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Posted by Who me karen on 03/27/2010
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I, too recently surrendered a leased car for a new one. They are claiming that "wavy Metal" is the result of a previous repair. This car had NEVER had any type of body repair. I have called and written to them disputing this claim. Today someone called me to see when I was planning to pay this $200. I again told them I was disputing this claim. He then informed me that the covers to the visor mirrors were missing. When I looked at the inspection online, the only thing mentioned about the mirrors was that the lights were burned out. The covers to the mirrors were there when I left the car. The passenger side light NEVER worked and the driver side light was probably used 5 times. The letter that was sent to me right after the inspection DID NOT mention anything about missing mirror covers. I will not pay them anything. This is harassment. If it continues I will NEVER buy another GM car again.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-03-27:
i have leased several vehicles. when a vehicle is turned over, it is very important to do a visual walk around and wear check prior to signing off on the return. if not, you get what they are doing to you.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-27:
At last I have vindication. I have always said that leasing was the stupidest way of getting a car there is. This morning, Clark Howard had a caller who was considering leasing a car. Clark's response was that one should never lease a car. He said you lease a car for two or three years, and you are assuming almost all of the depreciation that car will ever experience. He recommends buying a used 2 or 3 year old car, like a lease turn-in. Let someone else pay for all the depreciation. The way I have seen, you pay the same as you would if you were buying the car, and you cannot drive over a certain amount of miles, you are forbidden to install anything that wasn't in the car at lease. You have all the problems and cost of buying a car, only to end up with nothing to show for it but a box of receipts. I like the pride of ownership. If I want to rent a car, I will rent one, if a specific one is needed.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-27:
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Bogus end of lease charges
Posted by Dylanandmarley on 02/23/2010
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We have leased from GMAC for 15 to 20 years and have enjoyed very much the fact that we could always drive a dependable car. Last year 2009, my husband's lease ran out and at that time, GMAC Smartlease was not a option as GM was going through it's restructuring. He had the dealer run the figures on a new truck and found that it would be better for us financially to finance a pre-owned GMC Sonoma.

The dealer inspected our lease turn in and told my husband that the scratches that my husband pointed out to him, were surface scratches and could and would be buffed out not hurting the car at all. The car was clean and had very low miles on it. We take care of our leases as we would a car we were financing.

A few weeks after he turned in the lease, we received a letter stating that our obligation to the lease had been fulfilled and that the vehicle had been sold and the lease satisfied. A few days later, we receive a bill of sorts from GMAC Smartlease stating that the damages to the vehicle was $464.38 and it was due immediately. I sent 2 letters to address the bills disputing the charges. We got a letter threatening to turn us over to collections. My husband called GMAC and spoke with a very rude customer service representative She told my husband to either pay up a discounted amount that she quoted him of $350.00 or let it go to collections and we could deal with them.

We feel we are being penalized for not releasing or buying a new vehicle. This was the goal but was unattainable. Then our dispute was not only not investigated or addressed, but we feel we are being harassed. We were lease loyal Gm driving consumers. Not that it will matter but we are seriously thinking of taking our business elsewhere. By the way, my husband works for Allison, my father worked for GM and my brother in law works for GM. It is the little people like us who can make or break a company with our stories.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-02-23:
I suspect we are going to start seeing more of these complaints. When people were able to roll out of one lease and right into another, the lessors would just overlook these end of lease charges. Now that they can't get you into another lease they see this as "one last chance" to grab a few dollars from you.

