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Bad Accelerator Sensor Pedal on 2009 Chevrolet Impala. Recall?
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DETROIT -- My issue was that I was four months into driving my new 2009 Chevy Impala and while driving on the highway driving 65mph my car showed flashing signal reading "engine reduced speed" "check stabilitrak" and my check engine was on. This all happened yesterday. After researching and hearing complaints about GM and how they are charging people anywhere from $250 - $600. We decided to take matters into our own hands. Once this happens you must fix it right away or it could lead to transmission issues. We took my car to autozone had they run a FREE test on my car order the accelerator pedal sensor which is $72.99 at autozone.

And my dad replaced it today within 5 minutes. My check engine light no longer on. My car is no longer jerking and there are no scary flashing signals! I can't believe GM did not send out a recall on that faulty part with all of these reviews. Customer service was not understanding at all. And also I had a very very hard time understanding a few of the employees that I spoke with. I have posted several reviews on General Motors and Chevrolet's Facebook page, but they manage to delete my posts but they do not respond. I still have yet to resolve my issue other than to wait on a recall from the NHTSA.

Poor Service Poor Treatment Warranty Worthless
By -

2002 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, FLORIDA -- I purchased a 2008 Chevy Impala in 2008. Soon after I bought it the first thing I noticed was the back bumper color was different. Then one day while washing the car, I noticed the paint on the front bumper was starting to peel off. I called the local dealer where I bought the car. They advised me to bring the car in right away. So I did that. They took pictures and the man said it was not a rock chip. They would contact me as soon as the representative came in (he hasn't to this very day).

Soon after that, I was diagnosed with a condition that I had to have surgery for. I was laid up for several months. I then moved to Florida and contacted GM by email about my problem. They had me go to Stingray Chevy only to have a service man there tell me the paint was lifted due to a rock chip (he pointed out a bubble in the paint which was adjacent the actual paint chip), then told me it was a rock chip and I could take it to their body shop and bill it to my insurance. I told him I would NOT do this as it was unacceptable.

I will never buy another GM product as long as I live and I have always owned GM cars. So long GM! Oh and until I get rid of this car, I am putting a nice big sign on the window of my car that says POOR SERVICE GM. DON'T BUY. I also wrote back to GM to let them know how it went and I've gotten no reply yet. By the way, even if I wanted to have the vehicle repaired, I would NOT give the money to GM. There are plenty of places that would treat me like a valuable customer, not accuse me of lying.

Then suggest I have a fix in which they make more money off me. NO thanks. I also think he would have treated a man differently. The back bumper should have been replaced to begin with and the front bumper should be repaired for the year or so I have had to wait for ANY response at all from GM. Not even a phone call in over a year for a customer. Yeah makes me want a GM car. Ha!

2008 Chevrolet Impala And Davidson Chevrolet (Dealer)
By -

ROME, NEW YORK -- On March 14, 2008 I purchased a new 2008 Chevy Impala from Davidson Chevrolet in Rome NY. Approximately 3000 miles on the car and less than 2 months later - the rotors began to shake my steering wheel. I took the car into the dealer for a diagnosis. They called me, told me they took my car for a ride and the front rotors needed to be resurfaced.

Now, I know I am a woman and all but if your diagnosis that the rotors are out of true, wouldn't you think that you would at least need to pull the wheel and look at the rotors? How did they know they only needed to be turned and not replaced? They must be psychic is all I can figure.

So I spoke with the service manager, the finance guy that sold me the car and told me how wonderful an experience I would have with this dealership (only until they got my cash!!!). I spoke with GM customer service and then lastly I spoke with the General Manager. It's uncanny how they all told me the same story - must be psychic again!! The dealership blamed GM and GM blamed the dealership. And the one who is left out is me. I have a 2 month old car with bad rotors and a dealer and GM who do not care. I was told to put myself in their shoes - are you kidding??? Who is the customer???

Its all big business and a country full of people who do not take pride in their work. Why do I have to have my rotors turned and put back on the car? That means that I now have 30,000 mile rotors on a 3,000 mile car.... It just seems so unfair - the car is new - it's not used - is 2 months old... I just can't wrap my brain around being treated in such a manner.

Will Never Buy a GM Car Again!
By -

I bought a new 2004 Impala. It came with a cassette player as standard equipment, not a CD player. I had to pay to upgrade to a CD player. I found it ridiculous that any car would come with a cassette player in 2004. Twice within the first year, I had to have the car picked up and delivered to the dealership by a flatbed truck because the ignition assembly locked up. In both cases, it was a defective assembly, not a matter of me being incapable of jiggling the steering wheel to unlock the ignition.

