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IOWA, ALASKA -- Don't buy a Chevy because it will rust before it is 4 years old and GM knows the problem but won't stand behind it. Our Tahoe front bumper is rusting below the plastic piece, badly. Our GM dealer took pictures and sent it in and GM will not stand behind it.

GM loves putting all that plastic on their vehicles. I will NEVER buy another GM again, it will be a Ford!!
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Anonymous on 04/16/2009:
"I will NEVER buy another GM again, it will be a Ford!!"

Good luck with that plan.
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Electrical Problem
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ARIZONA -- My 2001 Tahoe is experiencing the same problem that has been written about. It will run fine and then just quit. NO POWER at all to any portion of the vehicle. It has quit while driving but it usually happens after being parked.

Has anybody found a solution to this problem?
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tnchuck100 on 12/23/2008:
"NO POWER at all to any portion of the vehicle." - Based solely on this statement it would have to be a bad circuit breaker at the battery.

Other than that more specific information would be needed.
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
GM technical service bulletin #00266 may cover your complaint. But to read the details all web sites want money.
moneybags on 12/23/2008:
Sounds like a computer component....check it out.
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Spontaneous airbag deployment
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and last February (2006)the airbags deployed with no warning upon starting my vehicle. I sustained burns and bruising on my face, neck and chest, shoulder and neck pain, and a near miscarriage (I was 10 weeks pregnant). Thankfully the burns and bruising healed and my torn placenta from the impact healed as well. I am still having migraines and numbness down my left arm. I get treatments for my neck and back weekly and about to undergo an MRI ordered my a spinal surgeon. Because of the stress, missed work and the inability to fulfill my teaching/coaching duties my district did not renew my contract. I am working with a rep from ESIS (GM's claims) but it is going very slowly. Does anyone have any experience with this situation? They did buy back my Tahoe and gave us some cash for settlement on the car so that we can get back into a vehicle for the same payment. I am fighting with them on my medical settlement. They are wanting me to settle on my son (he's almost 10 mo now) but I know he is entitled to a claim until he is 18. My dealership could not have been more helpful in this situation but GM is giving us the run around and is trying to settle for far less than my medical treatment has totaled so far. I hate to go to court, I am NOT a suit-happy person but I should be entitled to compensation. I have medical bills that are piling up and I lost a years worth of work because I was due when the next school year started and couldn't find a new position.

Please if you have any information or advice it is most welcome.
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Pomona Guy on 06/28/2007:
I sure hope you have found a good lawyer to help you.
rhondam718732 on 06/28/2007:
I am so sorry to hear what happened and thrilled your son is healthy. However, WHAT in the world caused all the trauma to you? I have had my airbag deploy while hitting a concrete embankment at 60 mph and didn't sustain any injury.
MRM on 06/28/2007:
With the dangers of airbags deploying unexpectingly, I think wearing seatbelts would suffice.
adzidek on 06/28/2007:
Rhonda, airbags have been shown to cause death in extreme cases. You were lucky. So was the OP. Thankfully the baby was OK, too. As far as a suit against GM is concerned, you'll bleed all your money away before you get anywhere. Their lawyers are trained to exploit the legal system to make cases as long and drawn-out as possible, in hopes the plaintiff will run out of money. Your best bet is probably to keep pressing on and see what happens. Buying back your car (and then some) is a VERY good start, believe it or not. I've heard of cases where people only WISH they could get what you were offered to-date. Good luck!
Sail27 on 06/28/2007:
Airbags deploy with enough calculated force to cushion X amount of weight at Y speed. Using Newton's second law of motion --> F=MV^2 (Force = Mass times Velocity squared) it's easy to see that airbags pack enough of a wallop to injure someone when there is no forward velocity to counteract the airbag's force (as in the case of airbagmagnet); or as adzidek stated some small children have been tragically killed.

I found this on YouTube showing an airbag deploy in a 2006 Chevy Truck:

Airbagmagnet - best in your recovery - this was a violent hit you took. Have you looked at bringing the local media into this? This may leverage enough pressure to level the playing field. Too bad your truck is in the hands of GM now (slick move on their part) as it is good evidence of what happened. They bought it back for a reason!

Best regards!

MRM on 06/28/2007:
That's a good thought, Sail... they bought the truck back to cover up the evidence! Very slick indeed...
FoggyOne on 06/28/2007:
I am confused on one point. If your son was born healthy and is healthy now what kind of claim can he initiate in the future? It seems any problem from now on (or even after the birth) would be difficult to say that it was due to the airbag experience.