A friend has the lease on her Pontiac expiring soon and on my advise went to the dealer to have them perform a courtesy inspection. They gave her an info packet as to what was acceptable wear and tear and what was excessive. There was a circle cut into a post card that you hold up to dents, dings and scratches - if it would fit completely in the circle, it was OK - if it was larger, then expect to be charged for it. There was even a basic tire tread depth gauge to see if the tires were OK or if they were subject to being replaced. Hopefully this will prevent any unpleasant surprises when my friend turns in her car.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-02-23:
this is why i believe in not leasing.
you end up paying for the car constantly
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2010-02-23:
I do not like leasing. The payments are cheaper, but after a few years, you have nothing at all to show for the money you spent.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-02-24:
So the scratches could be buffed out. Who do you think pays for the buffing? It's not like they just throw a coat of turtle wax on the car and call it good-buffing out scratches is a pretty time consuming process. Unless the dealer gave you a condition report stating you won't be charged anything they can charge you.
Incidentally, I used to work for a company that handled condition reports on lease turn ins for companies including GMAC. You'd be surprised at the condition on some of them, and what people would try to fight. Or what people thought was "normal wear and tear". Not saying the OP falls into this category, just making an observation.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-02-24:
I have always said that leasing was a great deal for the dealership, but sucked for the lessee. You pay the same for the car as if you had bought it, and you end up with a packet of lease payment receipts. The dealer then sells the car at almost the original MSRP, so the dealer has collected twice for the same car. You cannot personalize the car, you have to keep the mileage within certain limits. It is just a total rip-off. Thank you, but I will buy my cars. That way I own the vehicle, and am not just renting it and filling the dealer's pockets.
Posted by cr8054 on 2010-03-18:
The letter you recieved, was it a final account settlement letter? The reason I ask is I have recieved a final account settlement letter from GMAC and I am now worried that final may not be so final and I find a surprise bill for damages from GMAC in my mailbox. I turned back the car in good conditionand everything to my knowledge was in the wear square. So folks, should I be worried or am I just being paranoid?
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Posted by Shell27 on 12/23/2009
This extravaganza began back in September 2009. I made my lease payment on GMACfs.com, like I do every month. Typically an email confirmation is sent a minute, or up to a few hours after making payment. On this day, I received an email 24 hours after payment that read :"Your payment did not go through, please make your payment now." After reading the email, I had to make another payment. I made the same payment on the website, and received an email 2 days later that read :"Do not make payment to your account, your payment has went through, technological difficulties..yadda yadda.." Well, as of that moment both payments went through, and made my bank account negative, and I was hit with overdraft charges up the wazoo.
I called GMAC who's customer service is located in India and the Philippines. They said I can be reimbursed if I send them an account statement. They gave me their fax number, and the statement was sent. I waited a week, no phone calls, no letter, NOTHING. I called a second time, they gave me another fax number to send it to, a number that was completely different from the first. I again, faxed it, and waited a week. And NOTHING. I called a third time, now pissed, going off on the borderline English speaking so called customer service representative who informed me I WILL receive a phone call after my statement was received and looked over. I decided to wait 2 weeks this time, thinking there was something they had to really search for in my statement..maybe looking for Waldo? I dunno. No phone calls, no nothing. At this time my bank account was still negative, and I could not make the next months payment. I had to save enough to bring my account back up to status and my payment was 30 days passed due, which now shows and affects my credit score. I had called again numerous times, and they kept saying "it is being reviewed" At this time, I no longer even wanted my reimbursment back, I was just so livid about the whole situation, I had asked customer service to kindly take the discrepancy on my credit off, they AGREED they can do it, and will fax me an account detail that I could send to the creditor to take my passed due problem off. I received the information the next day, but to my surprise it was another GMAC account holders information, not mine! Someone who had my first name, but that was it! I now have in my hands a womans account #, address, telephone #, and few other personal credit details. I called and complained, and they sent me my correct information, BUT, according to the customer service manager, they are unable to take a passed due problem on my credit.
My lease is up in 2011..at that time, I will be getting a vehicle by another maker, and pray their customer service reps are in AMERICA. I do not recommend using their online site for making payments anymore.

