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So when did my Broken Hard drive no longer be my property
By -

I purchased a netbook with extended warranty almost 2 years ago, and the hard drive froze. I took it to Best Buy Geek Squad to have them tell me what I knew and see about fixing it. They told me it would cost $100 for new drive and $180 or so for them to do the work, and then more to re-install the operating system etc, therefore better to buy a new one, that is when I remembered I possibly had the warranty still in effect. I did, so then made arrangements to get the HD fixed/replaced.

Whole discussion about recovery of data etc and the associated cost. Eventually a few weeks later I paid the initial fee for data recovery research and then got hit with an estimate of $1600+ which I told them was crazy. I asked for my HD back... guess what, they said no and that it was not my HD anymore to be able to demand it back. They also said that If I declined the estimate the drive would be disassembled and destroyed...

Funny I brought the computer, the insurance/warranty and therefore the drive is mine even if it has been replaced. So when did I lose right of ownership of the drive and the information on the drive... NEVER. So this started in Sunrise in Florida, and now becomes a Florida Legal Issue as I live in a different city, and since the HD is now in Lexington Kentucky, I guess it becomes a Federal Legal issue as we have crossed state lines.

They are telling me that THEIR supplier contracts prohibit them giving me the HD back. I have advised them that their contracts have nothing to do with me or my losing property rights to my HD. They are trying to monopolize who I take MY HD to to have fixed and when... demanding I approve or disprove the estimate for data recovery... Ooooooops. Anyone got some interesting feedback like this????

Waste of Time & Money
By -

I was sold the Geek Squad service with the purchase of a wireless router from the Best Buy store in Auburn Hills, MI. The soonest appointment they had was 10 days out, but the sales representative told us we could call to check back to see if anyone had canceled an appointment so we could have our installation sooner. 2 days later we called to check for any cancellations and were able to get an appointment for today [October 10] between 8am and 12noon. Obviously, the sooner the better so we were happy to be able to complete the installation sooner than we anticipated.

However, no one showed up during this allotted time. I called the Best Buy store around 12:20pm to see where the Geek Squad representative was. He said he could see on the order AND in the computer where my visit was supposed to be today between 8am-12pm. He also said there was another place in the computer that said between 12-4pm but directly next to my name said between 8am-12pm. The store associate didn't know when the Geek Squad representative was going to be coming so I had him call your dispatch to find out.

I did not receive a call back from the store associate and had to finally call the store back and speak to a manager around 1:05pm. He told me I had to call your dispatch directly. Once I finally got a hold of someone at the dispatch number, she told me she could see where I was scheduled for today between 8am-12pm and that she needed to call the person who would be coming out here directly and placed me on hold. She came back to the phone to say that there were 2 conflicting times in the system and the installer didn't have me on his schedule for today. There was a THIRD time in the computer for me that was on the 14th between 12-4pm.

I am unclear as to how this time could have been in your computer system, as this date wasn't even my original date and was 2 days earlier. Dispatch offered to call someone else to see if they could make it out to my house today but at this point, it was too late for that. Most of my day was wasted waiting around for this "amazing time-saving service" and I wasn't going to spend one more second waiting to see if someone else was going to show up. Time is money, and I definitely was not going to waste it on waiting for the unknown, uncertain, and unorganized.

To add insult to injury, I was never offered any sort of compensation, nor an apology up front from either Geek Squad or Best Buy. The only apology I received was AFTER I had explained my inconvenience. Shouldn't that have been obvious? I had been waiting around for over 5 hours for something that never showed up. I plan on using every forum possible to let others know not to waste their time or money on this Geek Squad service.

Total Rip Off.
By -

SAN DIEGO, CA -- A few months ago my father's laptop malfunctioned. It would turn on but would only reveal a black screen with the little white mouse. After several attempts at trying to figure out the problem my father (without my knowledge) decided to take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Mission Valley located in San Diego, Ca. They said they needed to keep the laptop for over a week to fully diagnose the problem and also told him to order two recovery discs from Toshiba which cost him an extra 30$ or else they wouldn't fix it. My father is a 64 year old honest and kind man who likes to believe people are too good to rip others off.

