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Well, I guess every situation is different. I just got my renewal for my auto insurance. Guess what, it went up $50.00. I haven't had a claim of any kind for over 10 years. Haven't even had any tickets. I called Geico, I asked them why my premium went up, since I had done nothing to cause this. Their answer: "We have paid out more in premiums in your area, so we had to increase." Fine, I understand that. But, increase the premiums on those that caused the payouts, don't increase it on the ones that saved you money. Yes this is different from my other posts. Because what I DO HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON WHAT I AM CHARGED.

I don't take the chances that most people do. By that I mean: If the speed limit is 75, I don't do 80. Someone wants to cut me off at an intersection, I let them. It only takes once to get a ticket, or have an accident, I don't plan on being that one. So, when Geico told me my premium was going up to $454.00 for the next 6 months ($900.00 for the year) I called AIG. Now, with Geico, I had no "Frills".

I had just what the state required. I have a 1994 vehicle so I don't need full coverage. When I called AIG and told them my situation look at what I received:
15/30,000 per person per accident $143.00
10,000.00 property damage 99.00
Comprehensive w/ $250.00 ded. 59.00
Total cost $301.00

I got the comprehensive because with it I get FREE OF CHARGE: Road side service (Towing, flat repair, etc), Extended Transportation expenses per day/max amount $30.00/$900.00. My advise: When it comes time to renew your policies, CALL AIG!! They will give you what you earn.

Examination Under Oath
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Simply because I was accidentally hit and knocked down by a car door in which my husband was driver and since pain was minimal I paid it no attention. Well 3 weeks later I had to go to dr. due to pain and contact insurance company that gave me a hard time as to why I didn't go to the dr. right away and call the insurance company when it happens. Well because didn't think at the time it was something to make a big deal out of. Have had an investigator come and take my statement and 3 weeks later get a letter stating that we both need to take this examination.

This insurance company that my husband and I have been with for 12 years has or is trying to make us feel like a criminal. Can anyone shed light on this exam and what I should do? Can I request a copy of 1st report? Can I have a recorder with me to protect myself? Please anything that you can share with me as to what this exam is all about and what happens if I don't go. I know what happened and I told them the honest truth, but this has really depressed me, because I have NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG.

Won't Pay Medical Bills
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I was involved in a car accident of which a woman went through the red light and hit me head-on. There were no witnesses and because of no-fault they say the accident was 50-50. I was hit the hardest, I passed out and needed to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. The hospital took 2 Xrays and the ER Dr. said I had a broken arm that will need surgery to repair.

The Ins co only paid about $240 of that bill for Dr. and ER. I went to my ortho surgeon the next day and he only did knees not arms and referred me to the Dr who did my surgery, they wouldn't pay some costs, wouldn't pay pre-surgical exam that I needed due to my age. The total bills come to about $12,000. They then dropped me... I had plenty of medical coverage and additional personal injury coverage. This is an outrage!

Left hanging
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NEW YORK -- I have had GEICO auto insurance for many years & have been extremely satisfied with their customer service. Until last week, that is. I had a flat tire during a raging snowstorm, called for roadside assistance & got the dumbest representative EVER! I gave her my exact location, Rt #, crossroad, town. She put me on hold for an interminable time, came back & wanted to know if Zimmerman road was spelled with a "u". It got worse - after another long hold she came back & said it would be 45 min. for a truck to get there.

I asked where the truck was coming from, as I was in or near 4 towns with many towing services. After another long wait she said it was coming from a town about 30 miles away! I snapped & asked for her supervisor. She put me on hold for another long wait but was able to get someone there in 10 min. After I gave her a list of nearby towns & zip codes. I wonder what kind of map they used to locate you? I sent a complaint & they responded saying someone would reply in 7-10 days. Unacceptable, GEICO.

Fantastic Company With Great Ethics
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For the record, Geico has been the most impressive customer oriented insurance company my family has ever dealt with. We had three not at fault collisions in a one year period. They were very helpful and right on top of things as far as ensuring that our car was repaired and in a very reasonable amount of time. This last time we used one of the Geico certified repair places. Our adjuster was so friendly and made sure he stayed in contact throughout the changes along w/ pics of their repair progress. We were provided a rental and did not have to worry about anything other than a standard deposit and contract.

In our last mishap, the driver was uninsured. We only paid the 250.00 deductible for the uninsured motorist and they have a whole dept that takes care of that for you to get reimbursement. Everyone has their pros and cons. One of the biggest cons are those insurance companies that you are trying to save a buck with. You definitely get pay for when you cut corners and wind up paying more than what you bargain for, Geico is straight forward and if they didn't cover it then you skipped over something when you signed on, Geico has saved my family a lot of unnecessary costs and inconveniences.

