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poorly built and horrible customer service
Posted by Crookclan on 12/15/2005
CENTENNIAL, COLORADO -- We bought a bottom freezer fridge from GE a year and a half ago. It's model # GBS22HCRAWW. Right after our one year warranty was up several pieces broke off, including our biggest shelf. It seems that the glass was way too heavy for the cheap plastic frame. We went onto GE's website to order a new shelf and found it to be $200! When it arrived it was the most poorly packaged item I have ever seen. The box was beat up and the shelf was in a thin plastic bag with a small piece of bubble wrap at the bottom. So began the saga of desperately trying to get a shelf to arrive in one piece. IT TOOK 4 TIMES! Every time we were told it would be packaged better and each time it arrived broken. The final time there wasn't any bubble wrap at all (this was after complaining to a manager) but by some miracle it was unscathed. We will NEVER buy from GE again. This was an expensive fridge that is falling apart after a very short time. And replacing anything is the most ridiculous and costly experience I have ever had.
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Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-12-15:
Things just aren't the same without Jack Welch.
Posted by goldiegirl on 2005-12-17:
You should check out www.cx.org/
This gentleman that runs this service, is a consumer advocate site, to help people. He just recovered over $1,600.00 from GE for us for a defective oven. I believe he posted our story on his website, we are the Kimbro's. Fantastic service, I hope this helps.
Posted by GE.Broken on 2006-04-26:
Feel sorry for you. I am sure that it is no consollation to hear that you are not alone. In fact, I would suggest that there are thousands out there like you.

My opinion...this company is a sham...only a shell of the quality that they once were. And to think, they have made great strides in the areas of reducing product defects with the "Six Sigma" Program?? Give me a break.

Countless neighbors and friends (and myself) have all experienced the GE premature failure rates of many appliances. Seems like their MO is to manufacture cheaply, sell poor quality products to builders at low prices, offer a skinny base warranty, try to sell you on the GE extended warranty programs (more $$), deny coverage (like insurers often do). How many of us have been sold on those GE appliances in your new home that came as a package? Gone are the days that a GE applinace may last for 15 years. My Kitchen Aid washer/dryer and Fridg have been operating flawlessly for 15 years. I can't wait to be able to afford to replace all of the GE appliances throughout my home. You can bet that I will NOT buy GE and will gladly take a chance to pay more for another brand.

Gotta run...I have to change that GE light bulb that burned out after only 45 days of spoatic use. Will find another brand to replace it with even if it costs me 2x. My advice...sell your GE stock before more of us catch on to this company's lack of quality. I, frankly, am surpised that this issue hasn't surfaced in a much larger form before.

By the way...just to let you know....I DO NOT WORK FOR KITCHEN AID!. In fact, I do not work for, manufacutre, distribute, or sell appliances at all and never will. I am just an unhappy GE consumer just like you.
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Defective Panel GE Double Wall Oven
Posted by Burnedbyge on 12/08/2010
GE has RESOLVED this problem!! It was like working with a different Company.. See my last comment for further information..

