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Battery died on X-Mas Eve - GM Roadside no help
Posted by on
NEVADA -- This is one of the many problems I've had with my 2003 Chevy Tahoe and GM's support of their products. On the evening of X-mas eve, my battery COMPLETELY died. Mind you that no battery warning light came on -I commute so I'm anal about checking gauges before I leave home- I was able to get a ride to K-Mart and purchased a battery. As it was too dark to see, I waited until X-Mas day to change the battery.

A simple process that can typically be completed by a monkey in 15 minutes. GM in its infinite wisdom has created a mounting akin to Fort Knox. Because the thing is bolted at the bottom, you need to have a more than just a wrench to maneuver down to release it. As it was X-mas day, no one is open where I might buy the tool. Further, the dealership isn't open and most service stations are closed. Mind you, even if someone was open, I'd have to call a taxi to get there but I would also have to pull my 3yr old's car seat out of my car for the cab ride, etc) You can just see what a Merry X-mas its becoming. So first I called On-star, who called GM Roadside Assistance, who declined to answer my service call.

So I called GM's Roadside Assistance directly. According to them, the best they can do is jump start the battery (not going to happen - the coroner's already signed off on it) or tow my car. Now I work the day after X-mas at 4:00 AM - and I've paid nearly $100.00 for the battery. So GM Roadside's left me with the option of being towed to a service station -if there's actually one open and paying premium to do something that even a 12yr old SHOULD be able to do. Or wait until the day after X-mas to have GM take care of it which they will probably charge me for and I will also be out a day's pay at work. What is the point of Roadside Assistance if they don't assist you? And why would you bolt a battery down and place a cross bar over it, while leaving no room for a human hand bigger than a child's to reach the bolts? My guess is that with the battery attached in such a manner, most people would be required to use a the dealership or a service station to change it -you know how your really caring and proactive service advisor says things like - I see its about time for a new battery, shall we do that with this service?

Additionally, not only does Roadside avoid any possible liability issues (understandable) but with the jump or tow option, you're most likely going to end up paying to have the battery done and if you're like me - you usually end up at the dealer. Bottom line is I really think they made enough off of me with the $40k I paid for the car. GM understands NOTHING about customer service. Watch for my other postings regarding my ABS motor and On-Star upgrade. This company doesn't get it and I intend to let everyone know about my experiences.
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MRM on 12/25/2007:
Next time carry the tools in your truck for anticipating situations like this.
dude in lude on 12/25/2007:
most SUV/trucks have the battery bolted down for safety reasons. there not hard to get to at all. when you went back to your truck you should have brought the proper ratchet and tools. also GM roadside is not a repair service, they did all there obligated to do and that is either tow or jump you. They did offer to ASSIST you. They will not come and install a headlight if yours is out.
Anonymous on 12/26/2007:
"On the evening of X-mas eve". Isn't that redundant?
El Duderino on 06/28/2008:
dude in lude, I appreciate your post. I work for GM, and I constantly get bombarded with questions about why roadside assistance didn't service the vehicle. They are not obligated to, they can change a flat, charge a battery, or tow to the nearest dealer. That's it.
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2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Is Junk, Don't Ever Buy One!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My Tahoe is junk. 64k miles and it needed two new front wheel bearings, over 1000 bill, I would NEVER buy a Chevy Tahoe again!

