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2007 Cobalt Hockey Puck
By -

I hate this car. I bought it new and a week later, the engine started knocking when you crank it. I have had it in 3 times to get that fixed. The first 2 times, they say they can't reproduce the noise. The last, they say it's typical GM knock and all of them do it. I asked him to show me on a new one and it wouldn't do it. He tells me I have 100000 mile warranty. If it blows up, they will fix it! It's embarrassing when it does it and some crappy attitude to have. The doors won't shut right and rubbed the paint off, the airbags stopped working, the signal lights won't work right among a bunch of problems and now it started leaking gas the other day.

The car stalls, I'm down to 12 mpg and it's using oil. I called GM and referred to a recall on 07 Cobalts for a cracked fuel pump module. My state is covered (only a small coverage area) but for some odd reason my VIN is not. They have called me 5 days in a row, it's like they are waiting to get the notice we died from inhaling the fumes or blew up. They want to get a $250 diagnosis so they can put it in the records in case they decide to issue a full recall. I shouldn't have to pay for your records. has many more complaints like mine.

It's really nice how every time something goes wrong I'm told it's because I put some type of gas in it or it's the wrong color or I drove under a pigeon while turning left on a Sunday, made it crack, and it's not their fault. But here, get this diagnosis out of your pocket so I can put it in the records. The part costs as much as the diagnosis, why would I do that? All I get is I'm sorrys and it should be covered, calls all the time with no information other than am I going to get the diagnosis. I hate this car!

I have a 1995 Thunderbird with 260000 miles on it that I've had forever, I guess I will be driving it again. At least I can depend on it. Maybe before somebody dies, GM will take responsibility and fix the death trap but I don't think they will.

Key Won't Turn In Ignition And No One Wants To Fix It
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- I purchased my Cobalt in 2006 and didn't have any problems with it, it seemed like a great first car. A year later I noticed that sometimes mostly during the winter, I could not turn my key in the driver's side door. I could not unlock my car from that side and would have to open the car from the passenger side and crawl over the seat to open my door. After getting into the car I would put the key in the ignition and it would do the same thing. The key will go into the ignition however it will not turn. This problem has not gone away and my car is only two years old. I have recently taken it back to the dealer to be fixed.

The first time I took it, they were rude and acted like I was crazy saying it was working fine when they checked it and all they did to fix it was lubricate the lock. Two weeks later it took me ten minutes to start my car after trying to turn the key in the ignition. I just took my car in again and was called today about the problems. The guy told me basically the same thing that it was working fine in the shop and that they believe it's just a bent key. NO KIDDING, it's bent from struggling with the lock everyday. So basically they are planning on doing nothing to fix my car other than lubricating the door again.

No wonder why the car dealerships in America are doing so bad, if they plan on making cars that break or have problems when they are only two years old then who would want to waste their money on them and then bring them in to be fixed, only to be treated rudely by people who just want your money. As soon as my payments are done, I'm buying a TOYOTA.

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