I had a GE 27" Built-In Double Wall Oven installed on July 28,2008. I noticed in the first year that the plastic panel that sets the oven controls was puckering. Since that time the puckering has gotten worse and one button has collapsed in. When I called GE to ask if they see this as a problem and if there was a recall to repair this after only 2 years and 4 months I was told by 2 of there help lines that it was recalled. The third call to the recall folks said it wasn't recalled. Basically it was my problem. If GE believes that it is acceptable for their Double Wall Ovens to start to deteriorate in the first year and get consistently worse as time goes on ( only 2 years and 4 months), then the quality of products are very overpriced. If this is representative of the accepted quality of their products by their executives and the customer service people calling themselves customer advocates, then I will no longer buy GE products and suggest other buyers beware.
We the middle people are struggling to survive and if all you want is our money without quality, I'll spend my limited funds elsewhere.
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Posted by 2cent-er on 2010-12-10:
don't know why you're having a problem but on your end a couple of things can cause this..keep door closed when broiling, don't use cleaners on display panel, watch when a female sets controls-they have a tendency[unconsciously]to push pads too hard and also to scratch it with their nails as they push pad. seems crazy- but true..
Posted by burnedbyge on 2010-12-10:
Thanks for your input. We have not done any of the aforementioned. We have been very careful in following the cleaning instructions.
I believe that due to the oven heat being blown out directly below the touch panel, that the substance used by GE to tack the panel down is either ineffective or was done defectively. Regardless,the GE representative wants to charge me to fix this defect at my expense.
Posted by 2cent-er on 2010-12-11:
if you have an M in the model # [2nd letter after the #'s]this was a problem. if so, call and ask for Cust Relations maybe they'll do something after all.
Posted by burnedbyge on 2010-12-11:
Thanks again for your input!. I'll give GE a call next week. I'll let everyone know how it goes...
Posted by burnedbyge on 2010-12-13:
I spoke with my "customer advocate" at GE today and was told that my double oven,which is black, was not recalled. Only the double ovens,like mine, that are white and bisque. On Saturday (Dec.11, 2010) I saw my neighbors same double oven as mine(in White) which she also has had a little over 2 years, and it's puckering at the switches just like mine.
I am awaiting a call from a supervisor which is to take place within 24hours. With the heat/ moisture getting under these switches and lifting the plastic, could it also be corroding these switches and that's why the one button has collapsed. I hope this will not lead to a shorting of some kind. I'm not an expert and am a bit concerned .
Posted by burnedbyge on 2010-12-21:
Update.. As of today no supervisor, "customer advocate",director,or VP has called me back from GE regarding this problem. My neighbors double ovens has a white face where the buttons are while mine is black face. It is the exact same as mine except for the ovens colors. Hers is buckling under the plastic near and on the buttons also. We are both concerned that this puckering is due to the heat/moisture being expelled by the oven fan, beneath the switches, during the cool down process.This poor design or poor tacking down of the board should be a concern to all owners of this oven. GE hasn't told me otherwise. My concern is that GE knows they have a problem by acknowledging the white and bisque colors are recalled.If this problem leads to corrosion of electrical connections and shorting of such, why are they waiting for these serious hazards to happen before correcting the apparent problem?
I am still using my ovens GE. One believes that a large Company like GE would protect its buying consumers from possible danger. I,we are concerned about this product and are torn as to why you are not addressing this problem. I pray you are not doing a "Ford Pinto" on us to keep your profits today. Please help US GE. I'll call again today.I will continue to use my oven believing that GE is not holding back information regarding this problem.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-12-21:
"One believes that a large Company like GE would protect its buying consumers from possible danger."

The only thing GE is concerned about protecting is its profit.

Recalls are only done when a company anticipates the cost of lost court cases will exceed the cost of a repair.

If paying out 50 death claims appears to be less costly than a recall then the death claims will be their preferred method of handling a defect.
Posted by burnedbyge on 2010-12-27:
Just an update regarding this problem and GE customer service...I called each day from 12/19 thru 12/22 at 2 different times per day. I received a message that said they were having higher call volume then usual. I waited 10 mins. and hungup. Either they have alot of problems and are getting alot of calls or they are understaffed or both. I will continue to try this week. If anyone has the name of a VP that is responsive to GE problems ( a REAL customer Advocate), your feedback is appreciated.My GE over the stove microwave has this same kind of board and buttons , no problem. Come on GE, be a responsible company and take care of your problems.. How about being a RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN CORPORATION!!!
Posted by burnedbyge on 2011-01-10:
Here's what's new... I called Customer service again on 12/26/10 and spoke to a supervisor. He sent a tech out at no charge and confirmed there was a problem. I am waiting for a new panel to replace the puckering one. I will update you when this new panel arrives and is installed. GE is showing some responsiveness but the problem hasn't been resolved as of yet. I will update you as this unfolds.. I'm becoming optimistic.
Posted by burnedbyge on 2011-01-14:
BIG NEWS...The problem has been totally resolved by GE!! I received a new panel today and it is installed.. In all fairness to GE,they have come through 110%.
If anyone has a similar problem I suggest that you be persistent. By that I mean you should call GE at different times and start the process as a different claim. Different customer service people( supervisors) appear to have more authority and can do the right thing if the wheel squeaks loud enough.. I also believe that the my3cents web site contibuted to this successful outcome. A new file being opened and a supervisor controlling the problem was like working with a different company. At this point,I must say that GE did the right thing and replaced the panel.. Thumbs Up to GE for correcting this situation!!
Posted by 2cent-er on 2011-01-15:
That's great-a happy consumer-go figure. maybe 'GE [does] Care'!..i always thought they were the most responsive of the manf. just lost their way for awhile..
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-15:
GE used to have excellent customer service and a very good product. I bought GE appliances for my kitchen in 1995, and called a couple of times in the first years with questions. My calls were handled promptly and my questions were answered. My appliances have been totally reliable.

