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Faulty Paint Job!
By -

I just bought a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix! And I am not too happy about the car I just bought. When I first got the car I took it over to a car wash and had them wash and clean it up for me. Well I noticed when they were drying the car off pieces of paint were coming off my car. Then I noticed it in other places where the paint on this car was just peeling right off.

The other day I was at my mechanics and went and had brakes put on my car and I happen to look up on the passenger side bottom rim and notice a piece of something hanging there. Well it look to me whoever painted this car forgot to take the piece of paper off and it got painted over. I know it's a piece of paper cause I took my fingers and folded it back up there to place.

I am like really disappointed and I feel I should get a new paint job because GM failed to paint this car correctly and whoever was working on the paint left the paper up there and painted right over it. I checked a carfax report on this car and seen nothing about a new paint job. SO this tells me that GM and their employees did a lousy job and was just trying to get the car painted as quickly and cheaply as possible thinking us consumers wouldn't notice what a lousy job they did.

I will never buy another GM car again just because of the paint job they did to my car. I feel this paint job needs to be redone and not at my expense. Paint is peeling right off in spots and on the passenger bottom beneath the door to the ground there is a piece of paper stuck there with Paint on it, and that piece of paper is still there. I am very disappointed and I got 3 yrs left to pay on this car!

And one more complaint I got on my car is when I make sharp left turns there is a squeak noise coming from somewhere and me and my mechanic cannot figure out where this noise is coming from. It's really annoying going down the road and when you turn left you hear squeakkk every single time and we have no idea where this noise is coming from. All I can say is I think I a piece of you know what!

General Motors Automobiles
By -

I purchased a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix two years ago. It just wished me a Merry Christmas with a repair quote of $850 to repair a lower intake gasket. After some research this has been a major problem with GM vehicles across many of its vehicle lineups. I am sorely disappointed in the quality and service GM has given over the years. A few days ago I traded it in for a Honda. It will be a long time before I can trust another American auto manufacturer. This hasn't been the first early death of an American car that I have owned.

Won't buy a Pontiac again
By -

LINCOLN, CALIFORNIA -- Bought a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe used in 2003. Had only 45K miles, ran good (then) and was generally happy with the overall performance of the vehicle. Then all kinds of things started to go wrong with the car. First electrical problems blowing fuses and now when I start it up, it runs OK till the engine warms up then it loses all power. Thought it was the tranny but a diagnostic found nothing.

Then to the dealership where purchased who promptly sent me to the Pontiac dealership itself and they wanted $300 just to check into it. So I took it to the nearest auto repair facility and they charged me $80 to tell me what I already knew about the car, loss of power. Too bad I can't suspend the payments while I try to find the money/time to get this lemon fixed. Second GM product and will be my last. Going back to Japanese.

Oh, in case you're wondering, GM is a big company and I don't have all day to sit on the phone and jump through hoops just to talk to a rep who will eventually tell me it isn't their problem. And we all know that's exactly what will happen.

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