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Splash Shield Under Engine
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I have owned 5 Lexus SUV, and loved them. I also owned 5 Lexus Ls 460 (l) and Loved them.

Service was always outstanding. I purchased a Toyota Sienna Van New 2011 Vin # 5TDYK3DCXBS162463 and have had problems with the front Splash Shield always making noise. They said it is too low and have had problems, but it's not covered by warranty.

I had to replace it at a cost to me over $285.00 It is my understanding that this is a design problem, and I should not be charged for this item.

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User Replies:
Skye on 04/03/2012:
Since you have proof it's a design flaw, take them to small claims court and let the judge hear your case.

Good luck!
Skye on 04/03/2012:
OP, I just found something interesting. Apparently, this was also a defect in 1961.
trmn8r on 04/03/2012:
well, Skye, that is a horse of another feather. The issue in that case was an opening in the splash guard was made in such a manner that a sharp edge was on it, and the plaintiff was injured running their hand across it...

To the OP, where did the information come from that this is a design flaw?
Skye on 04/03/2012:
Thanks Trm. I just was looking to see if I could find any information, since the op says it's a defect, and that's what came up. I didn't realize it was something totally different.
FoDaddy19 on 04/03/2012:
A design flaw doesn't necessarily mean there's reason for a recall. There's no perfectly designed car. I had Ford Thunderbird SC that went through a pair of front brake *discs* about every 8 months. Turns out Ford used undersized front brakes vs. the weight of the car, and they tended to warp very easily. It was a known issue for the 89-93 models IIRC, but there was never a recall issued.
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Deceptive Financing
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The dealer did not present me with all the financing options, particularly financing through Toyota. I could have received a better financing terms and rate through Toyota.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 04/04/2007:
Financing is often where they can make their money back for giving you a good deal on the sticker price... If you get an extra point on your loan, that would quickly erase the $1000 they just dropped off the price.
nancyinflorida on 04/21/2007:
I'm sorry that you feel you didn't get a good deal. I understand what you are going through, since I've been cheated by car dealers in the past.

However, in your case, you weren't very specific about how they were deceptive. Do you know for a fact that you could have qualified for a better rate? With all the information available online, it's really "caveat emptor" (buyer beware) when it comes to shopping for anything these days, especially when there's financing involved.

I went to Germain and the salesman was very nice, but I didn't like the rate from Toyota. I shopped around and got a much better rate through a credit union. The best way to finance is to get the loan before you go shopping or to check out Capital One or other sites for their best rates. I agree that the whole car buying experience stinks, but if your contract shows the price you paid, the rate and the term (how long) and the total interest with sales tax, etc., they weren't deceptive, just trying to make a bigger profit which is what almost every car dealer would do if you didn't do your homework which is unfortunate for consumers.
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