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Incompetent Rude Ignorant Individual Clueless Argumentative Disgraceful
Posted by Tomjvk1980 on 06/13/2013
ALABASTER, ALABAMA -- Laptop dropped in on Tuesday Errors needed to be fixed. Windows 8 not updating, HP not updating and an unauthorized account / illegal intrusion on credentials.

Faulty right speaker muffled sound.

The girl at drop-off was polite helpful and nice and listened. We gave authorization to do whatever they needed to fix the Windows 8 and HP errors and protect against intruder. They called my wife approx 11 a. m. next morning saying the laptop is ready. I personally received an email about 10.30 am stating the computer is fixed and ready for collection.

However we arrived about 7.30 - 8.00 pm a new guy was at desk. It was clear and free but he signaled us to wait while he typed on a computer/till. He came back after few minutes of us waiting and showed our laptop and the geeks squad receipt contract papers.

From that moment the guy was non communicative, non interested, not listening and dismissive when we opened the laptop to check if it was fixed. He never bothered to communicate and was oblivious to anything remotely.

I had paid for this HP laptop in full cash at black Friday week. and we paid for an extra years cover on maintenance services at Geek Squad and 2 year cover extended. He just wanted to hand us the unfixed computer back and shoo us away. His attitude was disgraceful.

Argumentative and ill informed. He was unaware of basic CPU queries didn't even know what windows metro was! I had spelled out the outstanding issues and errors to save the techs time on a notepad and even supplied a picture of errors on the desktop easy to find. Somebody was supposed to "refresh" the laptop but nothing absolutely nothing had been changed from the 1st moment yesterday when we brought it in. Except they uninstalled AVG antivirus free! Like that helped!!?

This guy acted like a complete jerk. Instead of admitting he was incompetent and had no clue what happened and what to do or even excuse his ignorance by calling for someone who knows what they are doing he instead choose to argue irrelevant meaningless baloney. I know enough about windows to know when I asked him several question about why nothing was fixed and what they had did if anything? He was totally disrespectful argued with both myself and my wife. He is unfit to deal with any customers or computers and should be sacked for customer abuse and incompetence and disruption. I am a reasonable man. If the staff had miss-communication and busy and under stress I'd understand but their failures are not ours. Instead of being a man and getting out of the way so people who can do something this guy tried to project his own failings and hide his incompetence with arguing, lying pretending and acting and then disgraceful tried to shout down us in front of a crowd now and children. This guy had the nerve to claim I had not paid for anything therefore, he had the right to act like a complete douche! To his ignorance mistake I have paid for everything previously pal!

Finally he said he'd call the manager! Finally some actual help!
The young manager was understanding and listened and resolved and admitted it was Geek Squads mistake not ours. That tall guy aught to be fired.

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Posted by tomjvk1980 on 2013-06-13:
typeo for uninstalled AGV.

i ran out of room to type more. i am extremely disappointed and frustrated and shocked at such poor service and still without my expensive laptop. He should be fired. Why he acted such racism perhaps?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-06-13:
Geek squad is a joke. Next time, save your money with their extended warranties and service contracts and take your computer to an independent repair shop.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-13:
Actually, uninstalling anti-virus programs, particularly ones that free and can downloaded again easily isn't a bad idea. Running more than one antivirus/malware program can result in false positives. Whenever I remove viruses from a customer's computer, if they are running a free anti virus program, then I get rid of it right off the bat, before I run my anti-virus software of choice on the unit. After the unit clean, I'll simply reinstall it.

If you're having HP errors I recommend getting rid of the pre-installed HP bloatware, CCleaner is a good program to use to get rid of all the unecessary software that comes on retail computers.

