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Window Regulators
Posted by BigGolf on 10/05/2007
BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Owner of a 2004 Cadillac Deville:

VIN: 1G6KD54Y14U162411

Selling Dealer:
915 W HWY 50
O FALLON, IL 62269

Mileage: 70,226

Problem: All but one window regulator (Rt Front) has failed in the last three months and has required replacement. The dealer charges $550.00 per window to replace the regulators (just the regulator, motor is fine). Not only is that an extraordinary cost for the part and service, but the apparent design of the regulator does not indicate any great engineering accomplishment.

Should the windows on a $45K car fall down, especially given that at least the rear windows are rarely used??

What can I do?

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Posted by moneybags on 2007-10-05:
Had the same thing happen. Dealer wanted a fortune. Went to Safelite Autoglass where the charges varied (over 3 years on 3 windows) between $55 and $80. Price is probably more now, but try some of the local auto glass companies.
Posted by One-Eyed Willie on 2007-10-05:
My parent's Jeep Cherokee had it happen on two of their windows and a friend's Jeep Cherokee had it happen twice too, and like yours it seemed to happen all at once. I agree with moneybags if your warranty is up, stay away from the dealer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-05:
Shop around but don't use the cheapest estimate.
Good luck.
Posted by nstigator39 on 2007-10-05:
Well the auto companies ar buying the parts to put into the vehicles from off shore or wherever they can get them the cheapest and that leaves out QUALITY. They don'e seem to get it that people pay a lot of money for these vehicles and expect a quality product, but they are only hoping the cheap part will last beyond the warrenty period. They all buy where they can get them the cheapest, including, Toyoto and Honda.
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Safety issue, failure to stand behind their product, bad customer service
Posted by Unhappy Cadillac Escalade owner on 09/21/2008
FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have to ask anyone and everyone that has owned a Cadillac Escalade or any GMC vehicle if they think that their vehicle is a luxurious "accident waiting to happen."

I bought the vehicle Dec 17, 2003 and it was an 02. I felt like a million bucks leaving the dealership. I had a smile that went from ear to ear and an energy that said, "I love life"-until seven months later...

I had complained about a malfunction of the breaks. It felt as though the ABS was engaging. I don't know if you can remember the sound an old ten speed bike used to make when you switch gears-the vibration and sound is what occurred when I would apply my foot to the break.

At the time of my first complaint, I felt a delay and heard a sound when I applied the breaks-my truck did not come to a complete stop-it kept going. The dealership stated it was my tires. Obviously both GMC and its certified dealerships have not "FIXED" the problem so the issue has only gotten worse-I am afraid to drive it-its sitting pretty in the driveway.

Here is a list of the history-of the "Spontaneous acceleration. " That's right my truck actually accelerates when you apply the brakes!!

June 30, 2004
I had complained of the issues with my vehicle stopping. The dealership "fixed" the problem by putting on 4 brand new tires however did not describe "why" I was there in their "reasons" for diagnosing the tires being replaced .Therefore GMC is stating that the issues didn't actually occur or were not due to faulty/malfunctioning breaking system. Why should I be responsible for their documentation when I go in for service? Why would anyone have a second thought when someone who is "certified" is paid to diagnose and "fix" a problem?

June 15, 2005 I had the same breaking issues and complained again to the, Certified dealership. They "fixed" the issue and replaced the rear break pads, rotors and rear brake shoes.

June 16, 2006 Same issues/complaints of break malfunction. Certified dealership "fixed" the issue by replacing the front brake pads, resurfaced all four brake rotors

June 22, 2006 Complained about breaking issue. The certified dealership "Fixed" the problem by replacing the Hub Bearing, replaced both ABS sensors and both bearings. My vehicle had 75, 000 miles on it at the time and was still under the certified "preloved" warranty.

