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Left Stranded With a Week Old Truck.
By -

I was a proud new owner of a GMC 2010 Sierra until the power steering pump failed 9 days after I purchased it, with 898 km on it (Purchased May 15, 2010 and it failed on May 24, 2010). Oddly enough, I was at a GM dealership when it broke down, looking for a new car for my girlfriend. But it was a holiday Monday and they weren't open. I called Onstar and they said they would arrange a tow truck for me (but since I was at a dealership, I declined the initial offer).

I did request a taxi or rental vehicle, and the operator told me that the people responsible for that portion of the service do not work holidays and they did not have authority to authorize anything. So with "arm strong steering", I drove the truck back to my house to get my stuff out of the truck and had them pick it up with a tow truck. Then to add insult to injury, I had to beg my girlfriend's parents to take her back home (which is 120km round trip) plus I needed to get something from the store, and on the way back I was caught in a rain storm. The next morning I had to take a $20 taxi to work but the driver didn't have a receipt book to give me a record of the expense.

GM did fix the truck the next business day, but it did not resolve my issue of being stranded without transportation, which in my mind is contradictory to the advertising they promote for 24/7 roadside assistance and Customer Courtesy Vehicle Program (which turns out they do not take responsibility for but promote it like crazy). It seems it is in violation of Alberta's Fair Trading Act and Regulations.

I sent emails, letters, and had a few phone calls with the useless, and unsympathetic customer call center, and am left with the impression that GM Canada does not care about its customers after you send them the cheque. I was going to return the truck (after 10 days of ownership) to the dealership but they said if I did they would consider it a used truck and that I would not receive a full refund for the poorly constructed, unreliable vehicle that was manufactured by an unscrupulously corrupt government-owned organization.

I had honest and fair belief that by buying a vehicle with the road side assistance package that I would have access to emergency transportation regardless of a civic holiday, 3 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon. Based on the opinion of my co-workers, friends, and associates, they would have been under the same false assumption that when you buy a GM vehicle that Roadside assistance means something more than a tow truck being dispatched.

It makes me concerned that if I broke down outside of town, would have I been able to get back home? Tow trucks are not authorized or insured for transporting passengers, so my girlfriend and I would have been left hitch hiking. CAMVAP and the Alberta equivalent arbitrators were unable to assist as this was a service issue that resides with the manufacturer and not the dealership. Due to the limited options left to me, it's either shut up or sue them for a replacement vehicle or full refund (and I am not considering shutting up yet).

Should Have Been a Recall
By -

A letter (allegedly) was sent to the owners of these vehicles dated Nov. 2007 stating: "if you own one of these vehicles equipped with a 6.6L Duramax diesel engine you may experience service engine soon light illumination, low engine power, hard start, and/or fuel in crankcase, requiring injector replacement". Later in the letter, it states, "This is not a recall. Do not take your vehicle to your dealer as a result of this letter unless you believe that your vehicle has the condition as described above".

A "special coverage adjustment-injectors-replace dated Dec.8,m2009 #04039C" was issued to dealers. It stated that an extended warranty would cover cost for seven years (from the date the vehicle was first placed in service) or 200,000 miles whichever came first.

My vehicle, 2003 Silverado HD 2500 has never had any of these symptoms until I left Vermont headed for Florida. We reached N. Carolina and refueled only to see billows of blue smoke coming from the tailpipe. The long and short of the story is we never received this letter, we never had any hard start, loss of power or fuel in crankcase. Our mileage was 107,000, about half of what the warranty covered.

But we were 90 days over the seven year period (I guess if you were unfortunate enough to have bought a 2001 vehicle in 2000 your time would have been up when and if you got the letter dated Nov. 2007). In any event GM was not to be moved in any way to help, even partially, on the $5,000.00 bill. Aren't we all glad to have bailed out GM when they were down and out?

Also if you are in the category of trucks mentioned save yourself some money if you can. But don't ask to see or take the spent fuel injectors with you after the repair. The dealer will not let you have them. They must be returned to one of two places. The special notice to dealers states "wait until the warranty claim is paid to determine the location to which the injectors must be returned".

Stay Away From GMC Trucks Part II
By -

Wrote review about 2006 Sierra becoming a money pit awhile back.... What has happened since is nothing short of unbelievable. Took the truck to dealer in January and left at dealer overnight, so dealer they could try to diagnose a noise issue that's been ongoing for weeks. Wanted them to hear truck from a cold start. No solution that day even though truck was looked over pretty good. Went back about a week later after spotted a heat shield that was loose...

Thought it would no big deal to replace one bolt and add a washer to possibly solve the noise problem (metal had rotted away making hole too big). Was told would have to leave the truck so entire heat shield could be removed as it would take a torch to heat up and remove the entire shield just to get at the rotted one. Also told the shield bolts would most likely break and then would need new head cover. But then head cover bolts would break and now we are into the engine block, etc.

