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Poor Customer Service on Parts Damaged in Shipping
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BELLFLOWER, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered the 6 parts needed to install rooftop rails on my GMC Terrain on May 2 2012. They arrived on May 12 but the 2 main parts had both of their plastic ends broken off. The reason appears to be that there was packing material on only one end of the box so too much weight was put on the exposed end of the rails causing them to break. We emailed the company in the required 3 days and a customer representative named ** requested photos of the damaged parts, which we immediately sent.

Waited 4 days and sent an email requesting an update. Waited 2 more days and sent another email. Waited 4 more days and sent another email. ** replies that he had not got the pictures over to the warehouse and that another guys would call today. No call came so I asked for the name of ** supervisor and phone number. The next email gives me instructions for returning the parts and states that if they are damaged I won't get a refund and will have to pay the shipping to get them back. Is this guy out of his mind?

Catastrophic Mechanical Failure
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I was so very excited to find a dealer in my area that had a Solstice in stock for sale! On August 26, 2006 I purchased my 2007 Solstice off the showroom floor of a dealership, Penn Pontiac, Baltimore, MD to be exact, despite horrors with the "salesman" at the dealership. The problems started immediately when I pulled in my driveway with my new prize and my neighbors gathered around to take a look. (How could they not?!) One of them pointed out to me that there was a large screw in my tire. Then, I put the convertible top down and found the rubber weather seal badly damaged.

No problem, right, it's a brand new car? Got right on the phone to the putz that I bought the car from whom wants to argue with me "how do I know you didn't do it on your way home?" (I live ten minutes from the dealership!) This was on a Saturday evening. When Monday evening (after work) rolled around, I had a friend meet me at the dealership to give me a ride home. I was fully prepared to return the car to them if they were not willing to replace the tire and repair the weatherstripping.

After a very heated go-round with my favorite sales rep he finally agreed to do the repairs. Promptly on the 10th of the next month my first car payments, yes plural, showed up in my mailbox. This genius sales rep and the credit manager at the dealership got me financing at two different banks simultaneously! I have a payment due in 10 days, but who do I pay?

Back to the dealership I treck. I could see my favorite sales rep roll his eyes when he saw me coming through the door. It took an act of congress but I did get the financing squared away (without so much as an apology from the dealership.) Oh, by the way, did I mention the "great" bonus I got for buying my car from the fine folks at Penn Pontiac? Free oil changes for the life of the vehicle! Actually, it was a nice little perk (or so I thought). Well, 3000 miles rolls around and I go for my first oil change. No, kidding, it was free! Next time I go back for my second oil change, I ask to have my tires rotated as well. No problem; oil change was free and I paid $19.95 to have the tires rotated. Fair enough.

But, as has been said, the third time was a charm. NOT! I got my oil changed and went to the cashier and proudly presented my free oil change card only to be told that this would be the last free oil change I would get. The dealership had been taken over by new owners; the Bob Bell Automotive Group and they will not honor my free oil change for life perk! Well, didn't that just suck??!! Oh, well. What did I expect?

I wrote a nasty letter to **, the former owner and to Pontiac protesting the rip-off. Neither cared. ** never responded at all; GM responded, but didn't do a thing. I couldn't believe the complacency of GM's customer service person who called me! Anyway, the Bob Bell group is pretty big in Baltimore so surely my nightmare was finally over, right? WRONG! It only went downhill from here.

Time for oil change #4, so off to the new owners at the dealership I went. I was also due to have the tires rotated again. I waited an hour or so for them to finish my car and paid the cashier my bill. Around $49, I think. Not too bad. I go out and get into my car and start out of the parking lot thinking that something didn't feel quite right. But, the parking lot was gravel (yeah, can you believe that one?) so I rolled out onto the highway.

I got about 50 feet around the corner and knew something was DEFINITELY wrong. I pulled back onto the parking lot via the other entrance and got out of my car to look. I couldn't believe it! Right front tire had only ONE lug nut on it! Needless to say I was scared to death thinking of what could have been!

