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2008 Chevrolet Impala And Davidson Chevrolet (Dealer)
Posted by on
ROME, NEW YORK -- On March 14, 2008 I purchased a new 2008 Chevy Impala from Davidson Chevrolet in Rome NY. Approximately 3000 miles on the car and less than 2 months later - the rotors began to shake my steering wheel. I took the car into the dealer for a diagnosis. They called me, told me they took my car for a ride and the front rotors needed to be resurfaced.

Now, I know I am a woman and all but if you diagnosis that the rotors are out of true wouldn't you think that you would at least need to pull the wheel and look at the rotors? How did they know they only needed to be turned and not replaced? They must be psychic is all I can figure.

So I spoke with the service manager, the finance guy that sold me the car and told me how wonderful an experience I would have with this dealership (only until they got my cash!!!), I spoke with GM customer service and then lastly I spoke with the General Manager. Its uncanny how they all told me the same story - must be psychic again!! The dealership blamed GM and GM blamed the dealership. And the one who is left out is me. I have a 2 month old car with bad rotors and a dealer and GM who do not care. I was told to put myself in their shoes - are you kidding??? Who is the customer???

Its all big business and a country full of people who do not take pride in their work.

Why do I have to have my rotors turned and put back on the car? That means that I now have 30,000 mile rotors on a 3,000 mile car.... It just seems so unfair - the car is new - its not used - is 2 months old... I just can't wrap my brain around being treated in such a manner.
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Anonymous on 05/17/2008:
Your driving habits could come into play here. Do you drive with your left foot on the brake? The driving manual warns against hard braking at the first few hundred miles. There could be a number of things to look at here, however, the wheels should have been taken off and the rotors machined as a precautionary measure.
Anonymous on 05/17/2008:
You can diagnose warped rotors by driving the car, you do NOT need to pull the wheels off to determine this, and no you do not need to be psychic, just experienced.
Anonymous on 05/17/2008:
Rotors also can be warped by driving through a cold puddle after braking hard or riding the brakes down a hill. Once you heat those babies up, spalshing 'em with cold water repeatedly will warp 'em up fast.
Anonymous on 05/17/2008:
The OP does not say that the problem was not cured by turning the rotors. Therefore, their diagnosis was correct. They deserve a compliment for that. SloMo and Rick Shaw point out the two most common causes for premature rotor warpage...driver habit. If the problem redevelops, it is likely driver induced.
Lestat DeLioncourt on 08/20/2008:
Why is no one addressing the actual problem here? That was purchased two months before. Two Months?!?!?!? It doesn't matter whether the author above believes the rotors should have been replaced, or should have been turned. The point is there was something wrong with the car 2 MONTHS after she bought it. On top of that She had to be treated to less than good service when she brought it in. I can't believe they told her "Put yourself in our shoes", That's just ridiculous.
Tech2 on 10/13/2008:
Interesting story. I've been through the same situation. 2008 Chevy Impala with 3,000 miles on it come in and rotors needed to be resurfaced. Seems very unusual for the comsumer but as a Technician we have seen the problem so many times its common to diagnose only by looking. I've been working with GM for about a year now and had a few of these cases pass by me. Fragments from nature sometimes find their way into your brake pads and sometimes get stuck for some time causing indentations in your rotors which lead to uneven pad wear which then leaves to noises in braking. We make decisions to help prolong the life of the car and in most cases it brings lots more profits to the dealership causing them to appear shady. Respectively being in the field for the past year I can personally say its all done in good Faith!