The guy you encountered at Geek Squad sounds like a jerk. The thing about Geek Squad is that the knowledgeable people who work there don't stay there that long, many people, myself included put in a year or two a GS in order to get on-paper experience, most "real" IT jobs won't hire you fresh out college, they want a couple years experience. So people tend to use GS as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Being GS Agent is job you get before you get the job you want. Usually (but not always) if there's an in-store agent that's been there for more than 3 years, chances are he/she isn't going to be hugely knowledgeable and probably only knows whatever the Geek Squad training told them. It's really the luck of the draw, but the odds are you're going to end up with someone with a limited amount of know-how.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-13:
"This guy acted like a complete jerk. Instead of admitting he was incompetent and had no clue".

That covers just about everyone at the Geeks. Sell, sell, sell! Squeeze every Best Buy customer for every dime you can. Then give them nothing in return. However, make sure you treat them like crap after you get their money. This seems to be Best Buys new business plan to avoid filing a Chapter 11 before they run out of cash.

Hey Best Buy and the Geeks, you hear that faint call from beyond the grave? That's Circuit City calling you.

FoDaddy19 has a good idea, install CCleaner and remove all the added HP crap, then remove most all of the non essential start-up programs from the auto start menu. Once that is done, run the registry cleaner. You will probably correct 90% of what's wrong with the unit yourself. About one hour of your time.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner (also free) will find even more registry errors that Ccleaner often misses. Run it after Ccleaner.
Posted by tomjvk1980 on 2013-06-13:
thanks for the support and the idea. After sleeping on it i feel more dismayed. I have no faith in geeksquad after yesterdays show and performance. I will give the benefit of the doubt and hope at least one person knows what they are doing in tech. However am not hopeful as the voicemail said they have used system restore which in my experience of any windows is poor and partial at best. After researching geek squad last night i found dozens of 1star reviews and irate customers nationwide, with worse experiences than my own even! If they fix it ok.If nothing is fixed again or just part of the symptoms i will take my laptop elsewhere. what right do customers have in the usa? i have paid for services and job and it looks like geeksquad is incapable of fulfilling those services and finishing the jobI have already paid them to do. Reimbursement?? Vouchers? Softwares?
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Don't trust its repair people!
Posted by Bmaubrey on 08/06/2012
Repair people refused to believe technical problems about the new ASUS computer. I returned the computer to them several times, they continued to deny the computer needed repair. They treated me as though I didn't know what I was complaining about. I will never consult this company again.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-06:
What's wrong with the computer exactly?
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Waste of $300
Posted by NRDgirl on 01/06/2011
After an error message appeared on my laptop saying my audio had stopped working and instructing me to go to my computer manufacturer's website to install the driver update, which I did, I completely lost sound. Considering I purchased the 3 year Advanced Black Tie protection, I figured GeekSquad would be able to help. However, when I called and explained what I had done, the rep--who sounded more like a receptionist than a computer geek--instructed me to reboot the computer. When that didn't restore sound, she suggested I go to Best Buy to buy something to help get my sound back. I told her that didn't make sense considering the problem occurred after I installed a driver update from a trusted site, not some 3rd party bootleg site. She agreed, then suggested I take the computer into Best Buy for assistance. That was the first disappointment. I mean, surely a Geek would know a little more about this issue rather than to try the common "reboot your computer" fix. So, I went on to GeekSquad.com to chat with a real Geek. The agent asked how he could help and after I've gone through my explanation, he immediately gives me the price for remote support. Shocked, I told him no thanks and asked what I got for the $300 I paid when I purchased the computer. He asked if I had a receipt handy