March 19, 2008 complained to GMC about the inability to stop since the warranty expired. Another certified dealership "Fixed" the breaking complaint with ANOTHER Hub bearing replacement. HHMM can you say HUB BEARING (I am guessing the part is defective)

September 18,2008 Spoke with the GMC representative which is like speaking to a well scripted robot who is trained to deflect blame and/or responsibility. After describing the issues of NOT being able to STOP and the malfunctioning of the vehicle where it accelerates, the GMC representative asked again, "So when do you have this issue?" I said the following:

"Have you been listening at all to what I have said? Putting your foot on the break should be a lot like blinking-we shouldn't have to think about it. When was the last time you had to worry if you stepped on the break that your vehicle will plow into the driver in front of you?"

The GMC representative said, "I don't-So why don't you want to drive it to get diagnosed?" -Get the picture? GMC and their customer service sucks.

I was told in the very beginning that if I took my vehicle anywhere else other
than a GMC certified technician or dealership-the warranty coverage for any
issues would be at risk. Also the system that they use to diagnose is
computerized. So if the computer doesn't say there is an issue-they meaning the GMC certified technicians assume there is "no issue".

When I called GMC in March of 2008 they
were more interested in my next GMC purchase than what I was trying to complain about? Like I would EVER buy another GMC piece of ***.

GMC kept reminding me that regardless of the number of attempts I have
made to fix this ongoing issue with my break malfunction and the money that I have spent(time away from work, rental cars)-They won't take responsibility for a vehicle that is no longer under warranty, a vehicle that is 6yrs old and 105k miles. I have been a responsible owner and have been diligent in the maintenance of it. The breaks are only one issue I have had with this truck-New radiator, new transmission, new ride control and another four tires when the Hub bearing was replaced the second time. Issues with the oil(lots of changes-not consistent with 2000 miles)

Companies like GMC hope that consumer complaints will fade away into the backdrop when the consumer gets so frustrated and "give up". I am not one of those people.

Here is a list of some of their excuses:
*"It could have been a fluke"
*"It could have been your driving
*"You know that's common at slow speeds-My response is this "So when I hit a pedestrian should I tell them that too?"
*"We are not familiar with that issue with spontaneous/unexpected acceleration"
*"You should warm up the vehicle before you drive less than 10 miles an hour"
*"The sound is your muffler"
*"There is no issue with the breaking system. we have not been able to duplicate your complaints, so there is nothing wrong"
"The resistance to break could be the way you are applying your foot to the break pedal"-WHAT????!!!

My favorite response from GMC:
"I am so sorry you feel that way, I wish there is something we could do but it's not covered under warranty anymore. Your vehicle was not on the recall list. Yes the year and make was but "your" vehicle was not on the list for the recall."-When did vehicles have social security numbers?

After my ordeal with GMC and the performance issues with my Escalade I am a firm believer that Fred Flintstone probably had a GMC and was the only one that was happy with their product. You see Fred Flintstone didn't care about breaks, airbags,stearing issues, seat belts, windshield wipers that could cause a fire, his car exploding, stalling on a highway....These are some of the many issues the public is raving about on the web regarding GMC vehicles and the safety issues that occur with all makes and models belonging to GMC.

I have filed a complaint with NHTSA and have contacted several newspapers and consumer advocates. Only one person actually helped-a little. A consumer reporter from NBC placed a call to GMC and now I have to deal with "The Executive office". When I asked the GMC representative what her title was she said, "Executive office". I can only assume that she is not someone that can help, just another line of defense to make the a disappointed consumer "go away quietly".

I have done so much searching on the web. The public outcry against GMC is overwhelming. SAFETY is not a priority GMC considers as important as the expensive crap it puts out for unknowing consumers. God help us all when they put out their electric car in 2010. Yippeee another disaster. Hopefully they will go bankrupt before they put out yet another vehicle with safety issues.

All I want is for GMC to pay me the book value of my truck so that I can buy another vehicle that is not GMC. (They won't even pay for a tow to get my vehicle diagnosed. ) It's no wonder that Americans are buying more foreign vehicles and GMC sales are not what they used to be.

It is hard for me to deal with the fact as a consumer that I spent $53,109.00 for the certified pre-loved vehicle prior to all the money I have spent in getting the breaks to operate properly.