Just a Techs 2 Cents!
Gallantron on 07/19/2009:
The 2008 Chevrolet Impala Has a braking problem the dealerships in Mississippi Already sent a letter to GM about recalling the vehicle.
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Bad Accelerator Sensor Pedal on 2009 Chevrolet Impala. Recall?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DETROIT -- My issue was that I was four months into driving my new 2009 Chevy Impala and while driving on the highway driving 65mph my car showed flashing signal reading "engine reduced speed" "check stabilitrack" and my check engine was on. This all happened yesterday. After researching and hearing complaints about GM and how they are charging people anywhere from $250 - $600. We decided to take matters into our own hands. Once this happens you must fix it right away or it could lead to transmission issues. We took my car to autozone had them run a FREE test on my car order the accelerator pedal sensor which is $72.99 at autozone. And my dad replaced it today within 5 minutes. My check engine light no longer on. My car is no longer jerking and there are no scary flashing signals! I can't believe GM did not send out a recall on that faulty part with all of these reviews. Customer service was not understanding at all.

And also I had a very very hard time understanding a few of the employees that I spoke with. I have posted several reviews on General Motors and Chevrolet's Facebook page, but they manage to delete my posts but they do not respond.

I still have yet to resolve my issue other than to wait on a recall from the NHTSA.
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trmn8r on 06/02/2013:
They must deem this to not be a safety recall issue. From what I see, some dealers will replace it for free, but that varies widely.

Having been through various premature failures over the years, I'd advise you to take this in stride. $73 is the best part of this - the stuff that died on me was $300 and up.

bcd on 06/02/2013:
This problem occurred yesterday on a new four-month-old 2009 car. Is the car four years or four months old?
GenuineNerd on 06/02/2013:
Had similar issues with a Chevrolet Express van I was driving for my job. The transmission acted jerky, and got "Service Stabilitrak" and "Service Traction Control" messages, as well as the ABS light coming on. And the problem would end up "correcting itself" after the van is parked, and the vehicle restarted, later. Then it would run fine, then the same issues crop up. I hate heavily computerized vehicles.
John Nicholson on 06/02/2013:
The more "bells and whistles" on a piece of hardware, like an appliance or car the more potential problems you will have and the costlier it will be to fix it. Just remember that many of these things are government mandated or an effort by the manufacturer to comply with some dictate of your friendly, caring government---like the tire inflation sensors now required. These things break and the customer who was forced to pay for them to begin with now has to pay to fix them. Just an example, but I also question the age of your car. I suspect you bought a used 2009 car with whom knows how many miles on it or how hard driven. As things age, things break. Just fix it and get on with life.
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Posted by on
2002 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, FLORIDA -- I purchased a 2008 Chevy Impala in 2008. Soon after I bought it the first thing I noticed was the back bumper color was different. Then one day while washing the car, I noticed the paint on the front bumper was starting to peel off. I called the local dealer where I bought the car. They advised me to bring the car in right away. So I did that. They took pictures and the man said it was not a rock chip. They would contact me as soon as the representative came in. (He hasn't to this very day.) Soon after that I was diagnosed with a condition that I had to have surgery for. I was laid up for several months. I then moved to Florida and contacted GM by email about my problem. They had me go to Stingray Chevy only to have a service man there tell me the paint was lifted due to a rock chip. ( he pointed out a bubble in the paint which was adjacent the actual paint chip), then told me it was a rock chip and I could take it to their body shop and bill it to my insurance. I told him I would NOT do this as it was unacceptable. I will never buy another GM product as long as I live and I have always owned GM cars. So long GM ! Oh and until I get rid of this car, I am putting a nice big sign on the window of my car that says POOR SERVICE GM. DON'T BUY. I also wrote back to GM to let them know how it went and I've gotten no reply yet. By the way even if I wanted to have the vehicle repaired, I would NOT give the money to GM. There are plenty of places that would treat me like a valuable customer, not accuse me of lying. Then suggest I have a fix in which they make more money off me. NO thanks. I also think he would have treated a man differently. The back bumper should have been replaced to begin with and the front bumper should be repaired for the year or so I have had to wait for ANY response at all from GM. Not even a phone call in over a year for a customer. Yeah makes me want a GM car. Ha!
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nstigator39 on 07/11/2009:
Your dealership might be one that is closing. They have no inclination to make sure you are a satisfied customer since they do not have to rely on return business. I have experienced the same at my Buick dealership in Livonia, Mi. As soon as they found out they were closing, the customer is at their mercy. I have seen no one address this issue yet, about the treatment of owners of vehicles under warranty and no getting cooperation from their dealership.
P.T.Barnum's walking advertisment on 07/12/2009:
I too have been the "victim" of GM rather than a customer.
All corporations have a registered agent which is on file at your state capital.Most states have some form of small claims court--in which to settle such matters that you describe ! Try a small claims lawsuit against BOTH the
dealer and GM. Bet you get a response ! I did !
P.S. you may be forced to use the GM arbitration process
prior to filing your dispute--don't be afraid because it is very user friendly,if you have to use it !
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Posted by on
FREDONIA, NEW YORK -- The front seat headrests blocked my vision when backing up. I had them removed in order to prevent an accident. Now I have to worry about injuries in case of an accident esp. to any passengers. Also I only get 17 mpg. The government bailing out GM did nothing to improve their product, if anything it is worse.

