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GM - Executive Services - (Aka) Customer Service - or CEO's Yes Men
By -

MT.VERNON, ILLINOIS -- My wife and I have personally owned 23 different General Motors Cars and Trucks over the last 35 years. I can say that YES I WAS a LOYAL General Motors CUSTOMER. I also can say "YES I CAN" switch to another manufacturer.

NOW: On to the problem at hand. My 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche has what GM refers to as NO START. Since September 3rd of 2008, my Avalanche has had 6 NO START occurrences. It has been in the shop for each and every occurrence for diagnosis, evaluation, and even for the installation of a BLACK BOX DATA RECOVERY Tool which (according to GM) will retrieve CODES from the vehicle to direct the repair technicians to the problems.

On DECEMBER 26th, 2008 my wife and I were returning home to Southern Illinois and had stopped at a shopping mall for no longer than 1/2 hour. Upon exiting the mall and approaching the vehicle I found the Avalanche to be in the usual NO START condition. No happy faces for my wife or for me. The temperature was in the 20s with wind chill at (who knows). After a wait of 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours, the vehicle is towed to the closest Chevrolet Dealership. Did I mention that the roads were solid sheets of ice from the previous day's rain. Sorry off the topic again.

This dealership could not jump start the vehicle to get it to run. After several minutes of inspection and wire wiggling, an electrical connection was re-established. The technician at this dealership felt that an underhood fuse block was going open once the vehicle had been parked. (Note: All 6 occurrences were when vehicle HAD BEEN PARKED). If the dealership would have had one at hand they would have put it on the Avalanche. We left the dealership to make a no stops allowed return home. Good thing I gassed up the night before.

Our dealership was aware of the above occurrence due to our contacting them at the time of the incident. They were also given a service record from the dealership entailing their technicians diagnosis of the problem (Our dealership at the behest of GM AREA SERVICE MANAGEMENT has been looking for (UNKNOWN CAUSE of Electrical Drain)). The magical DATA recovery device recorded NOTHING. Yes, I said NOTHING. Bear in mind that the dealership by Chicago said the problem was OPEN CIRCUIT, not UNKNOWN ELECTRICAL DRAIN.

At first the magical electrical data black box was removed as it was diagnosed as being useless. Ah but the area service representative said ("The Data Recovery Box MUST BE PUT BACK ON SO IT CAN RECOVER THE CODES THAT ARE NEEDED TO FIX THE PROBLEM). I allowed this to be done.

On January 22nd, 2009 my wife and I were dining with friends at a local restaurant. Upon leaving the restaurant, it (THE AVALANCHE) was in FULL NO START condition. I would like to say that we buried it there after giving it last rites, but no GM wants their precious codes from THE MAGIC BOX - DATA RECOVERY SYSTEM. We were taken home by our friends and the AVALANCHE remained in the parking lot until the dealership could pick it up. Now you have the history.

NOW YOU GET THE NO WAY - GM BUYBACK PROGRAM FINE TUNED FROM GM's EXECUTIVE OFFICES. I have spoken with 2 different EXECUTIVE OFFICES personnel and the response has been the same from both (1 male and 1 female worker). This stated response is from the evaluation of the area service representative and the following is his and their current stance. "The customer will continue to drive his vehicle even if it continues to fail to start, until such time as the black box data recovery box has retrieved the codes we need to further assess the problem to repair the vehicle for the customer and THERE WILL BE NO BUYBACK" - PERIOD!!!

HELLO, HELLO. Is there anybody @ GM executive offices listening to this? YOUR POLICY BEING ENFORCED IN A MANNER THAT SOUND AS IF YOU ARE GESTAPO. Please excuse me if I am a skeptic. WAKE UP GM. You are losing customers each and every day. WHY IS THAT? Well your data recovery box isn't going to recover data for electrical drain if it is an open circuit problem which was the case for the Chicago area case and for the last incident which was caused by your own magical box data recovery device.

Am I P.O.ed at GM. You betcha I am. After 35 years of purchasing motor vehicles from GM only to be told "you will have to keep driving it until we get the codes we need to fix the problem" AND THAT THERE WILL BE NO BUYBACK. PERIOD. That is sheer crap. I posed this question to the young lady from executive offices. "If this were your car leaving you stranded hundreds of miles from your home, would you like the verbatim response that you give to me and to other customers?"

Sadly her response was that she is NOT allowed to respond to that question, and with that she said "SIR, IS THERE ANYTHING MORE THAT GM CAN DO FOR YOU?" I replied to her that "NO talking to you or anyone else at EXECUTIVE OFFICES, would be pointless". With that I hung up. Anyone else out there getting the stiff arm from GM on legit Lemon Law problems that GM won't address without you being represented by an attorney??? Sorry for the length of this post.

GM - Terrible Customer Service
By -

I am having the WORST customer service experience of my life with General Motors! Before I start, let me say I've LOVED my vehicle for the last 4 years I have owned it. I have also been a die-hard believer in Chevy Vehicles all my life!

