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Beware of Hidden Fees from Go Ahead Tours
Posted by Jsand80 on 09/12/2010
WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Go Ahead Tours is full of hidden fees. Their customer service people are very nice when you are booking the tour, but once they have your money--Look out!!! My husband and I booked a tour to London/Paris/Rome to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The trip was booked and paid one year in advance of the travel date for a total of $6100.00. One month before we were scheduled to depart, we received a bill from Go Ahead for airline fuel surcharges. This cost us another $400. You can expect to pay extra for just about everything on their tours--for example, to visit the Vatican in Rome, it costs extra. Go Ahead calls these "Excursions". At the time of booking, they will attempt to sell travel insurance, a regular level plan and a gold level plan. Which we were foolish to purchase. One of our bags was lost by the airlines. Although they say the insurance covers baggage loss, we were told to resolve this issue with the insurance company upon returning to the US. The insurance company told us to first work through the airlines and that the insurance company would subsequently "consider" any claim that was not compensated by the airline. Go Ahead was of no help at all; they simply told us this was a matter for us to handle through the airlines and the insurance company. Go Ahead schedules very bad flight itineraries. We flew from Houston to Atlanta to London. Due to airline mechanical problems, the Houston flight was delayed and we had to reschedule the connections in Atlanta. This cost us $480. Go Ahead assumes no liability and we paid this money out of our own pockets. They will tell you that tips are included in your tour price, but don't believe it. You will be expected to tip bus drivers, hotel staff, restaurant staff for group meals (including the meals provided in the tour), auxillary tour guides, and your Go Ahead tour guide expects a substantial tip at the conclusion of the tour. Read the fine print very well before you book with Go Ahead, and God forbid if you have to cancel--don't expect any refund even if you have paid for the trip cancellation insurance--it's full of loop holes.
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Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-12:
You booked a full year in advance. Did you not read your contract? Excursions, fuel charges, etc are almost always extra and are quite clearly spelled out in your contract.

Posted by isabel strasser on 2013-10-31:
i have taken ten go ahead tours and it always states that you have to tip the tour guide, driver and local guide. there is no place that says tips are included. also i have never left a tip when there was a group meal no do i remember any one on any of my tours doing such
Posted by Eric on 2014-02-27:
There are no hidden fees. I'll be going on my first GoAhead tour and I am aware of the possible fuel surcharges, the tips needed for the trip. Things like lost luggage, airline delays are not the fault of GoAhead. Also, excursions are well documented and fairly priced. You can either go on them or not. Lesson learned: read your contract.
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Travel arrangements poor
Posted by Nodnol on 08/16/2007
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Go Ahead staff have been unresponsive to our needs for a family group tour of Landscapes of Britain and Ireland. We requested that arrangements be made for an 83 year old woman to be accompanied by a family member from Edinburgh, Scotland to London, England. Go Ahead has adamantly refused to do this and has separated her from the rest of the family for this leg. Additionally, Go Ahead has refused to arrange for a direct flight from London, England to Orlando, Florida for her. Instead they have arranged this leg so she passes through Washington, D.C., Dulles by herself, with a lay over, arriving in Orlando at midnight when transportation to her home will be very difficult. A direct flight on British Airways is available and would get her to Orlando by 3:20 PM. Go Ahead has a contract with British Airways, but refuses to even try to make suitable arrangements.

Go Ahead staff in Cambridge, Mass. have not be helpful.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-16:
Not sure what your complaint is - for enough money they should be willing to book any flights you want. If you are expecting package tour prices and premium air service on BA, it's not going to happen - with these guys or anyone else. If you are willing to pay the upgrade and they still won't work with you, it's time to find another tour operator. Good luck! (Now after reading the complaint right next to yours about BA as well as the numerous other "BA lost my luggage" complaints on here you might not be so eager to fly BA direct.)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-08-16:
what hugh said
Posted by Timboss on 2007-08-17:
If you haven't paid anything yet try another agency.
Posted by Raven2Max on 2007-10-13:
This is not the fisrt time I have heard such comments. Go Ahead and EF tours are a cheap, no frills operation out of Massachusetts that give just the basics, if that.

If you are expecting an apology, forget that too. I traveled with them once and that was the last time. Good luck. Hope it doesn't sour you on traveling. Not all tour comopanies are like Go Ahead. Thank goodness.
Posted by drpoundsign on 2010-10-05:
I just took them for spain portugal and morocoo. Wayyy too much time in Morocco and we all got "Mohammed's revenge (GI problems)" the Medina of Fez is FILTHY! There are included dinners at the Hotels. They are not so great. Breakfasts verry uneven. As a 50 year old single guy I felt VERY out of place despite their assurances there would be singles travelling. Fernando the guide worked hard but didnt give us much Spanish history and was apologist for Franco. (he helped tourism. Another dicator got the trains on time and we know who built the Autobahns..nice guys!) Ther was waayyy too much travel time on the buses. My advice... get a Eurail pass and take city tours of European capitals. If you go to Spain spend time in Barcelona and Touramolinos. The former was offered as an extension- I didnt go. The latter not on the tour.

The hotels? Feh The Gaudi in Madrid well located but maybe Herv Villechaise would be comfortable on their toilets. AT six foot tall i WASNT. Gibraltar was on the tour but most of us didnt have enough time to go up to the top.
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