This was my fourth Chevy and the L A S T.
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azRider on 07/23/2011:
so when you got it did you test drive it, including backing up? did you look at the sticker and see what the MPG is?
MRM on 07/23/2011:
This is the second complaint on here with regards of blindspots in the Impala. You need to get used to the new vehicle or make some adjustments in the new vehicle.
Nohandle on 07/23/2011:
I had a vehicle years ago with a *blind spot* and it had nothing to do with adjustment of mirrors or that sort of thing. The first time I pulled out at a 45 degree angle I came so close to being hit that it spooked me. I honestly didn't see the other vehicle. On a trip and merging into traffic on an overpass would bring beads of sweat to my brow. If you've never experienced that sensation try it sometime.
madconsumer on 07/23/2011:
I recently spent 12 weeks between my home town and driving to culpeper va. my car of choice was the chevy implala. although I do agree with the headrest being an issue, I was able to learn to look around it. I really enjoyed driving the car, and handled very nicely.

most of the new car are all higher in the rear end, and preferring to drive a truck, that took some getting used to.
MRM on 07/23/2011:
On my vehicles, I put blindspot mirrors on the sideview mirrors. I can safely merge into traffic or change lanes without turning my head and focusing on traffic ahead.
Old Timer on 07/23/2011:
I hear complaints about the new Camaro's blind spots. But Chevy posted that the new Camaro would have blind spots due to its design. And yet people buy them and complain after they get them home???
trmn8r on 07/23/2011:
On my vehicles, I just press the gas and go. The other idiots need to GTHOOTW. That's what I do, but everyone has their own style.
Nohandle on 07/23/2011:
I saw a video quite a while back on how to adjust side mirrors. I'm telling you the car I had at the time had a blind spot that unless I had side mirrors protruding as far as a commercial trucker might have, I was out of luck. You absolutely cannot test drive a new vehicle under every imaginable condition unless the dealer agrees for you to keep it a month or so and then make your final decision for purchase. I don't know of any but feel free to share if you do.
trmn8r on 07/23/2011:
On the site, it lists as a downside "large blind spot" and a city mileage of 17-18, so your experience isn't out of whack with what others have noticed.

