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Battery died on X-Mas Eve - GM Roadside no help
By -

NEVADA -- This is one of the many problems I've had with my 2003 Chevy Tahoe and GM's support of their products. On the evening of X-mas eve, my battery COMPLETELY died. Mind you that no battery warning light came on - I commute so I'm anal about checking gauges before I leave home - I was able to get a ride to K-Mart and purchased a battery. As it was too dark to see, I waited until X-Mas day to change the battery.

A simple process that can typically be completed by a monkey in 15 minutes. GM in its infinite wisdom has created a mounting akin to Fort Knox. Because the thing is bolted at the bottom, you need to have a more than just a wrench to maneuver down to release it. As it was X-mas day, no one is open where I might buy the tool. Further, the dealership isn't open and most service stations are closed. Mind you, even if someone was open, I'd have to call a taxi to get there but I would also have to pull my 3yr old's car seat out of my car for the cab ride, etc).

You can just see what a Merry X-mas it's becoming. So first I called On-star, who called GM Roadside Assistance, who declined to answer my service call. So I called GM's Roadside Assistance directly. According to them, the best they can do is jump start the battery (not going to happen - the coroner's already signed off on it) or tow my car.

Now I work the day after X-mas at 4:00 AM - and I've paid nearly $100.00 for the battery. So GM Roadside's left me with the option of being towed to a service station - if there's actually one open and paying premium to do something that even a 12yr old SHOULD be able to do. Or wait until the day after X-mas to have GM take care of it which they will probably charge me for and I will also be out a day's pay at work. What is the point of Roadside Assistance if they don't assist you? And why would you bolt a battery down and place a cross bar over it, while leaving no room for a human hand bigger than a child's to reach the bolts?

My guess is that with the battery attached in such a manner, most people would be required to use a the dealership or a service station to change it - you know how your really caring and proactive service advisor says things like - "I see it's about time for a new battery, shall we do that with this service?"

Additionally, not only does Roadside avoid any possible liability issues (understandable) but with the jump or tow option, you're most likely going to end up paying to have the battery done and if you're like me - you usually end up at the dealer. Bottom line is I really think they made enough off of me with the $40k I paid for the car. GM understands NOTHING about customer service. Watch for my other postings regarding my ABS motor and On-Star upgrade. This company doesn't get it and I intend to let everyone know about my experiences.

Sold A Lemon - Chevy Tahoe
By -

NEW YORK -- About 1 month ago, I purchased a 2008 Chevy Tahoe from a Bklyn, NY dealership and it turned out to be a lemon like the rest of them the same year. When the truck was sold to me General Motors forgot to tell me that they had a problem with the fuel pump that when it went bad would take at least 3 months to replace. As of right now my truck is sitting in a Chevy dealership for 3 weeks with no word when this part will even be manufactured. The truck payment is $700 per month and they give you a Chevy Impala (a $200 per month lease vehicle) to use in the mean time.

When they wanted me to purchase the vehicle they were my best friends and now no one wants to know me. There is no customer satisfaction with General Motors. They made their sale with me and no longer have use for me. I have filed complaints with their main offices and have gotten nowhere. The people who answer the phone won't even give you their names nor give you their bosses' names. A large company as itself, General Motors should be ashamed of themselves for their customer service and everyone should be aware of this and not purchase anything from this ungrateful company.

This company is also a company that no one should be feel comfortable investing any of their money in. A few years to come, doing business as so, the word will spread of their reliability and service, and they will be out of business. So please beware of spending your hard earned money with this money hungry company called GENERAL MOTORS...

Tahoe transmission problem
By -

I bought a 2004 Chevrolet tahoe new. I have had two major problems that GM would do nothing about. The first was that the front suspension is screwed up and I have gone through 3 sets of tires due to them getting wore out on the outside of the tire. I got the aligned every year with no help. The front suspension makes noise every time I turn, which I was told is normal, and my front end hops when I turn sharp. I was told I have an alignment issue. I get it aligned, it last a few months and does it again. URG!!!

Then at 63,000 miles my transmission goes out. 5 months past warranty. URG AGAIN!!! $2500 bucks later, I am back on the road. I guess I picked the wrong vehicle to keep for the long haul because I usually get a new one every 5 years. MY MISTAKE!!! If you have an 2004 tahoe, get rid of it!!!