GE has decided to keep its appliances division. Perhaps as was just noted, GE Appliances lost its way for awhile. It is a great company (worked for them for 7 years) and they are capable of excellence.
Posted by Dianeg on 2011-07-11:
Hi, I was wondering if GE paid for the installation of your defective control panel. GE only offered to mail me that part - they said that installation would cost me $199.00!!!!
Posted by jsoloaka on 2013-11-21:
I brought a new Ryan home which has the same oven. After about 3 years the problem above with the panel arose. Luckily i have a home warranty plan which is fixing my problem. But i agree the product is NOT the best.
Posted by judi on 2014-03-06:
my husband and i have spent hundreds on continual repairs replacing our plastic control panel on our electric g.e. wall ovens. NO ONE at g.e. or the dept.of consumer protection always had some excuse for this,but,NEVER any reimbursement. would love to know how to make that reimbursement or product replacement happen. If anyone has any input on this,i would greatly appreciate it.
Posted by judi on 2014-03-06:
our plastic control panel just completely stops working
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GE Hydrowave Washer is JUNK
Posted by Roons on 09/17/2010
I wish I would have read the reviews from this website before purchasing my GE washer. We had purchased a new GE Hydrowave Washer and Dryer in June 2008. Being a family of two, the appliance didn't get used hard. Much to my dismay, the washer started making very loud screeching noises and would not wash properly. We had a local serviceman check out the machine and was told that the main assembly needed to be replaced. Seems the machine didn't know whether to agitate or spin. The service call was $60, labor to replace the part would be $125, and the part was $160. I paid the $60 service call but refused the repair and contacted GE customer service via email. After several aggressive emails later, they did agree to pay for the part if I would pay for the labor. They sent a GE service technician out and discovered that the main assembly needed to be replaced in addition to the motor. We're not talking about a belt or something minor...these were the main components of the washer. Parts were now going to cost a total of $400. Labor was $190, in addition to the $60 already paid to our local serviceman. $400 for parts, $190 for labor, and $60 service call previously paid totaled $650 (almost the cost of a new machine). I will not put one more dime into this washer...next time it will be setting along my curb waiting for the trash pickup. I'm crossing my fingers that these new parts will outlast the one-year warranty that comes with them. The GE Hydrowave Washer is JUNK. I will never buy another GE appliance.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-17:
So, after only two years it cost $650 to repair your washing machine. That says a lot about the inferior quality of appliances being offered to consumers today. Even if you had spent extra money on an extended warranty, I can almost guarantee that you would have had to fight tooth and nail to get it honored. Just read the reviews and you'll see what I mean.

The word 'junk' is quickly becoming synonymous with the word 'appliance'. And all at the expense of consumers. What a shame.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-17:
Like I said on the other GE posts, there have been alot of GE complaints recently.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-17:
Yes, they do keep increasing. More people are finally coming out of the woodwork to tell everyone of their bad appliance experiences because they're fed up. I like it because it proves that it is just not one or two appliances. There are probably thousands more that never bother to go on-line and tell about their bad experiences.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-17:
Exactly. Every person who complains online probably represents thousands of others with similar experiences.

Also, not everyone has the time to go up against appliance companies, especially when it turns into one of these endless battles with no results. And why should they have to? They purchase appliances in good faith with their hard-earned money and end up feeling cheated.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-18:
G.E. today, Whirlpool yesterday, something else tomorrow. As we all know, MRM, there's not any manufacturer that's exempt from complaints -- especially on a website designed for that very purpose.