As others have pointed out, adjusting mirrors and seat position can improve lack of visibility. Not much you can do about gas mileage.
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Will never buy a GM car again !
Posted by on
I bought a new 2004 Impala. It came with a cassette
player as standard equipment, not a CD player. I had to pay to upgrade to a CD player. I found it ridiculous that any car would come with a cassette player in 2004. Twice within the first year, I had to have the car picked up and delivered to the dealership by a flatbed truck because the ignition assembly locked up. In both cases, it was a defective assembly, not a matter of me being incapable of jiggling the steering wheel to unlock the ignition. I finally sold the car and bought a 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. Now I have a great car ! It has a much smoother transition, more power, a more comfortable suspension, equivalent gas mileage, for about the same price in 2008 dollars vs 2004 dollars.
I won't be buying any GM cars ever again ! If GM gives them away, I don't want one, plain and simple. Cadillacs are ugly, Chevrolets
are poorly designed, Buicks are Chevys with a few more options on the same chassis, and I have no interest in a GMC truck ! I knew 30 years ago that GM was a disaster because they tried to make too many brands, too many models and did very few, if any of them well.
If GM had focused upon one car model for each class-category, and focused upon making the best model in the class-category, they may have succeeded. Instead, the chose to make cars that competed with their own models. Camaros and Firebirds were the same car ! Why not make one model and make it better ?? Sadly, I admit that GM is past history for me.
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memoryx57 on 09/18/2009:
A lot of people feel the same way as you do. You've made some very valid points. They seem to have finally seen the light however it makes me wonder if it's too little too late..
Good review
Anonymous on 09/18/2009:
I've owned a few American made cars, one of them a GM. Memory, for me it is too late. I will not purchase another GM car again. If the customer service had been good enough and they had made an effort to help with the problem, then maybe. But a failed product and failed customer servic That is two strikes. I will not go for a third.
Aerocave on 09/18/2009:
Hi John...Its been awhile! I still think you should give GM a chance...I'm not sure how long ago this was, but really, the products AND the customer service today simply cannot be compared to a situation that happened years me on that--I've seen quite a difference in 15 years. Just an example, today I had a customer who purchased a 2005 Buick Lacrosse...was upset that he had a water leak (now, I know what some are thinking, "Exactly, typical GM bad quality"--but our Honda's have water leaks sometimes too)...I contacted my Area Service Manager (he was out of warranty by a year and a half), and his response to me was, "Call the customer, get him scheduled, and take care of him." Honestly, we have more issues today with Honda approving things "out of warranty" than GM. Unfortunately, consumers just continue to live in the past. Bottom line: They all break.

I do agree, a cassette in 2004 is a bit "dated."
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2002 Chevy Impala-A MAJOR disappointment
Posted by on
I HATE our 2002 Chevy Impala. In 2003 my husband and I were so excited to buy our first 'grown-up' car. After months of research we finally decided to by a 2002 Chevy Impala and what a MISTAKE it turned out to be. We were very pleased with our purchase for about 6 months, then we decided to take our 'dependable' car on a road trip from Maine to Kentucky for Christmas. We got all the way to Massachusetts (3 hours away) before we lost all acceleration and the check engine light came on. We took it to a shop and they replaced the fuel pump and something else ($600). Still would not accelerate. So then we had a tune-up ($500). Problem still not fixed. So then a letter came from GM saying they were having a problem with the catalytic converter in Impalas. Had that replaced and guess what...STILL NOT FIXED!!!! We've been to several mechanics and NO ONE can figure out it out. I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!! I will NEVER BY A CHEVY OR GM CAR again and I caution you from doing so too!!!
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rush2112 on 07/18/2006:
I have a 2001 monte carlo and YES the Front pipe with the converters is a recall (Voluntary)>the problem may be with the ECM.The sealant that they are using is flimzy.They had this problem back in the late 80's and early 90's.I seen a lot of this as the HOT weather causes the pins inside to shift a little bit and when it gets cold you don't have good contact causing a poor running condition.
Anonymous on 07/18/2006:
RUSH may have a good point, you need to have the car put on diagnostics at a qualified repair center. I am leaning towards a bad TPS or MAP sensor. Good Luck
TedBear on 08/04/2006:
I am on my third cat converter. The Chevy Impala is under 75K. I am beginning to think it is not the converter. Had one recall when they replaced the intake manifold gasket.
Anonymous on 08/20/2006:
Dealer, you got to be kidding?
butch on 07/06/2011:
On GM cars there is a protection mode it will go into when the car over heats it stops firing certain cyl. to get the car to run cooler. In the process it loses power because of the cyl. that are not firing. In your case it can very well be the ecm malfuctioning and causing it to go into protection mode. just my two cents
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Lemon With a Capital L
Posted by on
My dad loved his 1983 Impala so much that in 2003 we bought a White 2003 Chevrolet Impala almost immediately we had problems the lights were too dim and plus the Sixteen inch tires were to expensive. On top of that we had to change the starter twice two years apart and now the coolant temperature sensor is starting to go out on it. Ever since the car's warranty expired the engine temperature gauge goes between half and the red and I just cranked the car. My dad Is saying buying this car was a mistake.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 07/03/2009:
after 6 years what do you expect?
old fart on 07/03/2009:
Gee, and folks wonder why the company is in bankruptcy.
Lets buy an overpriced piece of crap car and expect anything else?
Anonymous on 07/03/2009:
them are some ugly cars...

