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Gold Medal Pools builds terrible pools
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- My wife and I contracted with this company to build us a custom gunite pool in North Texas. Not only was there a total lack of supervision on the job but we had to constantly correct work being done. When we complained to the Sandler's they had the attitude that was pushy and lacked any concern for customer service. The happiest day of our lives was the day we got them out of our yard.
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josh83 on 10/02/2009:
Some details please.. what did they mess up?

Also which other companies did you consider. How did Gold Medals pricing compare.

Am in Texas, looking at Gold Medals, Venture and Riverbend as options - any comments on these?
MnA on 10/18/2009:
Wrong color coping, pools was 12" to small on length, lack of project supervision. I was looking for quality not pricing but every other company's price was different from the next by as much as 5-10K, Venture...they seem to cater to lower end pools, I did not even consider Riverbend since they were found guilty of Deceptive Trade Practices. My suggestion is stay away from these large "pool mills" and get you a honest independent who will be all over your job.
Anonymous on 10/18/2009:
Lack of project supervision? Meaning there was no foreman or supervisor/manager who at least came and checked on the employees? That can get messy, matter how good the employees may be.
popehs on 10/20/2009:
How can this posting be trusted by a person who claims building 3 pools by 3 separate companies within a year. Hobert being mentioned 3 separate times of 3 different Hobert locations. Based on this posting this person is definitely an upset sub-contractor. I built with Gold Medal because they have the best and long history in DFW. See my other post on this site. Honestly: For same cost of a Hobert Pool I got DFW's Cadillac of Pools... Gold Medal Pools.
js25 on 10/26/2009:
Steve Sandler and Gold Medal Pools have worked hard to build their name and reputation over the past 40 years. We have never lost our focus on providing the BEST customer service, dealing with employees and clients in an UP FRONT, HONEST manner, and most importantly addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. Although the internet can be a powerful tool for business, the internet can also be used by individuals to create false user names and post false statements that can misrepresent an individual or organization, in a sabotaging effort to damage them and extort money. We are dealing with one of those individuals right now. If anyone has a question based on these “alleged” statements or a true concern, I encourage you to contact me directly and we will address any and all questions as we always have…head on…up front. THE COMMENTS POSTED ON THESE SITES ARE FALSE. The fact that these forum sites are willing to post any and all information, with no basis of truth or fact poses a challenge for all businesses, but it will not deter us from our goal…to treat our employees and clients with RESPECT, and COURTESY, provide the BEST customer service, and build you and your family the BEST swimming pool and outdoor environment! We will not allow an unethical individual and forums sites to deter us from our path; we ask you do the same. Once again, if you should have any questions regarding these FALSE and BOGUS CLAIMS, or a legitimate concern, please contact Josh or Steve Sandler directly and we will show you the professionalism, courtesy, and respect that we have expressed to our clients over the past 40 Years.

Steve and Josh Sandler
Gold Medal Pools, Inc.
popehs on 03/24/2010:
Just want to share. I recently had Gold Medal Pools add an outdoor kitchen to my Gold Medal pool. My experience was wonderful. Josh Sandler provided my family with a great plan for our perfect kitchen. Gold Medal implemented the plan flawlessly with their highly skilled and meticulous crew. The quality of material, final product, and the value I received was superb. I highly recommend Gold Medal Pools to build any of your outdoor paradise ideas here in Texas.
Jessica on 06/12/2013:
We called Gold Medal several times to come give us a bid- they made several promises to measure and said they would call- and the nothing. Same thing with Riverbend Sandler, although, we actually got a babysitter, met with the rep, then nothing!!! I was shocked given their reputation. We are looking at Foley, Venture, Premier and Hauk now.
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