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Geico Basketball Commercial
Posted by Mariah offey on 03/26/2013
That commercial with the basketball player blocking items is just rude. I turn the volume down and look away, why would you want such a mean, rude person on your commercial?

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Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-26:
I don't find it rude or mean. You have to view this commercial in a basketball sense. This man is paid to block shots at the basket. My problem with the commercial is that I have a hard time understanding what he is saying. Granted english is not his first language but the commercial is aimed at english speaking consumers.
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2013-03-26:
IT is Dikembe Mutombo in the commercial. His signature move ion basketball was blocking shots then waving his finger and saying "not in my house". I thought it was a pretty funny commercial, as it showed him doing what he did every game when he played in the NBA.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-26:
Basketball enthusiasts enjoyed this commercial. I thought it was rather funny. It wouldn't coerce me into buying their insurance, but it was funny nonetheless.
Posted by Bill on 2013-03-26:
It was the funny the first time, now it's just annoying but I understand Geigo's attempt.
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Posted by Jennahcurren on 12/27/2012
BRAINTREE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Geico Insurance Company is the most slimy, false company I have ever had the displeasure to do business with. One of their employees (I still know her name, to this day) falsely informed me of procedures that go along with cancelling an insurance policy that ended up costing me over $100. When I spoke to a supervisor and told her the girl's name who fed me the wrong information, she sarcastically said "Yeah let me go ask her what really happened", left me on hold for ten minutes, and then came back on to (predictably) tell me "She says that's not what happened." How convenient for you and your multi million dollar corporation that your employee is refusing to own up to her mistake! When I contacted the BBB about the matter, I was fed the same bologna by a representative from their executive office. They are now demanding that I pay for their employee's mistake with my money. I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed with how I was treated and spoken to as a customer. Worst insurance company ever.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-12-27:
This was a lesson learned the hard way. Geico and Progressive spend a ton of money on advertising. It seems like every other commercial is from them. They need an influx of new customers (fresh meat) to sustain this high cost. Then when the unsuspecting customer files a legitimate claim the fine print and exceptions kick in. Suddenly what you thought you were covered for you're not.

Example: You have a less than five year old car that takes a major hit. You want it fixed right with original factory parts. Good luck. The adjuster comes out and will only approve the repair with cheap after market parts. The body shop complains that they can't do a proper repair with inferior parts. Sorry but you loose. Your premiums went towards advertising costs to suck new customers in. You just got screwed.

Conclusion: Avoid Geico and Progressive. They will not give you the insurance protection that you think that you are paying for.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-27:
What was the procedure that was improperly described?

I had a bad experience with Geico 30 years ago, and it doesn't sound like things have improved much. Neither have I, but I'm not in the insurance business...
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-27:
Unfortunately, the review lacks any details as to what the repair and problem was.
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Geico will abandon their customers in times of need
Posted by Buddy2010 on 09/16/2010
FREDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My car was broken into, in which the items that were taken caused my car to be considered a total lost. At first my insurance company Geico, had set up a rental car for me, along with giving me an starting offer for the value of my car, and buy back value. The value that was offered to me was very low, $5000 less than NADA values; while the buy back option was high, 32% of amount they offered me. This led me to researched the method that Geico derived of the value for my car, where I’ve found that they based this information off CCC Information Service, formerly known as CCC Valuescope. CCC has had class action lawsuits in the past for providing abnormally low values so that insurance companies can under pay claims. In my case CCC provided comparatives, and when I contacted those people who were selling these units, most of them were sold, or the owners admitted to them having problems. I than contacted CCC directly to alert them of the errors, and I was told alarming information regarding the vehicles that they used as comparatives; they said that didn’t care about condition or history, they were only finding cars that had similar miles. They also used a weighted mean method to determine the value offered, where the cheaper cars were favored, which lowered their offering price. This led to a complaint against CCC. After I brought this to the attention of my claims adjuster, he had his manager call me. His manager became so angry that I challenge him, and his company on the methods they used, that they sent my claim to their Fraud unit, better know as SIU unit.

Here is where Geico’s customer service took a serious turn for the worst. This manager who was very rude to me, and insulting; he even stop returning my calls, and I have to practically chase him down to find out information about my claim. He had my rental car voucher revoked, and he told me that my claim was under investigation. I was placed under investigation because I challenged him on the value of my car. I’ve cooperated with the fraud unit, and have provided them with everything that they ask for. Its been month now since the incident, and this manager is still advocating the fraud department to seek additional information. I tried calling the manager’s boss, who won’t return my calls either.

