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Intake Manifold Gasket replacement 5.7 litre
Posted by Wildman4623 on 01/20/2004
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I recently had to have the intake manifold gasket replaced on my 1998 Z-71 truck that has 58000 miles on it. I had coolant leaking and the dealer informed me that the gasket was the problem and he had three others sitting there with the same repair needed. $463.00 to fix. I called two other local dealers and talked to their "Service Managers" and they informed me that this is a design flaw but GM will not issue a recall. I have contacted GM's 800 number and they also say there is no recall but will get back to me. They ask me what I expect and I informed them I want them to reemburse me and issue a recall.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-20:
Sounds like the service managers gave you their own opinions on a potential recall based on a number of similar repairs they have encountered with this vehicle model.
Posted by l.hughes.itsw on 2004-01-23:
You are not alone wildman. I have a 2000 Chevy Venture with a faulty intake manifold gasket. Dealership knew exactly what to look for,had repaired 16 in the last 3 months. No goodwill assistance. Repair cost $917.74 on 1/23/04. I am in the process of making calls to GM and posting anywhere I can.
Posted by wildman4623 on 2004-02-09:
I have recently heard back from GM about having to replace the intake manifold gasket and was told that due to the age of my vehicle and the mileage they will not help but to keep my paperwork in case they change their mind. I am sure at this point it will not help to complain to this company, but please do it anyway! My next new vehicle will be a Toyota!
Posted by Robear on 2004-07-01:
Just did mine two weeks ago, what a pain in the a$$ ( I mean back). The only good part was the price of the gasket, $25.00.
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Posted by Mad Grand Am Mama on 06/08/2006
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a 2004 Pontiac Grand AM used in Feb 2005. Since I made by purchase, my car has been in the repair shop 5 times and heading back there again today!! Contacted GM Cares big surprise they don't. Not very friendly customer service individuals either. They just kept repeating that GM was not prepared to buy me out of my car or trade my car in towards another vehicle. So needless to say I am stuck unless I want to UNLOAD THIS HUNK OF JUNK off on some other unsuspecting sap, which isn't my style!! I have decided that I will bash GM any chance I get and bug the crap out of them until they stand behind their products!! There have been ongoing electrical issues with this car since I purchased it, the person who unloaded it at the dealership, had to have known there were issues, just didn't want to pass them along! What ever you do, DON'T PURCHASE A GM Automobile. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS!!!
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-08:
Let's start with "what was wrong". Besides "electrical problems" I don't have a clue. Were the problems all inter-related? Not enough info in the post beyond a rant that GM doesn't stand behind its products.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-08:
Can't help you if you don't print the full name of the dealership/auto shop.
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-09:
I use to write service for a Chevrolet Dealership and I do know one thing. The Sevice Manager at a respectable dealership has Godlike powers or the ablilty to bring in a technical engineer that does have Godlike powers. The technical engineer can pull parts off like cars on the lot, have a car cut in half whatever he wants to do.
The service manager of the dealership I worked at called GM and replaced a GMC truck transmission under warranty because the GMC dealership wouldn't. (He went to church with the guy)
Also we had an anti-lock problem with an S-10 and ordered 4 new modules the anti lock light popped back on in 10 miles or less. Truck had les than 300 miles on it and the owner was upset but patient. They called in the Engineer and he pulled a unit off another S-10 and it worked fine, turned out all the 4 new parts ordered were defective.
The service manager also but a new transmission in under warranty for a 10 year old Caprice with over 200,000 miles.
With all these powers he can still tell you to take a hike and no one will really care.
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GMAC SmartLease is taking advantage of innocent people
Posted by Nick Taylor on 12/06/2009
AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN -- December 4, 2009

“GMAC SmartLease is taking advantage of innocent people”

Much to my surprise I’ve recently discovered that GMAC SmartLease has changed the way they treat their lease customers. Someone ought to hire a lawyer; this may even qualify for class action status. I can hardly wait to reveal their indiscretions but first let me explain why I feel that I am qualified to discuss this issue.

“Someone ought to hire a lawyer; this may even qualify for Class Action status.”

I have been involved in some capacity in the retail automobile business since 1964. I retired in 2007, so I can safely say that I have 43 years exposure to the car business. I have always been involved in the General Motors business. I have been a Salesperson, a Sales Manager, a Finance Manager, a General Sales Manager, a General Manager, and a Dealer/Owner. I feel that I have some idea of what I am talking about.

