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Standing behind your product
By -

To begin I have owned 2 GMC trucks which I loved. Absolutely no problems other than normal wear and tear, maintenance issues with over 150,000 miles on them. So when my husband and I decided to buy an SUV for our family of 6 we immediately were attracted to the Yukon XL's. We found a newer, used one, in excellent condition and still under warranty. Little did we know that would be the start of high-cost repair bills.

From 29,500 miles on we began to experience issues with the 4X4 system. I have had it into the shop at least 5 times over the past 2 years and 40,000 miles, to fix an issue that was never fixed properly under warranty the first time, and was told it was a different issue every time, so that the additional costs would not be covered under warranty; though the same symptoms existed each time.

Needless to say it has been frustrating to pay that much money for a vehicle that should not be having these or any issues for that matter with as few miles as it has, and because that regular maintenance and care has been done on the vehicle to keep it working at its optimal capacity. In addition the back liftgate latch stopped working, and in researching that I found out that is also a common issue with this make and model.

I totally understand wear and tear issues but I have to say I have been EXTREMELY disappointed that GMC does not stand behind its product. When I go to buy again I will be looking at competitors with better reputations and who stand behind their product, like those who even offer warranties up to 100,000 miles, which to me should be standard on all vehicles to cover such issues as I've been having to deal with prematurely.

If a company wants to stay afloat, aside from Government Bailouts, they need to first look at keeping their customers happy by addressing issues with integrity. GMC needs to take a look at what their real issue is, customer service.

Make your customers happy and you will continue to have customers to serve, as well as the referrals that go with them. Needless to say I will not be looking to buy GMC products again, or recommending them to others, showing that customer service is important to a company's health! I just wish more companies had integrity to stand behind their products these days!!!

2007 Yukon Too Complex
By -

36541 -- My wife and I have a 07 Yukon. It has a V-8 with active fuel control. The truck has some problems. It is a year old and just out of warranty. I have been to the dealer many times. The radio quit, the AC/heater/defroster quit. The passing gear would not engage and the fuel economy was terrible. 16mph, not sure what the active fuel control is for. Dodge does this good with a plain V-8.

Anyhow, I have bought Chevy/GMC several times. I am very disappointed with the new vehicles. I was able to contact the customer service department, and the above problems were worked on and the radio was replaced by GM. I only had to pay 200.00 for the tech to reprogram the truck's computer to fix the Passing gear problem. "Lucky Me".

Well the radio was fixed, the climate control still does not work, and we do not attempt to pass anybody or pull out in traffic unless we have plenty of time. We have come to realize that McConnell Cadillac is just patronizing us. They do not know how to fix it. My wife is tired of me taking the truck back and forth to McConnell and paying money for them to reprogram the climate control that does nothing. The person at the dealership is nice, but is not serious about fixing the problem. He just wants this vehicle out of his hair.

I could understand if I was complaining about the temp if, it was a degree off, but if I have to keep adjusting the temp up and down to regulate it, something is not right. I have to turn the temp above 88 degree to get it to start warming up. Then if I get on the highway the blower speeds up and the temp drops to cool. Sometimes it is the opposite, I can run the temp down to 60 and it is still blowing hot air. We have to roll the windows down.

The service guy has given many explanations that change every time I go back. One time they told me they reprogrammed it, one time they replaced a part, one time they told me the found a wire unplugged in the back of the unit. Whatever.

We paid a lot of money for this truck. The motor is the 5.3 300hp and it drives like a 125hp. It has a little power until you try and use it, the AC is a nightmare, and the MPH is far from what is posted on the sticker. We like the ride, it is smooth, but we would like to have the rest of the package, it is not like we are not paying for it. This vehicle has 40,000 miles.

What should I do with this truck? Just accept that $42,000.00 does not buy much? The real reason GM moved their warranty out to 100,000 miles is so that previous customers will buy from them. If I buy another vehicle, I will buy one with roll up windows and big knobs on the HVAC. GM has complicated their system so well they cannot even fix it. Active fuel control, are you kidding me, more like power reducer.

Problem after problem
By -

VALLEY SPRING, CALIFORNIA -- Traded in my 1999 Yukon for a 2004 Yukon xl and what a mistake that was. My 99 had no problems at all. I traded it in with 48000 miles and from day one it was a runner. I thought with such good look with my 99 I couldn't go wrong with the 2004. Boy was I wrong. After 4 months or so the rear A/C and Heat went out.