I walked back into the service area and asked the service manager if he was trying to kill me? "Why," he said. I invited him outside with me to look at my car. "Oh, I'm sorry. I get that taken care of right away." He called over the intercom for ** who turned out to be some kid who worked on my car that was dumber than a post. "Gee, I'm sorry," he said. He fixed my car and I never did see the service manager again. I was still pretty shaken so I just took my car and went home. This took place in late October / early November 2007.

Here comes the icing... On January 21, 2008, at about 5:10 PM, the height of rush hour traffic, I am about 1.2 miles from where I had just left work, on a very high traffic road, driving 40 MPH (the speed limit) in the right lane when, without any warning whatsoever, a loud BOOM! And my car went into a 360 degree spin landing in (luckily) a center turn lane. Scared me unbelievably! How I managed to not hit anyone or have them hit me is nothing short of a miracle! I managed to get the car off the road into a gas station that was fortunately right there. I had difficulty getting the car to move.

People came running from everywhere. I assumed that I blew out a tire, but upon examining the car, there was nothing blown, leaking, dragging or visibly broken. I called AAA and had the car towed just 3 blocks down the road to Anderson Pontiac. The tow truck driver had a very difficult time getting the car to move up on to the rollback. When we got to the dealership, the service department was already closed and again, the tow truck driver had a hard time getting the car off the truck. He thought that I maybe broke a tie road causing a wheel to lock and throw me into such a violent spin. I left the vehicle with a note and went home.

Next morning I called the dealership and spoke to a very nice person there who told me that from what little he'd seen that it was most certainly not a tie rod, but rather a problem with the rear-end and he would call me when he had more information around noon.

Well, it was finally 3:00 and I knew that this was not a case of "no news is good news" so I called the dealership. I spoke to the same guy who informed me that the BOOM I heard was the rear differential "exploding". Whatever that means! He continued by telling me that he would have to replace the whole rear and that he couldn't locate one anywhere in the country. He told me that the dealership would pay for my rental car and that he would let me know in a few days what he could do.

First, I want to comment on the difference between the service department at this dealership versus the other one that I had been going to. Everyone here from the time I rolled up with the tow truck forward has been so professional and knowledgeable I was shocked. While it is very comforting to know that my car is in good hands, I really wonder what the residual damage is to the vehicle and whether or not I should accept a vehicle back with only 23000 miles on it after such a major and violent incident?

I have better than 5 years worth of payments left on this car and what's to say that something else couldn't happen as a result of this incident? And, with all of the historical information available to buyers today, how would I ever sell it? DO you think maybe this car has dark cloud?

My Journey From Hell. Copy sent to BBC Watchdog
By -

As an admirer of your program, when I lived in England, I was wondering if you could help me, as I have nowhere left to turn to. My horror story started on 9th May this year on my return journey from England to Spain! My car broke down in France, the car an Opel Zafira 2 liter turbo diesel, although first registered in 2002; had only 60,000 kilometers on the clock. Having had the car transported to the nearest Opel dealership, I was told by the garage that it required a replacement part engine,

(This was a shock, considering the low mileage) and I was quoted 700 euros, and would take 3 weeks to repair. This was on the 9th May, I continued my journey to Spain by public transport. On arrival at Barcelona en route to Menorca I had my wallet picked from my pocket, and lost all my credit cards, money, driving license, and important documents, even my identity. I thought my luck couldn't get any worse, but unfortunately it did.

On 22nd May I returned to Newcastle by air to spend a week with my sister. On 27th May I decided to phone the garage as it was getting close to the 3 weeks completion date, and inquire how they were progressing with the repair. I decided to forfeit my return flight to Menorca, book a flight to Paris, collect my car, and continue my journey home. On phoning the garage I found that they could not, or would not speak English, and as I couldn't speak French, all they said was "goodbye".

I started to get worried, and didn't know what to do next. I was given the telephone number of General Motors in Luton by a local garage, and phoned their Customer Care dept. They gave me the Customer Care telephone number in France. I phoned them, (this is where my problems really started). They told me they would have to open a case. Contact the garage in France to see what the position was, and phone me back.