This coming from a loyal customer of two Silverado a, s10, and an Olds Cutlass. I have officially switched to Honda. So upset about this!
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BigAl on 03/26/2013:
If new wheel bearings is costing you $1000 I'd get a new mechanic.
Maria pizarro on 07/12/2013:
Own a 2006 gmc yukon the power failure engine light is on try to complain with no success:(a $900 repair they need to recall
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Tahoe transmission problem
Posted by on
I bought a 2004 Chevrolet tahoe new. I have had two major problems that GM would do nothing about. The first was that the front suspension is screwed up and I have gone through 3 sets of tires due to them getting wore out on the outside of the tire. I got the aligned every year with no help. The front suspension makes noise every time I turn, which I was told is normal, and my front end hops when I turn sharp. I was told I have an alignment issue. I get it aligned, it last a few months and does it again. URG!!!! Then at 63,000 miles my transmission goes out. 5 months past warrant. URG AGAIN!!!! $2500 bucks later, I am back on the road. I guess I picked the wrong vehicle to keep for the long haul because I ussually get a new one every 5 years. MY MISTAKE!!! If you have an 2004 tahoe, get rid of it!!!!
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Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
Well the truck is 5 years old. I'm not saying that it shouldn't last, but you take a gamble with older vehicles.
Critical_level2 on 12/23/2009:
I have an 04 Tahoe with 130K on it. Still runs like a champ and no issues at all. Mine does make some noise in the suspension, but it is a truck, not a car. Hopping during sharp turns could mean you are taking them too quickly. A Tahoe is a truck, not even close to a car in handling or ride. As far as the alignment going out every few months, either could be from the way you drive, where you drive it (off-road will mess it up), or you could have worn out suspension parts. e
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Posted by on
VAN BUREN, ARKANSAS -- I started having speedometer issues with my Tahoe at around 60000 miles. I didn't take it to the dealer because it would correct itself and be okay for 2-3000 miles and would suddenly go jump to 120 mph. I took it in to the GM dealer who told me that there is a recall on 2003 and 2004 Tahoes for the same problem but nothing on the 2005. Sounds like I have the same problem. Why isn't GM doing the same for the 05 models?

Also, I paid over $44000 for my Tahoe but I recently tried to trade for an 08 and got a trade in value of $8700. 3.5 years and I have an investment that's worth 15% of what I gave for it. Shrewd investment! If GM isn't going to do better, they will lose me. I trade every three years but will no longer trade with GM.

I would think some type of guaranteed residual value for repeat buyers would retain business and avoid the CEO begging for taxpayer money to bail GM out. Make sense? If something isn't done, Toyota here I come!
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Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
In 3 years there may not be a GM to trade in with. Problems like yours seem to be the reason they are having such a tough time selling their cars in the U.S.
Starlord on 12/30/2008:
Guess what? When you drive the vehicle off the lot, the value drops immediately. It is called depreciation. Do you think cars appraciate in value like fine wine or real estate? Nope, the value goes down. Even if you bought the car, never touched it and came back an hour later and sold it back, you would lose several thousand dollars. The concept is called REALITY.
jktshff1 on 12/30/2008:
An automobile is not an investment. It does not retain or increase in value. Starlord put it right.
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Posted by on
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have had multiple problems with our 2007 Tahoe LTZ none of which have been resolved by the dealership after taking the truck there numerous times. Problems are as follows.

* Wipers turn on by themselves
* Battery dies if truck not driven everyday
* Rattle on the inside of the truck near the rear
* Navigation Screen cuts on and off, whether radio is on, navigation, DVD, etc.
* Passenger side rear door makes scrubbing noise when opened

We purchased the truck new in 2006 and have taken it to the dealership every time there is a problem and they claim to have replaced parts and call it fixed only to have the same problems with it again.

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2007 Tahoe - Dead Battery
Posted by on
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My 2007 Tahoe must be driven on a daily basis in order for the battery to remain charged. The vehicle has been to the dealership five different times for this problem. One of those five times, it was there for three weeks. A recall was done on the keyless entry twice, a new battery installed, a DVD player replaced. Still no resolution. The dealership has been completely nonchalant about it and I am now having the same experience with General Motors. All I get is the "run around". The case worker has to do research and retrieve paperwork, then she has to contact regional/district managers, then she's on vacation, then she is out sick. I'm now in what seems like the never ending process of trying to "lemon" the car.

Have no idea what the outcome will be. All I know for sure is I will NEVER purchase another GM vehicle and STRONGLY suggest that others think twice about it.
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User Replies:
old fart on 03/30/2008:
JayD... something is producing a current draw on the battery..if the dealership can't isolate the problem, who will?
This poor soul has a legitimate complaint and it is typical of the kind of service found at most American car dealerships..

Good Luck TLC..Stay on their butts...
TLC on 03/31/2008:
JayD, I will not be purchasing another GM because of the service, or lack thereof, that I've received from the dealer and from General Motors. When you purchase a new vehicle, should you really have to go through this kind of hassle????? My car is under warranty. Why should I have to take it to an electrical automotive company? Shouldn't GM's service reps be able to diagnose their own issues??? This is just the mentality that allows them to treat consumers this way. Very sad.....

Oldfart...... thanks for your support. Glad to know that there are still people in the world who understand right from wrong.
Anonymous on 03/31/2008:
TLC, first don't listen to JayD he is just some old idiot that has nothing nice to say to anyone.

