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Black tie bust
Posted by on
COLMA, CALIFORNIA -- When you buy a cell phone at Best Buy they tell you that their warranty is the best and that Sprint or other carriers make you pay a copay for a cracked screen. That is a lie, Sprint does replace cracked or damaged phones, only requiring a deductible with no insurance. I got the black tie warranty for my htc evo, it had random repooting issues. I took it in, they told me that they have to send it out, could take five weeks! plus if I wanted this crappy loaner phone with useless internet, I would have to pay 150.00 deposit. Then they ask if I wanted to do it, as if they were going to continue charging me 10 bux a month while I had a broken phone.
a month later they call me to pick up my phone, it doesn't work. I explain how upsetting and shocked I am, they have to send it out again. I do it. They tell me overnight delivery, it takes a week to arrive at the repair shop, the repair takes a day, it takes two weeks to get back to me, it doesn't work. Both times I never even got to step out the store with my phone. I am amazed, I thought I was on TV or they were recording me on a candid camera. Nope, this was real. After three and a half hours on valentines day, argueing with the manager and 1800 Geek Squad, I get this... Manager says I can give you a new phone, but it is cutting too many corners, I have to send it out again............. I am going on three months now. Best buy cellular at colma ca employees are great and are going the extra mile for me, they said they feel so bad and are going to call the repair shop everday for prompt service. They said thanks for not screaming at me. That is horrible that they get yelled at because Geek Squad doesn't care. sprints warranty is three dollars cheaper, if they have a monkey and a golden retriever doing repairs for Sprint, I sill say its better than Geek Squad.
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Poor Customer Service/Communication
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AFter scheduling for annual maint. on my washer and dryer, I took an UNPAID day off work to wait for the service tech, appointment 8am-12noon. When I had not heard from anyhone by 12:30 I called to be told that the tech was running 45mins behind. When I still had not heard from anyhone by 1:30pm, I called back to be told, "Sorry, the problem the tech had earlier has takenhim out for the remainder of the day. We are sorry no one contacted you, we can reschedule for Thursday with a different company." I had no choice, so I rescheduled, took another UNPAID day off work, and again waited. This time I called the company inthe morning to verify what time they would be out, only to be told that the "ticket had been placed on hold" because when they called the night before to confirm, they were told that the person they asked for did not live at this residence. THEY HAD THE WRONG NAME ON THE TICKET!!!! No one every called the secondary number (my cell) to confirm...2 calls to both phones would have alerted me that something was wrong! The service tech had scheduled other jobs for today (can't blame him, that was just good business sense on his was Geek Squads screw up again!) Rescheduled with him for Monday, another day I will have to take off UNPAID. When I called to straighten out the name on the ticket they apologized, admitting they had the wrong name on tickets. When I asked if what they could do to compensate me for having to take 2 UNPAID days off work (in addition to the one I expected to take) that where due to THEIR screw up they stated that "they would not compensate me for lost wages". I asked if they could at least upgrade my warranty on my fridge (standard warranty) to the premium warranty (a difference of only $50 cost) as compensation, they refused...I asked for a manager who also refused, stating, "I'm sorry, there is nothing I will do for you". This is the POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever encountered!!!! I will never again purchase/deal with Geek Squad again!
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b1ackm8tal on 02/03/2011:
That really stinks that you've had to take 3 unpaid days off due to their mistake. I would make 100% sure they're going to make it the 3rd day!
Venice09 on 02/04/2011:
I guess Sears doesn't have the market on poor customer service. It must be contagious.
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Memory Upgrade Fandango
Posted by on
MAINE, MAINE -- On two occasions I have sent clients to the Geek Squad for memory upgrades. Both times there were issues. The second time caused this note. I serviced a friend's laptop. Her husband recently passed on and I was helping out. It took me about 8 hours elapsed time to clean the machine's registry, get rid of all the malware and spy-ware, etc.