On returning my call five days later, I found out that no work had been started on the car, and because the car was registered in Spain I would have to contact Customer Care in Spain, because they would have to open a case. I contacted Customer Care in Spain, and was told that they would liaise with the French team to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

One week later I hadn't heard anything from France or Spain. I tried to reach the persons concerned with the case, and every time I was told that they were busy, and that they would get back to me. I heard nothing for another week. Eventually, I was informed that the garage didn't think it was the engine, and needed a fax from me to give them permission to open the gearbox, as they thought the problem could be there, and the cost would be 450 euros. I heard nothing from anyone for another two weeks, despite numerous phone calls.

Then I received an estimate via email, the estimate was in French, which I didn't understand, but noticed that the cost for repairs had escalated from seven hundred, to two thousand eight hundred euros, and the garage requested a fax from me accepting the estimate before they would continue. I felt that I was being exploited, as I later found out that part of the estimate was for doing some work on the CD player.

Later I phoned Customer Care in Spain to ask when the car would be ready. I had spoken in English with this person before. She said she preferred to speak in Spanish. Although I can speak a little Spanish, her English is far superior to my Spanish, and she refused to continue the conversation in English. I was so upset, that I decided to contact Customer Care service in Luton England. Told them the problem with everything, and they decided to open a case as well. They were annoyed with the treatment I had received from the Spanish dept. and said they would speak to them.

Finally on the 4th July after more than two months had passed, I got a telephone call from the Spanish dept. saying the case was nearly closed, and my car should be ready by the end of the week. On the strength of this information I booked a flight from Newcastle to Paris for the 6th July and then a train to the garage to enable me to collect my car, and thought that this could be the end of my problems, but it was not so.

On 5th July I received a phone call from Customer Care in England to say that the garage was still waiting for a part for the car (a flywheel), that they said they were trying to obtain from a small island with a time difference of 5 hours, and if they were unsuccessful it would be 21st September before the garage received their back order of this part. I could not believe what I was hearing. That would mean that the garage would have had my car for 18 weeks.

On the 6th July I received a call from England Customer Care to say that they had found one in Italy, and would arrange to have it delivered to France. I told them I was booked on a flight to Paris that same day, but it would be the 10th July before I would arrive at the garage, and hoped to collect my car then. They couldn't understand why the Spanish customer care hadn't informed me of the change of circumstances. It seemed to me that the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing.

When I arrived at the garage, my car was in pieces. They said they were still waiting for the part, and couldn't tell me when the car would be ready. After waiting 12 weeks, and being back to square one I decided to go back home to Menorca. While writing this, I am still waiting to hear from someone. I have spent over 150 pounds on telephone calls and more than 500 pounds on travel regarding the car. Also an estimated 200 pounds more when I do collect the car. The treatment I have received from General Motors Customer Care has left me deflated and empty. Please can you help me?

2003 Saturn Vue 2.2 Timing Chain Quick Fix / Repair
By -

We own a 2003 Saturn vue with the 2.2 Echotech engine (timing chain) and we noticed a slapping sound near the timing chain area at idle and the noise smoothed out at a higher rpm. We took the vue to an authorized repair dealer and they briefly looked at it and said it sounds bad so I left it over night for their techs to look at it and after $200.00 later they said the motor needs to be replaced new $3500.00. Plus install or a used engine with 70000 miles so I informed them to get it ready and I'll pick it up after paying the $200.00 fee.

They said they found metal in the oil so they put new oil in the engine. After looking at the paper work I noticed they didn't even install a new oil filter? Then I was told that I may not even make it home without destroying the engine so I took it to a honest and capable mechanic I know. He said it sounds like the timing chain is slapping the motor casting after removing the top of the engine valve cover and discovered a bolt had backed making the timing chain guide to loose for the chain tensioner to adjust as needed.

After looking at the problem we decided to make a piece to hold the guide in position because the bolt worked loose and watered out the bolt hole and could not use a bolt so we took measurements and we machined a piece to retain the chain guide. He installed it and the engine sounds great and hope to get another 120000 mile out of our vue. The job can be done by any decent mechanic. We have the dimensions to make more (but the secret is to get it fixed before the chain breaks slapping noise is a good indication). Any questions I can be contacted.