They charged him $298.98 to fix his laptop, which in turn only broke down yesterday again. He called me asking for help since he didn't have the money to bring it in again. After he told me the stories of how they treated him with no respect, rolling eyes and exasperated huffs, taking their time to "find his computer" while he stood there on a bad leg (he walks with a cane) and acting like he was wasting their time I was in shock. I asked if he still had the recovery disks he had bought and he fortunately did save them. I had my doubts about Geek Squad for some time now but refused to believe they would go so far as to rip off an old man for 300 bucks just for putting in a CD.

I decided to give it a shot. After putting in the CD the laptop pretty much fixed itself after asking me to do a System Restore which restores your computer to an earlier time where no problems of any kind were wrong with it. After clicking the button and waiting about 5 minutes everything came back on again in full working mode. The laptop works beautifully now, and all thanks to a 30$ Recovery CD he only had to buy in the first place. I took a look at the receipt given to him and was even more shocked as to find what ** it had on there such as labor and time.

300 bucks to put in a CD, hit a button and wait 5 minutes doesn't sound like labor and it definitely didn't take any time. I'm a self proclaimed geek with the computer and can tell you Geek Squad is a bunch of crap. If you'd like to try Geek Squad out, by all means go for it I will not stop you, just do so at your own risk and please keep in mind, these people are just a bunch of snobby college students looking for a quick buck. ANYTHING they can do, you can do trust me. They didn't go to school for this stuff. And you would have saved yourself a sh*t load of cash and valuable time, trust me.

Geek squad sucks
By -

ATHENS, GEORGIA -- I purchased a 42 in Insignia TV from Best Buy. I also purchased a 4 year black tie warranty. I did not realize then that Best Buy only used Geek Squad for their warranty. Two years into the warranty the power supply went out. Called Geek Squad and they said that they would have a tech come check it out. it took a week for him to come out tell me it was a bad power supply and that he had to order parts. He said the parts would take 7 days.

Well the next Friday cam and he did return only to tell me he had brought the wrong parts (obviously did not check the parts number before bringing the wrong part to my house). He then said it would be another week and he would return on Friday. Friday came and no repair man so I called the 800 number only to find that my tech was not coming and he would be on vacation the following week.

When he finely showed up to fix the set he got it working somewhat but there was now a line down the middle of my TV. He said he would order another part and be back out in a week. The TV worked for 1 day and then went blank again. As I was looking for the problem I found that the whole back for my TV was bowed out and the screws were stripped. I called Geek Squad and they told me that my case had been closed out.

After several calls and several hours on the phone they finely scheduled an outside repair group to come fix or replace my TV. It has now been over two months since my TV went out. Geek squad dis the worst warranty repair people in the business and their customer service is horrible also. I have always used Best Buy and loved the deals and in store service. But I will not purchase another item from them as long as they are partnered with the geeks at Geek Squad.

Expect added sales pitch and wait time
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- My computer booted but would not access internet. I gave my computer to the Geek Squad on Monday and agreed to pay $70.00 for the diagnostic. They agreed to run the diagnostic testing, call me for authorization to repair the problem, and actually repair the computer. They told me the whole process would take 3 to 4 days.

At that time I failed to understand why it would take 3 to 4 days but reluctantly agreed. I have since found out why it takes so long to scan and fix your computer. I dropped it off on Monday. They informed me on Tuesday that the diagnostic test was completed and the computer had malware and viruses. We agreed to do a system restoration for an additional $130.00.

On Wednesday when I called it was not done but they said a spot on the bench had opened up. So I was hopeful that I would get it back on Thursday. However, Thursday afternoon they call me to see if I wanted to pay extra for them to back up the computer before they started the system restoration (they should have asked this question on Tuesday and they still had not started the repairs after another 48 hours). By this point I am thinking what kind of service is this? I should have just had a friend of mine do it for me. What a waste of time and $200.00.