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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-12-23:
Can you dispute the mark on your credit with the reporting agencies? Then GMAC will have to respond. Good luck.
Posted by goduke on 2009-12-23:
Ick. I'd probably stop using their pay function, and start using my own bank's online function. That way, if there's a problem, I can get my bank involved in it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-23:
Yeah Goduke, I use my own bank;s billpay information. A lot easier that way. Also, I always check my online balances in my accounts daily. If I saw that they had received the first payment, I would have waited to make another payment until I knew for sure that the other payment was not going to go though.
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GMAC unreasonable and rude
Posted by Nightmareloan on 06/30/2009
I lost my job and income and had to leave the country as I could not sustain here. I had paid 3 years of my loan each instalment on time without a single default. I called GM when I lost my job to tell them I want to payoff and if they would give me a discount if I payoff in advance and in one go since I had to leave the country. They did not budge initially. When I escalated the issue and they finally did agree, I went about trying to sell the car and pay off the difference. After a week, they changed their mind and told me I would get no discount unless I could provide documentation which I was not in a position to provide legally. I told them to just take away the car and it has to go against my credit history because of the poor business practices at GM. They owe tons of money to the Govt and Tax Payer and they want a waiver but they would not waive 2000 dollars from a helpless consumer in return for a full payment. The customer service representative was even worse and would not let me talk. It was the rudest person I have spoken with in my life.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-06-30:
Sorry-I know times are tough, but what if your employer told you asked you if you would take a pay cut if they paid you up front for a couple of weeks? You'd say no, wouldn't you? You signed a contract. If you are unable to abide by the terms of the contract, you have to suffer the consequences like the rest of us. It may be heartless or whatever, but GM is a business, not a charity.
Posted by laklisa on 2009-06-30:
You should have also asked for agreement to pay it down early with the discount in writing as well.
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GMAC is the most unorganized, dishonest, shameful, money hungry financial company, no wonder they're bankrupt!
Posted by Vishusvixen87 on 06/20/2009
I would like to start of by saying that my problems with GMAC in the first few months I financed with them. I received a loan for a Pontiac G6 with my first payment due on January 30th 2008. In June of 2008 is when the problems began. In the month of May I was in the hospital for appendicitis for a week and then out of work for an additional 2 weeks via doctor's orders. I asked for an extension on my June payment and was told all I had to do was fill out the paperwork, which was never sent.
I called two weeks later to check on it and was told there wasn't any record of an extension before. They granted me an extension and told me to pay half of my June payment on the due date (June 30th) and another half in July. I constantly received phone calls in the next month stating that I was a month behind and that they had no record of anyone setting up a payment plan for me. I eventually got tired of it and stopped answering my house phone.
The next couple of months money was tight due to the economy and my payments were always a few days to weeks late. GMAC's online center always blocked me from logging in and I had to call every month to have my account reset just so I could pay the note. Each time I called and explained the situation I was told something different every time. A. I was using the wrong email address B. The password was incorrect, or C. they couldn't give me an explanation at all.
I was unable to pay for December and January of this year due to my hours being cut back at work and problems with overcharging at my bank. I called them and told them of the situation and made a payment as soon as it was possible, on February 18th. For some reason my payments were not being deducted from my bank account. When I checked the records online I saw that GMAC had the wrong bank account information saved. I found that very strange since I only used a different bank account other than my current one one one time for a November payment. After that I deleted the information. I was told by many people that even though you delete the information many financial institutions will save it for their records, I found that a little strange since when I called and asked them they explained that they do not keep records of my information because it is strictly confidential. I asked the representative why then it was on my account and she told me I must have forgot to change it. At this point I was two months behind on my car note. I wasn't allowed to set up payments online and had to call to set it up. After I got everything sorted out with my bank information I arranged for a payment to come out on a certain date after my bank deposit went through. I called my bank to check on the deposit and was told I was negative over 600$, I called GMAC to ask what was going on and I discovered that GMAC had set up TWO payments to come out the day I called. I was very upset because it was not what I arranged, GMAC told me you can't set up payments on the phone, that once again they don't keep records of bank account information. I thought that was odd, since before I had been told that if your more than a month behind (which I was) that you can only set payments up over the phone. I spoke to a supervisor about the incident and he told me he would review my account and call back the next day. I wrote down his name and job description. The next day I had not yet heard from the supervisor and so I called him back. Representatives told me this manager did not exist! I was at this point very very upset because I felt that GMAC was refusing to take the blame and give me my money back(in overdraft situations most of you already know that your bank has to have written documentation that the company will refund your money before they take of overdraft fees), after going in circles with GMAC for weeks I gave up and paid the overdraft fees myself.
Starting in March of this year I had been receiving phone calls from GMAC almost every hour of the day. I made another payment on the 25th, I knew I was still a month behind but I was giving them every penny I had saved. Near the end op April I was close to having enough for my last payment that would bring me current. I was still receiving many phone calls every day, I called them to tell them I was sending a payment as soon as I could to bring me current, but I was told that I had miscalculated my payments and was still 2 months behind even though I was positive I was about to be current. I spoke to a Collections Representative and was told my last payment was for February, and that I was still two months behind and not one. I immediately made two payments more than the amount I typically owe each month. One on May 5th, and again when I had saved enough on the 19th. Since it was two payments, that should have brought me current and I would then owe for the month of May, on the 30th. Since I had paid two payments that month, I knew the May payment wouldn't be on time. On June 18th my mother received a phone call from GMAC, upon answering the phone she was immediately asked for verification of her identity and her work number, my mother stated that she wasn't giving them her work number since they constantly called her at work and she wanted to know why they were calling her. The man she spoke asked if she was refusing to verify her identity in which case my mom replied yes because I need to know why you've called my house 12 times today already. The man became visibly impatient and told her I was 3 months behind on my car note and that it was unacceptable. My mom told him that I was only one month behind and informed him that I am working two jobs just to pay a car note and am also expecting. The representative then insulted my mother and asked him why she was a slacker and not paying my bills, and why if I worked two jobs could I not pay a note. At that point I grabbed the phone and asked who I was speaking to. The man refused his name and instead told me he was a representative of GMAC, which I already was aware of. I explained to him that I was only one month behind and would be making a payment as soon as I could. He rudely told me I was mistaken and was about to be three months behind. I then firmly told him that my bank records and my online records both confirmed that I was only one month behind, the representative began to laugh at me, I was very shocked and asked him why he was laughing at me. He stated that I obviously did not know to pay my bills correctly. At that point I was so angry at the nerve of him that I cussed him out and hung up the phone! I filed a formal complaint immediately, when I checked my records online they CONFIRMED THAT I WAS ONLY ONE MONTH BEHIND. Based on all my experience with GMAC I recommend that NO ONE ever buy a car from them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-20:
Sounds like the person that set up the payment plan failed to put any notes in the system. Try sending them a certifed letter using all the correct info you have and copies of any emails they may have sent. Plus the days you talked to them on the phone would be good even if you don't have recordings of the calls.
Posted by BirmanCat on 2009-06-21:
I finished paying off my car loan from GMAC a couple of months ago. I NEVER had a problem with them.

