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Poor GE Customer Relations
By -

I purchased a GE Profile washer (model no. WRPB8050D1WW) in early 2006. This past winter it started leaking badly, had to replace the transmission and motor (which was damaged by transmission locking up). It took a couple of months to get replaced due to lack of communication between GE and repair shop. Machine was repaired in March 2009. June 2009 machine is leaking again. Transmission and motor replaced again. Washed one load and leaking again. Contacted repair shop and informed outer tub would have to be replaced - nothing said about this when transmission/motor replaced.

GE sent outer tub but when tried to get installed informed by GE and repair shop that a shroud was bent and machine not repairable. Again nothing mentioned previously concerning shroud. When I contacted GE and wanted to know why shroud was not mentioned previously, they said it was bent after 2nd motor/transmission installed. I wanted to know how anyone knew that since no one has examined machine since motor/transmission installed. They could not answer, but would offer me $70 off on a new machine.

I want 3 year old machine repaired but GE refuses. They will only offer me the $70 off on new machine, I deal I can beat by going to the local Lowe's during a sales event. Which I did and bought a Samsung washer. I realize GE is much more than the appliance department, but if rest of company is operated same way no wonder their stock has tanked the past few years. Never again will I buy GE.

One other thing. When I mention to the relations MANAGER that if she thought GE made such great appliances she need to Google GE reviews and see the number of complaints. She informed me that she had a life and did not have the time to get on the internet for such things. Seems to me that a CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGER would want to know the opinions of customers, but at GE apparently not!

Serious Accident Hazard
By -

My husband and I own a Motor Home and the GE Profile Microwave/Convection Oven is my source for cooking. We have in the past primarily used the appliance as a microwave, but now that we are using the Coach a few months in the summer we are using the baking feature in the oven more. The oven feature of the appliance is certified for temperatures from 225 degrees to 450 degrees. Once the oven temperature is set for any temperature over 350 the plastic tabs that hold the oven rack in place melt and the rack falls in the oven.

Last week I was making baked beans in the oven when I heard a crash. The tabs had once again melted with the temperature set at 375 and I had scalding beans all over the interior of my oven. I had to shut the oven down and wait for it to cool prior to taking on the challenge of cleaning the interior of the oven. New tabs for the oven are readily available through the parts department at the cost of $4.00 a tab plus shipping, but any time I want to use my oven feature - it is at the cost of a minimal $8.00 for new tabs plus the risk of scalding or getting burnt.

We called GE Consumer Services and since my oven is 4 years old they expressed little to no interest - only that they could send a repairman out. I haven't a clue what that is going to prove, since we have already tested the temperature with an oven thermometer and it is right on the temperature. So I guess it will cost me $79 to have the serviceman come out to tell me there is nothing that he can do.

GE clearly has a part problem with this appliance that has a very serious potential of causing injury/scalding and they offer no answers. It is apparent that the plastic tabs that are being used in my model clearly will not withstand the certified heat. This is not a matter of one bad or defective part, yet all replacement parts that I order have the same result.

It is ridiculous that I have to now consider replacing my microwave that has probably less than 20 hours of total use in 4 years. It was also extremely surprising to me that GE Consumer Relations had little to no interest in the reporting of a defect that can clearly cause injury from proper documented use.

Never buy a GE appliance (or product for that matter) again
By -

Less than 2 years ago, I bought 5 appliances through GE as a promotion through the builder of my new home. I should have known from the start when my appliances arrived a week late that this company was bad news. My first problem came with the bottom freezer mount profile fridge. Everything in the fruit and veg drawers was freezing.

When I called the so called service department, their solution was to put duct tape on the back vents. They would not send a service person as this could be fixed with tape. Next my profile dishwasher, the wheel on the bottom tray (the one that holds plates, cutlery etc.) broke off within a month making it nearly impossible to push back in.

My stove also profile, has a faulty internal thermometer which makes cooking times like Russian roulette. I have had many a dinner party ruined because of this malfunction. My profile dryer broke within a couple of months, this problem they fixed free of charge as it fell within the first year of warranty. The actual drum inside the unit had broken.