I'€™m still waiting for my computer. It isn't that they don'™t tell you it will be days before you get the computer but they don'™t tell you it will be days because you are minor and insignificant to them. I believe they should just tell you that your computer will sit around waiting for a spot in the line while they call you to offer more services as a means of increasing you cost. I believe they intentionally do this to float your cost up to the point that you are forced to consider cutting your cost by buying a new computer (probably what I should have done from the beginning).

I recommend you find somewhere else to take you computer if you are having problems. The Geek Squad only works to milk you for all the money they can possibly get while they string you along. Once again, take it somewhere else or just buy a new computer.

Worst Mac Service EVER
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- This is by far the worst computer repair/service experience I've ever had. After an accident rendered by Powerbook G4 unusable (busted screen, some damage to the body, no damage to the hard drive), I took the laptop in to Geek Squad to have the data from my computer hard drive transferred to an external hard drive. I took it there, rather than to an out-of-town Mac store, on the recommendation of a friend because I didn't want to be without my computer's info for long.

After OVER A WEEK, I picked up the hard drive, and it was totally unusable. I took it back in, and the Geek Squad staff basically said "Oops, we formatted the drive incorrectly." I gave them a second chance to get it right, and more than a week later, they told me the external hard drive was bad. Which is crap, because it's only a few months old and I had used it the morning I dropped it off.

After much arguing, it finally came out that the hard drive isn't bad, but the partition path was corrupted. They attempted to partition the drive without my advice, permission or consent, which was totally unnecessary because I never use a PC or use my hard drive with a PC, which I made extremely clear both verbally and in writing. So they ruined my hard drive, took my computer apart and didn't put it back together, and have now had my computer for three weeks, have lost valuable information, including video, on both my external hard drive and my computer hard drive, and have cost me twice as much as they promised.

They have essentially lost an entire year's worth of valuable work documents and other items because they made a really dumb mistake and now can't figure out exactly what they did wrong. A key part of the problem is they seem to have only one person on staff who is qualified to deal with Mac, and his qualifications are doubtful. I will NEVER again take my computer to Geek Squad for Mac service.

I paid Geek Squad 100 Bucks FOR NOTHING
By -

I was HIGHLY disappointed in my service last month at Geek Squad. I spent close to 100 bucks for nothing. I brought my business laptop into Geek Squad because it intermittently wouldn't turn on at times, and I have to try turning it on sometimes 10-12 times before it finally boots. I thoroughly explained the situation to them.

After waiting a week, I finally got a call from the squad. I called back 14 times in two days, waiting 10 minutes + each time, but never got anyone on the phone. I finally drove over, stood in line for 1/2 hour, only to find out they the extent of their find was: They had done a scan and found some cookies & data miners on my computer. Big whoop, I do that every week with adware.

Then I asked, "so why does the computer intermittently not start?" NO CLUE. THEY HADN'T EVEN REPRODUCED THE PROBLEM. The guy had to go read the file to find out what I was talking about. 100 bucks, and I left with a computer that still has this same problem THAT I REPRODUCE EVERY DAY.

In my opinion, this is the poorest service I've experienced. I literally paid 100 bucks for a problem that the "geeks" couldn't even reproduce, which I reproduce every day. 100 bucks gone, only to be back at the same place I was before, with no answers or hints as to what's wrong. Wasted time and money. The representative was less than empathetic; no offer of recompense was given, just "see you later, next please." I have a very poor image of Geek Squad at this point.

When I have a great customer experience, I make it a point to tell everybody. The same goes for lousy customer experience - hence this post and many others I plan to make. I feel it my duty to warn all friends, family and colleagues of my bad experience at Geek Squad with no offer of recompense.