Then, again, I never defaulted on a payment.
Posted by Skye on 2009-06-21:
Great advice Super, as always.
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Over Charging
Posted by FENOC09 on 05/08/2009
BLOOMINTON, MICHIGAN -- I think I found out how GM is going to stay out of bankruptcy they are going to over charge the consumer FOR THE MOST PETTY STUFF, I traded in my truck and had the dealer do a walk around with me and we could not find any thing wrong he said this truck is mint, nothing needed to be repaired 2 weeks later GMAC is sending me a bill for $222.00 for a scratch in the clear cote 4 inches long that a $6.00 can of rubbing compound would have taken out.

How do I know what happen to the truck after I left it or did the inspector do the damage??
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-08:
How can they charge you for something you traded in? Was this a lease? If so, you aren't responsible for any damage not noted when you turned it in. As you note, how could you know what happened to it after you turned it over? Fight them on this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-08:
Is this practice even legal? Once you sign over the pink slip or sign over the registration, the truck is theirs, scratches and all. I'd fight them as well! The only thing I could find on the internet to file a complaint was with the Michigan Secretary of State. http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,1607,7-127-1585_50410_50414---,00.html

It might be worth a try. Good luck.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-05-08:
I would have sent the bill back with a picture of my middle finger drawn on it.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-09:
sue em.
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Auto Financing Suck!
Posted by Neeko on 02/20/2009

I have a rather ongoing long story since December of 2008 to share however I will make it brief.

