and purchased a Kenmore (actually LG) fridge. GE and its customer service sucks. Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on GE products; they are poorly built and they are not backed up by a reliable company anymore.

Poor GE Customer Relations
By -

I purchased a GE Profile washer (model no. WRPB8050D1WW) in early 2006. This past winter it started leaking badly, had to replace the transmission and motor (which was damaged by transmission locking up). It took a couple of months to get replaced due to lack of communication between GE and repair shop. Machine was repaired in March 2009. June 2009 machine is leaking again. Transmission and motor replaced again. Washed one load and leaking again. Contacted repair shop and informed outer tub would have to be replaced - nothing said about this when transmission/motor replaced. GE sent outer tub but when tried to get installed informed by GE and repair shop that a shroud was bent and machine not repairable. Again nothing mentioned previously concerning shroud. When I contacted GE and wanted to know why shroud was not mentioned previously, they said it was bent after 2nd motor/transmission installed. I wanted to know how anyone knew that since no one has examined machine since motor/transmission installed. They could not answer, but would offer me $70 off on a new machine. I want 3 year old machine repaired but GE refuses. They will only offer me the $70 off on new machine, I deal I can beat by going to the local Lowes during a sales event. Which I did and bought a Samsung washer. I realize GE is much more than the appliance department, but if rest of company is operated same way no wonder their stock has tanked the past few years. Never again will I buy GE. One other thing. When I mention to the relations MANAGER that if she thought GE made such great appliances she need to Goggle GE reviews and see the number of complaints. She informed me that she had a life and did not have the time to get on the internet for such things. Seems to me that a CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGER would want to know the opinions of customers, but at GE apparently not!

Serious Accident Hazard
By -

My husband and I own a Motor Home and the GE Profile Micowave/Convection Oven is my source for cooking. We have in the past primarily used the Appliance as a Microwave, but now that we are using the Coach a few months in the summer we are using the baking feature in the oven more.

The oven feature of the appliance is certified for temperatures from 225 degrees to 450 degrees. Once the oven temperature is set for any temperature over 350 the plastic tabs that hold the oven rack in place melt and the rack falls in the oven.

Last week I was making Baked Beans in the oven at when I heard a crash. The tabs had once again melted with the temperature set at 375 and I had scalding beans all over the interior of my oven. I had to shut the oven down and wait for it to cool prior to taking on the challenge of cleaning the interior of the oven.

New tabs for the oven are readily available through the parts department at the cost of $4.00 a tab plus shipping, but any time I want to use my oven feature- it is at the cost of at minimal $8.00 for new tabs plus the risk of scalding or getting burnt.

We called GE Comsumer Services and since my oven is 4-years old they expressed little to no interest- only that they could send a repair man out. I haven't a clue what that is going to prove, since we have already tested the temperature with an oven thermometer and it is right on the temperature. So I guess it will cost me $79 to have the Service Man come out to tell me there is nothing that he can do.

GE clearly has a part problem with this Appliance that has a very serious potential of causing injury/scalding and they offer no answers. It is apparent that the plastic tabs that are being used in my model clearly will not withstand the certified heat. This is not a matter of one bad/or defective part, yet all replacement parts that I order have the same result.

It is ridiculous that I have to now consider replacing my Microwave that has probably less than 20 hours of total use in 4-years. It was also extremely surprising to me that GE Consumer Relations had little to no interest in the reporting of a defect that can clearly cause injury from proper documented use.

Circuit Board An Expensive Fix
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I've only had my GE Profile french door, bottom freezer refrigerator for a year and a half. I bought the whole line of products (stove, dishwasher and fridge) after remodeling my kitchen. Of course, the one thing that isn't covered under the standard warranty is the one thing that breaks. Sears repair service is the only thing I can think of that is actually worse than the product itself. False promises, nasty customer service reps, total lack of empathy is delivered with an almost $500 bill. Totally lame.

Now I wonder what I could have purchased (in the beginning) for $500 more... probably something a lot more reliable. Totally lame.

Never buy a GE appliance (or product for that matter) again
By -

Less than 2 years ago I bought 5 appliances through GE as a promotion through the builder of my new home. I should have known from the start when my appliances arrived a week late that this company was bad news. My first problem came with the bottom freezer mount profile fridge. Everything in the fruit and veg drawers was freezing. When I called the so called service department their solution was to put duct tape on the back vents. They would not send a service person as this could be fixed with tape. Next my profile dishwasher, the wheel on the bottom tray ( the one that holds plates, cutlery etc..) broke off within a month making it nearly impossible to push back in. My stove also profile, has a faulty internal thermometer which makes cooking times like Russian roulette. I have had many a dinner party ruined because of this malfunction. My profile dryer broke within a couple of months, this problem they fixed free of charge as it fell within the first year of warranty. The actual drum inside the unit had broken. Most recently my washer the last of the 5 appliances has stopped pumping water back out. I have called to complain and was told GE does not take complaint calls.

I was given a web address and told to file my complaint there and someone would get back to me in 48 hours. That was over a week ago. I called again today and had a rude man tell me there is nothing I can do but keep emailing. The service reps are horribly rude and make you feel like an annoyance. No one is willing to help. I find it crazy that a company a large as GE does not have a complaints department.

I also find it odd that in the day and age where social media is becoming the new thing in marketing a company like this would allow complaints to go unaddressed so that their frustrated customers can litter the web with horror stories about their products.

Quality of Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a new GE Profile Bottom Freezer Refrigerator($2300), delivered 11/08. New kitchen remodel, refrigerator put into use 12/22/08. Ice maker putting out minimal crushed ice, no cubes, bin not able to be removed. Called GE for service 1/2/09, set up appointment for 1/5/09 & given open window of 8 am - 5 pm for service tech to arrive. Tried to call twice to narrow down morning or afternoon time frame for arrival. Automated service does not allow consumer to speak w/another human. Extremely frustrating. Tech arrives 4 pm & can not repair due to ice maker frozen up. It is agreed upon to unplug refrigerator & allow icemaker to thaw out overnight. A new icemaker is being ordered & shipped overnight, yet the service tech informs me that I am now pushed to the back of the line to have this icemaker installed, next open service call date is 1 week from date of today's call. I feel that due to the uncompleted service call, the original service request date should revert back to 1/2/09 on which date I first requested repair service. This service tech had zero decision power ability, was not allowed to give me a telephone number to speak w/a supervisor, and proceeds to hand me a business card with "I hope you will rate GE Service as a 10" & listing the telephone number which is totally automated.

I informed the service tech that I had missed a days work, due to no better time frame than 8 am - 5 pm. I informed the service tech that this scenario was totally unacceptable, and that he was not leaving my home until I spoke w/a supervisor. He stated that the automated "800" telephone number was the same number that service techs had to use} to call in. It was a ridiculous statement to make to a customer. The service tech did dial someone @ GE on his cell phone, handed the telephone to me & I spoke w/a woman who informed me that she did not care that I spent $2300 on a new GE Profile Refrigerator, and that it is GE policy to put the original service call to the back of the line when parts are ordered. This GE policy of "customer service" is totally unacceptable! There were 4 GE appliances purchased for my new kitchen, my sister just purchased a GE washing machine in Virginia Beach. My mother owns a rental property in Louisville, KY and her residence is in South Carolina. She was purchasing a new set of washers/dryers for these two homes until our families experience with GE customer service.

We also informed the store where our purchases were made about the unsatisfactory customer service GE provides. In these tough economic times, it seems that GE would do better than unacceptable with its service to current and future customers. Maybe GE is vying for government bailout money & simply does not care.

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