2010 Camaro Is a Lemon
By -

I bought a 2010 Chevy Camaro and the car Blows blue smoke when I start it up. I have called GM many times asking this car be replaced, since the dealers can not get problem fixed. I have repeatedly called and asked to speak to Ed Whitacre or Thomas Stephens the Vice Chair. No one will let me speak to them or anyone other than someone from the Customer Service department in the Philippines. I have had the car in the shop 4 times and have owned the car since Dec. 26th 2009, and it now has 800 miles on it.

There are many other problems with the car. I am just letting everyone know how the NEW GM STILL IS. This is after reading the San Antonio Business Journal from today's issue "Mr. Whitacre said: "they are on the road to recovery." I called GM again and was told a supervisor was going to call me back in 2 minutes. It has been several hours, and no one cares enough to take care of my lemon. I have asked to exchange my car for an identical car, with no help. I am asking that an executive from GM call me to get this matter taken care of in a professional manner.

I called last week Friday and spoke to a lady named **. She said she would document all the information and she transferred me to a different department. I was on hold (rather ignore) for 37 minutes then was told the guy could not transfer me and the supervisor would have to call me back, and would do so in 2 minutes. Well it has been 3 days and no return call. I can not believe the NEW GM would treat their customers like the OLD GM, but it is TRUE!!!!! I am so dissatisfied with MY CAMARO and the concern from General Motors.

I told the dealer I have 3 newer cars, a VW CC 2009, never smoked, a 2009 Mazda Miata that never smoked, and a 2008 350Z that never smoked, and had a 2006 Mini Cooper that never smoked, and the response was "well let's talk apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Those are imports and you have an American car". My response was, "are you telling me that an import is a better car?" They had no response.

This is a quote from the San Antonio Business Journal: Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre says he admires Toyota and the success it has achieved. But he also says GM will seize the opportunity created by Toyota's recent stumbles to try to help expedite a comeback. GM emerged from bankruptcy last July "thanks in large part to a major federal bailout" as a newly structured company with Whitacre as its chairman. In December, GM also handed its CEO position to the Texas native. Two months later, Whitacre says a company that was on the brink of collapse is on the road to recovery. My story does not seem like it fits with the story published in this article.

2007 Acadia Stalling Without Warning - Mystery!! GM Can't Fix
By -

Beginning in August 2009 I started having problems with my 2007 Acadia. It turned off in the middle of the road while I was driving. I thought I was out of gas but had well over 1/2 tank. It cranked right back up and I continued to drive. Later that day it happened again while I was turning left. Luckily I had enough momentum to make my turn and get out of traffic, and it cranked right back up. This was a Sunday. I took it to the dealership the next day and they could not find anything wrong.

After a few weeks it happened yet again as I was making a left turn at a busy intersection. An 18-wheeler truck was headed for me as my car stalled and honked his horn as my life flashed before my eyes. I got it to crank and floored it to save my life... and luckily I did! I went STRAIGHT to the dealership and told them what happened... they AGAIN could not find anything wrong with it. By now I am hesitant to drive my Acadia and am constantly wondering when it will happen again... WELL, it does, again and again and again, and after more than 10 times at the service department, still no luck.

They installed a data recorder to try to pinpoint the problem. Well, after stalling in a drive through and trying to get it cranked back up after numerous attempts, the only data it recovered was a "stall", with no reason why, so there is no way to fix it. I had been talking with a GM representative and she tells me that she will look into GM buying the car back. Well, after talking with her this morning she says that since the matter is "unduplicated", GM cannot buy it back. Okay!

I am stranded with my car in the shop and have 2 kids to bus around... one is on the basketball team and have to "bus" around her gear and teammates, etc... and GM puts me in a "rental" car of theirs which is not comparable to my Acadia and I am supposed to be a "satisfied" customer? Come on GM! I am not the only owner of a 2007 Acadia with this SAME problem! Oh, and I know why GM cannot issue a recall... because they have no clue WHAT to recall!!! Are they not aware that this problem for ME is a serious liability to THEM??? The customer service representative said that it hasn't happened enough to buy it back. Oh my goodness!

How many times does it have to happen? It has stalled on me on the train tracks, twice turning left at traffic lights, once going down the interstate going 70 mph and numerous other times. To top it all off, it stalled with an employee at the local dealership and he had to have it towed. So the proof is there that the car stalls. Is GM going to wait until me and my children get seriously injured or DIE to buy it back? Well at that time it will be my family BUYING GM not them buying MY car back! Why can't they just get me out of it and put me in something reliable? Simple as that! Please help me!

