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No Customer Care Or Service
By -

Ladies and gentlemen do not use Geico. After having my policy for one year instead of my rates going down they went up. The previous year I had no tickets or accidents and my driving history had been clear of both for over five years. When I called to find out why my rates had gone up they informed me it was because of the number of un-insured drivers in my area. So I inquired to see if this rate increased gave me better coverage for my moneys' worth and they replied "NO". Ladies and gentlemen when I pay my car insurance I paid by the 6 month block and out of four payments (2 years worth of coverage) I was late once by two days (and they charged me fifty dollars fee).

I then sold my car before moving from NY to IL and canceled my car insurance a week later. It has been six weeks and ten operators later and I still have not seen a refund check that is less than $150. The first operator that I spoke to was informed of my recent address change. I asked for the check to be mailed to my new address and they still mailed it to my old residence. All the operators tell me they can all have the check canceled and re-issued and over-nighted.

Well the cancellation of the check takes two to three business days, the re-issuing of the check takes one to two business days and then the over-nighting of the check actually takes two to three business days. Now here's the real kicker because of all the "FAST TRACK" processing they have to do they charge you $17.95.

Running over a stick is a collision
By -

Thursday Evening of February 18th I was driving home on a rural road. There was a stick or maybe it was a piece of metal in the road. I went around it, but the tire must have just hit the end, flipping it up and scratching the car and chipping the paint in a small area.

It looked worse in the night by flashlight than it is, but being concerned about the paint job as this is a new car and I don't want any rust to develop, and wanted to get the scratches removed, I called Geico, thinking this would be covered by Comprehensive. After talking to the initial representative, she wasn't sure so she transferred me to the claims person. It was only after telling her what happened, and answering her questions, she gave me a claim number and then she told me that this was a "Collision". I said that was ridiculous and if that's the case I don't want to proceed. Too late, it's now on my "record".

This is Stupid. I have had Geico for 9 years or more and have never filed a claim. In fact, I have not had an accident or a moving violation in 25 or 30 years. I am A GOOD DRIVER and should not have my name besmirched by road debris coming into contact with my car, and that the area can be fixed up with some touch up paint. I want to know if anyone knows of any way to force Geico to remove this "So Called Collision" from my record.

Beware When Selling Your Car
By -

A best friend of mine sold an "as is" older car almost 2 years ago... He recently received a letter from Geico claims suing him for damages of an accident that happened 2 hours after the documented sale. The new owner totaled the car in a snow storm shortly after taking delivery. He ran into a car insured by Geico insurance. Geico claims have contacted my friend for the damages to their insured auto?

Their position is that since the title had not been officially transferred at the license branch, that my friend is liable for the damages? The new purchaser has not helped to resolve Geico's claim so therefore Geico is suing my friend, the "previous owner" for these damages.

We are learning from local attorneys that this is a common exposure by dealerships and individuals. I think the DMV should set a precedent and properly educate all interested car owners/sellers... Geico's position is morally wrong!! I also think our local insurance department should regulate these inconsistencies.

Keep the Gecko--threw out the cavemen and eyes on money
By -

I know there are others out there that feel the same way I do. I have no tolerance for the so-called "cavemen" commercials. They are nonsensical unless you know of some of them living somewhere in this world. I've never seen them and it's kind of an insult to think that the ad company thinks most of us have limited intelligence and crawl on all fours. The newest ads are nonsensical also. A stack of money with eyes on top and a cell phone. Where do these ad people get their inspiration? I hope not from a drug pusher??? Let me know if there is an email where I could write directly to the ad company. Thank you.

Nice While Paying, Horrible When a Victim of Accident or Damages.
By -

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My car was park in front of my house and in a torrential unusual rain we had the street flooded, the car got water inside and Geico branded it TOTAL LOSS. The car has been sitting in front of the house without being able to settle the claim because Geico is doing whatever is possible to underpay me for my vehicle. They have given me the runaround, the service from the claim adjuster has been unprofessional and filled with tricks and little lies. The office of my agent told me not to call them anymore and that they did not have anything to do with Geico Insurance and they could not help me.

Questions I have about not just the status of my claim but billings, proratings, coverage, cancellation of policies, etc., etc., are the questions I have and the Geico office I did call is still open for business in Frederick not like they told me that they have nothing to do with Geico, the big lizard is right at the front door when you walk up to it. One of the executives Mike ** came to my house after calling him and before he left tried to accuse me of threatening his job and the job of the claim adjuster. His job was not threatened nor the job of the claim adjuster Debi **.

What kind of crooks do we have working for Geico? Do not get Geico Insurance, your nightmare will start when you file a claim. My claim puts me as a victim of a flood, my claim is not even a reckless driving or anything like that. It is sickening the way they play games to not be responsible.

Don't Trust GEICO Online Payment System
By -

I paid online my GEICO monthly payment. I cleaned out car and tossed the insurance slip into trash by mistake. Went online to print out another. However, could not sign in, GEICO saying my insurance had been cancelled for over a week for non-payment. Now I have been doing this for years and know I hit the pay now button and saw that I had but one payment remaining. At the beginning of my payment session I had two. Didn't matter, GEICO did not record the payment.