While at it I consulted with the maker of her printer who advised me to upgrade the RAM. I sent the widow to the Geek Squad. They installed the wrong memory and the machine blue screened. They then told her that the recovery disk provide by Toshiba with the laptop was corrupted. She insisted with my coaching that they at least install Windows before returning the machine. Three weeks later it came back. But the USB port drivers were not properly installed and the external mouse would not work. The external mouse was in the laptop case. Apparently, they didn't bother to test the install. I restored the machine using the 'corrupted' medium. I then went through the whole tune up process again.

By the time I got back to the original starting point I'd put in another 10 hours. Stuff happens, but this is the second time I sent a client to the Squad and then had to take care of the mess. There will not be a third. To be fair, I have received good product advice while shopping in their stores. But heaven help you if you send a client in for a memory upgrade!
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bcd on 01/28/2011:
Installation of incorrect memory will not cause a software problem.
Blackfang321 on 01/29/2011:
They SHOULD have known as soon as they went to install the wrong type of RAM...most of the time it won't even fit. Although a minimal amount of research will show what kind to use...still though I've heard of Geek Squad making worst mistakes. I think a lot of their associates honestly know what they're doing (why else would they be doing the job?) ...but there must not be much in the way of quality checking their own work...
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Rip Off, Completely!!!!!
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DEERFIELD/BOCA, FLORIDA -- I just wanted to state my issue with Geek Squad in the Deerfield/Boca area. First of all, I bought a Kenwood cd/mp3/ipod receiver from Best Buy on January 5th, and made an appointment on January 6th at 3 pm with GeekSquad to have my system installed in my car. When in Best Buy, the employee selling me the system told me it would be around $50 dollars for installation, $20 for the wiring harness, and $20 for the dash kit. I figured around $100 dollars for this installation. When I went to the installation deck, the estimate was $185 dollars, $80 of it being just from the dash kit alone. I called a friend who installs systems, and asked him how much he could do it for - and after searching online for dash kits, I found a kit (with wiring harness included) for $45 dollars. So basically, I can buy that, and give my friend $20 bucks for his help (even though he didn't require it since it doesn't take that long of a time) and still have paid $120 dollars less than what GeekSquad offered me. Also, when I called to make the appointment, they told me the process would only take 30-45 minutes, and when I was actually there they told me an hour and 45 minutes. That is an HOUR difference. After this, I told them I would go elsewhere, and they proceeded to hold my keys while they insulted me that I won't find one cheaper (which I did) and this is my best option. I don't know who they thought they were trying to fool, but it was really disrespectful.

Also, in Sanford Florida, I had another issue with GeekSquad. I brought my laptop in when it kept shutting off for no reason. I had the highest rate of protection with them because they told me it would cover anything. I didn't realize this coverage would be sending my computer out for weeks at a time, and come back with a NEW problem. The sound stopped working after they fixed another problem. They sent it out again, and came back with the first problem. At this point, they offered me a credit towards another computer, but it was less than I originally paid since it was now on sale. That just doesn't sit right with me, not to mention the service was awkward and unfriendly - all while I was as nice as possible.

I might sound a little angry now, but I really am tired of being disrespected by GeekSquad employees. I will take my concerns and problems elsewhere, even though my family and I have been Best Buy customers for years now.
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User Replies:
rockfishing on 01/07/2011:
Best Buy is free to charge whatever it wants to for its products and services. It's up to the consumer to find the best product and price. You did not say how old your computer was or what your service agreement covered.
SteveWiginowski on 01/07/2011:
When you use Best Buy to install it, they are making a profit on the dash kit. They also have other things to install, so the timing could be due to that. Also, the labor can be costly at Best Buy, but it's what you are paying for. Just because your friend can do it cheaper, it doesn't mean that Best Buy is ripping you off. You could look up online how to do everything and do it for free if you really wanted to.
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Customer Treatment
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HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS -- We have a HP Pavilion computer that was purchased at Best Buy. We also purchased an extended service plan. Shortly after the computer was purchased, the hard drive failed. It was still under HP's warranty and the hard drive was replaced. When the computer started acting up a year and a half later, behaving in the same manor that it was when the hard drive failed the first time. I tried a few things from home. We were unable to do a system recovery, the computer crashed as soon as we started it and we got a grey screen. I tried to do a full restore, I wiped the drive and attempted to re-install the system software. The computer crashed. I brought the PC to Geek Squad and told them what was happening. I was told I would get a call. I got a phone call a few days later, saying the issue was a software issue and that was not covered under the service plan. I would have to pay 129.00 for them to re-install the software. I asked the individual, Mr. Hope, what kind of software issue would exist on a hard drive that had been wiped? He told me I was attempting to obtain a free service. I told him that I was not, as we had paid for the extended contract. What this person does not know, is that I had already spoken to a tech about this problem and he said it was the hard drive. Anyway, despite trying to get an answer from Mr. Hope about what diagnostic was done on my computer, what did it say, in other words, information I had every right to have: What did you do to determine what was wrong with my computer? I used to work on Macs. I could be able to tell the customer exactly what kind of diagnostic software I used and what it said.

