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Gold Star Jewelers - Westerville, OH Consumer Reviews

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Ripped Off on Wedding Rings Deposit
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WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- My fiance and I sat down with the owner and ordered our wedding rings. We only looked at one style of ring, which he ordered along with engraving instructions. He accepted $500 as a deposit for both rings. The day before the wedding, I called to see if the rings were in and was informed that yes they were, and were being engraved as we a speak. We were elated. I stopped by Gold Star Jewelers to pick up our rings and they were the wrong rings. Not even close. The owner got belligerent, rude and accusatory that "he asked us to come in and see the rings before engraving was done." I assured him that I had not been contacted.

He changed his story, saying that my fiance had authorized him to engrave the rings, sight unseen. Also a lie. He had no way to call her, as he didn't have her phone number. He said we had to pay for the rings cause they were a catalog item. We had to go and buy rings at Walmart to use during our ceremony the next day. After several rude and overly aggressive phone conversations with the owner, he told us we would not get our $500 deposit back.

As it stands now, he made a mistake by ordering the wrong rings and failed to take any responsibility for it. So far it has cost us the $500 but we are in the process of filing against him in small claims court to recover our money. I advise everyone to not do business with this guy particularly if it involves a cash deposit. He's a thief.

Company Response 03/16/2018:

The Gentleman was wrong, We ordered exactly what they wanted and engraved it as they said. Before we did any sizing and engraving we asked them to come and look at the rings. They said no need to look. Then they decided that after we already engraved it they decided to cancel the whole deal. He filed a complaint to the court. We were supposed to go to court but the hearing was canceled by this gentleman because he knew he was wrong.

Sarcastic Attitude of the Owner of the Store.
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WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- I visited this store on 01/15/01 to buy an Omega Constellation watch. When asked, I gave the model number. The owner asked whether I found the number on the web. I said yes. He gave me a long winded explanation about the fake and unauthorized watches that were being sold on the web. Then he mentioned that if I bought the watch from him, he would polish it or provide batteries at a low price regularly. I replied that I was buying it as a gift for a friend in another country. He said "In that case, you can go ahead and buy a cheap fake from the web for your friend."

I was ready to buy the watch, but he was so sarcastic and rude that I felt humiliated and walked out. In his frustration that he cannot match the prices on the internet, he forgot how to treat a prospective buyer! Being polite to the customer is important my friend.

Company Response 03/16/2018:

This same gentleman who is complaining came to our store a few days later and ended up buying the Omega constellation watch from us anyway.

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