I was reported to DMV for having no insurance and now have to pay a penalty for no insurance of $7 per day for each car (2) for over a week. GEICO asked if I wrote down the verification number. I had not. I made the mistake of trusting GEICO's online system. I did some googling and found out this happens to a lot of people using GEICO's online system.

In the end, GEICO has no compassion. When asked what they could do, I was treated like a bum, like a person on their hook. (Much different than when they originally signed me up, when I was treated nicely.) They knew I needed to renew on the spot and so that's what I did to get to work. I am WITHOUT A DOUBT changing to another insurance company asap. I'll pay more money, I do not care. In the end what good is GEICO if you pay them and find you don't have insurance anyway? What would have happened if I had been in an accident?! Not to mention the fine from DMV. Really disgusted.

Crooks At Their Best
By -

I recently purchased a newer model Jeep Grand Cherokee. Upon purchasing, the car lot stated that I needed to purchase the proper coverages in order to finance. I decided to call Geico because they were one of the only companies that I could sign up with over the phone. I purchased the full coverage premium package.

So after a $500 down payment and $231 monthly installment, I drove my new Jeep off the parking lot feeling secure. Boy was I wrong. My girlfriend drove it mostly and unfortunately is not the world's best driver. She ran a red light in Tampa, FL. crashing into a truck. The man jumped out and asked if she was OK. She reassured him that she was OK and he did the same.

After speaking to the police, he drove his damaged vehicle home. A few weeks later, we received a letter in the mail saying that we were being sued for the amount of 25k for bodily injuries sustained by the man who drove his truck away unscathed.

I called Geico to find out why I had no bodily injury liability (required by FL law). The snooty woman on the phone says, "Florida law does not require me to inform you that you are not purchasing bodily injury liability."

The lesson here is: insurance companies are out to screw you. Always ask questions and always make sure you purchase extra bodily injury coverages because unfortunately, people like this money hungry ** that sued me are out there waiting to sue you.

North Carolina - Contributory Negligence Law
By -

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- In North Carolina they have a Contributory Negligence Law that allows Insurance company to hide behind and not pay claims. My son was killed riding his motorcycle in Asheville NC, April 22, 2008. A car pulled out in front of him for a side road. This person said when he notice the motorcycle, he attempted to back up but put it in park.

My son try to miss him but lost control. This person then put his vehicle in reverse and backed up. GEICO INSURANCE said based on the statement from their client and the report, my son was at fault. That's right GEICO sent me a letter stating that my son contributed to his death. This person was not charged with anything or even got a ticket. My son lost his life for the decision he had no control over. This person made that decision and walked away with NO justice served.

Deliberate Delay/Denial
By -

Traveled to Canada to visit. GEICO ensures me that I am covered. Woman ran through red light and smashed into me. Bad bodily injury, stuck up here in physiotherapy. OVER 3 months and GEICO has denied me, LOSS WAGES (totaling $4000), Nursing CARE (totaling $3700) and just about everything else. I am up here STARVING and they do not care. I have lost my job, I cannot work and my truck was totaled.

They treated me like a criminal even though the accident was not my fault. They sent 2 investigators from GEICO to Toronto (at a cost of $10,000 approx.) to obtain a written account of the accident despite the fact that they were provided with a full accident report from the police. The second investigator questioned my residency even though I have been living in the U.S since 1997.

They demanded income tax returns and, basically, my first born son which I provided. They still denied. Yet, they spend approx. $10,000 to deny my legitimate benefits. They are absolute sleaze bags. I am physically, emotionally and financially starving. Now, I have to take them to court (and I will win) to get this money that they owe. This will take an additional 3 months. SO, I will go 6 months without ANY INCOME while they look for any reason not to pay me.

By -

NEW YORK -- NO ONE WANTS YOU TO KNOW WHAT I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU! Allegations are always on the horizon when you have people of different ethnicities and social classes working in the same company. Many companies employ different strategies for dealing with allegations to avoid Civil Rights law of 1991. Simply, not having a plan to neutralize possible allegations of Title VII of the Civil Rights law can prove to be fatal.

So what is this company's plan? Bait and Switch. Turn complainant into a pariah and a scorched earth policy! What happens to the complainants? Well, we can't ask the young lady who used to work at the Geico Woodbury office that claimed discrimination because she relocated to a different state and was terminated under mysterious circumstances. What is really at work here is a way to deter complainants. Although they have an Ethics Hotline how is it effective if no reasonable employee would dare to use it?

Here we are on the official birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who gave his life for the 1964 Civil Rights law. As I reminisced on the fear that covered this man amidst numerous death threats, I can see that those who have benefited the most from his selfless death now stand with the deceivers and pretend that the Scorched Earth Policy does not exist. Shame on you! A paycheck now becomes more important than what is right.

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