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Rip Offs
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I went online to check out health insurance companies. Within seconds I got a call from a company that promised no limits, no deductibles etc. etc. I was not told it was called Get Med 360, they have told me so many different names. I like an idiot gave them my debit card # which they took the money out immediately, then sent me cards. And it's not even an insurance company.

Beware. Do not take out this insurance. You will never get your money back. I have tried everything, even filed fraudulent charges at my bank. But because they have me on record saying "yes" to everything I will not get it back. Do your research before getting insurance. So many scammers out there just want to take your money.

Guaranteed Health Insurance advertised on XM radio
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I heard an ad on XM radio advertising guaranteed health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions. I called and talked to a lady who convinced me that she could get a policy for my wife who has a pre-existing condition for considerably less that the Texas High Risk Pool insurance that she currently has. She found a company and told me the name of the company (which I did not make note of), and told me she would send the company name and plan name in an e-mail (she never sent it). I did get an e-mail from her giving very sketchy information on plan benefits.

The company name on her e-mail was Fidelity Health Insurance. I was handed off to a person who was supposed to validate that I intended to buy insurance. He told me that if I answered any question "no" we would have to stop recording and start over so just go ahead and answer all questions "yes" and we could go back and fix anything after the recording session was over (this should have been a red flag!). Anyway to make a long story short, I called them back and told them to not charge my credit card until I had given them the go-ahead, that I wanted to think this over before proceeding.

You can guess the rest, they did charge my credit card (to a company called Patriot Trust - UC). I got an e-mail saying my wife was approved with an insurance company called GetMED 360 (a name never mentioned by the agent) and I am now working with my credit card company to have the charge removed. I did look up the GetMED 360 Platinum 500 plan online and it is a minimal level of insurance and is NOT a major medical plan. If my wife did have a serious problem it would be almost like having no insurance. And for anything not serious, the premiums would far exceed any payouts the plan would make.

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