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2008 Silverado - Lemon
By -

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- I purchased a 2008 Silverado Gas Engine Crew Cab November 15th 2008. This truck was a replacement of my 2007 Avalanche LT that was stolen. I used to be such a loyal GM fan. I think that my next truck will be a Toyota or Nissan.

The Silverado had 10 miles on it when I drove it off the lot and it ran great. A few weeks later I thought that I got some bad gas cause it seemed that the truck hesitated often. But around the same time, the Service 4x4 light kept coming on in the information screen. The first time taking it to the lot to have it looked at and for the courtesy detailing. I was told that they didn't see the light and could not get it to come back on. They also didn't do the detailing. I got the strong feeling that I was being called a liar.

Anyway, a few DAYS later, the light came on again so I took out my phone and took pictures. I took it back in, with the printed pictures and handed them to the guy that I talked to before, told him now, "call me a liar". They put it in the shop, then to no surprise they found a POO sensor issue. Sounds like hogwash to me. Anyway, they said that they would order it but after 4 weeks or so, I called them and of course, no record they needed to order it. They called me back and said the part would be there in a week.

In the meantime, the 4x4 indicator light showed that the 4x4 unit was kicking in and out. At the same time that the power seemed to go away, me thinking bad gas, the light would show 4x4 engaged and then gradually pull or hard pull to the left or right.

Now, my truck is in the body shop getting $12000 in damage repaired because I let me wife drive it to Dutch ** after some errands. She was driving it down the hill where I work. One tire went off the road into gravel then she corrected it. Then immediately after back on the road she said it pulled semi hard to the right causing it to go back into the gravel and it to dive into a deep ditch. Not sure if it were the 4x4 unit or the Anti Slip stuff, but something is wrong with this truck off the lot.

Additional details: I took my truck to have the regular oil change done a few days before the accident, AWAY FROM THE DEALER. Anyway, they called me several times to tell me stuff. They called to tell me that my oil was coal black, burnt. 3 month old truck had oil that looked like it was from a hard driven car that had not had an oil change for a year. They said that the transmission fluid was low. Again, less than 3/4 month old vehicle. Last, they said that the fluid in the transfer case looked like milk. Not the standard darker fluid, but white milk.

How could they sell a truck in this condition? Was it the fault of Dutch or of GM? I would say both had a large hand in it. Dutch for not checking it out and GM for not standing behind their product or making the dealers accountable. I did call their customer service line and got someone I could not understand. And since after explaining the entire issue to him, he talked about stuff totally unrelated. It was obvious that he did not understand me either. So much for complaining. I guess GM can be rated the best as long as they don't have people that will not enter complaints correctly.

GM Unloyal to Customer Regarding GM Loyalty $1000 Incentive
By -

ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I recently bought a Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab LTZ Duramax 6.6L Diesel $52K MSRP (nice truck) and was promised by the Chevrolet Dealer that if incentives changed they would re-write the paperwork to obtain the incentives if they favored the customer.

Well one week after the purchase the incentives did change and the dealer did not notify us. We found out a couple days after the new incentives changed and asked the dealer for the promised re-write to obtain the $1000 rebate. Well you already guessed, the dealer cannot do this. And when I filed a complaint with GM, spent the day transferring around and calling back, they finally contacted the dealer; same person I did and regurgitated the same story verbatim that the sales manager told me.

Basically I'm requesting something far-fetched and not obtainable and a week is unreasonable. He did mention he wanted to retain me as a customer (which we asked to buy a second vehicle 5 minutes after buying this one). However, they cannot do anything regarding the lie the internet sales manager told us regarding the incentive change.

GM is absolutely crap when it comes to supporting the customer. While the agent took the complaint he stated GM will look into the matter and send a letter stating the same response "they cannot do anything since it was the dealers issue." I asked for a GM regional manager to contact me and he checked with his supervisor who denied the request since it was not mechanical in nature. When asked, he could not tell me the supervisor's name or ID.

Way to hide, I wish I could do that at my job. If anyone had the same situation and has any advise, I would love to hear from you. I am absolutely in dismay that GM calls this a "loyalty" rebate (we own 2 qualifying vehicles) yet they will not help get the rebate paid to the customer. Heck, if the dealer did inform us of the new incentive we could have turned around and returned the vehicle. We probably made a mistake buying and paying in full (no loan). A loan might have given a little more leverage. Who knows?

GM can rest assured if we do not get a favorable resolution to this GM loyalty BS, we 'WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT'. We are not feeling the loyalty back from GM. Please comment (useful comments only please). We are in enough pain dealing with this crappy dealership. Someone out there has to have a suggestion that could help. BBB? Small claims court?? What??? GM was no help.