Now the Story……………

Since the 70’s I have arranged retail leases using GMAC as the leasing company. I have even leased several for my personal use. In each of my personal leases I have sold or traded my vehicle prior to the end of the lease. It was simple, I would call GMAC SmartLease and they would tell me the payoff. If the vehicle was worth more than I owed, I would sell it to a dealership (often my own) and they would pay me for my equity. Suddenly GMAC SmartLease has changed their program. What has changed is how GMAC SmartLease has decided to interpret the early termination language of their contract.

“If it was worth more than I owed, I would sell it to a dealer and they would pay me for my equity.”

Currently I am leasing a 2007 GMC Acadia. There are only a few payments remaining and the lease will be complete. When I called GMAC SmartLease to inquire as to the payoff, they gave me a figure that appears to be correct. (Residual value plus remaining unpaid payments less unearned interest.) The new change that GMAC SmartLease has incorporated into their business plan is that if anyone other than me were to pay this lease off, GMAC SmartLease wants them to pay approximately $5000.00 more than my payoff. This means that if I were to drive into a GM dealership (or any dealership GM or Non-GM) and work out a new lease or purchase, using my Acadia as a trade in, there would be a $5000 penalty assessed against me for me trading early. I consider myself lucky because I understand that this is really a GRAB on the part of GMAC SmartLease. I am able to protect my self in this situation but I wonder how many unsuspecting people have allowed this sort of thing happen to them. I bet that during the past several months or years there have been hundreds if not thousands of GMAC SmartLease customers who have been taken advantage of. This can not be a good thing.

“There would be a $5000 penalty for trading early”

I wonder if GMAC SmartLease realizes that they are compromising future business. Why would anyone want to ever do business with a company that evokes arbitrary practices designed to take advantage of the public. I like GM vehicles; I did have Cadillac at the top of my list of new cars to consider. However, now I wonder if I can ever force myself to drive a GM vehicle again.

Is this a good long term business practice? Will GM survive with their financial arm attempting to take unfair advantage of customers? A very smart man who coached and trained me in the early years of my career taught me the following:

1) Is it the TRUTH?
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

I think not.

If you want to know more about this issue feel free to call or e-mail, my contact information is:

Nick Taylor
(760) 710-7234
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-06:
It is what it is. You applied for it, and you signed it. If you're unhappy, do something different next time. And next time read the terms before you sign the dotted line.
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My Disappointment With GM
Posted by Kpj on 09/24/2007
MOUNT AIRY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a 2006 corvette convertible new and had nothing but problems. The rear end had to be completely taken out and redone. Pump had to be replaced. Active Handling light kept coming on. Air bad light kept coming on - meaning it could deploy at anytime or not deploy when needed. Grinding sound-very loud every time you turn. Terrible backlash which was also acknowledged but Gm refused to fix because they said this sometimes occurs. Tires totally worn thru on inside only threads were showing within the first year. GM said not there problem. I have contacted [name removed] on so many different dates all documented. This is not all of the problems I have had but it gives you a general idea. I asked GM for a loyalty certificate so I could get out of this car because it is a nightmare and [name removed] said "I'm sorry but we are unable to help you and you do not qualify for any loyalty certificates. I have purchased 12 new vehicles and 2 that were a year old in the last 12 years. These were all Chevrolets. 4 were corvettes and 6 were duallys. This car has been a terrible injustice to me and GM will not stand behind there product. [name removed] led me to believe up until the last moment that i would receive a customer loyalty certificate. She has all these calls recorded and I have pictures of my car on the rack with everything (ALL PARTS) of the rear end was scattered on shelves and the floor and tool boxes. I have pictures of all this if you would like to see them just email me and i will gladly forward them to you. GM always advertises there customers are there priority and they back there product . From first hand experience, I can tell you that I'm my case and my opinion, there motto should be "you bought the car-DEAL WITH IT!! I have an entire folder with all the complaints, correspondence with [name removed] and pictures.