Fraudulent Communication
By -

AKRON, OHIO -- I brought my 4 year old Apple to Best Buy Geek Squad due to sporadic shut downs. After reading information on the internet about similar problems, I informed the Geek Squad that I suspected a bad power supply. They informed me that they charged a $70 diagnostics fee. They also informed me that there would be a $100 charge to add 2 gigs of RAM about which I inquired. After three days, I got a call stating that the problem was in the Operating System and that a $130 services was needed to fix the problem. The 2 gigs of RAM were now going to cost $170, not the $100 originally quoted. Service to fix the problem was OK's, but addition of the RAM was not. I had just updated the OS several months before, and never had a problem, but they are the experts, right?

Several more days passed, calls were exchanged, and I was able to pick up the computer. After bringing it home, it shut off just as before. They said it was still under warranty for the services performed, and to return it. After several more days, I received a phone call stating that the problem was the power supply after all, a suspicion I reported when I brought there in the first place. I was informed by the Technician that the power supply was a "proprietary" item, to which they did not have access. "If you can bring us the part, we can put it in." Promises of obtaining the part number and returning phone calls were not kept. I was informed by the Technician that my service charge (prepaid prior to work performed) would be refunded.

I informed them that I would pick up my computer and wanted a full refund, including the diagnostics charge because they withheld information about not being able to fix a suspected problem in the first place. The supervisor stated that it is not their policy to refund and that all services were OK'd by me. They offered to find and install the part, which previously was unavailable. By this time, Geek Squad had proven themselves to be non-trustworthy and inept, so further service was declined.

The Geek Squad wasted 2 weeks of my time, performed unnecessary work, delayed repair of my computer, and they refused to refund any of my $212. I filed a complaint with their central public relations division, but they reported they could do nothing about securing a refund. They seemed genuinely disinterested that their employees provided misinformation, low-balled estimates, performed unnecessary services, failed to follow through on promises, and showed a pattern of general deception. Resolution will continue to be pursued.

Geek Squad and Best Buy Scam
By -

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Geek Squad and Best Buy Repair Service is really awful.

  1. They make promises they can't deliver regarding service times.
  2. They don't refund charges previously charged "in case" that turn out to be covered under manufacturer warranty.
  3. They create bogus charges and do not have any documentation of proof of charge agreement.
  4. They lose items accessory items in for repair.

The details:
I brought in a Sony Laptop for repair that was purchased 8 months ago. I was told that if the error was the hard drive or other hardware it was covered under warranty. However I was charged about $ 250 "in case".

Several days later we received the laptop back and were told they could not put the operating system back to the way it was because we did not have the "recovery" disks from Sony but could order them from Sony.

When it was picked up they had replaced the hard drive, therefore was covered under manufacturer warranty. We were told it would only be the service charge approximately $ 60 since it was covered under manufacturer warranty. It's been 3 weeks and no credit has been placed on the original credit card for the extra $ 200.

Then we ordered the recovery disks from Sony directly. We received them.

Within 48 hours the laptop died again. No power. We brought it back to Geek Squad along with the power adapter and recovery disks that had been received and the data back up disk they had created when replacing the hard drive. (At that time they couldn't print a receipt because their printers were down. And they're supposed to be able to fix computers???)

Then Geek Squad said they could not fix it and were sending to Sony directly. About a week later we contacted Sony directly. They did not have any idea of where it was, turns out Geek Squad hadn't sent it yet because they didn't' have a box. (I'm not kidding. This is seriously what we were told.)

So I wait another amount of time. I contact Sony directly and they say that there is liquid water damage in the computer and it will be $ 1200 to fix it. (How convenient being we haven't even had it near any liquid.) So we have the laptop returned to the store. Of course I ask Sony if there's any charge, and he says no.

Best Buy Geek squad says it is ready for pickup. When I get there Best Buy has an invoice for $ 50 charge for labor. (No where did we ever sign any documentation or were advised there was any charge for anything.) Even Sony's receipt for the work done at Sony. says N/C for no charge next each item, including labor, shipping, and the like.