2007 Chevy Silverado
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My husband bought me a 2007 1500 Silverado in June 2007 so I would have a safe truck to drive. Well let me tell you by no means is this truck safe. Had it for 2 months and the front fender shifted backward and jammed the front door so as not to open. Took back to Chevy, got it fixed and repainted - new truck. Then the a/c unit started making a flapping noise sounded like bb's coming through the dash. Took it back and the dealer told us that GM knows of this problem but no fix at this time.

Then the plastic lug nuts started falling off the truck. Again back to Chevy and again found out GM has known of this problem since 2005. When moisture gets on lugs they swell and do not return to original state which makes them larger than the threads and they release.

I bet by now you think this is all, well no. Windows seals have risen up off the body of the truck and are allowing sand and debris to collect in the track which has scratched the glass, and makes a terrible squealing noise when rolled up and down. Again back to Chevy. Cleaned channels only for it to start again in a couple of weeks. Not all yet folks. Computer clock now jumps time at will. One minute it's 10 o'clock, then it's 10:45, then it's 1:22. Now my seat belt sensor stopped working most of the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Oh and let's not forget the cargo light that has never worked.

Only had this truck for almost 5 months. Contacted dealer and GM about all these problems and repair attempts, and no fix has been done on any of them. All problems still exist today. I want GM to take by their safe truck and give it to one of their wives to drive for a couple of months. We have bought $20,000.00 of unsafe junk in my opinion.

2011 Silverado Lemon
By -

In April of 2011 I bought (financed) a new Silverado LT 1500 Crew Cab 4x4. The day I drove it home, a check engine light came on in regards to code P0521 which is an oil issue. I didn't think anything of it and brought it back. A sensor was replaced and I was on my way. Mileage in 82, mileage out 84.

A week later the check engine light came on again. A quick diagnosis from OnStar revealed the same code (P0521). A trip to the dealer and they replaced the oil pump and an Oil Pressure relief Valve. Mileage in 141, mileage out 173. About two weeks go by! And another check engine light for the same code (P0521). This time they replaced the wiring to the sensor they replaced the first time and reflashed the ECU. They also kept the truck to drive and test out. Mileage in 466, mileage out 603.

One day goes by and the check engine light comes on again or the same issue (code P0521). I find out a few days after they want to tear the engine down to inspect it. I made it clear this was not an option and only a new truck would make me happy. This is where we currently stand. I have a lemon lawyer that may take this over if it isn't resolved.

I am out of a truck right now and my first payment is due. After the first check engine light, I opened a case with GM customer service. After the second check engine light they agreed to a maintenance plan for 2 years. At this point I will not accept a truck with a new engine. GM customer service really can't do more than give you a year of OnStar or a maintenance plan. They can't even combine the two! GM customer service really doesn't care to help the customer they are there to look out for GM. This truck easily falls into the Lemon Law and exceeds the law by one extra visit. GM should do the right thing, but they won't until they are forced to.

Chevrolet Silverado
By -

August 3, 2009 I took my 2001 Chevrolet Silverado to Van Chevrolet to have the brakes repaired because they would not stop the truck. They told me that the wheel sensors were bad and would have to be repaired or replaced. I could not drive the truck without fear of causing an accident so I told them to repair it. I was told that the sensors were 3 mph off and needed to be replaced and recalibrated. When I returned to pick up the truck I was charged $425.59 for parts and labor. Because this was a recalled item (2005), I didn't understand why I was being charged. I paid the bill because I need the truck.

I wrote to GM customer service asking them why I was being charged for a recalled Item? They said would look into it and get back with me. They called me 8-13-2009 and told me that since I had the repair done in 2006 that I wasn't due a refund. This was news to me because the only thing I had done in 2006 was to have the tailgate supports replaced (another recall), which took about 30 minutes. Nothing was said that I can remember about the brake sensors and nothing was on the paperwork saying they were all right.

What happens when the sensors are bad is you can not stop the vehicle no matter how hard you push on the pedal. Imagine that I am driving up your street to a stoplight and the light turns red and your wife and kids start to make a left turn in front of me. This is something I thought about every time I drove my truck. This is why I had to have it fixed! I didn't buy a defective part and put it on my truck. GM put it on there. They even admitted the part was defective and now they want me to pay for their mistake.

If the sensors were checked, cleaned and repaired in 2006, does that mean I will have to have it repaired again in another 3yrs for another $425.59. When I get rid of this truck I will let the next buyer know about the sensors and that they may need to be replaced again soon. Real good selling point huh. They asked me for my address because they didn't have it on file and if they had another recall they could get in touch with me. Why? So I could have it fixed at my expense again? I can't image how many other people GM has done this to but maybe it's time to see if there is enough people that a class action lawsuit would become advisable.