I, the owner of the HUMMER 2006 leased a vehicle from GMAC Auto Financing.
A new buyer acquired my current lease for the Hummer since DEC. 2008.
Every time I call GMAC Customer Serv. Auto Financing dept, they do not have any notes in their database to see who was the last person handling my case so they end up asking me the same questions and telling me different things.

2nd customer service representative told me that the hummer is sill legally registered under my name and that the paperwork didn't go through to state there is a new owner.

3rd customer representative stated that there doesn't seem to be any new owner listed for the HUMMER then after I told her to look at your notes, she then stated there is a new owner listed and they don't have her address??? I gave her address to GMAC customer representative and she updated it so she can send the new owner a bill.

4th I called to find out status on my account to see if they have listed the NEW OWNER'S NAME in their database and a $300 bill the sent me. GMAC Customer Rep [snip] stated that there is NO NEW OWNER and I am still listed as the owner of the vehicle. That she see no sign of vehicle being transferred to the NEW OWNER. I ask her to look in her notes and she apologize and said that my account was handled by SHARON who quit, however [snip] is the new person to handle my account! I demanded to speak to her Manager because it seems nothing is being taken care of.

[snip] then stated that on December 10th, 2008, a decision letter was mailed out to LAURA S. (NEW OWNER) after [snip] then stated that on December 10th, 2008, a decision letter was mailed out to LAURA S (NEW OWNER) after Valerie scroll down to review notes, which Valerie should do prior to speaking to customers!

I asked [snip] that I need to only speak to someone in management so she transfer me to her boss Tanya.

Tanya stated she will call me back by end of business day today 2-19-2008 after she done some research, because someone drop the ball.

The new owner and I both feel that GMAC is a utter MESS, DISORGANIZED, LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM AND THEY SHOW THAT THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT HELPING THEIR CUSTOMERS. It's because of us, the customers, they still have a job today in this economy. No matter what, they need to handle customer accounts with care. They need to do follow ups and make sure their i's and t's are complete. I never complained about any company, this is my first complaint and BBB needs to know about this.

They NEED to train their customer reps about lease vehicle transfer! That is a subject that seems to be a big blur to all the GMAC CUSTOMER REPS.

I am sure there are others that feel the same way.

Pist off!
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-02-20:
I didn't think you could assign or sell your leased vehicle to another party. The contract is between you and GMAC for the vehicle to sell the vehicle to someone else, you would need to payoff your loan or lease. Is your lease over and did you buy it out? BTW, the correct spelling is "pissed"
Posted by Ponie on 2009-02-20:
'in this economy' Aaah--just a little bambi. Dog gone it!

Spiderman2, had I been up first, I'd have questioned too.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-02-20:
i know with my ford leases, i couldnot transfer the ownership.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-20:
from http://www.leasetrader.com

Most companies today allow car lease transfer but you should always call your leasing company to confirm their lease transfer policy. If you have any doubts, call LeaseTrader and we'll be more than happy to help you with our previous experiences.
Bank Transfer fee: Some financial institutions charge the buyer a fee $0 to $600 to process the car lease transfer paperwork. This fee varies and is payable directly to the finance institution (e.g. Mercedes Benz Credit).

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Don't get a 60 Day Extension with GMAC
Posted by Lilmizmoore on 02/03/2009
I have had an auto loan with GMAC for the past couple years. In November I was approved for a 60 day extension and followed the terms exactly as it was outlined in the contract they sent to me. I paid $88 in November, $219.98 at the beginning of December, and my regular payment of $298.18 by December 20th. I resumed my regular payment of $298.18 in January and it was received and processed January 5th.

At the end of December I started getting phone calls, some more than 5-16 per day every day asking me when I planned to make a payment. I told the representative I had indeed made the payments and she even VERIFIED that she received them. Huh????

I asked her if they got November's and she said yes

I asked if they got December's payments...both of them, she again said yes.