The Geek Squad representative can't explain why there is a charge. He gets the Best Buy Manager, who states that the store doesn't put the charges on the invoice, that it's done between Sony and Geek Squad Corporate, and if we have any question about the $ 50 we need to contact Geek Squad at the 800 number.

In addition the Sony recover disks they try to return to us aren't the ones we purchased from Sony. They are in a different case and completely different color than the ones we brought in. (Their invoice even denotes a different color of the recovery disks!)

WORST of all there isn't a data recovery disk either. They have no idea where it is, claim we never brought it in....remember the "we can't print a receipt" story?

At the Best Buy 800 number Customer Service the representative states that "labor and shipping charges" are all the same, and that the store manager can give me more information on the charges. I repeat several items back to the Customer Service representative making sure he is saying that the manager can give me information.

Basically the Best Buy Manager gave me the 800 number just to not deal with the complaining that was happening at the counter.

They had no intention of justifying the $ 50 charge. Even with Sony's receipt saying n/c they won't acknowledge they're making it up.
They have no documentation that we were given saying that there is any charge for the computer, shipping, etc.

So basically Best Buy Geek Squad is a REALLY BAD PLACE for getting your computer repaired, they charge you for things that are definitely covered under manufacturer warranty, they lose accessories, and then when you try to complain to the management they blow you off and tell you to call the 800 number who says the manager can resolve the situation.

Bottom line is they have the computer, and in order for the data to be recovered I'll have to shell out the $ 50 regardless of the above circumstances.

Geeks in Geek Squad!!!
By -

MINNESOTA -- Wikipedia states: The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as "a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc."[1]

This word comes from English dialect geek, geck: fool, freak; from Low German geck, from Middle Low German. The root geck still survives in Dutch gek: crazy, and in the Alsatian word Gickeleshut: geek's hat, used in carnivals[2].

I wished I would have looked up this word prior to calling to fix an email and browser problem.

I am not software savvy and I paid over $400 to find that out. The geek (true to it's name)just needed to reset a password for the email problem and remove the internet expl 8 upgrade, but instead offered to move a file from outlook express to outlook. He felt it would be more efficient. I said as long as I can send and receive emails and not lose any data, OK. I was having problems with the new upgraded Internet Expl 8 and asked him to uninstall this newly added upgrade.

After he left, the horrors began. I could send and receive emails, but the geek deleted all of my business contacts and email addresses. He merged a higher release of outlook express into outlook 2000. See above definition for geek.

As a merchant, I tried to access my credit card system to debit the customer's accounts and received a system error. After contacting the merchant service dept., giving them control of my PC, they had to fix some programs and reinstall the original programs that were installed over 2 years ago. See above definition for geek.

I contacted them and they sent another "geek". This one actually knew more and was unable to retrieve my addresses, but did fix the password problem and suggested that I upgrade my office, which I agreed with and he left.

Again, after he leaves, I try to send and email and it won't pull it from the address book, I have to manually enter it. Again, back to the geek calls. Long periods of waiting after I called and then told that they did what I had asked them to do. I then into Best Buy, talked to a general manager (older geek) and purchased the upgraded software and was told that if I still had a problem with my email system, I shouldn't put in the upgrade until it was fixed. He said that he would have a geek come out again and help with the upgrade. He calls after I leave the store and was told that it would cost another couple to fix and install, as they had previously done what I had asked them to after he had reviewed their paperwork.

At this point, I told him he has lost a business customer and hung up.

I paid #139.99 to (not for one year's service and I gave the tech remote control of my computer and was absolutely amazed at how much analysis this man did first before he started to make changes. What a wonderful experience. I ended up having to call iyogi a total of three times as we trouble shot, for email, browser and printer connection problems. They optimized the system and I am completely satisfied with their service. Each time I called, I didn't wait and I had an expert take control of my computer within 5 min. It took them a total of three calls and about three hours to fix what the "Geek Squad" messed up. At iyog, one price, one year and unlimited calls 24/7/365. I could have bought three years of service for what I paid the Geek Squad.

Geek Squad really does have Geeks!!

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