So, Mr. Hope tells me I can pay the 129.00 to have them restore the system software. I say, no thank you. I am perfectly able to install software. Something was really bothering me about this, so I called the 1-800 number for Geek Squad. After having my phone calls routed here and there, I finally speak to Chris. I tell Chris exactly what is going on and what we have attempted to do. He asks me, "You wiped the hard drive?" Yes. "The computer crashes the second you try to install the system software?" Yep. He said, "That is a hardware issue" Unfortunately for me, Chris did not make this note in his computer, only that he was going to refer me to Customer service to talk to someone there. I get a lady on the phone, before I could explain what was going on, she puts me on hold to call the store. I was not party to this conversation, but when she comes back on the line, she is rude. She said, that she spoke to Mr. Hope and I was told what was wrong with my computer. I tell her what Chris said to me, and she said that he didn't make a note of that. She would not call him to find out what he said either. So, I asked to speak with her supervisor. I was put on hold again and then when the supervisor came on the first words out of her mouth was, "What was not clear about what the other rep had told me?" I was shocked. I told her what was happening and that all I wanted to do was get my computer fixed. She told me that I was told what was wrong with my computer. She told me I could take it somewhere else to get fixed and if it was a hardware issue, I could pay to have it repaired and send the invoice to them.

I could not believe that a customer had been talked to the way I was. I then got on chat with an HP tech. I wanted a printed record of every attempt to fix this computer. The techs at HP and I tried several steps to recover the computer, including a manual restore and restore via the manufacturer's menu. I printed out each chat conversation. The last tech I spoke to told me it was a hardware issue.

I called the store manager and told him everything I had been through and that HP is also saying it is a hardware issue. He was the first nice person I spoke to. He told me to bring it back and in have a new diagnostic done. I did. I get a phone call a few days later saying it is a software issue and they restored my software for 129.00. I told them I didn't want them to do that. He told me he assumed that is what I wanted since I brought the restore disks in. I told him the manager told me to. They would be needed if I needed a new hard drive. He said that it said on the paper that I wanted the software restored. I told him we had just been through all of this and why on earth would I want to pay for them to re-install my software. He said the problem was disk 6 of the restore disks were dirty. I asked him how that could be the problem since the system crashed as soon as we started to restore the software. We never, ever got past disk one, let alone disk 6. The disks were only used once, when they replaced the hard drive before. I also asked him why it was still thought to be a software issue when HP had walked me through every step in restoring the drive, including re-formatting the drive and we still could not load the software. There was no software left on the hard drive to be a problem. This guy told me that HP was wrong. The tech probably just wanted to get me off the phone he said. I reminded him that I chatted with the techs on a different computer, hence the print outs of the tech support conversations I left when I dropped off the computer. He still insisted that the HP techs were wrong.

At this point I was tired of arguing and went down to pick up the computer. When I got to the store, I went to the customer service desk and asked to speak to the store manager. I did not get the store manager that I asked for, but rather they sent me Mr. Hope, the same man who accused me of trying to get free services when all I asked was what kind of software issue exists on a hard drive that has been formatted. Once again, I asked him this question and he said he was not going to tell me. I asked him to see print outs from the diagnostic report. He said there were not any. I asked him for some copy of the paperwork that indicated what they had done on my computer and Mr. Hope told me they stayed in the store. I could not have a copy.