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Posted by mdh7341 on 2007-09-24:
I'm surprised you actually talked to someone there! It seems like everytime I turn on the TV, they are on strike. And I wonder why they are closing plants and outsourcing? Hhhhmmmmm...
(BTW, the newer Corvettes LOOK nice, but run poorly.)
Posted by kpj on 2007-09-24:
Posted by LOLOLOLOL on 2007-09-24:
This sounds really awfull it seems like if your going to spend this much money with a company they would give you the service that you deserve and not just shaft you I will make sure that i think twice before driving on to a GM lot. and will pass this on to every one that i know!
Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-24:
You purchased a corvette? What, are you stuck in the 80's?

Posted by MRM on 2007-09-24:
ThinLazyAmerican, what kind of vehicle do you drive? You seem to be always critizing other people's vehicle when it is their own personal choice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-24:
I have a couple friends with new Vett's and they love them.
Posted by Skye on 2007-09-24:
I always thought the Stingray Corvette was a great looking car. Don't know what year those were made, but I see them every now and then, they look sharp to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-24:
My uncle had one in the 70's.He thought he was cool.I must admit,my uncle is still stuck in the 70's.He was some sort of disco rollerskater dude in Venice.
Posted by kpj on 2007-09-25:
I'm glad your friends love there car. I just wish that I had not bought this particular one because of so many problems. GM could have helped me out and I would have been a satisfied customer; instead they informed me "I'm sorry but unfortunately there is nothing we can do". This was from the executive office. They had lots of options - they just refused to help .
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Venice, now there's a free freak show on the weekends.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
I love Venice.Freaks,Skateboards,Dreadlocks,Fortune tellers,Tattoo shops cluttering the strand.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-09-25:
ThinLazyAmerican, probably around 80% of the cars on the road today were existing models in the 80's also. Does that make all of those people "stuck in the 80's" also. Your nick says it all, but I think your off on the third word. I would venture to guess that your car is probably a dented, smoking, backfiring YUGO that has a rolls royce hood ornament, or better yet, the city bus.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-25:
LMAO, how on earth can someone be accused of being stuck in the 80's because they bought a Corvette. TLA, I'm assuming you haven't been very up close to a new Corvette lately.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Sounds like Venice hasn't changed much in the last 35 years. Grew up nearby and in the late 60's-70's was in that area a lot--we were all freaks then! Saw a lot of concerts on the beach there too. Good memories!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Dianec,Venice has not changed.They still hate the "Val's"

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Yes, you don't want a Galipin Ford license frame on your call when you roll into Venice.

Steve, the folks from the inland valley (Corona/Riverside) are called niners in OC because they live in the 909 area code. They bring everything they own to the beach.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Galpin Ford...I always think of "Wally George" when I hear of Galpin.It was a sponser of his show on channel 56 on Saturday nights.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
My Mom lives in the 909 (Ontario)
Dad in the 562 (Whittier)

Is OC still 714?

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Yes I remember him, what a fighter. He died a few years ago.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
He was the original "Jerry Springer"

His shows were so funny.
Rebecca De Mornay's Dad.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
It is 949 and 714 now, they are going to do an overlay with a new one soon.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Steve-funny about the Val's. My husband surfed when there was not so much hate going on in the water. Actually, we found a great spot just south of Lompoc called Jalama Beach. It's off Hwy 101, when you take Hwy 1 to Lompoc, going North. When we lived in that area in the 90's, surfing was still pretty mellow. If you have never been, you can camp there and surf to your hearts content with no bad vibes, at least not when we were there. It's a 1/2 hour drive at the turn-off, but it's a beautiful drive and so is the beach.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Thanks dianec,i will check it out.
I drive down to LA from NorCal every year,and sometimes we take the coast.Im constantly looking for spots.
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Gas Gauge
Posted by Chevy truck on 07/07/2007
My gas gauge and every other truck owner of a 1999 or newer truck has the same problem. The gas gage goes to empty and back to full, and then after a while it just will stop working and your truck will stop running. You will pay 700.00 To get it fixed. If all of us have that same problem why don't they have recall.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-07-07:
Just monitor your mileage and gas when you fill up till you get the gauge fixed properly.
Posted by Skye on 2007-07-07:
Go to this site, and tell them what you are telling us.