and asked what the receipt said about the protection plan. I told him it said nothing. It was a Best Buy receipt that had merely been stapled to the Black Tie Protection brochure. I still don't get the relevance of that question, but whatever. He basically said he couldn't help me and pretty much implied the only way I could get assistance at Best Buy was if it was determined that my issue was hardware related, which it obviously wasn't considering the problem occurred AFTER I downloaded a driver update! I let him know that I was very disappointed in the GeekSquad service, or lack thereof. He apologized that I was "misinformed" when he should have apologized that I was misled. Anyway, I searched the MicroSoft boards and downloaded the driver a 2nd time and what do you know, I now have sound. Thanks for nothing, GeekSquad. I will never purchase one of their warranties again.
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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-01-07:
It seems like you were looking for help without actually bringing the computer in. You said you searched a message board for the answer. That message board probably dealt with this issue on other computers, so that's how they knew what to do. The Best Buy Geek Squad may have never dealt with this issue before, so they wouldn't know to install it a 2nd time. I'm not sure why you would have to install the same thing twice, unless something messed up the first time it was downloaded. If you brought the computer in to a Best Buy, they may have been able to identify the problem, but you wanted them to see the problem without looking into the computer. Tough to blame the GeekSquad for that, although I do agree that generally the GeekSquad, in my experiences, have been unhelpful.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-01-07:
But just for the record, 90% of the time rebooting a machine does fix a lot of problems, so don't get mad when they ask you to do that. No one wants to spend 3 hours diagnosing a problem that a reboot would have fixed in 5 minutes...
Posted by bcd on 2011-01-08:
The service agreement covers hardware failure, not software related issues.
Posted by ncoclub on 2011-04-21:
FYI..When you install new software on your computer the installation program almost always creates a "restore point". The restore point then can be accessed by the user to restore the PC to the same way it was BEFORE the new software was installed. In your case this would have at least gave you your sound back. Then you would call the software manufacture to resolve the issue. NEVER, NEVER buy any extra warranties for ANY product!!!. They are all ripoffs and the Geek squad is notorious for being unable to fix the simplest of problems. They are also trained to convince you to use their WAY OVERPRICED services..they will charge you hundreds of dollars to fix the simplest of PC problems. Save your money and buy the "Dummies" book for your operating system..save hundreds!!
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So when did my Broken Hard drive no longer be my property
Posted by Barclay on 12/09/2010
I purchased a netbook with extended warranty almost 2 years ago, and the hard drive froze. I took it to Best Buy Geek Squad to have them tell me what I knew and see about fixing it. They told me it would cost $100 for new drive and $180 or so for them to do the work, and then more to re-install the operating system etc, therefore better to buy a new one, that is when I remembered I possibly had the warranty still in effect. I did, so then made arrangements to get the HD fixed/replaced.
Whole discussion about recovery of data etc and the associated cost.
Eventually a few weeks later I paid the initial fee for data recovery research and then got hit with an estimate of $1600+ which I told them was crazy. I asked for my HD back..... guess what, they said no and that it was not my HD anymore to be able to demand it back. They also said that If I declined the estimate the drive wiould be dissasembled and destroyed....
Funny I brought the computer, the inusrance/warranty and therfore the drive is mine even if it has been replaced. So when did I lose right of ownership of the drive and the information on the drive...... NEVER.
So this started in Sunrise in Florida, and now becomes a Florida Legal Issue as I live in a different city, and since the HD is now in Lexington Kentucky, I guess it becomes a Federal Legal issue as we have crossed state lines.....
They are telling me that THEIR supplier contracts prohibit them giving me the HD back, I have advised them that their contracts have nothing to do with me or my losing property rights to my HD.