I asked "So why are you calling me so much about a payment that you received?"

She replied :Ma'am we need an additional $298.18 from you!" She never gave me a coherent answer as to why this was the case.

I never missed a payment with this company since I've owned my car and this type of thing has been an ongoing problem.

Well, I hung up on this lady and again and never heard from them until at the end of January I get harassed by a string of 17 phone calls on January 31st. I answered the first call and went round in circles with another representative who said they didn't get January's payment. I said "I sent the payment on the 3rd" (my payments are due by the 20th of each month). She said yes, ma'am, we received it on the 6th.

Again I ask, "So, why are you calling me?" I got the same response "We need another payment from you this month." I never got a coherent answer as to why this was the case since I made every payment on time every month.

After going round in circles again she spouted something new:

We applied your January payment for December and we need your January Payment"


I asked why they applied the January payment to December when they got two payments for that month. I explained I was on a 60 day extension and read from the contract I received how the payments ran and together we verified what was paid and when.

She said "We have no record of an extension for you!"


I spent about 30min on the phone with a clueless supervisor who asked me to read what the contract said and wants me to fax a copy of it to her, which I did twice already since December. She said 'Oh, I never got it!"

This is pure incompetence to the highest degree! What kind of business practice is this?

The other thing is that when I state why they call me so many times they DENY calling me more than once or twice! I called my cell phone provider and sent GMAC a copy of my call record and proved to them that I indeed on one particular day 38 phone calls December 29th. Of course the supervisor said it wasn't them that called but HELLO! It was the same GMAC number that calls on a constant basis and the person on the other end identified themselves as being from GMAC.

You know the reply I got?

"I'm sorry about that Ma'am but it wasn't us, it was probably a prank call!"


This company took no responsibility for their actions even though with my mountain of evidence that Ive sent to these people they still DENY DENY DENY that they screwed up.

I am also disabled and don't appreciate this type of behavior when Ive always paid on time and kept my end of the agreement.

Now, with February here and Ive already sent my payment, they'll again not call until the last 5 days of the month which they call and badger me constantly until next month's payment is received...and so on.

This is absolute harassment and I'm in the process of filing a formal complaint.

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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-03:
Prank call. Good lord.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-03:
When you called them directly and was told they aren't calling that's a big clue that someone else is calling. Even if your CallerID displays GMAC remember that CallerID can be spoofed. Under no circumstances give the callers any bank account information. You should be able to see your account online and verify it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-03:
I don't understand why someone would spoof the ID unless they were asking for credit card information or ss# or some other kind of phishing.
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Home Equity Credit Line Customer Service
Posted by LSGR on 01/28/2009
MICHIGAN -- I have had numerous accounts with GMAC for at least 26 years. I might add that I had excellent credit with them until I received a nasty letter stating that my credit line has been suspended immediately. They received my payment (including $300.00 extra every month) 2 days past the due date.( no grace period).

I called them upon receiving the letter and was told that is the hard fast rule, NO MATTER WHAT. I called them to explain that my daughter had been involved in a very serious car accident and that I may have mailed it out later than usual. They admitted that I have been a excellent customer with good standing credit but that I agreed to the conditions of that agreement...

I think it stinks the way we are treated these days. Are there any suggestions out there?
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Posted by LSGR on 2009-01-29:
unbelieveable that a good customer is not appreciated.
Posted by Katram on 2009-02-15:
This may have nothing to do with your delayed payment. We had a mortgage with GMAC, and have had a HELOC with them for more than a decade. We always pay extra each month, always on time, drawing at most 2/3 of our available credit. We have 4 times the equity in our home than our credit line - yet I received a form latter last week canceling my line of credit, due to declining home values. I called, and learned I can pay $595 for an appraisal, and they'll reinstate the line if the current appraisal is higher than it was when I first got the loan. Don't we all wish that was realistic? We will never do business with GMAC again. I cannot believe they didn't pull credit reports, or check balances, or put a human in front of this punitive, ridiculous action. We were approved within an hour for a larger LOC - that's the credit risk we represented. I'll be sorry to lose GMAC's low rate, but will cheer dumping them right back.
Posted by LSGR on 2009-02-16:
Thanks for the reply Katram. I also received that letter last week about the homes not being worth the credit line.
I will never do business with them again either and I worked for GM 29 years, just retired in Dec.
I really feel they need a wake up call. There is absolutely no special treatment for long time customers with excellent credit. I really gave them hell on the phone two days in a row.
I told them it was no wonder General Motors has gone down the tubes.
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Can They Get Any Greedier?
Posted by Feeling ripped on 01/11/2009
A lot of us may be in the position of facing repossession of our vehicles due to the stress of the economy, and no one is immune it seems. It happened to me last week. Sure, I have gotten numerous letters and many phone calls. I have even returned the calls and have brought my balance current too many times to count.