Posted by SAJ on 2007-07-07:
There's no recall because it's not a safety issue. However, there is probably a service bulletin, but that won't pay for the repair, only notify the dealership that there is a problem.
Posted by BeeZee on 2008-02-21:
this sounds like the same issue my friends and family have had. it was due to using Shell gasoline. there was a repair offered. if you had gas receipts from any shell station you called the given toll free number, made an appointment with where ever you wanted to take your vehicle and the new gas 'ball' or whatever it was in the gas tank was replaced, all free of charge. it was a recall by shell oil. the time for this may be past now, i'm not sure or maybe you dont even use shell gas. I am only offering this info because the symptoms sound exactly the same, it turned out to not be a gauge issue, it was a gas tank issue where the gas had something in it that was corroding the empty/full monitor in the tank. hope this helps... ...BZ*
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Zero percent interest
Posted by on 11/27/2001
MANISTEE, MICHIGAN -- I brought a 2002 Silverdoo Truck on Sept. 20, but I didn't get the Zero percent interest. The dealership reported it sold two days before I gave them the money from my credit union. My husband brought the truck home for me to look at it and drive it. We live 120 miles from the dealership.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would like the zero percent interest. It would save me around 9,000 dollars

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Defective parts
Posted by Nomoregm on 11/30/2009
I have been told by General Motors that they will not replace my instrument cluster because it has too many miles. What I do not understand is why G. M. does not warranty what they know to be a defective part regardless of mileage, if it's made wrong it's made wrong. I am going to spend between $ 40,000 and $ 45,000 on a new truck before the end of the year. This money will not be spent on another G. M.product. I hope G. M. understands this is the exact reason they are in the toilet. I want all prospective new vehicle buyers to know, I am 1 of several people I know who have had this and other problems with G. M. products. I have always bought G. M. products but this is absolutely my last.
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Posted by klobbersaurus685 on 2009-12-01:
how many miles are on the vehicle? Was there any kind of warrenty left on the vehicle?
More info is needed
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Fixing Power Steering Failure
Posted by Radhoo on 09/09/2009
I own a 2005 Saturn ION and commute about 20 miles daily. About a year and half ago my power steering dc motor was shutting off by some internal process. Since I am an engineer I found this problem interesting. I tried to understand what would cause the power assist to shut off. I peruse I few web forums and found their explanations for the failure, didn’t match what I was experiencing. The two main WEB reasons are bad fuses and bad motor. A fuse, such as the ones in the ION is a piece of wire connecting between two terminals. When the current flowing through the wire exceed the rating of the fuse it burn out, like a light bulb. It does not come back. If you can power cycle (turn off then back on) your ION and it clear pwr str then it is not a fuse. Unless the fuse holder is loose and that kind of mechanical failure would be notice on the dealership lot. Base on my understanding of DC motor which is ok. A DC motor with a short would blow the fuse and disable the power steering until fuse was replaced. Then it would blow again as soon as the car turns on. If the DC motor coils had an open path then motor wouldn’t work. Thermal expansion of materials could cause a physical break to expand. That would disable the motor until it cool off. Again If you can power cycle (turn off then back on) your ION and it clears pwr str then it isn’t thermal expansion.

I believe the real cause of the power steering failure is a bad thermal sensor, or a thermal sensor circuit with too high of a gain. An internal microcontroller decision point set too low could cause the failure. Why a bad thermal sensor? I drove all winter and my power steering was fine. Once the temperature went above 75 degrees the power steering started to fail again. The sensor reports a higher ambient temperature in the summer. The since it a DC motor sense circuit the micro shuts down the power steering. At lease that is what I belief my car is doing.

It should be possible to use a heat gun to simulate this failure, if you know where the sensors are located.

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Extended Warrenty For a Used CAr
Posted by Gizmoe on 09/28/2006
We own a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, and when purchased in January of 2005, we purchased extended powertrain warranty from GM, which only expires January 4, 2008 or 152,310 km. Our vehicle currently only has 127,000 km on it right now.