They are trying to monopolize who I take MY HD to to have fixed and when.... demanding I approve or disprove the estimate for data recovery...

Anyone got some interesting feedback like this????

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Posted by Inat on 2010-12-09:
actually, if the drive was replaced under warranty, it is NOT yours as it must be returned to the manufacturer
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-09:
I'm in agreement with the previous comment. If you already had the hard drive replaced under warranty, and they can't recover data from it, at that point I think you are out of luck. You can't have both the new drive and the old one back.

My guess is the estimate is so high because the drive would have to be disassembled and repaired or the disks transferred to a working drive.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-12-09:
Backup, backup, backup. My only thought when I read this.
Posted by barclay on 2010-12-11:
Thank you for your comments, however there are some flawed issues which have come to light.

1)In the case where the Manufacturer's warranty would still be in effect, yes the old broken HD would go back to the manufacturer and at the same time a separate communication with the manufacturer would take place as to possible recovery of data, not a communication with the retail corporation or a third party who is tied in with the retailer. ANY manufacturer's warranty is a contract between the end user and the manufacturer, remember most retailers usually turn the customer away with "it's not my responsibility yet until the original warranty expires." The item is still the owners, not even the manufacturer, however the clause about returning the defective item to the manufacturer, exists so that they can research why the item became defective.

2) in the case of an extended warranty with the retailer or a third party which does NOT include the manufacturer, then the broken item remains the property of the owner who purchased the item/machine/equipment. The retailer has no obligation to return anything to the manufacturer since that warranty has expired.
Extended warranty is insurance offered by a third party to make money, and they do unless they have to work on the item being extended in warranty, which is when they lose money. Best Buy is a retailer and service agent, but they have to follow either manufacturers or owners obligations, depending on the timing of warranty.
3)the intellectual property on the HD is mine and remains mine until it is either recovered, or I approve that it can be deleted or overwritten. with that in mind, NO-ONE has the right to deny anyone the option to recover the information from whichever source or company they wish.
Best Buy/Geek Squad advised me that if i did not take THEIR offer of recovery, the HD would be destroyed, (why destroyed, because they have no obligation to return the defective drive to the manufacturer and they want you to believe that this is your only choice. If I choose NOT to use BEST BUY service to recover data, they have no right to my HD or to destroy my data.

I have since spoken to corporate Best Buy and they have "WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ARGUMENT OR DISCUSSION after "they researched what I have said to them," advised that they are returning the defective HD to me within 10 days. They realize that they have no rights to the defective equipment in the law or in their extended warranty contracts advising that they are entitled to ownership of the defective equipment if they replace or work on anything that is covered by the extended warranty.

Be advised that when customer service of a large company says you can't, it usually means they don't want to..... when they say good luck (like GEEK Squad said), it means they don't know. But every consumer is protected by the law and most do not know what the law is.

By the way, Backup backup backup is only good when your equipment fails immediately after your last backup, not when you are between backup schedules, and very few people in the world except for desk top or network computers in a corporate setting, backs up every day or even every week.
Posted by Killerflea on 2011-04-20:
HA! Sorry but thats funny. Likely there was nothing wrong with your drive other than maybe a bad sector. Likely they just reformated the drive and reinstalled windows thus wiping out all your data. Their charging you for a new drive. You should have marked your Hard drive with a sharpe and checked to see if the same old drive was in.
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Geek squad sucks
Posted by Tony smith3 on 08/20/2010
ATHENS, GEORGIA -- I purchased a 42 in Insignia TV from Best Buy. I also purchased a 4 year black tie warranty. I did not realize then that Best Buy only used Geek Squad for their warranty. Two years into the warranty the power supply went out. called Geek Squad and they said that they would have a tech come check it out. it took a week for him to come out tell me it was a bad power supply and that he had to order parts. he said the parts would take 7 days. well the next Friday cam and he did return only to tell me he had brought the wrong parts(obviously did not check the parts number before bringing the wrong part to my house). he then said it would be another week and he would return on Friday. Friday came and no repair man so I called the 800 number only to find that my tech was not coming and he would be on vacation the following week.
when he finely showed up to fix the set he got it working somewhat but there was now a line down the middle of my TV. he said he would order another part and be back out in a week. the TV worked for 1 day and then went blank again. As I was looking for the problem I found that the whole back for my TV was bowed out and the screws were stripped. I called Geek Squad and they told me that my case had been closed out. after several calls and several hours on the phone they finely scheduled an outside repair group to come fix or replace my TV. it has now been over two months since my TV went out. Geek squad dis the worst warranty repair people in the business and their customer service is horrible also. I have always used Best Buy and loved the deals and in store service. But I will not purchase another item from them as long as they are partnered with the geeks at Geek Squad.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-21:
Seems like the less competition Best Buy has the worse their customer service gets. I still like them (I've never had a problem so far), but certainly these poor reviews make me wary.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-21:
I always try to buy the cheapest tv and never get an extended warranty. All the stores with their extended warranty just plain suck
Posted by smarty_consumer on 2010-08-21:
We've had bad issues with warranties as well. Not worth it. Next time, buy a Vizio, which probably won't break. If it does, just buy a new one. Insignia is about the biggest junk brand there is.
Posted by bbyemp on 2011-11-24:
electronics fail, be glad you got the warranty, the manuf. would have already been out
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Geek Squad is a Sham
Posted by TsarV on 07/21/2010
Geek squad charges you high amounts of monthly phone insurance and when it comes to payout they give you faulty or refurb products. They charged me about 12 pounds per month and when my iPhone got stolen they replaced it with a refurbed phone which did not work. When I went to carphone they told me they cannot exchange it as Geek Squad only gives out refurbed sets and they don't keep any refurbed sets at the store. After paying insurance of 12 quid per month and a further 50 pounds for the claim I calculated that I could have just brought a brand new iPhone instead of falling for Geek Squads sham.