Since they had my computer hostage at this point, I had no choice but to pay them. I was not going to be allowed to see the store manager. MR. Hope told me that that store manager was not going to be able to help me anyway, as Mr. Hope in charge of that store.

Incidentally: My computer started doing the same thing. It would not restore and it kept crashing on restore. The difference is that I bought my computer at Staples and it has the Staples extended plan. I called the tech and after trying a few times to restore the computer via boot disks, formatting and the like, (the same thing I did with the HP) The tech tells me that it is the hard drive. He said that crashing as soon as you start a restore is a hard drive failure. He will have someone call me to arrange for a tech to come out to my home.

Hmmm.... It kind of makes a person wonder what really happened....
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User Replies:
MRM on 08/06/2007:
With the computer fairly new, I doubt that it was a harddrive problem, as harddrives are fairly durable nowadays. Besides a computer crashing, I would like to know the exact error or behavior of the computer, so that I could diagnose the problem properly. Right now, I would say failing motherboard, faulty, power supply, or a overheating computer may be the culprit.
trumania on 08/06/2007:
Wow. I've always heard bad things about Geek Squad, and unfortunately I have an extended warranty on my laptop through them, hopefully I don't have any problems.

And while MRM may be right that hard drives are pretty durable, the general opinion is laptop hard drives take more of a hit and can die faster. This is caused by the constant moving of the laptop if your one who doesn't sit at a desk. Moving the laptop while the disk drive is accessing money can damage it as well as destroy it's life span.

I completely buy that this was a hard drive issue. The laptop I had before this one, the hard drive died just before the standard 1 year warranty was up with HP. It was doing the same, crashing while trying to do a factory restore. Luckily HP RMA'd the hard drive and I've been a bit more careful with it now, Has lasted me about 2 years.
bigboxworker on 08/06/2007:
I've had a hard drive die within one day of use before, so it's a totally plausible situation
Anonymous on 08/06/2007:
You can buy a new hard drive for a whole lot less than $129, and installation takes about 5 minutes.
moneybags on 08/06/2007:
Bought a Dell Inspiron laptop. Hard drive crashed in 4 days! Sent us a new hard drive and it wouldn't work either. As my daughter was going abroad with this computer in 2 weeks, Dell refunded the price and we bought a new laptop (Toshiba) locally. Dell did report a bad motherboard.
Starlord on 08/06/2007:
I had a Gateway that didn't work from day one. Every time I called support, they kept referring me to the documentation. This went on until the time to swap out the unit had passeed, then I was finally told to take the tower to the Gateway shop in Mesa, AZ, which is almost 60 miles from us. A few days later, I got a call from the shop, to tell me that the hard drive was bad. It took two weeks for a new drive to be delivered, and we got my computer back a couple of days later. It still did not work 100% right, but I wasw not going to go through that again. BTW, when I complained to Gateway about being given the runaround in the beginning, they vehemently denied that anyone had run me around, I had dates and times and technician's names, but they weren't hearing any of it.
gimeabreak_24 on 09/02/2007:
You should have returned it all together when the hard drive crashed in a new computer.
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So when did my Broken Hard drive no longer be my property
Posted by on
I purchased a netbook with extended warranty almost 2 years ago, and the hard drive froze. I took it to Best Buy Geek Squad to have them tell me what I knew and see about fixing it. They told me it would cost $100 for new drive and $180 or so for them to do the work, and then more to re-install the operating system etc, therefore better to buy a new one, that is when I remembered I possibly had the warranty still in effect. I did, so then made arrangements to get the HD fixed/replaced.
Whole discussion about recovery of data etc and the associated cost.
Eventually a few weeks later I paid the initial fee for data recovery research and then got hit with an estimate of $1600+ which I told them was crazy. I asked for my HD back..... guess what, they said no and that it was not my HD anymore to be able to demand it back. They also said that If I declined the estimate the drive wiould be dissasembled and destroyed....
Funny I brought the computer, the inusrance/warranty and therfore the drive is mine even if it has been replaced. So when did I lose right of ownership of the drive and the information on the drive...... NEVER.
So this started in Sunrise in Florida, and now becomes a Florida Legal Issue as I live in a different city, and since the HD is now in Lexington Kentucky, I guess it becomes a Federal Legal issue as we have crossed state lines.....
They are telling me that THEIR supplier contracts prohibit them giving me the HD back, I have advised them that their contracts have nothing to do with me or my losing property rights to my HD.

