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Girard Ford - Stay away from Girard Ford
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NORWICH, CONNECTICUT -- I bought a used car from Girard Ford with a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. First thing I noticed was there were no cupholder inserts (goes where the cupholders are meant to be) and no floormats. I asked the salesman and he said he would contact me when they were available with new ones. Then when I get home I realized the Emergency brake didn't work, and I need an emergency brake since the car I bought was a manual. I call and call again about the floormats and the cupholders but the salesman keeps saying he doesn't have them yet. I then stop by to get my e-brake fixed, which they actually fixed, but when I asked about my floormats and cupholders he says he still doesn't have them. Eventually I just buy my own floormats and cupholders. They were about 75 dollars out of my pocket, something not too expensive, but is exactly why they should have just paid for it.

Then a couple months later I find out I need new sway bar links which cost about 98 dollars. Turns out there is a 100 deductible I have to pay on anything covered by warranty. Something they didn't make clear when I bought the car, nor did they tell me that when I brought it in to get fixed. Of course they told me after they serviced my car, now owing them 98 dollars.
Within approximately 17,000 miles of owning the car I already need new front tires and an alignment. The car is Front Wheel Drive and the rear tires are worn on the inside meaning they rotated the tires while the car was still unaligned. Girard Ford said it was not covered since it was considered maintenance. But obviously they sold me a car that had already worn down tires and needed an alignment for a while.

Now a little while later when I apply the brakes my car shakes. Now I need to machine my rotors, which is also considered maintenance and not covered by the warranty. So instead I bring my car to get the rotors machined somewhere else. Shouldn't the rotors have been machined before the car was sold to me? According to them, it must be my aggressive driving.

About 8 months later my car is making noises somewhere from the suspension when I take a right turn. I bring it to them and say it's my brakes, put on new brakes, rotors and a brake fluid flush, costing me over 500 dollars. Later on I can still here the noise when I take right turns. I call Girard Ford and they say it's probably my worn down rear tires making the noise. So I get new rear tires and it still makes the noise. Now the warranty has expired and have no chance of getting them to do it under warranty.

And above all this when I changed the oil for the first time after buying the car, the oil was burnt, black, and thin. I'm guessing they didn't change the oil either.
Beware of Girard
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NORWICH, CONNECTICUT -- We purchased a used car from Girard Ford. 450 West Thames Street Norwich CT. 06360 They said they would clean the black seeds off of it. We purchased it and brought it back to have it cleaned up as instructed.

First trip back they replaced the front brakes making them sound like finger nails on a chalkboard and said they did not have time to get too cleaning the black seeds off the car. They insisted the brakes were a safety thing and had to be done due to there concern. The screeching should stop after they wore in. Problems persisted for the next six hundred miles. Girard still refused to do anything to fix them and I had new pads put on at another place.

Second trip back the car was dropped off and they removed the seeds with sand paper! Leaving scratches all over the car. They could do nothing about the brakes. Bring it back again.

Third trip back to buff out the scratches from were the seeds were. They replaced the rear end because they had a wreaked one that looked better? Claimed they knew nothing of the scratches and they would need the car for another week after having it for nine days. We could keep the loaner car until it was done. They wanted it to be nice for us and the salesman no longer worked there.

Made a Fourth trip back on day twelve due to insurance on loaner was expired. We noticed the expired insurance on the new loaner car and did not want to get stuck with the bill if any thing happened Girard seemed unconcerned. Then I noticed my car was still not getting any thing done to fix my car. I was given more run around by sales manager asked for my keys back and took the car to a reputable dealer.

The fun and games played by Girard reminded me of a shell game. With the car always being the loser. I had new tires and rims put on it along with an alignment before Girard replaced the rear end. I asked the other two shops that had worked or looked at it. Why Girard would replace a rear end on that front wheel drive car and they had no clue either. Due to the replacement of the rear end the rear struts made sounds at every bump on the New England roads. I had to pay for the new struts and another alignment at another shop.

Every trip back to Girard resulted in more damage done to the Vehicle. Talked to the service manager about the rear end and now the strut problems and was told he showed no record of it being done. Plus his work order from the sales manager said to do nothing to fix the scratches. Paper work was lost and records misplaced along with knowledge of what was going on. I also got to pay for a new paint job! Moral of my experience is BEWARE OF GIRARD! Hope this saves someone else from the shell game Girard likes to play. Todd
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