I am disabled person, still recovering from a brain injury, in which I ambulate with an walking assistance device. I take a lot of medication for the brain injury, and I have issues with depression as of a result of my injuries. I brought this car as a present to myself, more so to cheer me up for all I’ve been through. My car still sit unfix thanks to Geico. They do not stand behind their customer’s, and I tell all anyone considering them to go elsewhere.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-16:
Insurance companies go by fair market value for how they pay on vehicles. I was just wondering, you said your car was broken into, and the items stolen caused your car to become a total loss. Was there car taken apart or something?
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-09-16:
good review.
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Geico Will Not Pay Medical Bill
Posted by Mabinogi on 03/04/2010
I was rear ended by a van August 10, 2009 by a woman insured through Geico. She was cited and an accident report was filed with the police department. Geico seemed pretty nice until the medical bills then the adjuster told me that Geico would only pay $3,400. of the $7,800. The adjuster told me that they would not pay more than that because the doctor charged too much. I have dealt with insurance companies before but never have I heard such garbage in my entire life. The adjuster seemed really angry and tried to downplay my injuries saying it was just a very minor accident according to her insured. I have filed a complaint with Division of Insurance in Alaska and am really upset with the shoddy treatment by the Geico representative. The thing is this is only the second time I have been in an auto accident the other time was in 1986 and as I recall the other insurance company had no problem with paying medical expenses.

I hope to God that if there is a next time the person who hits me is not insured with Geico. I know I would never go through an insurance company like them.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-03-04:
Here is where the lawyers come in. How about your insurance company? They should be helping you. They have the where-with-all to kick GEICO back in line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Sounds like a typical insurance company to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-04:
Chuck is right. Your insurance should be helping you go after Geico. I am not quick to pull out the lawyer card but if Geico doesn't want to play fair then you've gotta do what you've gotta do!
Posted by TGT101 on 2010-03-04:
Like justthefaxx said this is what every insurance company would do. They are trying to loose as little money as possible and make you settle for less. If you already went to the doctor and everything that was done at the doctor was as a result of the crash don't settle for less. Contact your insurance before a lawyer or you really will not get the $4000 difference as it would go the the lawyer fees.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-03-04:
TGT, when you use a lawyer the lawyer sues for his fees inclusively. ie: medical expenses + pain and suffering + court costs + lawyer fees.
Posted by caissex2 on 2010-05-26:
I had to pull my lawyer card and guess what they still won't do a darn thing all of Geico's claims offices are pulling the same thing I know from experience. Please they need to be stopped or Corporate needs to quite hiding under the fact the company is set up to never be able to reach anyone but the claims office in your state. You call corporate and they will get you right back to the people where the problem is. In 9 months I have tried and I have tried everything to get someone to investigate other than the crooks that won't do anything but what they do what they darn well please. If anyone has anything negative to say then instead why don't you people tell us how is it possible to complain to the right people. That would be a positive response to a bad situation. Instead of going the easy route and bad mouth someone having true problems. My first problem was minor and doesn't require a lawyer but 2 incedent I cannot talk about. To the guy this happened to Good Luck I hope everything works out.
Posted by goduke on 2010-05-26:
Have you reached out to the folks in your state who govern insurance companies? They might be able to put some pressure on them. Lawyers can get a payout (sometimes), but the state folks can pull a license if they find someone is acting improperly. Just a thought. Best of luck to you. Sounds like it's been a rough journey.
Posted by Dan W. on 2012-04-03:
I too was rear ended by a Geico driver. Same situation as this man described. Almost 1 year later, Geico has yet to pay a dime, and I cannot finish my sessions with the doctor for my back/neck because I can't afford it.

I'd like to add one thing though. This is my 2nd go-around with Geico. They're TERRIBLE. But my insurance company, StateFarm has been awesome. They pay w/o questioning it. I suggest you get a StateFarm policy and make sure you have $25,000 in coverage for each person, not the standard $5,000. Then it doesn't matter if you get hit by a Geico driver, you can still go to the doctor and deal with Geico later.
Posted by robertosborne on 2013-08-07:
I am fighting with them now because they are wanting me to settle for $6000.00 when my medical expenses are almost $18,000.00. The person that hit me was charged with reckless prohibited driving.
Posted by D Brown on 2013-10-22:
@robetosbourne...did your lawyer help? I am going through the same...they wont to pay very little on my claims and we both had geico....
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Dropped my coverage
Posted by Scotty1974 on 04/24/2008
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I was a loyal Geico customer for over 10 years. I never had a claim.

In a one year period, my wife and I were hit twice while our cars were not moving. First I was hit at a stoplight when a driver passed out and plowed through an intersection and hit a turning car in front of me. Again, my car was at a dead stop.

