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GHS Solutions Bites!
Posted by Buckstopshere on 10/06/2009
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- GHS promised after signing docs via internet, getting account access for payments, and his receiving my most current bills, I could "Relax". My bills were current up to Feb.09, but recession, layoff, and med. bills after losing insurance...not to mention putting our son thru the police academy, we needed a new plan. To avoid bankruptcy and not wanting to screw over our lenders, we liked what GHS had to say. DUMB! Oh, and he said nothing would go to collections. 6 months later, ring, ring! Guess who? No one had been called or paid a dime. Our money was socked away in their bank drawing interest. I cancelled and asked for a full refund for services of "O" being rendered. They said I can get less than half. Been a month and two weeks...nada. I've got a case with FLA's BBB, contacted Consumer Affairs, TASC, USOBA, The Attorney General in CA and FLA. Waiting for responses. The person in charge of GHS said the recorded tapes showed I was lying. But au contrere, those recordings would show THEIR guilt and my honesty. She also said she could send me a "written" transcript of the tapes. Ha! I said,"Sure, humor me!".

Well, she hasn't sent them yet. And why doesn't she send them to the BBB as proof?, Oh, because she's a liar. So, that's my case. Don't get screwed by GHS like I did and many others. They have a rating withe BBB alright. A BIG fat "F"! Check it out for yourself! Thanks for letting me rant!

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Posted by orangefishfishing on 2010-06-07:
I am very satisfied with GHS solutions. Many people who undergo debt settlement programs don't seem to know what they are getting into and want quick fixes. I was very happy paying my fees UP FRONT and knowing what I was going to pay versus having a moving target of a fee schedule. They worked with me on a payment plan to pay off over $100k in credit card debt. I have paid my fees, and have settled my first account at less than 1/2 what I owed. After a couple more settlements, I should be at the break even point. Even you add in potential interest payments, I am already way ahead. Remember that creditors are worse vultures than any settlement company could ever be. It's amazing how much they are willing to settle. I'll be tackling my one $50k credit card debt last. I'll be done in 4 years. Much better way out than bankruptcy. Last I saw, they had a B rating from BBB.
Posted by Wished I hadnt on 2012-02-05:
Wow Good for you cause I was in the plan for 2 yrs at which time I received a summons for court, A garnishment on my wages and now I am having to file bankruptcy- I have no other chose but to in order to clean up the 14,000.00 that was left with GHS and still outstanding, and oh by the way, when they settle with a company, pay the amount agreed to and drop GHS, you have to pay income tax on the debt cancellation.
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They Did Help
Posted by Rowelj on 04/24/2012
I joined GHS during the financial crisis of 2007 when my work hours were cut back significantly and I could not meet my financial obligations. I signed up to have $56000 credit card debt paid in 30 months which was accomplished by them. While it's true that credit card companies can sue you and, of course, GHS tells you quite often they do not offer legal services, I was quite pleased with them. The one credit card that did take me to court, I was allowed to use GHS as my arbitrator. In Oregon, these types of claims are automatically referred to arbitration.

While I did have to file my response with the court and indeed had to go to court, I found the court more than willing to pressure the credit card company to 'work' with me. You need to remember, it was THE CREDIT CARD company that ultimately sued me, GHS did arbitrate this bill to 66% of what my original balance. Remember it is the credit card company that is suing you not GHS. You are going to have to go to court and tell the judge "I know I owe these bills, I have retained a company to help me negotiate but it is the credit card company that isn't participating." I think the courts are tired of the credit card companies too. So what have I learned from all this. The banks are not looking out for your interest. The government is not looking out for your interest. In fact, unmentioned by anyone is that you have to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. The only one who can look out for you is you.

In the end, I am grateful for GHS. They helped me get back on my feet and take more responsibility for my finances. As for the foreigners working for them, find me a company that doesn't. Get the name of your representative and keep calling until you get him. You think dealing with the credit card company is any better. I laugh at your naivety.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-26:
The important thing is that you made the effort to address the debt problem and resolve it.
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Beware of GHS Solutions
Posted by Tiredofbeingcheated on 10/30/2009
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I had contacted GHS Solutions hoping that they would assist me in settling my debt. Based on their calculations they would withdraw $485.88 from my checking account on a monthly basis. The agreement that was sent to me states that the first month's withdrawal of $485.88 would include ALL bank fees. However after two withdrawals I informed them that I am no longer interested in their services. Seeing that they had done nothing for me I had expected in all good faith that at least some of my money would be refunded to me. I contacted the Compliance Director who informed me that I should sign a letter cancelling their services and she would examine my account and refund whatever was owed to me. However after I signed the cancellation note that was sent to me she informed me that there was no non-compliance issue so she could not help me. I have been requesting an original agreement which to date I cannot get as this would show that they are ripping me off. I also contacted TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) which I thought was supposed to protect the consumer. However they informed me that they cannot force GHS Solutions to give me back a refund they can only forward my emails and request that they respond to me. It is sad that consumers are always left out in the cold when it comes to these vultures. It is also sad that the companies that are supposed to force these vultures to act in good faith are always ineffective.
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Posted by orangefishfishing on 2010-06-07:
Debt settlement is not for the faint of heart. I realized this before I joined. I was initially in a debt consolidation program, and lost a job. I decided on GHS because it was the only company I could find where I could pay for the fees UP FRONT. I would rather know what I am paying, rather than have a moving target of a fee schedule. I was warned of the creditors that would come calling, but remember that your creditors are worse vultures than any settlment company could ever be. I had over $100k in credit card debt. I have paid my fees, and settled my first account at half of my owed amount. I will be at the break even point after a couple more settlments. If you look at interest payments alone, I am already ahead.
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GHS Solutions complaint
Posted by Tbogardus on 10/26/2009
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have been a victim of this so called program. They took over three grand from my account, basically did nothing, by the time I realized that this program was not going to work & cancelled my account it was too late! They had the nerve to send me a letter back stating they will refund me $194?? I mean let's be fair here, I understand, that they did an account set up, but let's get real, being charged $2880.00 for account set up?? After calling them (which they hung up on me twice) numerous times, and speaking to a so called refunds supervisor, at this point got no resolve from GHS Solutions. I am hoping someone out there can help me, or has been through this before. I am in serious debt, now I am out $3000, which I could have used for an attorney to help me out with this! I see that GHS Solutions has a lot of complaints online, and over 44 complaints with the better business bureau, down in Delray Beach Florida. I would like to talk to other victims of GHS Solutions shady program, maybe in numbers we can get a resolve.
After further research, I have found a article on GHS Solutions, pertaining to a law suit That Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank (Both are on my statements as handling the money). None of the companies are registered with the Kansas state banking commissioner as a legal credit services organization!


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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-10-26:
Are you a Kansas resident? If so, obviously they would have to refund you. If not, then it would be irrelevant and your contracts would have to be interpreted. Many companies offering financial services like these settlement plans, get most of their fees upfront. In a case like this, most settle outs aren't done for a couple years. Did you have the money ready to start settling and were they not able to negotiate a deal with your accounts?
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