They are trying to monopolize who I take MY HD to to have fixed and when.... demanding I approve or disprove the estimate for data recovery...

Anyone got some interesting feedback like this????
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User Replies:
Inat on 12/09/2010:
actually, if the drive was replaced under warranty, it is NOT yours as it must be returned to the manufacturer
trmn8r on 12/09/2010:
I'm in agreement with the previous comment. If you already had the hard drive replaced under warranty, and they can't recover data from it, at that point I think you are out of luck. You can't have both the new drive and the old one back.

My guess is the estimate is so high because the drive would have to be disassembled and repaired or the disks transferred to a working drive.
leet60 on 12/09/2010:
Backup, backup, backup. My only thought when I read this.
barclay on 12/11/2010:
Thank you for your comments, however there are some flawed issues which have come to light.

1)In the case where the Manufacturer's warranty would still be in effect, yes the old broken HD would go back to the manufacturer and at the same time a separate communication with the manufacturer would take place as to possible recovery of data, not a communication with the retail corporation or a third party who is tied in with the retailer. ANY manufacturer's warranty is a contract between the end user and the manufacturer, remember most retailers usually turn the customer away with "it's not my responsibility yet until the original warranty expires." The item is still the owners, not even the manufacturer, however the clause about returning the defective item to the manufacturer, exists so that they can research why the item became defective.

2) in the case of an extended warranty with the retailer or a third party which does NOT include the manufacturer, then the broken item remains the property of the owner who purchased the item/machine/equipment. The retailer has no obligation to return anything to the manufacturer since that warranty has expired.
Extended warranty is insurance offered by a third party to make money, and they do unless they have to work on the item being extended in warranty, which is when they lose money. Best Buy is a retailer and service agent, but they have to follow either manufacturers or owners obligations, depending on the timing of warranty.
3)the intellectual property on the HD is mine and remains mine until it is either recovered, or I approve that it can be deleted or overwritten. with that in mind, NO-ONE has the right to deny anyone the option to recover the information from whichever source or company they wish.
Best Buy/Geek Squad advised me that if I did not take THEIR offer of recovery, the HD would be destroyed, (why destroyed, because they have no obligation to return the defective drive to the manufacturer and they want you to believe that this is your only choice. If I choose NOT to use BEST BUY service to recover data, they have no right to my HD or to destroy my data.

I have since spoken to corporate Best Buy and they have "WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ARGUMENT OR DISCUSSION after "they researched what I have said to them," advised that they are returning the defective HD to me within 10 days. They realize that they have no rights to the defective equipment in the law or in their extended warranty contracts advising that they are entitled to ownership of the defective equipment if they replace or work on anything that is covered by the extended warranty.

Be advised that when customer service of a large company says you can't, it usually means they don't want to..... when they say good luck (like GEEK Squad said), it means they don't know. But every consumer is protected by the law and most do not know what the law is.