Most recently my washer the last of the 5 appliances has stopped pumping water back out. I have called to complain and was told GE does not take complaint calls. I was given a web address and told to file my complaint there and someone would get back to me in 48 hours. That was over a week ago. I called again today and had a rude man tell me there is nothing I can do but keep emailing.

The service reps are horribly rude and make you feel like an annoyance. No one is willing to help. I find it crazy that a company as large as GE does not have a complaints department.

I also find it odd that in the day and age where social media is becoming the new thing in marketing, a company like this would allow complaints to go unaddressed so that their frustrated customers can litter the web with horror stories about their products.

Quality of Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a new GE Profile Bottom Freezer Refrigerator ($2300), delivered 11/08. New kitchen remodel, refrigerator put into use 12/22/08. Ice maker putting out minimal crushed ice, no cubes, bin not able to be removed. Called GE for service 1/2/09, set up appointment for 1/5/09 & given open window of 8 am - 5 pm for service tech to arrive. Tried to call twice to narrow down morning or afternoon time frame for arrival. Automated service does not allow consumer to speak w/ another human. Extremely frustrating. Tech arrives 4 pm & cannot repair due to ice maker frozen up. It is agreed upon to unplug refrigerator & allow icemaker to thaw out overnight.

A new icemaker is being ordered & shipped overnight, yet the service tech informs me that I am now pushed to the back of the line to have this icemaker installed, next open service call date is 1 week from date of today's call. I feel that due to the uncompleted service call, the original service request date should revert back to 1/2/09 on which date I first requested repair service. This service tech had zero decision power ability, was not allowed to give me a telephone number to speak w/ a supervisor, and proceeds to hand me a business card with "I hope you will rate GE Service as a 10" & listing the telephone number which is totally automated.

I informed the service tech that I had missed a day's work, due to no better time frame than 8 am - 5 pm. I informed the service tech that this scenario was totally unacceptable, and that he was not leaving my home until I spoke w/ a supervisor. He stated that the automated "800" telephone number was the same number that service techs had to use to call in. It was a ridiculous statement to make to a customer.

The service tech did dial someone @ GE on his cell phone, handed the telephone to me & I spoke w/ a woman who informed me that she did not care that I spent $2300 on a new GE Profile Refrigerator, and that it is GE policy to put the original service call to the back of the line when parts are ordered. This GE policy of "customer service" is totally unacceptable!

There were 4 GE appliances purchased for my new kitchen, my sister just purchased a GE washing machine in Virginia Beach. My mother owns a rental property in Louisville, KY and her residence is in South Carolina. She was purchasing a new set of washers/dryers for these two homes until our families experience with GE customer service. We also informed the store where our purchases were made about the unsatisfactory customer service GE provides. In these tough economic times, it seems that GE would do better than unacceptable with its service to current and future customers. Maybe GE is vying for government bailout money & simply does not care.

Lemon of a Model GE Profile Microwave Built-In
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My kitchen was remodeled in summer 2006 and new appliances GE profile series were bought. My GE Profile Microwave Built-in was installed in Sept. 2006. In February 2007 the unit stopped working. Serviceman came out, replaced magnetron (which itself has 9 year warranty & he had it with him), and it worked. I then bought the 3 year warranty. In Dec. 2007, it stopped working again. Different serviceman came out and replaced the magnetron. Then in Sept. 2008, guess what? It stopped working.

The serviceman came without the magnetron and said it needed to be replaced. He ordered the part for delivery this past week. Automated phone call on Monday Sept. 22,2008 said serviceman would come anytime 8 am to 5 pm. Well, I work and afternoon is not a option. I changed the service call to Sept. 26, 2008. The serviceman called on Tuesday Sept. 23, 2008 and said he was on the way. I told him the service call was changed to Sept. 26, 2008. He said he was on the way and it would take only 30 minutes to fix it. Well he was here for 45 minutes and it still was not fixed. He had to leave and I had to go so I said I will see him on Friday Sept. 26, 2008.