I agree OldF,they put out crap and dopey people came back for seconds and thirds..
Augustus2099 on 03/02/2011:
The fifth generation Impala has been hampered with problems. The Dexcool rusts out the Intake Manifold and which can cause the problems that this car is having. I know because I have been an advocate for the elimination of DEX COOL this is a bad product that GM has set up to Intentionally destroy cars because they want people coming back for more.
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Posted by on
REPUBLIC, MISSOURI -- I also have purchased a 2004 Impala. I have to admit I was warned about GM paint before I purchased it. (By the dealer may I say). The car is in perfect condition inside and out except almost over night the hood of the car started peeling. It was worse every day. I took it to dealer, which gave me a hefty estimate of 970.00 to repaint the hood.

The dealer said it was a bad top coat or sealer on the paint. Unless you want to add an additional Thousand to the purchase price I would suggest to get a different vehicle.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/18/2007:
GM seems to have had problems with paint for a while.
Good post, the dealer should be commended for giving you the information they did.
Thanks especially for not whining about it. (VH)
chemman on 12/18/2007:
Yeah, it seems GM has had problems with their paint for years. I had a 1999 Blazer that had rust spots appear all over it with the first few months. The dealer told me to buff it out, which I did and then it came back and they told me too bad.
Anonymous on 12/18/2007:
Back in the 1980's GM was repainting cars and trucks at GM's expense due to bad paint. Look around, maybe there is a paint re-call going on again? It was not easy to find re-call info last time so if it's out there it may be hard to find again. (VH post)
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Posted by on
TOWN IN CA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought my 2004 Impala new and have what the service people at the Chevy dealer call a fluke car and a fluke every time I come in. The last time I was picking it up from the service shop at Chevy the key got stuck before they could even give it back to me nothing more that a $537 repair the warranty paid it but I think GMC needs to build a better product. This car has had both outer tie rods both front hubs a rack and pinion plus an intermediate shaft all of which are life threatening failures even their service people said they are serious problems that could have caused a serious wreck and stated the hubs shouldn't be out and can't explain why they went out then theres the transmission a water pump a heater and its parts it never stops. Mind you its all been under warranty but what's happened quality built too last.

Oh I asked if fluke should be called dangerous car they smiled I think gmc needs to take apart this car to find out what's causing these flukes in case theres a life threatening issue they missed when manufacturing the 2004 Impala.
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User Replies:
Jop on 10/29/2007:
I have an Impala, 04 purchased new with 38000 miles. It has yet to be in the shop for anything. You may have a Lemon and I would check with your states laws to see if you have any recourse from the dealer. I did have the windshield changed because of the unusual glare. GM paid for it but they didn't want to.
Aerocave on 10/29/2007:
Lemon Law applies first 12 months/12000 miles. No recourse on that.