We were traveling in BC this summer (Aug. 2006) and realized that the vehicle was over-heating. We took it into a GM Dealer, Barnes Wheaton in Chilliwack BC PH: 604-792-1391. They diagnosed it as being the thermostat which required changing. We asked how long that would take and they quoted 3.1 hours. They did not tell us that the diagnostics was another hour, therefore a total of 4.1 hours was charged to us at $99.00/hour!! We told them we had extended powertrain coverage, they checked it out and said that GM does not consider a thermostat to be an internal part of the motor, therefore it is not covered!! Well, we needed a thermostat to continue so we proceeded to get it fixed. The total bill came to $515.45...We were rather shocked, to say the least, but paid it and thought we would deal with it when we arrived home in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

We phoned GM Canada and told them the problem, gave them our extended warranty number, they checked it out, responded to us saying, and I quote:
"We see here that you have warranty on the powertrain, and under our warranty policy the thermostat is not covered, as it is not considered part of the internal motor, however, if you were considered a regular customer at Barnes Wheaton in Chilliwack, we would be willing to pay half the bill for you. Since you are not a regular customer, there is nothing we can do for you".
I couldn't believe it and told them, "How do you expect us to be a regular customer when we are travelling from Saskatchewan on vacation, how ridiculous is that, owning a GM vehicle isn't good enough?" Apparently not, as we got the same response.

I was then directed to another area, as apparently we needed to go to the extended warranty area for used vehicles. I did that and received the same response telling me that a thermostat is not considered an internal part of the motor. Pierre (that was his name) said that if they covered thermostats, they would then have to cover gas. Well, I said that's ludicrous, gas is not a part, and if anyone was to purchase a vehicle, they would expect the thermostat to be considered a part of the motor! GM needs to improve their warranty policy and start honoring all parts of the motor, not just some!!

Well, we did put in a formal complaint against GM, (with Marny in Customer Service, Head Office in Ontario) but of course nothing was done, nor will anything change with GM, because they are such a large company who don't care about the average person purchasing a vehicle from them.

Our extended warranty does say (and this is the last half of the paragraph under Gasoline Engine):"Also covered are turbocharge/supercharger housings, Internal parts, valves, Inter cooler, seals and gaskets".
I'd like to know what else they do not consider an 'Internal Part'!!, wouldn't you?

(Our friend owns a new Ford Truck, looked at his warranty and the thermostat is covered under warranty with Ford). I told this to GM, but they didn't care!

I'm hoping that perhaps you would be interested in a story like this, as GM and other large dealers like them need to start honoring their warranties, and/or re-wording them differently so as to include or exclude parts not covered!!

Thank you for your time. If you cannot help us, could you please direct us to someone who can.

Greg & Sharon Schafer
La Ronge SK
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Posted by Shakra on 2006-09-29:
I'm sorry that you were put to that, but the garage ripped you off...big time. That much for a thermometer? Those are quick to fix. If I was you, I'd report them to the Better Business Bureau.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-29:
The last GM car I owned (a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am) died before it even had 50,000 miles on the odometer. I wouldn't but another GM car if you paid me to drive one!
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-29:
Sorry... "buy" NOT "but"!
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Certified Warranty
Posted by Zaphod on 09/25/2005
LAKEWOOD, OHIO -- Hello All,

I am going to try to keep this rant about the lack of brains at GM and Cadillac in particular. I purchased a Certified Cadillac in August, 2004. The car had 39800 miles on it. All paperwork says I purchased a certified car. The car now has 56,000 miles on it and my right rear power window fails. I go to the local dealer and they tell me the car is not in their database as being certified. Some bone head didn't enter the VIN number in when I purchased the car. This cost over $800 when you add in the rental car that I had to pay. And just for fun, the dealer I bought it from just got bought out.

The new dealer tells me they can't certify a car with over 50,000 miles on it. I have had 4 reps from Cadillac's so called Customer Relations area trying to get me my money back and what I purchased: A certified car. This has been going on for 3+ weeks...

No wonder Japan is winning the car battle.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-16:
It is not surprising that the company which pioneered the concept "planned obsolescence" took this stance. Check out http://www.lemonlaw.com/gm-engine-problem.html for another hoor show from GM. Their response is the same as when I had an '86 Cadillac with the 4.1 liter engine. The #1 cam lobe wore completely off the camshaft at 53000 miles. The service writer at Cadillac told me "it happens all the time." GM's response? A $2,000 coupon good on my next Cadillac purchase. My next car was a 1993 Lexus. I have bought nothing but Lexii for the last 10 years, for myself and all family members. There has never been a problem which could not be fixed, or a time when the Lexus mechanics had to scratch their heads and say (as I saw the GM mechanics do at least 50% of the time I had a problem), "I'm not really sure how to fix that." Like this gentleman, I tried to buy American for 30 years, but after switching to Lexus - I have been able to drive without ever worrying about what is about to go wrong with my car. THAT IS FREEDOM!
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