Thousands of theses units are actually in existence, many without a complaint at all. But if one is absolutely determined to not purchase within the G.E. laundry area, a good alternative is the Whirlpool Cabrio line. They're now quite inexpensive and very highly rated. Of course, the wise consumer makes the purchase through a retailer and in a way that will help support them should unexpected breakdowns occur. Do some shopping around. Many retailers offer very inexpensive extended warranties and back the same very well.
Posted by Gina D on 2010-09-19:
Roons, This is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear about the problems your having with your GE washer. Please email the details to us at eResponse@ge.com and we'll be happy to see how we can help.
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Gas range knobs melting
Posted by Splinterpicker on 07/21/2010
I bought the gas range at Home depot. It seemed a good product until in noticed that the control knobs on the front of the range were melted. Apparently they are just chrome plated plastic and the plastic inside melted. I contacted Customer Service and received a new set of knobs, but they melted again. Their customer complaint department said I was doing something wrong by cooking with the door open, but I know I hadn't. They sent new knobs again, but they are just the same as the old knobs so I expect it will happen again.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-21:
How could you cook something in the oven with the door open? That doesn't make any sense. Using plastic parts on a stove is one thing, but using plastic that melts takes it to a level of stupidity.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-21:
Splinterpick, it stands to reason that in order for these knobs to melt, they are getting too hot. The knobs are located on the front of this unit, protecting the user from a lit flame on the cooking surface. The heat that we're dealing with, therefore, is from the oven cavity. In order for heat to escape from the oven cavity, melting the knobs, one would not necessarily need the oven door open. Instead I would suggest the gasket, insulating the door to the body, has become damaged. If the gasket is located on the door of the unit, which I believe is the case with this model, it is possible to pull something from the oven, setting it on the door. This, in turns, burns or damages the gasket so it does not seal as well.

The problem with having a damaged gasket is having heat escape from the cavity of the oven, making the oven not stay at a consistent temperature. Secondarily, melting the knobs.

Therefore, fix the gasket and save the knobs.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-21:
Is this something GE customer service does not know? Why would they try to blame the customer instead of giving them a solution? It doesn't say much about the knowledge or integrity of GE's customer service.

If the knobs melted shortly after buying the stove, then it must have been defective in the first place.
Posted by Gina D on 2010-07-22:
Hi, This is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear about the difficulty you have experienced with the knobs on your GE gas range. Please email the details to us at eresponse@ge.com and we'll gladly check into it.
Posted by SusiQ on 2012-10-08:
I have the same problem with melting knobs on model JGB805. I am experiencing fire coming from back burner knob as well! The flames have always been too high on all of the burners..I cannot simmer anything..just boil/fry
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Poor quality
Posted by Bmwrdr on 01/29/2010
I bought a total of 12 GE fluorescent helical light bulbs, model # FLE 13HT3/2/SW. These bulbs pride themselves on 8000 hrs. life and more upfront costs but in the end the benefits of buying these bulbs are significantly better value. I have now had three of these bulbs now burn out. I bought them in July or August of 2009, I do not have my receipt so I do not have the exact date of purchase. They were purchased at Sam's Club in Mentor Ohio.

If these bulbs had an 8000 hour life and if I used them 8 hours a day, they should last 1000 days of which these have not even come close to this use. I converted to the more eco friendly bulbs after using 40 watt clear bulbs which are more preferable in their quality of light but like a good investment would be more favorable in the long run.

I now have replaced these burnt out GE bulbs with Sylvania's and have retained my receipt. I am very, very disappointed with the GE's and will be writing in any and all blogs available and telling my personal story.
And to be fair I will monitor the now new Sylvania's for their quality .
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Posted by Donald Parks on 2011-12-16:
I have had the same miserable luck with the GE Helical lamps. I also bought mine at Sam's and did not keep the receipt.
Posted by Robert Spidell on 2013-10-25:
These bulbs are advertised to last so much longer than regular bulbs. They cost twice as much as regular bulbs. I have had 2 go completely out and enother that went dim. The bottom of the dim bulb is black.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Vokinzer on 05/02/2008
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I have a GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven, Model JVM1740DM1WW, Serial # VL900770 B since April 25, 2008. All of the sudden, in less than a year, on April 12, 2008 it has stopped working (no heating).