You may hate to go to court but it seems you don't have much choice. Because of this incident you have lost your income.
poppapia on 06/28/2007:
adzidek, while I would normally agree with you, I don't think this person has any other choice than to find a good lawyer, as much as I hate to say it. I also agree with Foggy; if the child is healthy, it's going to be extremely difficult obtaining an 18-year award. OP, I would visit with some GM service dealers and do some online research about this problem. If I recall, I read something a few months ago about this very problem, so if GM is aware of the issue, it will make your case a little easier. Also, file a report with the National Highway Safety Administration.
Starlord on 06/28/2007:
One of our local news people did a segment on airbags one time, with a vehicle sitting in a parking lot, and the airbag fired by remote control. It was good he was wearing sunglasses, because he did receive burns from the sodium azide propellant, and abrasions from the material of the airbag itself. If you are not prepared for airbag deployment, like starting your vehicle, the force can twist you pretty good. Airbags should never be deployed while sitting still, and not in an emergency situation. Not long after Chrysler began installing sirbags, two airbag-equipped Chryslers were involved in a head-on collision, which totaled both vehicles, but the drivers both walked away from it uninjured. Sorry, MRM, but how many airbags deploy when they are not supposed to? Probably very few, but they are much better than belts alone. BTW, airbags do not replace belts, but work with them.
runaway on 06/28/2007:
In a case like this, I would recommend contacting an (GOOD) attorney. GM will try to drag it out as long as possible to tire you out; with an attorney on your side they'll take you a bit more seriously, and you also can ask that GM pays attorney fees, since you (hopefully) have proof that you were attempting to settle reasonably with them without one and getting no where. HOWEVER, the first thing any decent attorney will tell you is NOT to discuss your case on the internet.
shawnp80 on 06/29/2007:
How the hell did you tear your placenta? I think your milking it. They should at least pay for new underwear for you because I know that probably scared the poop out of you.
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Bad Sunshell in 2002 Tahoe
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Can a transmission's sunshell simply break when the car is a a full stop? I know that it had a lot of premature wear and tear but WE WERE NOT MOVING!! We were at a red light when boozy the clown hit us. Now he doesn't want to own up to his mistake. According to State Farm it was a coincidence that our sunshell happened to break at the moment drunk boy slammed into our Tahoe. The lush is hanging on tight to what State Farm has said. Chevy won't even give me anything in writing to state that the part isn't faulty or even that there aren't any recalls. "Go to the dealer" is there favorite response. Terrible customer service. I take that back: NO customer service! They don't DO anything except tell you that they can't help you! We loved that Tahoe. But after this nightmare we went out and bought a 2006 Nissan Armada.
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KenPC on 04/12/2006:
Nothing has changed since youy asked this 2 days ago. A drunk hit you and damaged your vehicle. How is this GM's problem? The insurance company denies you, and GM denies you, yet you choose to go after GM here and not your insurance company. Your reasoning eludes me.
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/12/2006:
I wondered this a couple of days ago - what the heck is a sunshell? I'm fairly mechanical and I have never heard of this item.
Angel777 on 04/13/2006:
First of all, KenPC, it is GM's fault because they have a product that has failed MANY people and they won't issue a recall! Look up this particular problem and you will see what I'm talking about. Secondly, you're right - nothing has changed since I posted the first time. I haven't gotten any restitution for the damage or even acknowledgement that the part is faulty. Lastly, the insurance company is stating that GM INFORMED them that the part in prone to premature wear and tear and is, therefore, a preexisting condition. That is why I can't go after the insurance company.
If you lose reverse, second and fourth gears then it is the reaction sunshell. It requires a rebuild or replacement of the tranny. Continuing to drive it will cause further damage.
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Posted by on
MASSACHUSETTS -- Having problem with what appears to be transmission, and couldn't believe someone with a three year old Tahoe had trouble also....
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Anonymous on 08/07/2007:
?????? Three years old? Is it still 2004????
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Electrical Problems - Won't start
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SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I have a problem with my Tahoe. Sometimes it won't start at all - no power to anything. Other times it starts and runs fine. Died WHILE I WAS DRIVING it the other night. Took it to the dealer and they found no problem and were unable to duplicate the problem. Anyone else out there having these issues??
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 12/10/2004:
I've had several transmission/failure to start probelms (among others) with my '03 Chevy Blazer. The dealership has never been able to duplicate the problem, even though the biggest problem happened in front of the service manager while I was there to witness it. Convenient, isn't it, how they can never get the vehicle to duplicate the problem? I wish you luck, right now I've given up and am praying for a tree to fall on my POS.
Anonymous on 12/21/2004:
I would definitely start at the battery cables and connections, most likely culprit. Good Luck
bossdawg on 03/27/2005:
I have seen on numerous occasions this very same problem however this does indicate that it is your as well as others have an ignition swith that is made of plastic have been for many years however in earlier models the switch was lower on the steering colum anuperated with a rod which meant that the swith was robust when gm moved the swith to the top of the steerinc column they had to make a reduction in size because of location these switches tend to be problematic and will do some very strang things loose power for no reason no start..transmisson shifting problems ..erractic ecm and check eng lights..there are several tsb bullitens out on this go to all dated or related site for mor info..but I would try to get it checked again the hard part si if the guy working on it has never run into this problem he will probly miss it not that he is capable of repairs just this can be spooky
irwalb on 07/24/2006:
I having similar problems with my 2002 Chevy Tahoe. Sometimes it will start fine and sometimes it is like dead. The alternator and battery seem fine. It hasn't turn off while driving yet...
Brian on 02/13/2014:
I'm having the same problem with my 04 Tahoe it has done it for a while I've had the starter, battery, and alternator checked and they all check fine most of the time it will boost right off but the other day it wouldn't so we had it towed to a auto elictric shop and when they unloaded it off the rollback it started right up . They check it for a draw and all that and it started every time for 4 days they never could find anything. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
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Service after the sale.
Posted by on
MEDFORD, OREGON -- Our old GMC gave up in Yuma, AZ on the way home to Oregon and we had to buy a NEW car. We paid over $45k for it. When I got the car back to Oregon, I took it into Airport Chevrolet in Medford to get 13 items fixed under the new car warranty. I was told by the selling dealer in Yuma if it was in over 2 hours I should get a free loaner. They refused to give me a loaner, saying, "If you purchased it from us, we would give you something to drive right away". I even purchased an extended warranty that said I am supposed to get a free loaner. A call to GM was no help at all. They said it was up to the dealer. SO MUCH FOR SERVICE AFTER THE SALE ON GM PRODUCTS. Mr. Goodwrench is just there to screw the customers.