Old Fart is right about your problem and I myself will only buy Toyota's because they are the last car built in America and they are good cars. I would take your car to a local person in your area, they would most likely fix your problem then you can send GM the bill.

Good luck
Anonymous on 03/31/2008:
TLC, you have a legitimate, frustrating (and common) complaint. Worse than an electrical problem, you have service staffers who won't take your complaint seriously. The first place to start looking is at the alternator diode pack. ANY shop can check this if GM has not done so. The other thing a shop can do, is pull individual fuses while the vehicle is not running, hook a DVOM to the fuse terminals with the fuse removed and check for high current draws. Electrical problems are time consuming and not every dealer has the patience to check them out. I understand how frustrated you must be. Good luck!
old fart on 03/31/2008:
Good advice Ghost.. If dealers can't bill you for service work, they want nothing to do with the problem.
TLC on 03/31/2008:
Thanks a lot Gost! I'll definitely look into both of your suggestions. I've never doubted that the issue could be corrected. I'm just frustrated beyond belief that no real effort has been made and I'm not going to just throw my hands up and go away like they are hoping I will do. Plus, I can only assume that they sold it to me knowing there was an electrical problem because I've made no modifications to it. If it isn't driven daily for substantial distances the battery is completely drained. Surely this must have happened when it was sitting on the lot???? I don't know much about mechanics but I wouldn't think that the problem magically appeared after I purchased it??????
Aerocave on 04/03/2008:
I think you should consider taking it to another Chevrolet dealer and have them look at it. Many manufacturers have had issues with the "quality" of the batteries produced today...they simply don't last like the old ones. However this definitely seems to be more of a "draw" issue...something is draining the battery when it sits. I doubt the dealer sold it knowing it had an electrical problem...if that was the case and it does not start when it sits for a did it start when you were going to leave in it?
Old Fart: Your statement is not accurate--and not fair. These kind of issues are equally frustrating to most dealerships.
traceylynnprincess on 04/03/2008:
Be careful!! I just had a friend have his tahoe burn to the ground and take half his house with it!! It was a 2007 too. The fire marshal said it was a "electrical problem" with the truck and it just burst into flames. I deceided to get a mountainer after that ( I was going to get a tahoe because I loved his...but I deceided I valued my life a little to much for it!! )!!
C-10 on 07/19/2012:
Had the same problem with battery dying, confused the hell out of me. After about 4 months it finally died at night after dark and to my surprise the Daylight running lights were on with the vehicle off and locked. Shut off every light and still on. Could not find any shorts after nights of chasing it down. Then I found the fuse and yanked it out, believe it was number 32 fuse,but don't hold me to it. Anyhow problem solved vehicle is still running on the stock battery. Hope this helped.
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Sold A Lemon - Chevy Tahoe
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- About 1 month ago, I purchased a 2008 Chevy Tahoe from a Bklyn, NY dealership and it turned out to be a lemon like the rest of them the same year. When the truck was sold to me General Motors forgot to tell me that they had a problem with the fuel pump that when it went bad would take at least 3 months to replace. As of right now my truck is sitting in a Chevy dealership for 3 weeks with no word when this part will even be manufactured. The truck payment is $700 per month and they give you a Chevy Imapala (a $200 per month lease vehicle) to use in the mean time. When they wanted me to purchase the vehicle they were my best friends and now no one wants to know me. There is no customer satisfaction with General Motors. They made their sale with me and no longer have use for me. I have filed complaints with their main offices and have gotten no where. The people who answer the phone won't even give you their names nor give you their bosses names. A large company as itself, General Motors should be ashamed of themselves for their customer service and everyone should be aware of this and not purchase anything from this ungrateful company.