They stated talking $1000 potential repair bill. I said "All that because of one bolt?" At one point service coordinator even suggested to just 'rip the shield right off the head' in an effort to solve the noise issue. I said "that would lead to more problems as heat shield was there to protect other parts." He said "most likely." What, are you kidding me? They then called over a mechanic whom had looked over truck on previous visit...

He took the truck in the back, welded another bolt on to old one. Removed it and put new one in with a washer. Total time about 15 minutes and no charge. To make a long story short, it did not solve the noise issue. Went back again and same mechanic tried a few more solutions to no avail... I'll give this mechanic credit for making a above average effort but the service coordinator has pretty much lost my confidence forever.

Previous year he tried to tell me dealership had mounted a wiring harness underneath the truck side by side with harness that had gone bad. I had asked to see the defective part and he showed me a small section of a really worn harness saying it was mine. Another counter person took it out of his hands saying belonged to a different truck. That's when he changed to the side by side story. Another local garage confirmed later that day that there was only one harness (new one) underneath the truck...

What the heck. If you don't want to show the worn parts, just make something up? The long and short of it is I no longer trust GM products and my dealer where I bought truck as new. Hopefully a local garbage can solve this it noise as is still present.

No More Quality Care!
By -

ELLSWORTH, MAINE -- My husband and I have always been true, faithful GM buyers. Now we what we have gone through we are trying to trade in our truck and going to buy Ford. To give little history about our truck, we bought the truck new and from day one we have nothing but problems. Tell me that brake pads need to be replaced every 23,000 miles. The rotors glazed at the same mileage and we were told it was normal because new brake pads materials they were made from.

We have a 97 Camry and it has 247,000 miles, and it has had two sets of brake pads and no new rotors and spends less time being fixed. You buy new to have dependable transportation. WE are angry and We have been fighting it out at the dealership.

Historically Poor Reliability W/ 6 Vehicles
By -

* 1995 Lumina: Purchased new. Blew a head gasket at 50k.

* 1996 Monte Carlo: Purchased new. Blew head gasket at 60k. Recurrent PCV valve problems.

* 1996 Pontiac Firebird: Purchased new. Over 7k in repair costs at just over 100k miles. Too many problems to list. Mostly electrical. Failing suspension, emissions systems, and transmission (excluding everything already repaired or replaced).

* 2003 Silverado: Purchased new. Failed emissions systems. 3k in repair at just over 100k miles.

* 2004 GMC Sierra: Purchased new. Engine replacement at 100,938 miles. Oil pump problem caused internal engine damage. Fuel pump has also been replaced in addition to the engine. 5k in repair costs.

* 2006 Silverado: Purchased new. Failed fuel pump at 80k miles.

All vehicles in this list were either mine or owned by my family over the past 15 years. All were perfectly maintained over their life and garage-kept. GM has bankrupted, and has poor reliability. Need I say more? You are risking a great deal of time, money, and energy if you are purchasing anything made by GM. Why bother? I will personally never again touch a GM product and actively spread the word about my experience with their vehicles.

No Satisfaction
By -

I have a 2006 GMC pickup truck that the warranty has expired, but it has only 35169 miles on it. I took it to the dealer for a transmission oil leak. While the truck was at the dealer they said the right front wheel bearing was bad and needed replacement. They also said the rear pinion oil seal was leaking in the drive unit. I had them fix the transmission leak and replace the front hub for a fee of $1853.31. I elected to postpone the rear pinion oil seal repair to later.

I contacted GM customer service and explained the problems I had and I thought they should pay for the repairs because I felt they were defective parts. I've never had any of these problems before at 35169 miles. GM has agreed to pay for the pinion oil seal repair, but will not pay for the transmission repair and front wheel bearing. These are all drive train parts. GM representative said the cost was too high.

I am very dissatisfied with GM and I don't plan to buy another GM product in the future, after driving their trucks for 50 years of my life. I thought the cost of the truck was too high at close to $38000.00 dollars too, but I thought I was getting a good product. WRONG!

2006 Sierra Pick Up a Piece of Junk
By -

I own a 2006 GMC SIERRA. The brakes needed replacing at 32000 miles. Right after the warranty expired, I needed to replace the right front wheel bearing, a new u-joint and the drivers side door handle broke. I fixed the bearing and u-joint problem myself. 2 weeks later, the rear transfer case was leaking. I took it to the dealer and they checked the truck out. I was looking for help as to why all of this was happening to a truck with 45000 miles.