My account history has never been good with GMAC, but isn't that why they were charging me 12% interest on my 6 year loan. So... why after 5 years and only a few payments left do they decide to take back my work van. My only guess is more money.

I do know business is business, and I was at their mercy knowing I couldn't run a business without a work vehicle. Was I wrong in thinking that because us American taxpayers just helped out the banking and auto industry that they would in turn give us more of a chance to recover too.

My question was answered when the tow truck driver who was repossessing my truck ran over my dog trying to get out of my driveway. It was my fault I was told by the collections department when I called the following day. My dog is o. k. by the way. I found her under the porch the next day, a bit shaken up with a few bumps and bruises.

I can't blame GMAC for running over my dog or even wanting what they think was their property back. I think they were very kind in waiting till the day after Christmas to order the repossession. They have gotten most of their money and are now what I am thinking trying to take advantage of the opportunity to get more.

I removed my personal property and tools from the impound lot and will continue to struggle like most working Americans to keep this country strong. My only focus now is to support my family through these hard times.

What I want to know is your thoughts with the possible answer to my sarcastic title, and for others to know: even as some or most of us may be facing harder times. Some people will care about us. Some will help us and others just want in our pockets.

Separate these kind of scavengers and vultures with the people that are good. ...Even vermin need to eat. Let them live in their world of greed and wealth while they suffer from their desire to only want what they have too much of to begin with.

The laugh is on them, don't you think? Why do you think they are hiding from us? Behind the gates of their homes, and all of the locked doors they sit behind. The unobtainable email addresses and the automated phone systems are their only protection.

The Rights of honest, hard working Americans are being taken away, slowly but surely by politicians, banks and corporate America. Our voices are the only thing left. Don't avoid your creditors. Let them take your things if that's what they really want. Tell them what you think, if that's all you have left.

Can Anybody Lend Me A Van?
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Posted by vinners on 2009-01-28:
i just called GMAC and asked for an extension on my 2 ar loans and was told that i had to pay half of the payment for a processing fee and i could avoid this months payment wippee that doesn't help me. They are really helping us costomers after their billion dollar ballout.
Posted by cherpep on 2009-01-28:
They did not receive a bailout. They received a loan, with very strict conditions. They must prove viability in a very short time frame, which means making some tough choices.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-28:
Sorry to learn that your van was repossessed. In the Great Depression, the middle class suffered the most. They lost homes, land, farms, and businesses. The sum result was that the assets of the middle class were confiscated. The value of those assets was bought by the moneyed elite for pennies on the dollar. This will play out similarly.
Posted by feeling ripped on 2009-01-29:
I received my extortion letter from GMAC. It opened by saying "We have your vehicle". Are they cutting off their nose to spite their face. Without a work truck, how can I pay them? The storage charges are adding up $15 per day or $450 per month. That kind of money can be better spent on heating fuel or food, not to have my truck sit in a parking lot.
By my own admission, I shouldn't have been late on my payments and being on a first name basis with the collections dept. didn't help this time. I did happen to find out from them that because my phone number had been changed they got their feelings hurt, or so they said. (more sarcasm)
This dog can't be kept down, ... so I am getting ready for round two. Does anyone have some advice for me in helping them bite their selves in the butt?
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