So guys take my word for it. Stay well clear of Geek Squad.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-22:
Geek Squad has gotten some poor reviews, here in the States. Apparently they have annoyed people in the UK, too. This doesn't speak well for the quality of their service.
Posted by amw on 2013-05-27:
Actually, you are lucky they even tried to replace it since it was stolen. It clearly states in the terms and conditions that it does not cover lost or stolen products. It also states that your replacement may be a refurbished model. You signed the papers. Just saying...
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Expect added sales pitch and wait time
Posted by IAMBOB on 07/08/2010
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- My computer booted but would not access internet. I gave my computer to the Geek Squad on Monday and agreed to pay $70.00 for the diagnostic. They agreed to run the diagnostic testing, call me for authorization to repair the problem, and actually repair the computer. They told me the whole process would take 3 to 4 days. At that time I failed to understand why it would take 3 to 4 days but reluctantly agreed. I have since found out why it takes so long to scan and fix your computer. I dropped it off on Monday. They informed me on Tuesday that the diagnostic test was completed and the computer had malware and viruses. We agreed to do a system restoration for an additional $130.00. On Wednesday when I called it was not done but they said a spot on the bench had opened up. So I was hopeful that I would get it back on Thursday. However, Thursday afternoon they call me to see if I wanted to pay extra for them to backup the computer before they started the system restoration (they should have asked this question on Tuesday…and they still had not started the repairs after another 48 hours). By this point I am thinking what kind of service is this? I should have just had a friend of mine do it for me. What a waste of time and $200.00. I’m still waiting for my computer. It isn’t that they don’t tell you it will be days before you get the computer but they don’t tell you it will be days because you are minor and insignificant to them. I believe they should just tell you that your computer will sit around waiting for a spot in the line while they call you to offer more services as a means of increasing you cost. I believe they intentionally do this to float your cost up to the point that you are forced to consider cutting your cost by buying a new computer (probably what I should have done from the beginning). I recommend you find some where else to take you computer if you are having problems. The Geek Squad only works to milk you for all the money they can possibly get while they string you along. Once again…take it some where else or just buy a new computer.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-09:
A) You are not the only customer with a computer needing fixed, they likely had people before you.