On April 14 I called GE Appliances Customer Care Services at 800-432-2737 to schedule a service technician home visit for April 18. On this day a repair man came to detect a problem, and we needed to wait for a week for a part needed to be replaced. A repair man has told my wife that somebody else should be at home at the time of the next visit in order to take the microwave down to the kitchen table. This part was ordered and delivered in a week, and we have been waiting for another week until April 25, when other two repair men have come. On April 25, these two men made a lot of mess in the kitchen, could not repair the microwave, and told us that they needed another part to be delivered and replaced. We have been waiting for another week until May 2. On this day, they finally have got some positive result, once again making a lot of mess in the kitchen, behaving very rudely and impolitely. One of the repair men named Simon is a Russian speaking person, and my wife speaks Russian, and her English is not so well. She was trying to communicate with Simon in Russian, but he refused to do so, pointing at his mouth and making the shsh gesture. He has pretended that he doesn't understand Russian at all.

My wife is a disabled person, and her native language is Russian. I had to take two days off at my own expense in order to help my non-English speaking wife to communicate with the Russian-speaking repair man, Simon. He is very rude and unapproachable. It is very difficult to call GE Consumer Relations Service because of very many options to go through the right person, and reach a manager or person in charge of GE Consumer Relations. This kind of customer service sucks!

Damage Resulting
The loss of two working days for waiting repair men from GE Appliances. A lot of mess and dirt in the kitchen, because of using a kitchen table for fixing microwave. The waiting for three weeks for a microwave repair. Psychological damage and inconvenience caused by the situation. The repair men did not leave any paper about their work.

I will never ever buy anything made by GE, and do not recommend their products to anybody else.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-05-02:
ge is all i will buy, i love their quality.

if the repair person speaks russian, then how come he could not communicate with your wife?
Posted by vokinzer on 2008-05-02:
Because he refused to speak Russian, like I have said before.
I think, he is a moron, idiot, and snob, pretending that he is a native English-speaking person despite of his very heavy Russian accent. I'm also surprised myself: Why is that? Maybe, this is a kind of mental problem or the self-esteem complex.
Posted by Alain on 2008-05-02:
Vokinzer, The problem here is two fold (English expression). GE and their repair people have no idea what the complaint is. madconsumer, I've had no problem with GE. So, if somebody can talk about the problem, maybe it will get fixed? Volkinzer, you live in Brooklyn. Tough place. Get a person who speaks American. Helps a lot. Ya got trouble with this, maybe I can help.
Posted by vokinzer on 2008-05-02:
The complaint is that the GE Customer Service has a bad attitude towards their customers. It took three weeks to repair the microwave oven (since it has stopped working on April 12, it has been repaired only on May 2). Secondly, Brooklyn as well as New York City is like the Tower of Babel, the multicultural and multilingual capital of the world, has the largest Russian speaking population in the US (more than 300,000 people). I am originally from the former Soviet Union, and I came to the US in 1992 as a Jewish refugee. Do you have a problem with that? If I see a Russian speaking person, why should I avoid speaking my native language? I never have had any problem with communication with anybody who speaks American. I'm not ashamed of my Russian Jewish heritage. If you have any problem with that, I can help you.
Be well my American friend.

Russian Jewish American
Posted by lilydarling on 2008-05-02:
So, Russia has only one dialect that everybody there speaks and understands? Hmmm, interesting.
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General Electric used to be synonymous with a quality product
Posted by Lucia2992 on 04/22/2008
I am the current owner of four GE appliances in my home. I have your water heater, refrigerator and two dishwashers. I am old enough to remember the time when the name General Electric was synonymous with a quality product. Can you explain to me what has happened?