Later that same year, my wife's car was hit in her parking lot at work, when she wasn't even in the car.

Would you like to know what GEICO did? Cancelled my coverage. When I called up and talked to them, their reason was that there were two claims against my policy. What?

Basically, after even talking to a supervisor, I was punished because both accidents were caused by other GEICO insured drivers.

I will never ever do business with this company again. They took $15,000+ of premiums from me and then cancelled me because I had the misfortune to be hit twice by other Geico customers.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2008-04-24:
Hmmm...sounds like your State's insurance commissioner needs a call.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-04-24:
the very same thing happened to me as well. i paid and paid, never late. i was run off the road by a road chicken player and hit a tree headon. as soon as my vehicle was repaired, they dropped me in a flash. before the experiation date. this left my new vehicle un-insured and open to lender recall for lack of coverage.

this is not the first this has happened. other people have reported the same type of cancellations from geico.

i wish my cats would eat that nasty lizard wanna be!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-04-24:
I agree with ejack. Call your state insurance commissioner and file a formal complaint. Two claims in 15 years does not warrant cancellation of services unless they had other reasons to do so not written in this post, which I doubt.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-04-25:
Be glad you were dropped by Geico! They are horrible to deal with. I've dealt with them both professionally & personally. (hit by a Geico driver) The claim was open for MONTHS because they didn't want to deal with it - they knew the other driver was at fault. (their insured)
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-04-25:
Yeah, my husband was dropped like a hot potato after getting a speeding ticket. He always paid on time and was never late and he had them for almost 15 years without a claim in 6. I know that the speeding ticket was his fault.
Posted by voice1 on 2008-05-04:
madconsumer - you were given written notice required by the state you live in that your insurance was going to cancel. It is your responsibility to seek other coverage before the cancellation date.

There are normally other reasons involved when someone is cancelled due to 2 not at fault losses. ejak - it is certainly within your rights to contact the Insurance Commissioner if you feel you were treated unfairly. By all means you should. My guess is.. there is more to the story.
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GEICO is not making things right
Posted by Luvmyolds on 09/30/2007
WALDORF, MARYLAND -- My car was hit by a GEICO client on 9/28/2007. I have a lovely car, GEICO wants to total my car. There is no way I can get a car as nice as my car especially with all the money I have put into it. From what I understand from GEICO it would take an additional $1700 to fix my car over the totaling. Please why should I pay $1700 to have my car fixed when it was hit by another party and I was not at fault? This is wrong, and I feel violated and robbed. I need my car to keep my job. I can not afford the maintenance of a car that I could buy with the little amount GEICO is giving me. Their adjuster Michael wanted all the receipts for the maintenance I put in my car. I walked four miles to get them (because I had no car) and almost got hit crossing a four lane highway. I have left him messages I got the receipts he wanted. He has not called me back, even after I had to walk to get them and I almost got hit.

Maybe he wanted me to get hit and his behavior should be reviewed when he tells victims of their clients to walk to get paperwork. They claim I can get a rent-a-car for a week but I have no way to get to the rent a car place. This rent a car has done me no good since I can get there and so far they are not coming to me. I will all Enterprise Monday but it doesn't do that much good because in a week I will not have a car and not be able to go to work. I am supposed to be at work on 8:00 Monday, but will not be able to go due to GEICO not getting me a rent a car and they say they will not pay lost wages. All I want them to do is just FIX my car, that is it.

I don't want anything more from them. I am getting a Kelly Blue book value above what they are telling me plus I have all the receipts I paid for car repairs. Can you please help? This car is a good car and should be fixed. Please help. Then they have the nerve to send me an advertisement in the mail soliciting my business, which I got in our mailbox after walking because I can't drive due to the unfair practices of GEICO since I have no car.

Please help me.
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-09-30:
What kind of car is it?
Posted by luvmyolds on 2007-09-30:
OLDS88 1994 but it is loaded with leather seats ect and has very low milage.
Posted by luvmyolds on 2007-10-01:
I have looked into several places to buy a car that would be as nice as mine with low milage. My car only has 71,000 miles. The prices are ranging between $4000-$6000 for me to buy a simliar car, not even one as nice as mine. And I would have to travel a few hundred miles to get the car. So the car is no way worth $1000. I was hit, it wasn't my fault and I don't feel it's complaining when you have been robbed. They should either repair my car or find me a car as suitable as that one is. It is loaded and has gorgeous leather seats.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-01:
Agree with JD. If the value for the car is less than it would cost to repair, the insurance co can total it.
What does your insurance company say? Most people who have classic cars carry an extra rider on their insurance.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-01:
(It's GothicSmurf here at work- Don't have my log in info here, but felt I needed to post.)