This company is also a company that no one should be feel comfortable investing any of their money in. A few years to come, doing business as so, the word will spread of their reliability and service, and they will be out of business. So please beware of spending your hard earned money with this money hungry company called GENERAL MOTORS......
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/23/2007:
"When they wanted me to purchase the vehicle they were my best friends and now no one wants to know me."
- Remember this the next time you purchase your next vehicle. All the dealerships care about is you driving off the lot with the vehicle, and not caring about your problems.
Anonymous on 10/23/2007:
Your state offers you lemon law protection if the vehicle is out of use for more than 30 days within the first 18 months of ownership. Good Luck
FoggyOne on 10/23/2007:
Listen to dealerdirect.
Anonymous on 10/23/2007:
Good advice DD I agree.
dave64 on 10/24/2007:
gm sucks and don't stand behind there products I have bin a chevy person for 20 years. just got rid of my 02 2500hd I was sick of it breaking down and the gm famous quote can't duplicate the problem
dave64 on 10/24/2007:
I will never buy a gm car or truck again
Aerocave on 10/24/2007:
I am not trying to lessen your frustration--you have every right to be upset...but, I have to point a few things out:

Do you realize how ridiculous your last paragraph is?...GM employs thousands of people in the wish that GM just "goes out of business" tells me that you do not have a clue about the economy and how big an impact this would have. For starters, that's not going to happen anyway.

Also, I have to say this--3 months to replace a fuel pump? Come on...You have only had the vehicle for a month, according to your post. It is also a bit early to refer to your vehicle as a "lemon." We sell the GMC Yukons at our store, and so far, the quality overall (aside from a few isolated cases) has been good since the re-design.

As Dealer Direct noted, you may have lemon law rights if you are without the vehicle beyond 30 days...However, I seriously doubt that, if your story is accurate, GM will not take other measures to help you out. I disagree with the comment that GM does not care. That is crap.

And finally for all you GM bashers and to address your final comment "...the word will spread about their reliability and service..." These comments are so "five years ago." Do you people ever read? Buick was recently tied with Lexus for the top spot in quality...more GM products are "recommended" by Consumer Reports...At the dealership we are selling Buick Enclaves at list price to people trading in foreign vehicles...GM is building great cars.

All vehicles have issues, we sell Hondas at our store--still great cars--but our warranty work is DOUBLE what it was 5 years ago. Toyota--they have a recall every other week it point is, a vehicle is a machine and unfortunately, they do break down. And yes, it is frustrating and inconvienent. But the "GM Sucks" and "they don't stand behind their products" thinking is so yesterday...please keep it that way.
febecoon on 11/26/2007:
Aerocave,What the others say is absolutely true GM does not stan behind their products anymore which is so sad,GM sends deficienty reports only to you dealers not to the consumer A/C compressors that make a Flapping noise,A/C vibration GM is aware of this problem and the engineering dept. is working on a fix, but as said in the report at this time there is no fix, Lug nuts that are sensitive to moisture which causes the to swell and release from the threads.In case you believe I am just spouting words, you mentioned you work at a dealership look at your Document ID#2018529 subject 9/26/2007 HVAC Compressor Flapping Noise-Vibration affected group 2007 GMC Sierra-2007 Chevrolet Silverada----Doc.#2016103 9/21/2007 Subject Black Plastic Lug Cat not retaining Properly. affected models 2007-2008 Chevy Silverado-2005-2007 Silverado classic-2007-2008 GMC Sierra-2005-2007 GMC Sierra Classic. All these and other doc. sent to the dealer for thir eyes only and we should trust them. for me not ever again
Aerocave on 12/06/2007:
I will look these up...but do you really think GM (or any manufacturer) is going to begin sending out "defiency reports" to customers? We would have every person that owns a Tahoe, regardless of a problem or not, coming in and demanding it be fixed. With all due respect, I really don't think you understand the complexity of vehicles--and what the dealerships go through trying to fix them. You seem to be the kind of customer that adds so much stress to our lives because you have no forgiveness and patience for anything--and when there is a mistake or problem, it is the end of the world. By the way, we call them "Service Bulletins" and they are sent out to help us with the repair when we have several vehicles with the same issue. I sincerely hope you get the problem resolved.
horrible tahoe on 10/19/2008:
Trashy Tahoe - I completely and totally understand where you are coming from. I just bought a brnd new 2008 LTZ Tahoe, loaded, diamond white. Beautiful car. Unfortunately, the only thing it does is open my garage door. It has been in the shop every week for the past 6 weeks, and it STILL has the same problem!!! It actually has 2 problems - it stalls and turns off while DRIVING AT 40 MPH or stopping, and it spills up the gas every time you try to fill it up. I have shown the GM people this over and over again. What is more, THE CAR SENSORS CORROBORATE THE STORY!!!! They STILL cannot find what is wrong. All that they do is randomly change stuff, hoping that the problem gets fixed. What really sucks, is that I used to be the biggest defended of American made cars. Not anymore. I hired an attorney, and we are going to arbitration soon, to get my money back (thank God for the lemon law, which is very explicit and clear in Florida). To all of you out there thinking about getting a GM product, all I can say is, they are beautiful cars, and if you are lucky enough to get a good one, God bless you. But if you don't, be ready to get a lawyer, cause you will NEVER get anywhere with the crooked dealers and GM. By the way, I got the Tahoe at Autoway Chevrolet in Clearwater, FL.
Do your research before buying.
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Warning: Design Defect In Rear Hatch Window Seal
Posted by on
RIDGECREST, CA, CALIFORNIA -- WARNING: 2007 LTZ Tahoe has Design Defect. that I've got your attention, let me explain.