By the way, Backup backup backup is only good when your equipment fails immediately after your last backup, not when you are between backup schedules, and very few people in the world except for desk top or network computers in a corporate setting, backs up every day or even every week.
Killerflea on 04/20/2011:
HA! Sorry but that's funny. Likely there was nothing wrong with your drive other than maybe a bad sector. Likely they just reformated the drive and reinstalled windows thus wiping out all your data. Their charging you for a new drive. You should have marked your Hard drive with a sharpe and checked to see if the same old drive was in.
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Waste of Time & Money
Posted by on
I was sold the Geek Squad service with the purchase of a wireless router from the Best Buy store in Auburn Hills, MI. The soonest appointment they had was 10 days out, but the sales representative told us we could call to check back to see if anyone had canceled an appointment so we could have our installation sooner. 2 days later we called to check for any cancellations and were able to get an appointment for today [October 10] between 8am and 12noon. Obviously, the sooner the better so we were happy to be able to complete the installation sooner than we anticipated. However, no one showed up during this allotted time. I called the Best Buy store around 12:20pm to see where the Geek Squad representative was. He said he could see on the order AND in the computer where my visit was supposed to be today between 8am-12pm. He also said there was another place in the computer that said between 12-4pm but directly next to my name said between 8am-12pm. The store associate didn't know when the Geek Squad representative was going to be coming so I had him call your dispatch to find out. I did not receive a call back from the store associate and had to finally call the store back and speak to a manager around 1:05pm. He told me I had to call your dispatch directly. Once I finally got a hold of someone at the dispatch number, she told me she could see where I was scheduled for today between 8am-12pm and that she needed to call the person who would be coming out here directly and placed me on hold. She came back to the phone to say that there were 2 conflicting times in the system and the installer didn't have me on his schedule for today. There was a THIRD time in the computer for me that was on the 14th between 12-4pm. I am unclear as to how this time could have been in your computer system, as this date wasn't even my original date and was 2 days earlier. Dispatch offered to call someone else to see if they could make it out to my house today but at this point, it was too late for that. Most of my day was wasted waiting around for this "amazing time-saving service" and I wasn't going to spend one more second waiting to see if someone else was going to show up. Time is money, and I definitely was not going to waste it on waiting for the unknown, uncertain, and unorganized. To add insult to injury, I was never offered any sort of compensation, nor an apology up front from either Geek Squad or Best Buy. The only apology I received was AFTER I had explained my inconvenience. Shouldn't that have been obvious? I had been waiting around for over 5 hours for something that never showed up. I plan on using every forum possible to let others know not to waste their time or money on this Geek Squad service.
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/10/2010:
If the service wasn't rendered, they should have refunded your money.
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Total Rip Off.
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CA -- A few months ago my father's laptop malfunctioned. It would turn on but would only reveal a black screen with the little white mouse. After several attempts at trying to figure out the problem my father (without my knowledge) decided to take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Mission Valley located in San Diego, Ca. They said they needed to keep the laptop for over a week to fully diagnose the problem and also told him to order two recovery discs from Toshiba which cost him an extra 30$ or else they wouldn't fix it. My father is a 64 year old honest and kind man who likes to believe people are too good to rip others off. They charged him $298.98 to fix his laptop, which in turn only broke down yesterday again. He called me asking for help since he didn't have the money to bring it in again. After he told me the stories of how they treated him with no respect, rolling eyes and exasperated huffs, taking their time to "find his computer" while he stood there on a bad leg (he walks with a cane) and acting like he was wasting their time I was in shock. I asked if he still had the recovery disks he had bought and he fortunately did save them. I had my doubts about Geek Squad for some time now but refused to believe they would go so far as to rip off an old man for 300 bucks just for putting in a CD. I decided to give it a shot. After putting in the CD the laptop pretty much fixed itself after asking me to do a System Restore which restores your computer to an earlier time where no problems of any kind were wrong with it. After clicking the button and waiting about 5 minutes everything came back on again in full working mode. The laptop works beautifully now, and all thanks to a 30$ Recovery CD he only had to buy in the first place. I took a look at the receipt given to him and was even more shocked as to find what bullsh*t it had on there such as labor and time. 300 bucks to put in a CD, hit a button and wait 5 minutes doesn't sound like labor and it definitely didn't take any time. I'm a self proclaimed geek with the computer and can tell you Geek Squad is a bunch of crap. If you'd like to try Geek Squad out, by all means go for it I will not stop you, just do so at your own risk and please keep in mind, these people are just a bunch of snobby college students looking for a quick buck. ANYTHING they can do, you can do trust me. They didn't go to school for this stuff. And you would have saved yourself a sh*t load of cash and valuable time, trust me.