After looking at my truck, they said the door handle would cost 123.11 and the transfer case 150.40. They also said the I-shaft was bad and that would cost 182.45. I complained about how this could happen to a truck with only 45000 miles on it. All anyone would say is that "I am sorry!" How about a little help instead of "I am sorry!!" This is my first and last GM product if nothing is done. May the best car win - It is not a GM.


I'm done with GMC. Before 30,000 miles I REPLACED fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, window regulator, e-brake assembly including rotted cables, left speaker, and had stereo repaired by Delco 3 times and they never fixed it! I put 1000 miles on it in the last 2 years, I think I put more miles on it behind a tow truck. At 50,000 miles I started dealing with the speed sensor dilemma. They had a recall to fix it, I believe in 06, only in the salt states and all they do is clean the hub assembly and put zinc lubricant on it to stop corrosion, lasted 6 months.

I had the hubs replaced and cleaned many times. Also had to replace all the hydraulic brake lines twice. I go through rotors and brake calipers like crazy. At 67,000 miles the transmission went. I take very good care of my vehicles. This truck is in great shape. But I don't drive it much. I took it out today and I lost my brakes again at 67,437 miles. I just put $500.00 in them 4 months ago .

Over all, this truck has been a nightmare. My friends and family who owns a 99-03 all have had the same problems with the breaks.The dealership didn't help. GMC corporate didn't care [I spent a lot of time dealing with them ]. This vehicle is very dangerous, unreliable from day one.

By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I, like many other Americans, have always purchased American made automobiles. And my family, all 30 of us, drive GMCs. We have always been Chevy lovers, but my days of driving them are over. My Duramax diesel has been nothing but trouble, brakes, sensors, seat problems - you name it, it's been in the shop for it. I have even filed for Lemon law on it. GM denies all of it. Factory service rep must be paid to lie to thousands of people.

I feel sorry for GM. They care more for China and Korea than they do the United States. If you research them you will find that most of their engines are built by Toyota and Honda. They own large percentages of Suzuki, and bought the bankrupt Daewoo in Korea in hopes to further their goal of getting rid of all the American workers and leave Detroit, and still expect the great people of United States to purchase their vehicles! Did you know that GM makes more $$$ in Africa (Asia) in car sales than they do in the U.S.!

So why are they taking it out on us, the American worker, and saying they have no $$, and crying to the public they are going bankrupt! **! All of their capital is being put into operations offshore! I will buy Toyota next, and I hope that all of Texas reads this and they buy Toyota too! Oh the brakes were supposed to be under warranty for my truck, but they say it was my fault and it's going to be $2400.00 to fix them, my cost. I have 28,000 miles on my truck.

There is a plate on the back of your brakes, all disc, and it rusts through, your brakes are gone, no good without this small piece of metal to keep them together, and there is a plate sort of looks like a half moon that is just rusted away. Mechanic tells me this is a common problem, happens all the time, but not GMs fault they use Chinese metal. It's not only the toys now, it's the cars we drive. General Motors has had so many brake problems in the past that the National Safety Board is looking into the problem now after 20 years worth of problems.

My sister bought a 1996 Tahoe, and she still has it because no one will take it in on trade. I thought she was just a very conservative person, and she loves her Tahoe, but all she did was complain about the brakes, and I finally drove it with 160,000 miles on it. Now it still brakes the way it did when she first drove it, she said. No pedal and abs problems all the time. "I had no idea they wear that bad" I told her.

I even took it in to show the Factory service representative, and he said "I have seen that Tahoe 15 times in the past along with thousands of others, there is nothing wrong with it." That did it, people. I will buy Toyota! Hope this gets to millions before you buy another GM or Chevrolet. Thanks.

Product Quality/warranty
By -

WACO, TEXAS -- In May of 2004, I purchased a new GMC Sierra 4WD extended cab pick-up. From the beginning I experienced a loud "klunking" noise from the drive train, and contacted the dealership and the factory for repairs. Long story short - - GM informed me that they and their engineers determined there was nothing wrong with the vehicle even though there were thousands of complaints about this same problem.

I then contacted the BBB AUTO LINE claim division and they in turn got on GM's case to the point GM offered me a settlement. That settlement was an extended warranty for the transmission/drive line/4WD unit for 100,000 miles or until 1 June 2012. Based on the contents of that warranty, I accepted their settlement. Recently I have experienced problems with the 4WD on my pick-up. Expecting that the problem would be covered, I had a dealer in my town repair the problem, and to my surprise -- GM REFUSED TO HONOR THEIR SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT!!!!

Repeated phone calls to GM referring them to their own settlement agreement has fallen on deaf ears. GM couldn't care less. My vehicle is now out of the factory warranty period (36 months/36,000 miles), and GM has played the corporate power game with one of their many, many dissatisfied customers. Even with a valid warranty GM refuses to abide by their terms and conditions... Never again will I purchase a GM vehicle...

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