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Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

WINSTON SALEM, CALIFORNIA -- Horrible! I got into an accident with a driver insured by them on 6/8/2013
today is 7/21/13 and I'm still driving around my damaged car because they take so long to take care of things.
There was a injury adjuster and a vehicle damage adjuster and both of them are almost impossible to get a hold of. Never answers their office phone and you have to call their direct line at least 3 or 4 times to have them actually pick up.

For vehicle damage, integon GMAC (national general insurance is their new name) took almost 2 weeks just to clear liability when the driver insured by them hit me because she was making an illegal u-turn over a double yellow line... Let me make it clear that she made an illegal!!!!!!! U-turn. WTF? She's automatically at fault for causing a collision due to her stupid driving skills.
I don't understand how they could even consider thinking that I could have some fault in it when I was just driving in a straight line in my lane... Adjuster told me some crap about how it's all about prevention and my distance from the u-turning car can affect whether I hit her on purpose or not...
Thank god I had a witness but it took them 2 weeks to contact the witness and clear liability.
Now rental car coverage, first they informed me that if the damage costs on my car exceeded her insurance plan they could not cover me with a rental car. WTF?!
But thank god it didn't.
They make false promises saying they'll get me a rental by a certain date which I told them I need a rental before my 4th of July long distance vacation drive. I told them this about 3 times on different days. Of course they didn't get it to me and I argued over the phone for that. It is now July 21st and I won't get the rental until the 24th.

Now for the injury claim... I know that by law, you need to have bodily coverage with your own insurance in order to claim injury with the insurance company at fault.
So I faxed them my AAA insurance declarations page that has policy number, bodily coverage policy, my name, and expiration date.
But the injury adjuster at GMAC said that was not enough because people can cancel their policy after receiving the declarations page, and that she needed to see a proof of insurance.
I called triple a and they told me that my declarations page is my proof of insurance and the proof of insurance card only has vehicle information.
I called the GMAC adjuster back and told her what triple a told me. Then she said "okay, then the declarations page is fine."
WTF!!!!!!!!! First she says she won't accept it, and now it's fine?!
She then offers me some lowball amount for compensation and I type a demand letter asking for more.
She gives me a new higher offer but one that is still lower than my demand and she says this is the "final offer." -___- B**ch if I file a small claim then you and your driver has to come to court and then you'd have more at loss than what I'm asking... Final offer my a$$!
She's lucky I don't have the time on my hands to go and file a small claims.
So we decide to settle at their second offer, but let's see how long it takes for the check to be mailed even though she said she'll mail it this week.

Customer Service Stinks
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- Supposed to get a free $25.00 Visa card for obtaining a quote on auto/home insurance. I got a special extra discount for being a GM retiree so I thought I'd get a free quote. I didn't go with them, kept my old insurance but got card in mail. Too bad the Visa card is a hoax. GMAC Customer Service told me the card will work - basically, I'm nuts. Not true, there I was in line at a store and the card was rejected. Embarrassing. I even got the name of a guy who promised to take care of this and call me back. After calling HIM three times, leaving my name and number because he won't call me back, no help, still have a card that doesn't work. Why bother sending out fake cards to people? They should be ashamed. The guy never called me back he could at least say sorry, but I can't solve this problem. I wouldn't have GMAC Insurance if it was free what if you have a claim from an accident? Who would help you??? this same guy who won't call me back?

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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- GMAC Credit Card (gift) Is a lot of crab. Embarrassed me when I went to use them also. I won't ever USE anyone that does work in this manner. Even if you were cheaper I wouldn't go with a SCAM company. : )~

Don't care anything about your TERMS OF SERVICE or YOUR Insurance.

GMAC is crooked
By -

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- OK I had an accident that is being considered my fault. That's seems to be now the easiest part of it so far. I have had an adjuster out to look at the truck and that's all he did was look. did not consider the mechanical stuff that is wrong and sent me a check. I did not cash it. Call to tell them I would need a rental car my truck would be in the shop for a couple of weeks. I have full coverage that doesn't mean rental while truck is worked on. I was shocked. Why not I asked I was told you didn t choose rental coverage he says. I was never told that you had to buy that apart from full coverage. Yes you were he says. I repeat again oh no I woulds remember that. He and I have a few choise words I was not the nicest. I am pissed really pissed how to get truck fixed and no car to drive while being fixed. Blows me away. So I receive a call back from GMAC agent that I can come over today and cancel my policy if I wanted. I said check the address on my policy I live four hours away from him don't call me back. But the crooked part is this the company doesn't tell me that if I wreck my turck and its my fault I will have to walk until it gets fixed. But this agent will advise me to cancel my policy today knowing it will cause a laps in my policy and fines and extra cost would hurt me worse. Gmac is crooked lying jerks don't trust them to help or protect you. Go anywhere but them.

GMAC Errors
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ITALY, TEXAS -- I obtained a GMAC auto/rv policy in April of 2007. I was told that my 1st payment would be deducted on June 15th. On May 15th, they deducted the 1st payment. In October, we notified them that we would be taking our trailer out for vacation, and asked that they change it from "in storage" status. One week later, I called and asked them to change it back to "in storage" as we were back home. They said, "it already is in storage". They had made no change. On March 10th, I told them I was not renewing my policy. DO NOT DEDUCT ANY PAYMENT FROM MY ACCOUNT. They deducted it on March 17th? I still don't have it back. This is for a policy I am not renewing? They were supposed to overnight a refund of an unauthorized deduction on Wednesday. They failed to do so. Three strikes, they're out! Do not use GMAC, they are totally incompetent.

Errors in Reporting
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- GMAC has me listed with 2-accidents "at fault". I have not had an at fault accident in over 15-years!! They claim that I have filed an accident claim in 11-04, and 2-07. The one in 04 just plain never happened. The claim in 07 was when a truck hit my parked car at a gas pump. I was not even in the car..I was paying for my gas. GMAC admits that there is an error and will "call me back in 24-hours". It has been several weeks now with multiple calls to GMAC, but they have YET to call me back or rectify the situation.

I am trying to switch insurance companies BUT HAVE HIGH RATES DUE TO GMAC'S ERRORS. GMAC has me "land locked" into their insurance company by false/erroneous reporting.


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