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User Replies:
CaptainSpaulding on 08/24/2010:
After I had a problem with the computer which I had puchased at Best Buy, I found out the hard way that the Geek Squad are nothing but a bunch of incompetent rip-off artists. Contrary to their name, they are not "computer geeks", they are scammers!
lobo65 on 08/24/2010:
I always take my computer to a local repair guy, and he never keeps it over 3 days before it is fixed--at a reasonable price too.
Helpful on 08/25/2010:
The way this complaint is written, it could have been that there was some hardware issues addressed and serviced by the Squad. After which the recovery disc resolved the problems, replicated by malware.
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Geek squad sucks
Posted by on
ATHENS, GEORGIA -- I purchased a 42 in Insignia TV from Best Buy. I also purchased a 4 year black tie warranty. I did not realize then that Best Buy only used Geek Squad for their warranty. Two years into the warranty the power supply went out. called Geek Squad and they said that they would have a tech come check it out. it took a week for him to come out tell me it was a bad power supply and that he had to order parts. he said the parts would take 7 days. well the next Friday cam and he did return only to tell me he had brought the wrong parts(obviously did not check the parts number before bringing the wrong part to my house). he then said it would be another week and he would return on Friday. Friday came and no repair man so I called the 800 number only to find that my tech was not coming and he would be on vacation the following week.
when he finely showed up to fix the set he got it working somewhat but there was now a line down the middle of my TV. he said he would order another part and be back out in a week. the TV worked for 1 day and then went blank again. As I was looking for the problem I found that the whole back for my TV was bowed out and the screws were stripped. I called Geek Squad and they told me that my case had been closed out. after several calls and several hours on the phone they finely scheduled an outside repair group to come fix or replace my TV. it has now been over two months since my TV went out. Geek squad dis the worst warranty repair people in the business and their customer service is horrible also. I have always used Best Buy and loved the deals and in store service. But I will not purchase another item from them as long as they are partnered with the geeks at Geek Squad.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/21/2010:
Seems like the less competition Best Buy has the worse their customer service gets. I still like them (I've never had a problem so far), but certainly these poor reviews make me wary.
rockfishing on 08/21/2010:
I always try to buy the cheapest tv and never get an extended warranty. All the stores with their extended warranty just plain suck
smarty_consumer on 08/21/2010:
We've had bad issues with warranties as well. Not worth it. Next time, buy a Vizio, which probably won't break. If it does, just buy a new one. Insignia is about the biggest junk brand there is.
bbyemp on 11/24/2011:
electronics fail, be glad you got the warranty, the manuf. would have already been out
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Expect added sales pitch and wait time
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ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- My computer booted but would not access internet. I gave my computer to the Geek Squad on Monday and agreed to pay $70.00 for the diagnostic. They agreed to run the diagnostic testing, call me for authorization to repair the problem, and actually repair the computer. They told me the whole process would take 3 to 4 days. At that time I failed to understand why it would take 3 to 4 days but reluctantly agreed. I have since found out why it takes so long to scan and fix your computer. I dropped it off on Monday. They informed me on Tuesday that the diagnostic test was completed and the computer had malware and viruses. We agreed to do a system restoration for an additional $130.00. On Wednesday when I called it was not done but they said a spot on the bench had opened up. So I was hopeful that I would get it back on Thursday. However, Thursday afternoon they call me to see if I wanted to pay extra for them to back up the computer before they started the system restoration (they should have asked this question on Tuesday…and they still had not started the repairs after another 48 hours). By this point I am thinking what kind of service is this? I should have just had a friend of mine do it for me. What a waste of time and $200.00. I’m still waiting for my computer. It isn’t that they don’t tell you it will be days before you get the computer but they don’t tell you it will be days because you are minor and insignificant to them. I believe they should just tell you that your computer will sit around waiting for a spot in the line while they call you to offer more services as a means of increasing you cost. I believe they intentionally do this to float your cost up to the point that you are forced to consider cutting your cost by buying a new computer (probably what I should have done from the beginning). I recommend you find somewhere else to take you computer if you are having problems. The Geek Squad only works to milk you for all the money they can possibly get while they string you along. Once again…take it somewhere else or just buy a new computer.
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Ytropious on 07/09/2010:
A) You are not the only customer with a computer needing fixed, they likely had people before you.

B) 130 dollars for a system restore? You got JACKED. It's literally something that can be done by anyone for free.
amw on 05/27/2013:
Well the 200 dollars is not just this one time service. It came with a one year agreement for online, and in store support
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