I've been a loyal Chevy/GM owner for 30yrs and an engineer by profession. I currently own 2 Chevy/GM trucks and just recently purchased a 2007 Tahoe, LTZ in March.

My issue: I recently took a 2500 mile round trip pulling an enclosed Utility Trailer which is approx 14' H, 8’W, 16' L. The window seal on the real hatch was compromised by the air flow over the roof and hitting the face of the trailer (assume vacuum). As a result, EXCESS (nerve racking) wind/road noise was experienced and you could actually see daylight between the window and seal. This condition only happens when pulling the trailer either loaded or empty.

I have contacted our local dealer and his research through GM's data base does not show this as a I the first? And the response he's gotten from GM technical is: We're not fixing the problem...have the customer consider buying a roof mounted wind deflector. Good idea for 2 reasons....gas mileage improvement and now...hopefully a reduction in road noise through the rear window.

Now….my issue….I just paid over $45,000 dollars for a vehicle that is supposedly designed for both luxury and functionality (actually working the 4X4, pulling trailers, etc). Wouldn’t one expect that under these conditions, the proud owner would still have the quite ride of luxury? Especially since GM did such an excellent job on the “Trailer/Towing” package features. Is this a detailed missed or is my Tahoe the lone exception?

So, besides this issue....I'm very happy with my new 2007 Tahoe LTZ and it performed fairly well pulling the trailer (1000 lb tongue weight, 5000 lb total weight). I pulled the trailer from Southern Cal to North East Wyo and normally ran 70-75mph on open semi flat roads. Overall trip MPG was 8.6.