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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-09-22:
I have an 07 that hasn't given me any problems in the year plus I've had it, nor have I heard of this with others. It frankly does sound like some sort of fluke unique to your vehicle they just can't figure out.
Posted by Aerocave on 2008-10-01:
First of all, GMC is a division of General Motors (you kept referring to GMC when you meant GM). I am not here to downplay your complaint; Rather, I am suprised that your selling dealer did not involve the Cadillac Service Manager in your particular case...if your history with the brakes is what you say it is. It appears that they did attempt to fix the issue or several occasions (which appear to be a year apart)...and I'm sure it was at no cost to you. Safety issues are taken very seriously by most dealers and most definitely by the manufacturers.

I beg to differ with your opinions on General Motor's customer service. You have to understand, that with any large company, the customer service people field thousands of calls--some legitment--and some that are simply out of line. What they typically do is field the call and attempt to find out the information--keep in mind they are not aware of the issue in most cases and have to ask questions--they will then call the dealer (some of these people are extremely persistant by the way) and continue to monitor and follow up as necessary. As a dealer, we will attempt to fix and involve the GM Service Manager and/or GM Technical Assistance on issues that we cannot duplicate or are not sure what to do. I'm assuming that happened here?

I have to say, in 15 years in the car business, I am not real familiar with "spontaneous acceleration" type of issues on any GM products--nor any vehicles for that matter--that actually panned out to be mechanical flaws of the vehicle. I'm not downplaying your frustration, nor am I doubting your complaint, its just that with 105k miles on a 6 year old vehicle--the help you possibly could have had from GM expired a couple years and thousands of miles ago...you can't blame GM now for not helping you--to me it seems like the issue should have been pressed harder a couple years ago and now that it wasn't, you're upset and want results, that quite honestly, aren't going to happen.

General Motors does build safe vehicles and they do care...unfortunately, some do have issues. However, we sell Hondas at our store as well--and they break too.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-10-01:
Since you've made several references to 'break issues,' what kind of issues were broken? :)
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Posted by on 11/16/2005
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Looking at General Motors' stock price I had to laugh today. It took a few years after my last GM product, but finally the chickens are coming home to roost.

First history of my GM purchases. 81 Chevy wagon with diesel engine. Problems: 2 broken valve lifters in the first week of operation; blown head gasket just 14 months later. GM would not repair head gasket because warranty had expired. There was later a successful class-action suit over these mis-engineered engines. (See the piston slap problem cited at the end of this rant to confirm that GM is still treating their customers like dirt. Some companies are too bone-headed to learn anything.)

Traded the GM diesel on an '83 Buick Park Avenue. At the end of the warranty period on the Buick, my folder of warranty repairs was more than an inch thick.

Bought an '86 Cadillac with the aluminum/cast iron engine. The #1 cam lobe wore completely off the camshaft at 53000 miles -- 3,000 miles after warranty was over. Additionally, the head-gasket had blown in three places. The service writer at Cadillac told me "it happens all the time." GM's response? A $2,000 coupon good on my next Cadillac purchase, and believe me, I wasted days on trying to get just the cost of my repairs covered. This Cadillac is the only car that left my family stranded at the side of the road on three different trips. NO WONDER THEY DEVELOPED ON-STAR! GM knew they more than any other manufacturer needed a way to rescue stranded motorists!

My next car was a 1993 Lexus. I have bought nothing but Lexii for the last 10 years, for myself and all family members. There has never been a problem which could not be fixed, or a time when the Lexus mechanics had to scratch their heads and say (as I saw the GM mechanics do at least 50% of the time I had a problem), "I'm not really sure how to fix that." I tried to buy American for 30 years, but after switching to Lexus - I have been able to drive without ever worrying about what is about to go wrong with my car and my cost of ownership is half of what it was with GM products. THAT IS FREEDOM!

More GM problems? Check out http://www.lemonlaw.com/gm-engine-problem.html for a recent horror show from GM. They say piston-slap is a problem on their expensive trucks. Their response now is the same as it was years ago to my Cadillac engine rebuild.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-11-16:
Shame, another example of a loyal American car buyer making the switch. GM use to build a car as good as anyone, and still can. They'd better turn things around quick though. Time is starting to work against them. I have never heard Lexii used as a Lexus plural, but it does sound good.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-16:
Yeah, they don't make 'em like they used to. The last GM product I owned was a '67 chevelle. Wasn't much of a show-piece, but it ran well and the backseat was spacious!
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Poor product quality in Cadillac
Posted by Never-again-ed on 12/10/2010
I bought a Cadillac STS and thought I was getting a quality product, backed up by a quality organization - I was wrong on both accounts.