By -

1507 W ASHLEY RD BOONVILLE, MISSOURI -- I worked long and hard to have nice things including a nice car. I was very stupid and bought a new 2008 Buick enclave just $48,959.00. Not a lot right? Anyway I fell in love with the way it drove and looked. I could get in and out easy. I have trouble with my muscles and sometimes it's hard to get from a low setting car. I traded up from a supercab truck. We live on a farm. I keep this in my garage and we share rides to work, so I did not drive it every day.

16 months later and 21,000 miles, I drove to work. Weather here had been very dry and that day it rain some. Went to get in the car and my friend said "did you know your floor is wet?" After looking at it, the whole floor was sopping wet. It had come from the side arm next to the windshield area and down the dash. Took it to the dealership they thought it was from the sunroof. I had just had it in there for the recall on the plugs for the sunroof. That should have been my first clue. Anyway they said it was fixed. Again the same thing happen back I went. Did I tell you it's a hour drive one way to the dealership, so same story same song.

Once again it rained with some snow, and that's right it was wet! I have talked with everyone that they sick on me with the warranty and they do not seem to understand that I did not want to have a car that cost so much, leak! I now have it home and they say its fixed. It's going to rain today and I can't wait. Does anyone know how I can get something really done here. I have done the BBB, attorney gen., the warranty people. Who can I get to that will take me serious.

I will not buy GM again. I just want another car without a sunroof or water or the leaking. I want to be fair. I will pay a fair difference for one because I have had mine to drive sometimes without water. The dealership is only too happy to trade with me. They want to give me oh a $23,000.00 and they think they are being very generous. They want me to buy a new 2010 Buick Lacrosse for a small $41,000.00. Tell me give me you help. Do not buy GM. Never never never. Thank you.

Chevy Express Van junk
By -

WARREN, MICHIGAN -- Without a doubt the worse vehicle I have ever owned, especially based on the miles driven to date (36,000) on a Truck that is always garaged. Fuel pump started to malfunction at 12K miles, gave out at 20K, 2 months after the 3 year warranty expired. GM's response? Tough. Brake pads fell off at 18K, windshield wipers wouldn't turn off at 18K, Cargo Door hinges almost frozen up at 20K, door welds starting to crack from effort required to open (known issue). Side view mirrors that vibrate at any speed over 25 MPH making them useless (known issue).

Bad poppet valve fuel injection. 30K (known issue), required replacement, known issue, State of California sued GM requiring them to extend the Warranty. GM Brand Quality Manager for fuel injection reaction reaction: "you were probably using inferior quality gasoline" and, "its old, tough luck." Dex-Cool antifreeze destroyed intake manifold gaskets leaking antifreeze from the intake manifold and would have destroyed the engine had it not been caught 36K (known issue, GM is being sued via a class action lawsuit).

GM Engine Brand Quality Manager reaction: "Sorry, its old and your vehicle/engine is not part of the class action lawsuit". Shock absorbers all bad except right front at 36K miles. Makes vehicle dangerous to drive. Have not reported to GM yet. Suspension noises I am hearing are probably broken springs that resulted from shocks being inoperative. Air conditioning needs charged yearly (known issue) slow leak that cannot be detected, probably from the condenser as they have been known to pinhole and leak prematurely.

Coolant leak from poorly designed and routed lines that supply the rear heater core that run underneath the van. Exposed to road salt and weather. Have not yet figured how to repair. This was my 1st and last purchase of a GM vehicle. Not even because of the extremely poor design of the vehicle and its bad reliability, but more because of GM's response to these issues, mainly feigning ignorance of everything I reported to people in the company who know and yet act like this is the 1st time they've ever heard of these things. I have owned Ford products that have gone 200K miles with 1/10 of the work required to keep them on the road. Even my Chrysler and Jeep vehicles went over 100K.

Warranties are Worthless and Costly
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I own a 2008 Pontiac G8 with barely 10,000 miles on it. As we were driving we came across a puddle about 3-4 inches deep. Many other vehicles such as Toyotas and Hondas were ahead of us going through the apparent harmless 3 inch puddle. We followed these vehicles with the flow of traffic and then we stopped.