1.Here is what I can tell you. If a car is damaged beyond 75-80% of it's value and or it will cost more to repair than the car is worth the insurance company can total the car. If the insured wants to fix the car instead of taking the money and buying a new/different car, the insurance company doesn't have to pay a dime for the car. It's buying back the car and is legal.

2. The insurance company does not owe you for "maintenance" no matter how much or how little you put into it. Although sometimes if repairs were done with in 30 days, they might offer to pay for it.

3. They offered to pay for a rental car and you have declined. There are rental car companies that will pick you up or you could have a friend drop you off, take public transportation, etc. There are ways to get to a rental car if you really needed one that badly. You could take a taxi...

There is another post I made in regards to value of the car:

1. The adjusters don't necessarly just look at the blue book value of the car. They look at what's called fair market value of the car. Meaning they search online ads as well as in print ad for the going price of your car from both the dealer and private party. They do NOT use the Blue Book value as their ONLY source. Although to you, it might not seem "fair" in the long run, it really is. It just happens that the going rate for some vehicles is higher on the KBB than in reality.

2. When you did your blue book value on your car did you do private party or dealer trade in? The costs on those are vastly different. You can log onto KBB.com and use the value on there. Do the option to rate it yourself (or something along those lines) BE HONEST when imputing your information. The adjuster won't miss things.

3. Do you own shopping around for your car. Get the Sunday paper and see if you can find "your" car for sale in both dealer and private party. If you can't find your exact year, find one for +/- 2 years the make of your car. Take at least 3 of them and find the average. SAVE THE SEARCHES so when you talk to your adjuster you can show him where you found those cars. Also, adjuster generally look with in a 25-50 (sometimes more) mileage range as being in "your area". If you find one that is a year older, find one that is a year newer as well to balance it out. Cars depreciate FAST. Using only newer vehicles will NOT help you when negotiate with the adjuster. Actually if possible find 3 newer and 3 older and then average those to find your year. (ONLY if you cannot find your year vehicle, if then only use your year car and average those.) Be honest and find a solid average price.

4. Dealing with claims isn't fun at all, but if you are irrational, the adjuster is most likely going to be less likely to work with you. Take a deep breath, step back and follow some of the advise I gave you. It will really help you in the long run. You ARE allowed to tell the adjuster that you have to think about their offer. Then do the leg work that I suggested above and come back with your counter offer. They might not take it, but they might be willing to at least work with you if you have all the legwork you've done documented.

You might be thinking, "Well that's not my job to research my car like that. That's the adjusters job." Well yes, you are correct. But being able to research on your own makes you much better armed to deal with the situation at hand and to be able to see where the adjuster is coming from. you can always ask the adjuster where they came up with the price and if their final offer includes medical, towing, leave of work, deductable applied, etc.

5. It's not the insurance companies "job" to find you a vehicle. It's their job to find you fair market value of your car. It's YOUR reponsability to find your own "new" car. You have to take away all sentimental value on it and get over some of the little stuff (ie, it's not the same color) and look at it this way. If you were a complete stranger and had never seen your car, what would you pay to buy it right then and there?

It sucks not having a vehicle, but there are ways to work around your situation, you just have to suck it up and see that the insurance company IS trying to work with you, but you're so hung up on the sentimental value and being "put out" that you can't see that.
Posted by luvmyolds on 2007-10-01:
Thanks to all. We talked to the adjuster. They wanted examples from autotrader.com. It didn't take me long to find my exact car in better condition than this one with less miles. MIne is blue that's the difference and with less milage. He said they will look at it, but I doubt it will do any good. At least it is something to use in fighting. Like I said probably won't help but it verifies for me how rotten this system is and it is robbing me.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-01:
GET OVER THE COLOR OF YOUR CAR! It doesn't make a difference in your pricing. Before you keep saying that you are getting "robbed" read my FULL post. It will help you.

And adding that link to your comment just made your post a heck of a lot harder to read and make you look more like a spoiled brat. The "See look I'm right" mentality.