I finally sold the car and bought a 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. Now I have a great car! It has a much smoother transition, more power, a more comfortable suspension, equivalent gas mileage, for about the same price in 2008 dollars vs 2004 dollars. I won't be buying any GM cars ever again! If GM gives them away, I don't want one, plain and simple. Cadillacs are ugly, Chevrolets are poorly designed. Buicks are Chevys with a few more options on the same chassis, and I have no interest in a GMC truck! I knew 30 years ago that GM was a disaster because they tried to make too many brands, too many models and did very few, if any of them, well.

If GM had focused upon one car model for each class-category, and focused upon making the best model in the class-category, they may have succeeded. Instead, they chose to make cars that competed with their own models. Camaros and Firebirds were the same car! Why not make one model and make it better?? Sadly, I admit that GM is past history for me.

2002 Chevy Impala - A Major Disappointment
By -

I HATE our 2002 Chevy Impala. In 2003 my husband and I were so excited to buy our first 'grown-up' car. After months of research we finally decided to buy a 2002 Chevy Impala and what a MISTAKE it turned out to be. We were very pleased with our purchase for about 6 months, then we decided to take our 'dependable' car on a road trip from Maine to Kentucky for Christmas. We got all the way to Massachusetts (3 hours away) before we lost all acceleration and the check engine light came on. We took it to a shop and they replaced the fuel pump and something else ($600). Still would not accelerate. So then we had a tune-up ($500). Problem still not fixed.

So then a letter came from GM saying they were having a problem with the catalytic converter in Impalas. Had that replaced and guess what... STILL NOT FIXED!!!! We've been to several mechanics and NO ONE can figure it out. I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!! I will NEVER BUY A CHEVY OR GM CAR again and I caution you from doing so too!!!

By -

FREDONIA, NEW YORK -- The front seat headrests blocked my vision when backing up. I had them removed in order to prevent an accident. Now I have to worry about injuries in case of an accident esp. to any passengers. Also I only get 17 mpg. The government bailing out GM did nothing to improve their product, if anything it is worse. This was my fourth Chevy and the L A S T.

Lemon With a Capital L
By -

My dad loved his 1983 Impala so much that in 2003 we bought a White 2003 Chevrolet Impala. Almost immediately we had problems. The lights were too dim and plus the sixteen-inch tires were too expensive. On top of that we had to change the starter twice two years apart. And now the coolant temperature sensor is starting to go out on it. Ever since the car's warranty expired the engine temperature gauge goes between half and the red, and I just cranked the car. My dad is saying buying this car was a mistake.

By -

REPUBLIC, MISSOURI -- I also have purchased a 2004 Impala. I have to admit I was warned about GM paint before I purchased it (by the dealer may I say). The car is in perfect condition inside and out, except almost over night the hood of the car started peeling. It was worse every day. I took it to dealer, which gave me a hefty estimate of 970.00 to repaint the hood. The dealer said it was a bad top coat or sealer on the paint. Unless you want to add an additional thousand to the purchase price, I would suggest to get a different vehicle.

By -

TOWN IN CA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my 2004 Impala new and have what the service people at the Chevy dealer call a fluke car and a fluke every time I come in. The last time I was picking it up from the service shop at Chevy, the key got stuck before they could even give it back to me. Nothing more than a $537 repair. The warranty paid it. but I think GMC needs to build a better product. This car has had both outer tie rods, both front hubs, a rack and pinion, plus an intermediate shaft, all of which are life-threatening failures.

Even their service people said they are serious problems that could have caused a serious wreck, and stated the hubs shouldn't be out and can't explain why they went out. Then there's the transmission, a water pump, a heater and its parts, it never stops. Mind you it's all been under warranty but what's happened quality built to last. Oh I asked if fluke should be called dangerous car, they smiled. I think GMC needs to take apart this car to find out what's causing these flukes in case there's a life-threatening issue they missed when manufacturing the 2004 Impala.

Transmission Failure
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The transmission in my 2001 Impala blew up after only 38000 miles. Of course the warranty ran out 2000 miles and 6 months ago. I called the customer non-service and they said they would try to help. In the meantime, the dealer had called the GM rep. He offered at 75% / 25% split of the cost. Sounds good, right? Wrong. I pay 75%, they pay 25%. I figure at this rate they are still making money as the part markup is 30%.

The customer service rep got me an even better deal. They would pay 25%, I could pay 75%, but only if it "made me happy". If it was not going to "make me happy", they would pay nothing. Huh? So, due to the help of the customer rep, at least I get to be happy about paying $4000.00 for a new transmission. This from a customer that has driven GM cars for 25 years, and will never own another one.

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