The 2008 Pontiac G8 that was purchased at Quebedeaux went dead. The car would not turn on or move. We had to push it to a nearby parking lot where we contacted Quebedeaux. Through the factory's warranty and the expensive extensive bumper to bumper warranty that we purchased we figured the defect would be covered. Quebedeaux towed the vehicle to their dealership. The following day we received a call stating that there was water in the engine as well as in the air intake system and that they would not cover the estimated damage of $8,200.

After contacting Quebedeaux and speaking with a person in their service department I contacted GM Customer Assistance. Customer Service told me that because there was water in the engine the warranty was void. I reminded her that the car had gone through a 3 inch puddle, not a river, or a wash, but a puddle and that if a car cannot go through a puddle then obviously there is a defect with the vehicle and the way they placed a low intake in the vehicle. The only thing that she would do is repeat herself that they rely on the dealership's word.

After waiting for over 20 minutes I was finally able to speak with a supervisor. After giving her the same detail of events she basically told me that she wasn't sure if what I was saying was true and that they relied on the dealership's diagnostics. I told her that I was not disputing the diagnosis what I was disputing was the vehicle defect. That one should be able to drive down a road on a rainy day and not expect to get stuck. All she would do was repeat herself as well. When I asked to speak with her supervisor she told me that there was no one higher up than herself and that her decision was final.

After I kept insisting she told me that the only one that could make the decision on the warranty would be the Service Manager at Quebedeaux. I called Quebedeaux and got a hold of the Service Manager, who at the beginning wouldn't let me finish a sentence. He basically told me that he could authorize it but wouldn't because once he sent the bad motor to GM and they denied payment Quebedeux would be out $8,200 and that he couldn't do that to the dealership. He told me to contact Customer Assistance and tell them that I want to speak with the Regional Manager.

I told him that they would not transfer my call. I was told they were as high as I could go with my concern. I told him I felt like they were passing the ball back and forth and that no one was taking any responsibility for this vehicle's defect. He said that he would contact Regional Manager and would let them know about my concern. When I asked him to provide me with that phone number he said that he didn't have it. He said that he would email the Regional Manager and let him know. When I asked for the email he said that he could not give it out.

I am still waiting for a call from the Regional Manager. I am very disappointed with GM. I will never purchase another GM vehicle again or a vehicle from Quebedeaux. Their customer service is horrible and neither company will stand up for their vehicle.

Fixing Power Steering Failure
By -

I own a 2005 Saturn ION and commute about 20 miles daily. About a year and half ago my power steering dc motor was shutting off by some internal process. Since I am an engineer I found this problem interesting. I tried to understand what would cause the power assist to shut off. I peruse a few web forums and found their explanations for the failure. Didn't match what I was experiencing. The two main WEB reasons are bad fuses and bad motor.

A fuse, such as the ones in the ION is a piece of wire connecting between two terminals. When the current through the wire exceed the rating of the fuse it burn out, like a light bulb. It does not come back. If you can power cycle (turn off then back on) your ION and it clear pwr str then it is not a fuse. Unless the fuse holder is loose and that kind of mechanical failure would be notice on the dealership lot.

Base on my understanding of DC motor which is OK. A DC motor with a short would blow the fuse and disable the power steering until fuse was replaced. Then it would blow again as soon as the car turns on. If the DC motor coils had an open path then motor wouldn't work. Thermal expansion of materials could cause a physical break to expand. That would disable the motor until it cool off. Again if you can power cycle (turn off then back on) your ION and it clears pwr str then it isn't thermal expansion.

I believe the real cause of the power steering failure is a bad thermal sensor, or a thermal sensor circuit with too high of a gain. An internal microcontroller decision point set too low could cause the failure. Why a bad thermal sensor? I drove all winter and my power steering was fine. Once the temperature went above 75 degrees the power steering started to fail again. The sensor reports a higher ambient temperature in the summer. The since it a DC motor sense circuit the micro shuts down the power steering. At lease that is what I believe my car is doing. It should be possible to use a heat gun to simulate this failure, if you know where the sensors are located.

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