At 40k miles my STS Northstar engine began burning oil - lots of it. Not a leak anywhere. Not a drop on the garage floor. At 42k miles the oil consumption reached a level of 1 Qt for every 700 miles.

I took it to the local dealer, only to be told that they would not repair an engine that was "normal" I said - you have to be kidding - I have never had an engine that consumed a QT of oil every 700 miles and it was considered "normal". This is the equivalent of adding a GALLON OF OIL between 3500 mile oil changes.

The service mgr took me to his office, pulled out a service bulletin that read: "unless your Northstar engine consumes oil at the rate of 1 Qt per 500 miles or less; it is considered normal".

Totally unacceptable - I will NEVER BY A GM PRODUCT OF ANY SORT EVER AGAIN.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-10:
There is a LOT of information on oil consumption in the Northstar engine. I spent only 4 minutes reading.

First of all, if a motor runs fine there isn't a reason to tear it apart just to fix oil consumption. This assumes ugly smoke isn't billowing out the exhaust.

Second, the Northstar is a high performance engine - it likes to be pushed hard once awhile. Like almost redline. Puttering around all the time will lead to higher oil consumption. You can halve your consumption by pushing the engine harder occasionally. I have the same issue with my turbo Volvos.

I don't know what you expect GM to do. Your car isn't leaking oil and evidently runs fine.
Posted by butch cole on 2012-02-21:
The only way to fix that problem is to buy a japannese car,they care what they make/sell,GM doesn't.no matter what the idiot said above,oil consumption is poor quality.Get a trouble free Lexus or infinity,you'll be glad you did.
Posted by Keith Fontaine on 2012-11-30:
A quart of oil for every 700 miles is totally unacceptable in my books. If it's not leaking oil, like the man says, then it's oil getting into the combustion chamber and is being burned. Either worn valve guides or worn rings, or, it's an engine that has been shoddily assembled!
Posted by jeff on 2013-06-13:
i will admit north stars are a crap engine and very difficult tol work on but however gm makes a great deal of good engines and cars you could buy a lexus or infinity but we here in america dont need to be sending our money over seas. ever time u make a payment to toyota motor credit thats what ur doing the best thing to do is get a slightly better car and do ur home work before u buy
gm makes a great 4 cyl very little problems eco tech motor and it comes in equinox which is a fairly large vech and they run good and get great gas milage
Posted by John Vanderaerden on 2013-08-31:
We are supposed to be living in the number 1 industrialized country in the world, it is unaceptable that one of the greatest auto makers in the world produce and sell a engine known to comsume and leaking oil before the 100 000 miles and use it in one of the emblematic cars representing our country in the world, like cadillac does building limos for our president, it is a shame and GM must pay for that, my family has been loyal to gm for almost 70 years, not anymore, Lincoln town cars from now on.l

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Cadillac Cost of ownership Prohibitive
Posted by ExitGM on 03/29/2010
GM has not yet understood that customer satisfaction is primarily determined by cost of ownership. That is, the purchase price plus repair cost over a reasonable lifetime. The cost of ownership of this Cadillac is substantially higher than the purchase price after only 60,000 miles of normal use. The blower unit went out after 21,000 miles. The plastic top of the dashboard separated from its glue and curled up after 40,000 miles. An electric window went out after 52,000 miles. Both left and right coils went out after 56,000 miles and a leaky water pump had to be replaced after 58,000 miles. The knee bolster under the steering column no longer stays on because all of the clip mounts that hold it in place have been broken by dealer mechanics.