Long Ordeal to Get Reimbursed for Repairs for Recall
By -

In July, I received a recall notice for my 2005 Silverado regarding the possibility of the relay resistor module or wiring connector overheating and HVAC blower may not function correctly. I had paid to have this item repaired in June 2010. So when I tried to get reimbursed, I needed to have the actual credit card receipt in order to get reimbursed.

I have the actual work order form (with paid in full with credit card signed by GM dealership rep). I have a copy of my credit card monthly bill, showing I paid the bill. I have my bank statement showing the money was removed from my bank account to pay for the repair..... But GM will not honor any of these because they will only honor the actual credit card receipt..... I am sure I am not the only one out there who shreds the credit card receipt when it clears the bill and I keep the actual work order form which shows the repairs done and how it was paid.

I feel GM is just doing all it can to not pay for this. There is even a stipulation that if the condition occurs on your truck within 10 years of the date of original purchase or 150,000 miles which ever occurs first, then the condition will be repaired at no cost. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem....

Climate Temperature Actuator
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- 2004 Silverado Z-71 actuator. I have read a lot of reviews about this problem with actuators and just spent $99.00 for the dealer to tell me my pass side temp. actuator is bad and will cost $800.00 to fix. I did not let them do it only because times are tough and I will have to attempt this myself. It seems GM has a lot of flaws with various mechanisms they use in their vehicles and they don't own up to any of their faults.

However, they pay their engineers well and they could probably pay them better with all the money they make selling replacement parts to the consumer instead of firing the idiots that design and mfg. these items. That would be unusual fixing their mistakes and retain loyalty from their customers.

I have been a loyal GM customer for most of my life, but I feel as though it is time to try foreign autos. I can't afford another $30,000 mistake. Some parts are supposed to last a lifetime and others are expected to wear out. I wore out of paying for the mistakes of these auto execs, engineers and suppliers. Can't really express the disappointment I feel over the mess I have to deal with. Good luck to all who have to spend their house payment on faulty products by the auto COs. I was lucky enough to have owned a couple good ones from the 60's and 70's but those days are obviously long gone.

GM Does Not Care
By -

I bought a brand new Chevy truck in Jan of 2009, the truck is already rusted. I was told by GM that it is normal for a brand new truck to rust. The brakes have gone out on it more than once. GM even made me drive it back to the dealership knowing that the brakes were not working right which sent me in the ditch. Then while driving the truck, it stalled and I had no power whatsoever. The window was halfway down and it started to rain. My car had lots and lots of water in it.

GM executive office told me it was my fault because I put the window down and all the flooded parts were up to me to replace. I didn't know it was an upgrade to get one that goes down then BACK UP. I was left in the middle of the road with no lights, flashers, nothing; while it was pouring down rain in a very large city. Houston to be exact. I have asked GM to buy back the truck more than once and they keep saying no. I have tried even calling Mr. Wagoner's office. Still cannot get them to do anything about buying back the truck or at least replacing it. Don't buy anything GM unless you want to deal with this.

Three Year Old Pick Up-You Are Kidding Me
By -

I am disturbed that my son, an avid Chevy fan bought what appears to be a lemon when it comes to the air conditioning system. He had trouble with the air conditioner within the first year and had repairs done. Now TWO years later the entire system is not working and the local dealer told him it will cost over $1500 dollars to repair/replace - all because it didn't break down within so many months of the initial repair, he is out of warranty.

I agree that a car/truck can't have unlimited warranty. But come on, THREE years and you have to replace the air conditioning system! He also is having his first child and in the Oklahoma heat wave, is unable to drive much of any place. He is forced to drive to work in the sweltering heat in a truck that is blowing hot air! I was a Chevy fan but I think my husband and my next truck will be something other than the Chevy we currently drive.

Silverado Truck Lemon
By -

I bought a 2002 Chevy Silverado Duramax. Brand new. It has 70,000 miles. Five out of eight injectors have failed. GM knows these injectors are bad so they extended the warranty on them for "seven years or 200,000 miles". Even though my truck only has 70,000 miles and is almost brand new, after almost a week of telling me how much they appreciate my business and telling me that if it was a manufacturing defect they would cover it, they finally came back and said because the truck is "eight" years old, they won't cover it.

This is supposed to be a heavy duty truck. GM has admitted these injectors were defective. The fact that the truck is eight years old does not change the fact that it is their crummy manufacturing that has led to this problem. I will NEVER buy another GM product. I should have stuck with Ford. Never had a problem with their trucks. No wonder GM went bankrupt.

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