I bought first from home depot an electric water heater with a generous warranty. It was precisely because of the warranty that I did buy this water heater. After approximately one year it gave out (our old one lasted 20 years). I called and was assured that this was under warranty. Someone came out to look at it and said we need to replace it. All we needed to do was bring in the old one and get a new one. My husband is in his mid 70s. There was no way we could strap it to our car and haul it in. We got a new water heater and had to pay the service person $250.00 for installation and to remove the old one, which was just dollars short of what we paid for it in the first place. So obviously the "warranty" is only valuable if you happen to be a strong, strapping plumber.

We then needed a new refrigerator. Our old one lasted about 18 years. I was away and my husband went back to Home Depot and bought one for approximately $1,000.00. I never liked it. It never seemed to run right, however after only 3 1/2 years, I found that milk I had bought the day before had curdled and my butter was soft. The freezer section had thawed out food in it. I immediately called GE, certain that it probably was the compressor and happily the compressor had a warranty for five years. To your credit, a service man came the next day, replaced a computer board that controlled the self defrost mechanism and told us not to plug it back in for 24 hours. IT WAS NOT THE COMPRESSOR. That 20-minute visit and repair cost us almost $300.00. When I complained that this was one-third the price we paid for it, he suggested I buy a service contract for about that same amount. My husband and I are retired. WE cannot afford to pay $1000.00 for a refrigerator and then another $600.00 to keep it running. That weekend, after shopping for the week, we went away for four days certain that the refrigerator was working well. When we got back, about $100.00 worth of groceries was rotting away in my hot refrigerator. I called Service immediately. Apparently the first person did not notice that the "sensor" was the real problem and this new man replaced that. This morning I woke up to a freezer with ice in it despite the new self-defrosting computer chip. Probably I can keep calling until someone admits it probably is the compressor and replace it rather than trying to get out of the warranty.

I find these practices intolerable. These expensive items should last for over 3 years and if they aren't made to last, then the consumer should be told so we can find a product that is decently made.

My story is not over. Eight months ago I bought two new dishwashers (one had lasted 30 years, the other just under 18). One dishwasher became increasingly difficult to close the door on until I couldn't get it to run at all. The other one had too much water left in the tub at the end of each cycle. Fortunately, I was still under Warranty and to your credit again, someone came right out. He readjusted some things claiming they weren't put in right, blaming it on the installers. I did not have to pay, but he did inform me that if they weren't under warranty, I would have paid $120.00 EACH machine just for him to do about 5 minutes worth of readjusting. Needless to say, I will never buy another GE product. Maybe this is not a big loss to your company, but I am not going to leave it there. I think we consumers are lemmings.

I intend to send a copy of this letter to my congressmen, to ARRP and maybe start a class action suit against the unfair hidden costs of owning an appliance from GE such as Warranties that cover nothing, outrageous service contract prices and most of all the inferior nature of all products.

I think I should be paid for the extra monies I have had to put out because I chose to believe you made a good product, not to mention the loss of my groceries and my time and inconvenience. I consider your advertising fraudulent. You make a substandard product and don't stand behind it. I just read where your CEO makes 20 million a year in bonuses. He does not deserve it!!!

The best thing I can say about your company is that your service department responds rapidly, but then why not, they are making a bundle out of every product you sale.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-04-23:
Well written post. Unfortunately there aren't many appliance mfrs out there that make quality products anymore.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-04-23:
You've had agreeably bad luck with these units, but you did have extremely good luck with your previous ones you compare them to. Average life of a major appliance is usually 10-12 years. That being said, with an average, some will fall short, others will over perform. Ge's are usually one of the better choices still in appliances. I think luck just didn't go your way on these. BTW, don't waste time (or money) on writing those letters or even considering a class action.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-23:
"I am old enough to remember the time when the name General Electric was synonymous with a quality product. Can you explain to me what has happened?"

Lucia,its not only GE with quality issues.Maytag/Whirlpool are just as bad.Its all about the bottom line,no more great customer service,no more support for the home appliance centers that sell their products.