GMC is a division of General Motors by the way...I think you were referring to GM as GMC.
deedee11 on 10/29/2007:
I'm sure its a lemon but they call it a fluke
DAN AND CHERYL on 10/29/2007:
I agree it sounds like a lemon to me also as most impalas owners say there car is great very few problems especially safety related ones like that. This concerns me as a future buyer I was thinking about buying a 2008 impala but wanted to read all the reveiws I can on impala complaints and what's been done to fix them . One thing I have heard from many people is GMC never stands behind there mistake/lemon vehicles without hiring an attorney and if I owned a vehicle that put my family and others on the road at risk I'd hire an attorney its your duty to protect all of us your not the only one at risk here
Aerocave on 10/29/2007:
GM, as with most manufacturers, does attempt to settle "problem vehicles" as best that they can. Usually, they will offer trade assistance or a buy back in certain situations. As far as hiring an attorney for Lemon Law cases, I can understand why they would. We have customers sometimes complain and threaten the "lemon law" for all kinds of complaints, some justified and some ridiculous. The problem is, consumers sometimes classify a car with a few problems as a lemon and think that you simply call 1800mylemon and 24 hours later, they have a new car. It simply does not work that way. Every manufacturer has its share of problem cars or "flukes." Being involved in several buyback situations with our customers myself, I feel that GM will step up if it is justified...the entire lemon law process can be lengthy and expensive...and as I stated is not as "cut and dry" as many people think.
richard3 on 10/30/2007:
Hey heads up impalas are GM vehicles not GMC .The biggest problem is there's a made in Mexico sticker that should be slapped on those cars everyone keeps referring to lemons that's only for new cars fluke means just that. call the customer care center open a case so its documented just incase something's faulty with this vehicle make sure you save all repair work orders and take a name or two from the customer care request they put a note in the case stating your concerned with the safety of this car and feel it needs a full state inspection at there cost also open a case with the national transportation dept . and below is a web site on a class action lawsuit I seen against GM front end problems so they are aware some things not right with some of there cars sounds like you got one just remember document everything and the big bucks will come if something happens as a result of your front end. Best of luck
tammyrae on 10/30/2007:
I have a 2004 chevy impala with 56790 miles on it I've had it serviced at the dealer on time since it was new I'm having problems with the front end on my car also they have replaced the the intermediate shaft twice and read this stuff this seems to be a problem with the car the company is aware it has some kind of faulty thing with its front ends but the recall will cost more than paying out accident money to the owners is what I'm told. read some of these complaints also type in impala front end problems I have also had a rack and pinion replaced at 21000 miles I have filed a complaint with the
tammyrae on 10/30/2007:
keep contacting them
deedee11 on 10/30/2007:
Thank you I have filed a complaint with James Richards at the Chevy cares center 1-866-790-5700 ext 12378 I have a case no# and all that kind of stuff but in his very own words he said they are not service techs and as long as the car is working and appears to be fixed that's all I should be concerned with at this time so he's closing out the case . They called my dealer and tried to get answers for me while I was on the phone 3 way conversation on why this car has had all the problems its had like a transmission a heater and all the parts for it the rack and pinion the intermitted shaft both front hubs both front outer tie rods and so on they can't give an answer other than it was time
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
In California you can get help with the lemon law if the car has been back three times for the same problem. You can file long after 12 months or 12K miles but it has to be the same problem three or more times.
Aerocave on 10/30/2007:
I am not trying to be a jerk, but what ever happened to typing proper sentences? Do people simply not care about proper English anymore? I cannot hardly read some of these postings because they read like this:
I have called and opened a case on the rack and pinion and the ishaft and then they had a 3way conversation with the dealer to explain the problem on my impala but they said it was time and then theres the transmission so I am not happy with my impala there must be a problem with all impalas...blah blah blah.

Sorry, I realize this posting is not about proper English and sentence fragments, but it bothers me how of little importance this is anymore to some people. Either that, or they flunked English.

I have been holding back on this for sometime...could not hold in my feelings anymore!

Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Aerocave, sorry to let you in on this but a large number of people do not know what a grammar and spell checker is. We do let the worst offenders know when it's so bad we can't figure out what they said.
deedee11 on 10/30/2007:
sounds to me like Aerocave is just a cry baby because he can't defend the fact that the impala is a piece .... of Oh by the way today the impala had another front end problem needs to go back wow I'm shocked
jayj on 10/30/2007:
Who is this Aerocave judging someone's grammar or spelling on this site ? My guess a flaming idiot this is an automotive complaint site " NOT GRADE SCHOOL " Spellings NOT the issue.
I also have an 04 Impala with front end problems it's cost me over $1685 so far and the car only has 41000 miles on it plus my cd player just stopped working there's another $750 my hat is off to General Motors and another well built auto
moneybags2you on 10/30/2007:
I thought this was a user friendly site but from the looks of it, Aerocave works for General Motors and can't get a grip on his own life so he insults others to compensates for something missing in his life, and deedee1 should use spell check. Now back to the matter in hand my 2003 impala has a little over 34000 miles on it I bought it new in December of 2002. At 10100 miles the transmission went out, then the heater went out at 15000, my front hubs where just replaced at 30000 also I had to have the master cylinder replaced at 17600 the car has just started vibrating again my husband thinks its the rack and pin this time. For all of us lucky impala owners buy a kia next time I'm trading my impala for a new one next week The Kia offers a 10-year/100000-mile warranty
Anonymous on 10/31/2007:
This website has become a playground for idiots.
deedee11: Good luck with your problem vehicle.
Aerocave on 10/31/2007:
Whatever moneybags...If you actually would have read my posts you would realize that it is not about insulting other people, it is about stating facts.

I do not work for General Motors, I am the GSM of a GM-Honda store. I try to put forth any helpful information to help the consumers--yet I will also defend the manufacturers because, simply put, some consumers are extremely unrealistic at times.

Dedee, I am not trying to defend your car. It definitely sounds like you have had some serious issues, along with a few other people. You have taken the right steps. However, I have to say that I am a little surprised that, if you have truly had all of these issues (I am not saying I don't believe you), the dealer has not done more to get GM involved. I have been involved in these situations before and although we do not have the authority to offer trade assistance or a buyback as a dealer, if you continue to push your GM Area Service Manager enough, make them talk to the customer a few times, is surprising how GM suddenly wants to help.

moneybags2you on 10/31/2007:
bryano on 07/31/2011:
I agree. got a 2004 impala that has been nothing but trouble and a DAMN HEADACHE from day one we have had it.66000 miles on it 2 ignition switches put in ,one wheel hub put on,sun roof had to be fixed,intake gaskets put on,had trouble wearing inside of the tires out because of gm's specs with to much negative camber. so if you have a impala get the camber bolts put in the struts and when you get it aligned, tell the person who aligns it to set it at o degree camber on all 4 wheels with the tow in straight ahead and your tires will wear a lot better and last a lot longer.that what I done to ours and it worked very sum it up between the 1998 malibu,(that was a piece of shit also)and our 2004 impala.I WILL NEVER BUY GM PRODUCTS AGAIN.
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Transmission Failure
Posted by on
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The transmission in my 2001 Impala blew up after only 38000 miles. Of course the warranty ran out 2000 miles and 6 months ago. I called the customer non-service and they said they would try to help. In the mean time, the dealer had called the GM rep. He offered at 75% / 25% split of the cost. Sounds good right? Wrong. I pay 75%, they pay 25%. I figure at this rate they are still making money as the part markup is 30%
The customer service rep got me an even better deal. They would pay 25%, I could pay 75%, but only if it "made me happy". If it was not going to "make me happy", they would pay nothing. Huh?
So, do to the help of the customer rep, at least I get to be happy about paying $4000.00 for a new transmission. This from a customer that has criven GM cars for 25 years, and will never own another one.
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1hung2lo on 10/21/2004:
Seems you've been stuck with a lemon. Cut your losses and take it to a couple other shops to determine how bad your loss is going to be. I assume your warranty is not applicable. Don't listen to dealer representatives on here as they will direct you to their affiliated shops to get a commission. Seek counsel from friends, co-workers and online for shops in your areas who might remedy the problem for a fair price.
KramNation on 10/22/2004:
I once knew a guy that had a lemon of a car that the dealership wouldn’t do anything about. He made a big poster explaining the problem and lack of the dealerships response, and taped it to his car. He then parked his car as close to the dealership as he could, without parking in their lot. After a few day the dealership fixed his car for free….. Might be worth a try.
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