Dealer fixed it and sent me on my way. About six months later the same problem started to happen and when I took it back in it somehow fixed itself on the drive there, so the dealer said there is no problem. 6-8 months later the front end started to make a clanking sound when turning into parking spots. I knew what the problem was because my in-laws 03 Sierra was just fixed with the same problem.

When I went to pick up their truck, I asked if this problem could affect my 04 Yukon and they said yes. I asked them if my 04 should be looked at and they said no, not until it starts with the same problem would they fix it with the known front end update parts for this fix. Well time went on and sure enough the front end went bad. Went to the dealer and they fixed the problem.

3 months later the odometer went out and they repaired it. 2 months later the odometer went out again, front driver power seat went out, fuel gauge went out, and the rear A/C and heat went out. All this while on our vacation. We took it back to the dealer and they fixed the power seat, said they could not find anything wrong with the rear A/C and heat, and claimed to fix the odometer and fuel gauge.

When I left the dealer the seat was fixed and the rear A/C and heat was working for now, but the odometer was not fixed properly and the fuel gauge read a 1/16 under the full mark. I was so mad but I let it go because I was just tired of dealing with it.

Now on 5-18-07 with my warranty almost up in 4 days, I put the truck into 4 high and the front end bearings are shot. So once again it's back at the dealer to be fixed and once again I am having them fix the already fixed odometer and fuel gauge.

The point of this story is that after talking with various service people at the dealer, GM know about the front end problem I had, they told me they are doing about 2 front bearing replacements a week on other 4x4 and some have even told me they would not buy a GMC product either.

Pretty sad that we buy these American built car with stickers on the door saying made in Mexico; like mine. Buyer BEWARE, stay away from GMC products. They had to save money so the shareholder are happy so they decided to save the buck on the quality of their cars and trucks. DON'T BUY GMC!!!

Yukon XL Auto Leveling Suspension
By -

TOLEDO, OHIO -- The first of the year we purchased a Yukon XL w/ Quadrasteer. Great vehicle, bought for pulling a 29' Thor Citation Trailer. The Yukon 3/4 ton, 2500 XL was presented by the salesmen, and was listed in the (102-03) 2003 YUKON sales magazine, as well as presented by the GM BuyPower website and the website to have as an option a Z55 Suspension Package which included (and I quote) "Autoride, bi-state variable shock dampening and rear air-assisted load-leveling (required with Vortec 8100 Engine)" (Note the 8.1 engine is only available in a 3/4 ton truck).

My Yukon was sold to me as I wanted with a Z55 package. I followed the dealer and handbook instructions and did not pull the trailer until I had reached 500 miles. When I attached the trailer, I waited for the Auto leveling to occur. It did not happen. I called the dealer and he requested I bring the car in to see why the car was not auto leveling as it should. I also called GM Cares, and received the same information.

Upon inspection at the dealer (who became perplexed), it was found that the vehicle had no device that would provide "Auto Leveling" or any kind of leveling. The dealer wanted me to contact GM Cares again and have them solve the issue. In short and 4 months later, GM Cares and the Dealer say that it was a misprint and that they have the right to change specifications at any time, and that I did not pay for this specific option (which I did pay for).

In fact they say that they never offered Auto Leveling on the 2500 series Yukon (All this information is only now presented, months after purchase and in light of my indicating a problem). I now have a $50K+ truck, without the features I was told I was receiving that I specifically wanted for towing, and paid for. How many other owners have fallen prey to this deceptive practice and are unaware that that have been taken advantage of?

Front End
By -

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- 17 months ago I purchased a 2003 GMC Yukon. When the vehicle was 5 months old with 3,000 miles on it I starting having problems. Now at 7,000 miles still having a POPPING sound in the front end when turning and when backing out of a parking space. I had the vehicle to the dealer 6 times over the past 14 months and they can't seem to fix it.

Sometimes it comes back with additional problems. Front end leaning, pulling to the left, tires rubbing, etc. I've filed a lemon law claim and still dealing with General Motors. They are giving us the run-around. Funny how they will take your money to buy the vehicle, but can't seem to back up their product. Anyone else having these types of problems (front end & possible transmission slipping)? Sincerely YUCK-KON.

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