And they have been a blessing in disguise for an average family just trying to get through some hard economic times, don't knock it until you try it. Most poor reviews derive from lack of knowledge and cutting corners. READ BEFORE YOU COMMIT!

Insurance Policy Did Not Cover What I Was Told and Sold
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We purchased a renter's insurance policy from Geico, but when we went to file a claim for water damage to my personal property, Liberty Mutual, who picked up the policy, told me that all that was covered was for water damage from bursting pipes. Meanwhile, Jeff **, one of the muckity mucks from Geico, told me that no one would pay, because all that was covered was for damage from water coming in from blown off shingles.

Yet when we call the Geico sales line, each time without fail we are told the same thing when asking about a new policy — that all water damage is covered, other than if one lives in a flood zone or if war breaks out. We have been documenting all such sales pitches. The bottom line is, you don't get what you pay for and they take no responsibility for their poorly-trained, overzealous sales staff. Apparently the talking gecko isn't the only lizard that works for their company.

Insurance Doubled due to REMOVING Vehicle from Policy
By -

I called Geico a few minutes ago to remove a vehicle from our policy which was sold. I was then informed that our policy would double due to losing our multi-vehicle discount. This is absolute rubbish as it did not discount our policy very much at all when the second vehicle was added. In fact our rates did not significantly go up or down. This is the only change I made to the policy. There have been no accidents, violations, or any other reason for the rates to change. Just the selling of one vehicle.

As far as I can tell they are a bunch of crooks and it is time to find a different insurance company. Geico will take any excuse to raise your rates and steal your hard earned money from you. If you do not already have Geico -- do not insure with them or you will be sorry!!! If you have Geico already -- get out as fast as you can!!

No Customer Care Or Service
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Ladies and gentlemen do not use Geico. After having my policy for one year instead of my rates going down they went up. The previous year I had no tickets or accidents and my driving history had been clear of both for over five years. When I called to find out why my rates had gone up they informed me it was because of the number of un-insured drivers in my area. So I inquired to see if this rate increased gave me better coverage for my moneys' worth and they replied "NO". Ladies and gentlemen when I pay my car insurance I paid by the 6 month block and out of four payments (2 years worth of coverage) I was late once by two days (and they charged me fifty dollars fee).

I then sold my car before moving from NY to IL and canceled my car insurance a week later. It has been six weeks and ten operators later and I still have not seen a refund check that is less than $150. The first operator that I spoke to was informed of my recent address change. I asked for the check to be mailed to my new address and they still mailed it to my old residence. All the operators tell me they can all have the check canceled and re-issued and over-nighted.

Well the cancellation of the check takes two to three business days, the re-issuing of the check takes one to two business days and then the over-nighting of the check actually takes two to three business days. Now here's the real kicker because of all the "FAST TRACK" processing they have to do they charge you $17.95.

Running over a stick is a collision
By -

Thursday Evening of February 18th I was driving home on a rural road. There was a stick or maybe it was a piece of metal in the road. I went around it, but the tire must have just hit the end, flipping it up and scratching the car and chipping the paint in a small area.

It looked worse in the night by flashlight than it is, but being concerned about the paint job as this is a new car and I don't want any rust to develop, and wanted to get the scratches removed, I called Geico, thinking this would be covered by Comprehensive. After talking to the initial representative, she wasn't sure so she transferred me to the claims person. It was only after telling her what happened, and answering her questions, she gave me a claim number and then she told me that this was a "Collision". I said that was ridiculous and if that's the case I don't want to proceed. Too late, it's now on my "record".

This is Stupid. I have had Geico for 9 years or more and have never filed a claim. In fact, I have not had an accident or a moving violation in 25 or 30 years. I am A GOOD DRIVER and should not have my name besmirched by road debris coming into contact with my car, and that the area can be fixed up with some touch up paint. I want to know if anyone knows of any way to force Geico to remove this "So Called Collision" from my record.

Beware When Selling Your Car
By -

A best friend of mine sold an "as is" older car almost 2 years ago... He recently received a letter from Geico claims suing him for damages of an accident that happened 2 hours after the documented sale. The new owner totaled the car in a snow storm shortly after taking delivery. He ran into a car insured by Geico insurance. Geico claims have contacted my friend for the damages to their insured auto?

Their position is that since the title had not been officially transferred at the license branch, that my friend is liable for the damages? The new purchaser has not helped to resolve Geico's claim so therefore Geico is suing my friend, the "previous owner" for these damages.

We are learning from local attorneys that this is a common exposure by dealerships and individuals. I think the DMV should set a precedent and properly educate all interested car owners/sellers... Geico's position is morally wrong!! I also think our local insurance department should regulate these inconsistencies.

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