It appears that GM has been caught up in "the sell the product at a loss and make money on the after sales parts" conundrum. Similar to selling ink jet printers below cost to make money selling expensive ink cartridges. When little or no money is made selling the car then the profit must come from selling parts at inflated prices. For example, when the cable that opens and closes the window breaks the entire window sub-assembly must be replaced at a cost of several hundred dollars. The cable that costs a few dollars cannot be replaced.

It is understood why sub-assemblies are replaced instead of individual parts because the number of parts required in inventory is significantly reduced. The problem is that reducing inventory cost by reducing parts with sub-assemblies is that the consumer pays much more for repair and the cost of ownership skyrockets. The service manager noted during the service review that they often service broken window cables so why does this problem persist? If a multi-hundred dollar sub-assembly must be replaced for a simple cable then shouldn't the cable problem be corrected? Or is it too profitable to sell an entire sub-assembly for a few hundred dollars caused by a broken cable that costs a few dollars? What happens to the sub-assembly that is replaced? Is it rebuilt with a new cable, returned to inventory and resold?

Another example is that the clip mounts used to hold on interior trim appears to be designed to break when the trim is removed. Each time a dealer mechanic removed the knee bolster for service they broke one or more clip mounts. Now there is only one clip barely holding the knee bolster on. The clips are not broken. The posts where the clips are mounted are broken. Because the posts are part of the knee bolster then the entire knee bolster must be replaced at a couple of hundred dollars because of a few broken plastic mounts. Wouldn't a little more plastic to make stronger mounts make more sense than having to replace an entire part after being removed 3 or 4 times? Or is it more profitable to sell the entire part for a couple of hundred dollars?

Relying on after sales parts and service for profitability is an indicator of a dying company. When a company cannot make profit from selling the product then surviving on after sales parts and service is only a temporary reprieve from failure. Eventually, the higher cost of owneship drives away customers so there is less product sold and less product to service. GM should stop selling inferior cars at a loss and relying on parts and service for profit and begin selling quality cars at a profit that require less service and lower the cost of ownerhip that increases the value of the car which in turn increases price and profitablility.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-03-30:
Good review.
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Never ending vehicle problems
Posted by Busa on 04/27/2007
OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Cadillac CTS for my wife in july of 2004. It was the 2005 model. Have had nothing but problems with it from the day we purchased it. It started out with problems on the On Star system, then went to problems with the engine missing caused by a sensor in the fuel tank or fuel cap. Went from that to problems with the motor in the sunroof which was replaced. Now having problems with the sunroof again and a Oil consumption problem. It is now at the dealers being ready to have the engine torn down and rebuilt. All for a car that's less than 3 years old and is only driven to work and home. These same problems have occurred more than once and continue to occur. We plan on getting rid of the auto after it's fixed and never to buy a Cadillac again. Probably never buy a GM vehicle.

Signed Fred
Oceanside, Ca
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Posted by poppapia on 2007-04-27:
Big surprise Toyota recently passed GM as the number one vehicle seller in the world.
Posted by dfields on 2007-04-28:
exactly poppapia! i wonder though...with many GM employees lined-up to be laid off, how many of them are sabotaging the vehicles? hmmmmmmmmm......

and lets not forget, Ford and Chrysler. not sure i would purchase a domestic vehicle, period!
Posted by lepearso on 2007-05-03:
It makes me sick that GM has done so much to destroy these brands that have so much tradition! Cadillac used be the standard of the world. Today, they're the perfect example of what not to be. Expensive cars with lousy workmanship and pitiful dealer service!
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Faulty Cable Wire for Power Windows in Cadillac
Posted by Jvgwp on 06/26/2013
MOULTRIE, GEORGIA -- The cable wire for the power windows in our 2003 Cadillac Deville has broken on all four windows. They cost almost $400.00 each. They have been breaking for years. We are told that we must roll the windows down every week for the lifetime of the car, or this will keep happening, which it has. Over and over again, these cables keep breaking. GM was aware of this problem back in 2005 and changed the material from stainless steel to a galvanized wire because the stainless was becoming oxidized and fragile. They expect this 86 year old elderly man who can only walk very short distances to go to his car and roll the windows down every week to prevent this problem.