My Avalanche has leaked coolant for the last 2 years but 3 mechanics and 2 dealers have no idea why. 12/10/2009, it got VERY bad (gallon every 4 days) and I took it to the Lynn MA dealer. They told me $1k-3k to replace the head gasket. Two days later, after opening it up, they said $3800 for two cracked heads. 12/17, when it was supposed to be ready I went by and they said $5500 for new engine because no heads are in stock ANYWHERE in the US. Being without a car for 8 days is costing me a FORTUNE in transportation fees and they can't even tell me when the truck will be fixed!

I was told to call a GM regional manager. Called and told it was elevated to someone else. ** won't return my calls for last 2 days. Called 800-222-1020 and was told ** will call me in 1 hour. An hour and a half later I called back and they said she was scheduled to talk to me between 4pm and 6pm. No call. Called the next day and told she would call me tonight (Friday) 5pm-7pm. But, frankly, I don't believe it!

Talked to 3 reps, who just put me through to **'s voice mail or put me on hold until the phone hung up. When I asked for a supervisor they argued with me that I didn't need to talk to one and eventually put me on hold until the line disconnected. Finally ** (a supervisor) called me back and all she could say is ** will call me at 5-7pm.

I don't even know WHAT ** is addressing: the inventory issue on the headers; the run around from the dealer requiring a new engine; or the fact that the engine died at 100k miles on a $40k vehicle despite all recommended maintenance being done on the vehicle when other brands last 150-300k. Can't even TALK to someone about WHAT they are looking into or elevating.

I have been a Chevy customer for 5 vehicles and 20+ years and my household currently owns two Chevys. But clearly the quality of the vehicles and customer service has declined SIGNIFICANTLY!!! At this point I see no reason to remain a customer of this company any longer. I never thought I would say this but, at this point, it looks like I'll have to start buying Hyundai, Honda or Toyotas. They have cheaper cars, better gas mileage, last longer and NOW have better customer service. Clearly the US automotive industry has lost in this market.

Avalanche Door Handle
By -

I bought my 2007 Avalanche new in 2007. The driver's side door handle became loose within 18 months and had to be replaced. A few months later, the passenger front door handle did the same thing. When I asked the dealer about it, they said it was a defect. At the time, my Avalanche had about 30,000 miles on it so it was under warranty.

I asked about the rear door handles being replaced and was told they could not replace until they became an issue. Now at 48,000 miles and out of warranty, the passenger side rear door handle is loose and I am sure the remaining handle will do the same thing soon. I can't wait to see how much this is going to cost me!!

Chevy Avalanche Coming Unglued
By -

PO BOX 33170, MICHIGAN -- The following mechanical/structural problems on my 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ occurring between 36,000-40,000 miles (just out of warranty). This truck has been well maintained, driven and kept in excellent condition at all times.

  1. Lumbar support in driver's side seat stopped working. When I went to the dealership they said this was a common problem in these trucks and they could fix it for 400-500 dollars.

  2. I noticed a crack in the dashboard one day suddenly on the passenger side, front left corner of the airbag insert about 3 inches long. When I researched this problem, at least 7 other Chevrolet Avalanche owners that I could find online, had the exact same problem in the exact same spot. This tells me that this is a design flaw.

  3. The check engine light suddenly went on one day while driving. It gave me an indicator code that the gas cap and/or the oxygen sensor valve had failed.

  4. Studs started snapping off the hubs of the truck while driving on the freeway. This indicates to me that there is some seriously cheap steel they used to build the truck - BIG SAFETY PROBLEM!

I've had GM products all my life since I started driving. This is by far the biggest lemon I have ever owned. The truck is obviously falling apart at the seams and will never make 100,000 miles.

Poor Quality
By -

IOWA -- I have a 2009 Avalanche. The front wheel wells have plastic inserts to hold the cover in place. I drove in snow and the plastic inserts popped loose. I was told it wasn't covered under warranty because I drove in snow. What a novel answer to drive in snow, in Iowa in the winter.

Transmission Failure
By -

SCOTT DEPOT, WEST VIRGINIA -- I have purchased a 2003 Avalanche, and at 65000 miles while driving down the road third gear went out. At first I thought that it might be an electrical failure of the transmission solenoid. When I took it to the GM dealer I had to have my transmission replaced. After talking to several GM owners I found three that had the same problem. From what I understand the sun gear lets go and guts the transmission. GM has a problem and they are not addressing it. They would rather pass the cost over to the consumer and forget about it.

Bad Transmission
By -

GEORGIA -- I might be expecting too much, but I own an 04 Avalanche that I purchased new. It has 140k miles but has been serviced every 3k miles. The transmission was serviced every 35k miles per the recommendation of the dealership. On my way to Florida this week for Memorial Day vacation, the transmission went out. Next week I will hopefully pick up my truck with a new transmission and $4K dollars poorer. I am pissed that a modern day transmission can't last over 140k miles. Am I wrong to feel this way?

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