By -

VAN BUREN, ARKANSAS -- I started having speedometer issues with my Tahoe at around 60000 miles. I didn't take it to the dealer because it would correct itself and be okay for 2-3000 miles and would suddenly go jump to 120 mph. I took it in to the GM dealer who told me that there is a recall on 2003 and 2004 Tahoes for the same problem but nothing on the 2005. Sounds like I have the same problem. Why isn't GM doing the same for the 05 models?

Also, I paid over $44000 for my Tahoe but I recently tried to trade for an 08 and got a trade in value of $8700. 3.5 years and I have an investment that's worth 15% of what I gave for it. Shrewd investment! If GM isn't going to do better, they will lose me. I trade every three years but will no longer trade with GM. I would think some type of guaranteed residual value for repeat buyers would retain business and avoid the CEO begging for taxpayer money to bail GM out. Make sense? If something isn't done, Toyota here I come!

By -

GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have had multiple problems with our 2007 Tahoe LTZ none of which have been resolved by the dealership after taking the truck there numerous times. Problems are as follows. Wipers turn on by themselves, battery dies if truck not driven everyday, rattle on the inside of the truck near the rear, navigation screen cuts on and off, whether radio is on, navigation, DVD, etc., passenger side rear door makes scrubbing noise when opened.

We purchased the truck new in 2006 and have taken it to the dealership every time there is a problem and they claim to have replaced parts and call it fixed only to have the same problems with it again.

2007 Tahoe - Dead Battery
By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My 2007 Tahoe must be driven on a daily basis in order for the battery to remain charged. The vehicle has been to the dealership five different times for this problem. One of those five times, it was there for three weeks. A recall was done on the keyless entry twice, a new battery installed, a DVD player replaced. Still no resolution.

The dealership has been completely nonchalant about it and I am now having the same experience with General Motors. All I get is the "run around". The caseworker has to do research and retrieve paperwork, then she has to contact regional/district managers, then she's on vacation, then she is out sick. I'm now in what seems like the never ending process of trying to "lemon" the car. Have no idea what the outcome will be. All I know for sure is I will NEVER purchase another GM vehicle and STRONGLY suggest that others think twice about it.

Spontaneous airbag deployment
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and last February (2006) the airbags deployed with no warning upon starting my vehicle. I sustained burns and bruising on my face, neck and chest, shoulder and neck pain, and a near miscarriage (I was 10 weeks pregnant). Thankfully the burns and bruising healed and my torn placenta from the impact healed as well. I am still having migraines and numbness down my left arm. I get treatments for my neck and back weekly and about to undergo an MRI ordered by a spinal surgeon.

Because of the stress, missed work and the inability to fulfill my teaching/coaching duties my district did not renew my contract. I am working with a rep from ESIS (GM's claims) but it is going very slowly. Does anyone have any experience with this situation? They did buy back my Tahoe and gave us some cash for settlement on the car so that we can get back into a vehicle for the same payment. I am fighting with them on my medical settlement. They are wanting me to settle on my son (he's almost 10 mo now) but I know he is entitled to a claim until he is 18.

My dealership could not have been more helpful in this situation but GM is giving us the run around and is trying to settle for far less than my medical treatment has totaled so far. I hate to go to court, I am NOT a suit-happy person but I should be entitled to compensation. I have medical bills that are piling up and I lost a year's worth of work because I was due when the next school year started and couldn't find a new position. Please if you have any information or advice it is most welcome.

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Is Junk, Don't Ever Buy One!
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My Tahoe is junk. 64k miles and it needed two new front wheel bearings. Over 1000 bill. I would NEVER buy a Chevy Tahoe again! This coming from a loyal customer of two Silverado a, s10, and an Olds Cutlass. I have officially switched to Honda. So upset about this!

By -

IOWA, ALASKA -- Don't buy a Chevy because it will rust before it is 4 years old and GM knows the problem but won't stand behind it. Our Tahoe front bumper is rusting below the plastic piece, badly. Our GM dealer took pictures and sent it in and GM will not stand behind it. GM loves putting all that plastic on their vehicles. I will NEVER buy another GM again, it will be a Ford!!

Electrical Problem
By -

ARIZONA -- My 2001 Tahoe is experiencing the same problem that has been written about. It will run fine and then just quit. NO POWER at all to any portion of the vehicle. It has quit while driving but it usually happens after being parked. Has anybody found a solution to this problem?

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