My sister (had) a 2004 Cadillac that had the same problem and she was having to replace the cables twice a year. Another friend with a Buick is having the same problem. My husband is a WWII vet who served on the USS Hornet and was at the battle of Okinawa. This is how our elderly are treated by big business. He has used GM vehicles most of his life and should not have to go buy another car at 86 years of age when this car only has 50,000 miles on it. But he can't afford to be buying $400.00 cable wires every 2 years.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-26:
That sounds like something GM should find a fix for. However, the age and military record of the car owner has no relevance to the complaint.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-26:
If they replaced the broken part with the updated corrected part then this shouldn't be an issue, with that said, I don't see how lowering the windows will make any difference at all. The cable the supplies to power to the power window regulators shouldn't be moving at all regardless of the position of the windows.
Posted by jvgwp on 2013-06-28:
When the cable breaks, the window drops all the way down and you can't raise it back up. It sounds like a gun shot when it breaks. They can't replace the broken cable with the new galvanized material. They claim the new material cables cannot be used. The sizes are different, so they put the same faulty stainless cable in the car which again oxidize after a couple of years and break again.
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Front Head Rest
Posted by Jerrybeane1 on 01/18/2012
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- The front headrest are too large for the driver to see out of the passenger's side rear seat window. The headrest is too large and it needs to be smaller. We have owned Cadillac's since 1985 and this one is the worse one we have had due to the front headrest. I cannot understand the department of transportation approving such a large headrest.

The internet is full of people complaining about them. No shop will due anything about them due to the possible liability to remove them and/or cut them down for better visual use.

Can anyone do anything?

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-18:
I don't believe so. No, you would never get anyone reputable to modify them, due to liability. If they did, and one failed in an accident, they could kiss their business goodbye.

The manufacturer's reply to this would be to use your mirrors, as wrong as that may seem.

Posted by razzle on 2012-01-19:
All headrest that I know of pull out. Just hold the tab in on the plastic collar around the hole of one on the rods and pull it out. Put it in when you have a passenger.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-01-19:
The larger headrests you see in newer car cars are there for saftey standards. And yes no outfit will touch them due to the liability issues.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-01-19:
I would think that the distance between the holes in which the headrest is inserted, would be of similar size for all vehicles manufactered by cadillac. Go to a junk yard, find another, older cadillac with similar interior color and fabric, buy their smaller headrests, insert them in your car, probalem solved. If you cannot find the exact same color, etc., take the junkyard headrest to an automotive upholstery shop and have them covered to match your car. (You could also probable buy them new from the dealer, but that wouild be more expensive.)
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Posted by Discontent on 06/01/2010
Since a young person I wanted a Cadillac. After having 4 of them, 1994, 1998, 2004, 2005 I will not buy another Cadillac or a Chevrolet product. All the trans axles have had to be replaced or leaking causing a high maintenance cost. Out of six Chevrolet pick ups in the fleet 3 were in the shop at the same time having the transmissions replaced, one with only 12000 miles on it. This year when I buy our next vehicle in won't be a GM product
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Posted by Augustus2099 on 2010-08-09:
I have never liked a Cadillac and never will because my best friend got one brand new and the car failed after 500 miles He used the Lemon laws to get a new car He bought a Nissan Maxima and said they are better than a Cadillac.
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GM Warranty Owners Beware
Posted by TurboRed on 03/29/2010
Now if you read this entire ordeal you would see my frustration. It is a bit long, so here is a summary of problems.

1. A dealership not paying attention to its customer or their car issues
2. Being stuck 300 miles from home due to that lack of attention
3. Not being able to locate my vehicle for 15.5 hours after being towed
4. Told to pay for a problem that was never fixed the first time
5. Having 3 different people at GMPP say that my deductible has been waived
6. Being told by the dealership, they won't release the car without paying the deductible. After speaking to 1 person at GMPP.
7. Having to get money back that should never have been paid.

On 1/27/2010 I brought my Cadillac Escalade EXT (65,000 miles) to Avenue Chevrolet in Batavia, Illinois. My truck had several issues, but the main reason for going to the dealership was the vehicle stalling between first and second gear shifts. I explained to the service desk what the issues were. He didn't seem to fully listen to my complaints, but said it would all be taken care of.