My advice would be to research other brands,ask questions,read consumer reports,and check with My3Cents.com for certain brand complaints.

good luck

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Not A Good Buy
Posted by VOE on 02/16/2008
What can I add to this forum that hasn't been said about why GE appliances for your home are not a good buy? The GE spacemaker XL1400 microwave I bought June 2000--and used on average 5 times a week or less--had the warranted magnetron tube replaced in July of 2006 at a cost of $169--and today, the microwave blew something & isn't cooking--smells like it caught fire. (Even though a part might be under warranty, they sock it to you with the repair costs--almost the price of a new microwave to have them come look at the POJ!) My GE Profile TrClean dishwasher NEVER heated the water enough to get dishes clean--so I completely rinse them before I use the dishwasher. (Of course, the service techs said there was nothing they could do--and blamed it on my hot water heater even when I had a new HWH.) Finally, the GE clothes washer I bought in 1999 lasted 5 years and 1 month--that would be 1 month past the extended warranty I had purchased. (The transmission failed!? They charge you upwards of $65 just to come tell you their junk failed--again.) Where is all of this junk made--one wonders.

The kicker is that the GE appliance call phone number is "800-GE-CARES."
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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-16:
Your washer I agree was a poor life duration. The techs are probably right on your D/W. New or old, your hot water heater has to bring in the proper temperature water to start with. That's all about what it's set at. Your microwave is 8 years old. Five times a week means it's been run about 2000 times. Not a new unit by any means. In 2000, all that junk as you put it, was made in Louisville KY. Home of GE's Appliance division and also Indi's, serving the best keel this side of the Mississippi.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-02-16:
At one time I had a kitchen full of GE appliances. I still have the OTR Microwave which I have had no problem with. I decided a year or so ago to buy new filters, those mesh kind, and was quoted a price of like $75.00 for replacement filters. I was told by the gal at the local applicance repair store GE appliances are reasonably priced but replacement parts are unreasonably high.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-02-16:
i love the quality of GE. it is the only appliance i will buy. in todays world, appliances no longer out last your life. once the warranty is up, time to replace. this is inline with todays disposable lifestyle.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-02-16:
Madconsumer I'm afraid you are correct on that one. I have a friend who bought an older home and included was a GE built in oven so old the clock in the upper center was round. She drove herself nuts trying to find a replacement to fit the area, finally gave up and had the painters spray the outside with a white appliance enamel. That oven is still working. LOL
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-02-16:
LOL! Slim!
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GE front loading washing machine
Posted by Neveragain-never on 11/18/2007
OKC, OKLAHOMA -- Silly me thought I needed a front loading washing machine! My first GE washer lasted almost 1 year. After 2 service calls and a visit from the salesperson at Lowe's, they finally agreed to replace it with an identical machine. Guess what? this one lasted 8 month's and the same thing has happened... Will not fill with water.

Now, 2 service calls later, and trip back to Lowe's and many trips to laundry mat. I am waiting for ANOTHER replacement!!

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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2007-11-18:
Thanks for the warning...doesn't sound like a dependable product.

laundry mat (LOL).
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Simple...GE sucks
Posted by Mjd1267 on 07/23/2007
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Last June I had service come out and check my refrigerator as the freezer temp was fluctuating wildly. The tech came out and said nothing was wrong but suggested the control board be changed out. $250 later this was done. Now, 13 months later, the exact same thing is happening! If this is going to happen every year I'm going to take my $250 a year and buy something that works!???

I called customer support and all they could tell me is to call for a tech again....great... who's paying the $140 service call?
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-07-27:
Had the same thing happen but I had a home warranty plan. The repairman was horrible! He changed the thermostat and defrost timer. Same thing happened 4 1/2 months later. Same repairman couldn't figure this out as the refrigeraor was leaking and not cooling. I had a Thanksgiving turkey spoil overnight and had to buy milk every day! He again changed the defrost timer, thermostate and another timer. Didn't work. I told the warranty company that under their contract, I expected a new refrigerator. Miraculously, a new repair company arrived within 2 hours, put meters and gauges on the refrigerator and charged it with freon. He also cleaned out the drain line. Here it is 7 months later and the GE refrigerator works like new. Call a different repairman.
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