B) 130 dollars for a system restore? You got JACKED. It's literally something that can be done by anyone for free.
Posted by amw on 2013-05-27:
Well the 200 dollars is not just this one time service. It came with a one year agreement for online, and in store support
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Worst Mac Service EVER
Posted by Redgrrrl on 06/14/2010
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- This is by far the worst computer repair/service experience I've ever had. After an accident rendered by Powerbook G4 unusable (busted screen, some damage to the body, no damage to the hard drive), I took the laptop in to Geek Squad to have the data from my computer hard drive transferred to an external hard drive. I took it there, rather than to an out-of-town Mac store, on the recommendation of a friend because I didn't want to be without my computer's info for long. After OVER A WEEK, I picked up the hard drive, and it was totally unusable. I took it back in, and the Geek Squad staff basically said "Oops, we formatted the drive incorrectly." I gave them a second chance to get it right, and more than a week later, they told me the external hard drive was bad. Which is crap, because it's only a few months old and I had used it the morning I dropped it off. After much arguing, it finally came out that the hard drive isn't bad, but the partition path was corrupted. They attempted to partition the drive without my advice, permission or consent, which was totally unnecessary because I never use a PC or use my hard drive with a PC, which I made extremely clear both verbally and in writing. So they ruined my hard drive, took my computer apart and didn't put it back together, and have now had my computer for three weeks, have lost valuable information, including video, on both my external hard drive and my computer hard drive, and have cost me twice as much as they promised. They have essentially lost an entire year's worth of valuable work documents and other items because they made a really dumb mistake and now can't figure out exactly what they did wrong. A key part of the problem is they seem to have only one person on staff who is qualified to deal with Mac, and his qualifications are doubtful. I will NEVER again take my computer to Geek Squad for Mac service.

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Posted by momsey on 2010-06-14:
My first thought when I saw the title was, WHY did you take your Mac to the Geek Squad??? Sorry you are having such a rough time with them, and it really, really stinks to lose all those documents, videos, etc. I hope you complain to Best Buy/Geek Squad/whoever. Good luck.
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Don't Buy an Apple at Best Buy -- Geek Squad Service Stinks!
Posted by Unhappy Apple Buyer on 05/03/2010
WESTMINSTER, COLORADO -- Based on my experience with both the Geek Squad 800 number staff and the in-store staff in Westminster, CO -- I highly caution anyone against buying an Apple product from Best Buy. The Geek Squad manager stated that only two of his 12 people know enough to service on-site. Most recently, they didn't even have the screw driver needed to remove the battery from my MacBook Pro -- had to instead send it to a "hub" with a 15-day turnaround.
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Posted by Apple Mac on 2010-05-04:
If you have a Mac Store near you, it is the best place to purchase or have your Mac product serviced. The employees at the Mac Store have the knowledge of their products to properly assist their customers. The Mac Store also have a larger selection of Mac products to choose from than Best Buy.

The goofs at the Geek Squad can not fix a Window product, so I would not trust them to repair a Mac. I purchased an iMac two years ago, and am completely satisfied with the quality of the product.

Once you go Mac, you will never go back!
Posted by Monster on 2011-11-26:
Only Apple certified people can work on Apple products. It cost Geek Squad more than its worth, and for anything more than simple serves the product must be sent to apple in order to not void the factory warranty
Posted by Thundercunt on 2013-01-02:
Geeksquad costs $15 a month for my iphone 5, and there is unlimited claims
Posted by Robert Richards on 2013-08-28:
But bought iPad 2 Was told anything happens they just hand me a new one or more recent model if they don't have the same thing They no longer do that send it out and repair it My charger won't plug into it It looks like a Chinese knockoff Will go to the Apple Store for now on for everything
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Geek Squad Sucks , Can't Even Locate My Acct, 1 and 1/2 Yrs With Them
Posted by Only1ncaustin on 03/13/2014
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Geek Squad, For real!, this is the 4th time trying to sign into my acct. I pd. good money for. Gee, I think The Gee in Geek Squad should reflect....duh Gee, can't still locate your acct! I am totally sick of this S---! I have complained, but hey who cares, I already paid my $250.00 this yr. I am preying that someone comes along with a better system. Being on hold for over 2 hrs, they say is really good?? For this price? In this economy? REALLY? AGHHHH! If I was able, I would do so much better! I hope you are out there somewhere, to take over this horror of a web site. I know someone will make money on treating people with "good common" courtesy, and REAL WORK! I hope you'll let me know! thanks N.Austin
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