He failed to write down that the gauges would stick. Especially the speedometer.

I returned to the dealership on 2/1/2010. I pay my $200 deductible, but talking to the mechanic he said they could not get the vehicle to stall out. I was told to drive it and bring the vehicle back if the problem persists. I left the shop and drove away(approx. 2 miles). It stalled twice. The mechanic hooked the diagnostics to the vehicle and there were no codes. I was again told to drive it around and if it comes back, to let them know.

Again, I left the dealership, and it stalled. There were three additional stalls bringing it back to the dealership. I recorded two times on video via my phone. The mechanic took the truck back. The next day I was told the truck is fine. A dirty speed sensor was to blame my problems.

On 2/16/10, my speedometer stuck and began to malfunction. When I brought it back to Avenue Chevrolet, service said I never complained about this issue and that wouldn't be covered. After speaking with GMPP and service, they took the truck back and replaced the instrument cluster.

Fast forward to 3/9/2010. I am in Detroit, Michigan when my truck stalls between first gear and second gear. After the vehicle stalled, it would not shift into fourth gear. I call GM to have my vehicle towed to the closest dealership, Les Stanford in Dearborn, MI.

The vehicle was towed by Metro Sales & Service, Inc at 7:30 PM EST. I was told to contact Les Stanford the next morning. Now, I am in Detroit, Michigan, 300 miles away from home without my car. The car that was said to be fixed, but has the same problems after being "fixed." I was able to get home borrowing a car.

I called the dealer on 3/10/10 at 9:10 AM EST to find out that, "...The vehicle is not at our dealership, we don't know where it is." I called Metro Sales & Service immediately. The operator says they can not get in contact with their tow agent and that he seems to have his phone turned off. I finally receive a call from the dealership at 10:53 AM EST saying that my vehicle just then arrived. So where was my truck between 7:30 PM to 10:53 AM EST the next day? Nobody would tell me what happened.

Now I am working with Brian, the Cadillac Service Manager. They have truck for about a week and a half. When he calls to tell me that the truck is done. They had to install a new regulator for first and second gear. (What should have been done the first time!) I am again to pay another $200 for the warranty deductible.

I contacted Tony at General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP) on 3/22/10 and explain the situation. Truck continues to stall even after it was "fixed." He tells me that his paperwork doesn't state transmission issues were ever documented. I explain that transmission issues were the real reason why I even went to the dealership. Tony tells me that he can waive the warranty deductible, but I need to fax him my invoice from the first dealership.

I faxed it on 3/23/10. I called Brian at Les Stanford on 3/25/10 to verify that he received the information from GMPP regarding my deductible. He said no. I called GMPP immediately and spoke with Peter. He said I was to have the dealer call their 800 number and give them my claim number. GMPP was to explain to the dealer that my deductible was indeed waived.

I called the dealer on 3/26/10 and left a message with instructions. Also, that the car would be picked up on 3/29/10. If there were any problems, CALL ME ASAP.

I have the car picked up on 3/29/10 and get a call from Brian. He states that he spoke with GMPP saying that the deductible was NEVER waived. The car would not be released without paying the deductible in full. I had friends doing me a HUGE favor and getting my vehicle for me. I said I'll just pay it and deal with GMPP. So I proceed with payment and the car is picked up.

Again, I call GMPP right after, and speak with Glenn. Glenn states that AGAIN that the deductible was waived and that whoever spoke to the dealer didn't read everything. Glenn said that below this claim with Les Stanford, it clearly said the deductible was WAIVED. Glenn then explains how I can get my deductible back from GMPP.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE. At 27, I have many years of driving and car buying. My next car is coming from anyone else other that General Motors.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-03-30:
Does Illinois (since you mentioned Batavia I'm guessing this is your residence) have a 'Lemon Law'? (you might check illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers/index.html)
Posted by jvgwp on 2013-06-28:
I believe your story. GM representatives could care less about there customers. My complaints were also ignored by GM. My husband has purchased nothing but GM products. Not any more. I'm looking for a new car now and feel as you do. Anything but a GM CAR.
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