Today is Sept. 26, 2008 and I have no service call. I guess he cancelled it. I still do not have a microwave. You would think GE would want to take care of their customers much better than this. This obviously is a bad unit and should be replaced, but according to the customer service department that is not an option either. So, now I have an appt. Oct. 3, 8-12. When the automated phone call comes on Oct. 2, it will say the serviceman will be here anytime 8-5. My husband will take off work and be there this time. And, of course, he will have to replace the magnetron again and he will not have it with him.

So I will have to wait another week. After my contract ends in Oct. 2010, I will have this lemon of a unit replaced and GE will not be among my choices. GE customer service department needs retraining and quality control needs to be adjusted.

Not Worth The Time You'll Spend Fixing It
By -

You're better off burning your money. At least then you'll get some warmth from it! I got my beautiful stainless steel GE Profile fridge new from Best Buy. The ice maker worked for about 2 days before it started knocking loudly. When I say loud, I mean "someone's at the door!" loud, every 30 minutes through the wee hours of the night. Best buy got someone out to look at it and it turns out the motor to the ice box was broken. They "turned the ice maker off" and ordered the part.

Well, the ice maker kept "working" and proceeded to fill up the empty ice box cavity with a foot long ice brick. It also dripped water the whole time, down into my freezer on the bottom creating the most lovely 6 inch icicles that hung from the shelves of my freezer drawers. When the part arrived, we discovered that the ice brick had sealed the ice maker unit shut. I then had the joy of emptying out the contents of my whole fridge for 24 hours while it thawed. Did I mention that I have 3 kids under 3 and that this process was extremely inconvenient?

They replaced the $300 part and the ice maker worked well (albeit SLOW- which judging from the other less than stellar reviews of this appliance seems to be the GE Profile working correctly) for about a week. It then started making oddly shaped ice chunks. I tried to open it up to see what was going on inside only to find that once again it had frozen itself shut. I was still getting ice out of it so I kept using it. Well, yesterday I used the crushed ice in my glass of iced coffee and found myself biting down on a dime sized PIECE OF PLASTIC that broke off of the inside of the ice maker and fell into my drink. Seriously.

I called GE to complain and I got a very unconcerned woman on the phone who read me a very rehearsed version of their apology. She assured me that they would look into this issue. I doubt it. I once found a foreign object in a can of beans that I bought. It turned out to be a piece of corn husk from a nearby crop. They sent me about 5 coupons for free replacement products and personally called to follow up. I spend $2,600 on a fridge that spits out jagged chucks of plastic into your drink and I get a bored customer service representative that couldn't care less that they are representing a crap product.

I am returning this piece of junk and I will NEVER purchase from GE again. As much as I would love to spend another 24 hours thawing out my fridge so they can determine which sub-par GE part they need to put in there... I think I'm going to pass.

Worst Customer Service, Product Very Disappointing
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I were recently married and could not wait to purchase the stainless steel GE Profile line of appliances with our gift money. We purchased the profile dishwasher, microwave, and oven. We were going to purchase the matching refrigerator but after our experience I would never consider it.

After only having our dishwasher for 9 months I woke up to the smell of burning plastic. The stench was so strong I could not sleep. The dishwasher was slightly open but the lighting panel was fully lit- indicating it was running even though the door was not fully closed. I approached the dishwasher and could feel the heat from 12 inches away. I had to use a pot holder to open the dishwasher. It was so hot that a glass had melted as well as the entire inside. We had to turn the breaker off to get the dishwasher to turn off. I hate to think what could have happened if I had not been home.

My husband called GE and they sent a technician out. The man stayed approx. 2 minutes. He opened the door looked in and said he would order the parts. I was puzzled that he was going to order the parts since the entire inside was destroyed. After he left I let my husband know what had happened. He called GE and spoke to several unhelpful, unsympathetic people. They told us our only option was to get it fixed or we could buy a new one. Let me remind you again that we only had the product for 9 months. We do not have kids and we only use it once a week.