General Motors and Airport Chevrolet in Medford, Oregon should be avoided at all costs. Once they get your money, your goose is cooked.
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Anonymous on 04/19/2004:
OK, This has become a very slippery slope for dealers. The truth is the manufactures do NOT provide loaner cars, dealers started providing loaner cars approx. 10 years ago to help customer satisfaction. The problem is that if you have 5 loaners you always need 6, and if you have 6 then you need 7 ( I think you see the trend here). Dealers supply these vehicle Free of charge at their own expense including vehicle cost, insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. and reserve the right to only provide them to their own sales customers. You mentioned you purchased an extended warranty but not the name of the company, some companies will allow rental reimbursement, probably somewhere around $30.00 a day, under their contracts even though there is no claim ( your actual claim falls under the manufactures warranty not the extended warranty). Contact your extended warranty co. and check into their policy on such matters. Good Luck.
fedupabsolutely on 04/19/2004:
It dose not matter who or when it started, the true facts are this ,if you but from a dealership that dealership will loan you the loaner car period. you can't buy a new car from one dealer then expect all other dealers to abide buy that rule life does not work that way. they did not make the money on the sale, yes they sre getting your warranty work but they are not oblicated to loan you a loaner, listen learn or get it in writting.
gman3fan on 04/20/2004:
Have you tried calling the dealer you purchased it from? Even though they are not near you, they MAY still be able to provide you with a RENTAL vehicle in your area.
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Z71 wheels won't fit on spare tire storage hoist
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On our way to my son's wrestling tournament we got a flat tire on our 2003 Z71 Tahoe. In a hurry I changed it myself and found that the wheel hoist retainer will not fit through the wheel opening in the stock Z71 wheels. This forced us to drive under unsafe circumstances with passengers in each others laps as we had to fold down the third seat to make space for the flat. On page 5-83 in the 2003 Tahoe owners manual GM states that having the wheel in the car could cause injury, but they make no provision to put it anywhere else. Calls to On-Star, GM roadside assistance and three local dealers offered us no solution. There is no way to make this work. Returning from the tournament we had even more passengers so we had to find someone kind enough to transport our wheel for us.

A visit to our dealer confirmed that this wheel cannot be stored as the manual requires (for safe operation) so our third seat option cannot be used simultaneously with the spare tire. The local area rep gave our dealer pathetic excuses like, "we can't think of everything" and "there is no way to design an adaptor that will work for both a steel wheel and an alloy wheel" (even though the manual says it does. This is total BS, my 1992 Toyota 4-Runner had just that and GM thinks it's OK to pass their engineers off as that lame.

At this time, no one is returning my calls and all other Z71 owners with these wheels are in the same position. I am going to start contacting consumer groups and will try to go on the air with Clark Howard if no solution is offered quickly,
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/28/2004:
You picked the options of the 3rd row seats. Perhaps you should have tried the roof rack.
It's redicuous to buy a 4x4 and expect the wheel/tire to fit in the spot where the spare goes.
mcwriter on 02/29/2004:
You know, benjbutler, all you seem to do here is insult, discredit and ridicule. I have yet to see one single constructive comment from you on this web site. What a waste of skin. You should have ordered a real life when you had the chance.
Mad Eye Moody on 03/02/2004:
Mcwriter's my DOGG! This isn't a forum to tear people down...although I've taken the opportunity to do so several times - (and have had it done to me) - but I also help. Mcwriter makes a good point.
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2002 Tahoe Transmission
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- 40778 miles reaction gear set broke. $975 repair on a vehicle I have owned since new for 19 months. GM says out of warranty and won't cover.
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