In trip home I’ll shelve the Tahoe luxury if I need to pull the trailer and will use our 2001 3/4 ton Duramax Diesel. Can’t beat the power and the trip home is uphill all the way.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 08/25/2006:
As an engineer, you could probably answer this hypothetical logically. Could any uniqueness of your trailer(size, shape, distance of box from truck, etc..) from say itself to any other similar trailer, be enough variance in circumstances, that others using the same vehicle to tow might not encounter?
Anonymous on 08/25/2006:
Anonymous on 08/25/2006:
A 14'high trailer changes all the aerodynamics. That has never been tested.
Anonymous on 08/25/2006:
OK, I'm warned. Thank God I don't need any gas-guzzling-towing-luxury vehicles in my near future.
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Defective Transmissions/Shell & Gear
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA -- I have read the numerous complaints about transmissions failing after the warranties are expired on new GM vehicles. My 2002 Chevy Tahoe had its first transmission failure at 13,800 miles. It was still under warranty and GM would only agree to "replace parts", of course, and not the entire transmission. Now, at 62,000 miles, it has failed again. Same problem. The local dealership tried to rip me off by telling me it was "not repairable" and had to be replaced. GM refuses to help pay any of it. It lost 2nd, 4th, and reverse, but was still driveable. I took it to a local independent transmission shop. The guy gave me tons of info. Said it was a well-known problem that has made him a wealthy man. He even photocopied a service bulletin issued by the "Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assn" for me. Apparently, GM has known about a weak sun gear shell since at least 2000. The part number is 8683439. The problem is that GM didn't purge the faulty parts from their inventory, although they have updated the part. When it is ordered, you don't know if you are getting the "OLD-BAD" shell or the "NEW-UPDATED" shell. They carry the same part number. You can only tell from the serial number inside the shell. Of course, there has not been a recall. IS ANYBODY ELSE THINKING "POTENTIAL CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT"?! Why can't something be done about this? Probably because it is cheaper to pay for transmission work or a new transmission than the cost of a lawsuit. ANYBODY WITH MONEY, A SIMILAR STORY, OR GOOD LEGAL CONNECTIONS, CONTACT ME!! I will share what I have. We need to find out the extent of this problem. Thanks!
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 09/28/2004:
I sent you an email about this too, but for anyone else reading who may have a similar problem...I would find out from the dealership who their regional manager is. When I first started working with the regional manager for my dealership she tried to blow me off, but she has been fairly helpful once she saw I was not going to go away quietly. Make sure to fax them a copy of the article you received, they can't deny a problem if you have proof of it. From there, I wish you luck. I've been fighting with GM for nearly a year because of the problems I have with my Blazer, and they are just now starting to realize there is a problem. I have an appt with a factory rep to come out and look at my car next week, something the regional manager set up for me. Good luck!!!
johnnyhave on 10/18/2004:
Have a 98' S-10 with the same problem. 31K miles and the sun shell stripped. GM started off telling me to take it to a dealer and there was a possibility of them paying 50-100% of the repair. GM dealers charge almost 2X what a transmission shop would charge so I was quite reluctant and pushed the GM customer service person to tell me what would warrant 50% and what would warrant 100% reimbursement. This service person put me on hold several times and came back with they could not tell me until I took the vehicle to an Authorized Dealer and had a repair technichian tell GM what the cause was. So I rolled the dice and took a chance on GM....WRONG! After the tech said that there was no abuse...THE TRANSMISSION FLUID WAS STILL LIGHT PINK IN COLOR...The GM rep asked me if I would accept 50% of the charge. My response of course was "not now". It was clearly a faulty MFG part. This GM person was going to run it by a supervisor and let me know what they could do. The next day I was told that the best they could offer, since it was a 98 model and 6 years old, was....25%...!!! I have a disdain for attornies, but I have a greater disdain for injustice. Any thing that we can do...I say let's do it. I will be looking into a small claims court suit. GM is a huge company, but those that have been screwed are legion. Let's band together and be reckoned as a force that will NOT go away. Greg Abbott is the Attorney General in Texas and as soon as I get the response from GM as to what they will actually pay for, if not 100%, He is the first person on my list to contact. I do have a legal service that should prove useful in guideing me.
I can be reached at or
AJW on 12/06/2004:
Well, misery loves company. I just nursed my '97 Sonoma down to the transmission shop (45,000 mi) due to failure of the sun shell and loss of reverse. I was most surprised by the instant comment I received from each shop I called, namely that this was common knowledge. The GM Service Center didn't even recommend that I bring it in to them, as their automatic response would be a transmission swap for $3,000. That Ford F-150 is looking better all of the time.
mike2200 on 01/08/2005:
I also have a 2002 Chev Tahoe and have had the trans fail three times most recently yesterday...I am still under warranty and the dealer commented that chev will fix it even if it is over the warranty because it has failed before.....
nibler on 02/16/2005:
I work for GM and I would be happy to join because my sun sheel has broken twice in my tranny
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transmission problem already
Posted by on
A couple days ago I noticed that my truck was struggling to move and the gears on my 2001 Chevy Tahoe sounded like they were slow to change out. After nearly breaking my neck trying to reverse the truck because it jerked so hard, I took to it to Maroone Chevrolet to have it checked out. $80 later it was determined by the rocket scientists that there was a problem with my transmission and for $600 they would let the secret out. Of course I was furious. Okay the vehicle has 60,000 miles on it but come on transmission problems already. I called the customer service dept. of GM to voice my frustrations and there answer was only that I had to foot the bill for the determination of the problem and if it is found this should not have happened to the vehicle this early, they may offer assistance w/cost. Are you kidding me. I paid my $80 and got a second opinion on the problem before I go bankrupt and sure enough $2120 will be the cost to repair the f----d up transmission on my fairly brand new truck.I will be back in touch with GM tomorrow and from what I've read on this site "good luck" getting any compensation from them once your warranty expires. Chevy built like a rock, huh??
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/12/2004:
GM products are built like a rock--- Sandstone!
gmc2001 on 07/16/2009:
you replaced your transmission once? I'm on my third one in two yrs ? have to keep it cause its not completly paid for yet , if I had the money I put into transmissions it would have been paid off two yrs ago , just 6 more months then it goes and never buy gmc again
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