The parts arrived, and GE called to let us know they had been ordered. We let them know the parts were already at our house. We scheduled an appointment for the next week. I had to work but they assured me they would call me before they left to come to our house. They called me at 2:00 pm to let me know we were next on the list. I arrived home 10 minutes later to find a tag on our door that said I had missed the appointment and would have to reschedule. They could not come for another 2 weeks.

I am furious with their customer service and the fact that I am having this problem too early on. I have never made a consumer complaint, but I wanted to let people know that it is not worth the money or the risk to buy from GE. If you do have a GE and are having problems I suggest you document every interaction with GE so that when your house finally burns down from your GE dishwasher you will have a case.

GE Recall "Repair" Offer Is Unacceptable!
By -

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I just recently took a close look into my GE Profile dishwasher, and lo and behold, it has been recalled this past May. I feel fortunate that there are consumer websites such as this one, and that I read enough to be cautiously curious! I phoned GE. The woman asked if I have EVER used that rinse aid stuff, and I answered "yes, but only a couple of times, back when it was new". I couldn't help but mention the little sample packet of that stuff that came with the dishwasher. I wonder if anyone didn't use that?

Anyway, I asked her to send the rinse aid cap (I'm guessing valued at a buck or two?), and she informed me she cannot do that, since I am guilty of using rinse aid before. How does that make sense?? Especially when the GE site quotes: "Over several years, normal use of liquid rinse aid in some models results in a concentration of rinse aid on the wires inside the dishwasher door. In the affected models, the rinse aid can degrade the insulation... blah blah blah..."

Using the stuff a couple of times constitutes "SEVERAL YEARS OF NORMAL USE"? Then she talked about free 'repair'. I (luckily) knew enough to ask her about the replacement insulation. "Would it be as thick as it is now? Would the unit run as quietly as it has?" No, and no. I told her the quietness is one of the main reasons we bought and liked the dishwasher. All she could say was that I could go get a new one and GE would send me a (small) rebate check.

Whoopie! GE may be handling this recall better than their recall nearly 10 years ago, but they still don't have it right when their 'repair' offer either leaves customers furious with noisy dishwashers, or customers who chose quiet over 'repair'! Either way, I can't see where folks will be eager to run out and buy other appliances from GE. We certainly won't!

GE Fraud?
By -

The GE Profile dishwashers are junk and GE factory repair personnel are morons. The top of the line GE monograms start leaking frequently and this is not worth the expense of repairing. The GE profile with the hidden controls on the top edge of the door frequently quit working. The touch pad gets water under the pad and won't function. My GE that was subject to the dishwasher recall fried the control board.

GE sent out the factory repairman to check the unit. When he discovered that the electronic control board had fried, melted, and took some other parts with it, he called GE. They said that since the problem had already happened, that the recall was supposed to stop, he would have to charge $200 to repair the machine. I told him to get the hell out of my home. The recall was to install a protective shield over the control board so that water wouldn't drip on it causing a short circuit.

The drips on the board are caused by extremely poor engineering. GE did not put a water tight seal between the inner door panel and the outer door panel which allows water to drip inside the door. Don't buy GE anything. Their refrigerators have turned into a nightmare also. Electronics problems. They engineer very poor products and don't stand behind their crap appliances.

Complaints On GE Appliances
By -

Four years ago I purchased all GE Profile appliances for my new log home. Second year the built-in microwave/convection oven stopped working--cost to repair: $400.00. I bought a $100.00 microwave to put on counter instead. Then 2 years later the $2300.00 refrigerator quit working--cost to repair: $700.00. The repairman stated that he carries 10 of these parts in his truck at all times. I bought a Samsung instead and junked the GE. I will never purchase another GE appliance. Recently, a neighbor was going to buy new GE appliances but after hearing my story, she purchased Jenn-Aire. I wished her luck.

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