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Under/Short - Filled Packages
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've been buying Gillette's Comfort Advantage Shve Gel for over two years at a local Costco in Colorado. For that time, it always seemed that the can still had unused product in it that would not dispense.

In March 2011, I decided to to verify if I was right or wrong. For March, April, and May, I weighed the can when new and when it would no longer dispense product. Every month, each can weighed in at 11.4 to 11.6 ounces. Every month the "empty can weighed 5.1 to 5.3 ounces.

The cans' labels all say there is a "net weight of 8.4 oz. Not true. Each of the three cans came up short an average of 5.1 ounces. That means I got the use of 6.5 ounces. I paid for 8.4 ounces. That's 22.6% less than than the label states.

We've all heard about packages shrinking so companies "don't have to raise prices." That, of course is a joke. If the package is smaller, but you pay the same price, isn't that a price increase?

This is the fist time I've had a company short-fill a container by that much, 22.6%. With my regular use of a can a month, I've been cheated out of more than 7 cans every year.

My cheaper can of Barbasol is a much reliable product. It actually delivers more than the net weight on the label.

Shame on you Procter & Gamble and Gillette.

New Gillette Series Shave Creme Can Does Not Work Properly
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- A new container of shaving gel does not dispense the product properly (actually not at all). This product is used regularly and there has not been a problem before.

I have had my Gillette Razor for 55 years, and it is still going strong.
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OLATHE, COLORADO -- I received my Gillette Razor in 1957 from my father. I then went into the service and still had my Gillette with me. To date I still use the same razor and it has never failed me. occasionally It is hard for me to find the blades. This razor has been good to me and I am now in my 70"s and I will never buy another brand of razor. Although I am sure I will never again have to purchase one because this one is 55 years old.

Collecting 1/2 cans of Fusion Shaving Gel
By -

I have been using this product for years and have found it head and shoulders (no pun intended) above the competition.

That is why I was so disappointed recently when I tried to shave with better than half a can left-but couldn't get it out. Whatever propels the gel had stopped working.

I hadn't had the problem before, so I simply bought a new can. Same problem.
I tried to send Gillette an email but their system to send one didn't work.

So I found out who was in charge of marketing and send him an email explaining the problem-twice!!

No response. They can come get those half full cans and shove them. Maybe that will help. I'll be sampling someone else's product.

Unsatisfied/very disappointed consumer
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I recently ran out of My favorite deordorant/Anti-perspirant (wild rain) I have been using this product for 15 plus years along with other of your Gillette products, and now I can not find this deordorant anywhere. I have searched several Walgreens, Walmart's, K-mart's, Target's, and even the Malls. I have had no luck what so ever. why is it I could find it anywhere at anytime and now I can't find it NO WHERE!!!!! DID MY SCENT FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH OR DO I NEED TO DRIVE TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE TO FIND IT???? I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW.. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS, BUT IF YOU WANT ME AND OTHER'S TO REMAIN CONSISTENT CONSUMERS OF YOUR PRODUCTS YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO BE CONTACTED MUCH EASIER THAN HAVING TO GO THROUGH OTHER WEB SITES TO COMPLAIN OR EVEN COMPLIMENT YOU ON YOUR PRODUCTS. ( I WANT MY SMELL GOOD BACK PLEASE). GILLETTE CLEAR GEL WILD RAIN..


Worst Quality of Gillette Mach3 blades - No response from company against quality complaint.
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MUMBAI, MISSISSIPPI -- Very lately I've noticed that when shaving with Gillette Mach3, the blades were extremely dull. At first I thought my beard was getting tougher, but after purchasing another brand, the difference was so good, I can't help but think that Gillette is deliberately selling dull blades in order to persuade their customers to switch to Fusion. This is a very cynical and unethical move on the part of Gillette, and I will never purchase their products again. In this regard I have sent three mails, but the Gillette never respond to the valued customer. If the same situation continues, finally the Gillette will be alone without customers. I request that The Union Government should take action and save the citizens .

The last time I'm using Gillette razors
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BOSTON,, MASSACHUSETTS -- Gillette is so arrogant it doesn't want to hear from its purchasers. The Mark 3, so name because it has three blades which are supposed to be held in place by the razor, but regularly fall out while shaving. You have to hold on to the blade with a couple of fingers while shaving, or the blades fall to the floor, into the sink or toilet. That's happened to me dozens of times, particularly when shaving my neck or jaw. Unbelievable, this once great American company leaves no possibility for any communication from we customers who pay their obscene bonuses. I'm sure the same is happening to millions of other men, and yet it wonders why its sales aren't better. Listen to the people once in while. You might learn something.

By -

I'll never buy another one of the Gillette products after watching the cheating actions of your advertising ambassador Theirri Henry.

I'm sure your global company really won't care about my opinion but your company by its association with Henry has been tarnished and this is my only means of protest.

High Prices
By -

The fusion blades are great and I have never had a better shave, but the cost of the blades keep going up and up now it cost you in Wal-Mart for 4 blades over $14.00.

I have not stop using the fusion and started a throwaway that does give me a good shave and last as long as the Fusion.

If Gillette wants me as a customer they must be more competitive with their products.

What a Shave
By -

WACO, TEXAS -- I know Gillette is a man's razor, but this is such a great blade.

It works wonders and is so much better than any shaver that is marketed for women.

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