Posted by luvmyolds on 2007-10-01:
I was appreciative of your post Gothic, that's why I put down the link when I found a comparable on autotraders. I found some more too using your suggestion. You did help me, I didn't know to look at autotraders for an identical car. I am very new at this. I apologize if it wasn't right to post the link. I really only put it there for you to see that you did help me. Thank you and I am sorry if I did some wrong etiquette here. I am thankful auto accidents don't happen too often. Never again would be okay by me, as I am sure for everyone. This is the first total wreck issue I have ever been though. I have been blessed.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-10-02:
Nah, I appologize for getting on your case at that last post. I've had a week from H*ll and wasn't paying attention to what you were trying to do. My fault and thank you for actually reading and listening to what I had to say.
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Road Hazard Coverage
Posted by Hulagirl on 05/09/2007
Just a warning to persons who purchase GEICO's road hazard coverage which provides towing for mechanical breakdown or lock service - just like AAA. I used the lock service for my son (who was in college) 2 times and recently when I was receiving new quotes for insurance learned that GEICO reports this as a claim to the insurance indexing bureau.

This interferes with your ability to retain insurance as other companies look at this as if you have made a claim. It equates to misinformation on a credit report which interferes with your credit rating.

Don't purchase this coverage from GEICO or any other insurance company, you are better off simply buying a policy from AAA.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-09:
Have you asked the other insurance companies if they also record such as a claim?

IMHO it would seem to me when using the road hazard coverage it would be treated as a claim.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-09:
AAA road service is separate from their car insurance, so it doesn't count as a claim.
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Loss & Wages - Geico don't pay you back as long you did acting in-front of doctor/hospital
Posted by Kate_larence on 12/23/2013
NJ/NY, NEW JERSEY -- Recently I have involved in accident(Both have Geico insurance). But myself and my son didn't hurt badly( by luckily) and also we didn't go to hospital as we don't want to act in front of doctor and waste of time( To be frank).But the fact was missed two days of works. When dealt with Geico they didn't pay for loss of two days work and they are not willing to discuss also as I suggested to change the policy.
Lesson learned - Even if you didn't heart badly also you need to go hospital and do acting in front of the doctor. Then only you get paid for missing work.

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Posted by Arcus on 2013-12-24:
Thanks to the dishonest people in this world making false claims to get money, you have to have a doctor check you out so they have proof that you are not faking. That's just a fact of life. I don't know of any insurance company that will pay for a day off of work without you seeing a doctor.
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Geico Dropped Me
Posted by Han5033 on 11/22/2013
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Today I received a letter from Geico that I am dropped after being a customer since January 2010. They dropped me because nine days ago I had an accident which was appraised for $3000 by their adjuster. This is the only accident I had since the whole time I am with Geico. I'm glad to shop around and find a better company than Geico! I wonder what their customer service is based on since the minute you have your accident they are thinking about dropping you.
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They Will Call You a Liar
Posted by Methodology_x on 09/17/2013
EVERYWHERE, TEXAS -- I just had this happen and wrote this email today to/with Geico.

I saw the claim person today, I understand that insurance companies have to deal with a lot of fraudulent claims. And in my circumstance I understand I forgot to include a major detail that happened after the first accident. Because not only was there a lot of things going through my mind to keep me from thinking properly, but I just wanted to get my vehicle off the road before it got hit again. But I found it absolutely offensive when I was told, that the claim person felt I made up a hit and run story to claim hit and run. Had he talked to my manager, my manager would have confirmed after the accident happened I told him I only had liability and was going to have to repair the damages myself, even if I had full coverage I don't trust you or any other insurance company to take care of any of your drivers.

I know you people have not received any messages from me about payout or vehicle repair, because after I was even called by Geico and informed that the other thing I had on my insurance covered hit and run, I knew since I forgot to inform the police about it I was going to have to pay for it own of my own pocket still, and I HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THAT until this [snip] basically said I was lying. Is this what I should expect? Do the right thing, report the accident, get [snip] up in a another accident and be told, your a liar, the second accident was bull? I don't know what part about "I didn't file the claim right away, instead I got online to find out how much it was going to cost ME to repair this vehicle, since I thought I was only paying for liability" he did not understand. I have never been so utterly insulted in my life.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-18:
I tried to understand what happened, but was unable to do so. Perhaps describing the accident(s) first, and then explaining the communciations that followed would better allow the reader to draw a conclusion. What I was able to gather is there was an accident or accidents, and you were accused of making up a hit and run. But I couldn't tell what the circumstances were that would lead the agent to suggest it may have been made up.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-09-18:
this is the worst insurance company there is. in my case, i had a police report, witnesses, and as soon as my claim was paid and the checked cleared, they dropped me mid term. i received a letter stating i was an un-safe driver, and my coverage "ended" 5 days prior to the letter being mailed. of course this caused my rates to jump sky high. well 12 years later, i am glad they dropped me, and i have been accident and ticket free ever since. guess i am not such a bad driver after all.

this insurance company is wonderful, until you make a claim.
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