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Gold's Gym International, Inc
125 E. John Carpenter FWY, Suite 1300
Irving, TX 75062
310-392-3005 (ph)
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Abusive treatment by Gold's Gym staff and owner!
By -

SEATTLE -- My complaint with Gold's Gym steams from personal frustration with the behavior of the management of the Gold's Gym in the Rainier Square, downtown Seattle. I am the store manager of the mocha cafe right outside of there doors and not long after the Gold's Gym moved in bag full of their trash was found filling up our personal trash. Not a huge issue, I figured I'd let them know, inform them on the other trash containers they are more than free to dump their trash bags in (not three yards from our own creamer trash can) and ask them if they would stop doing it.

However, when faced with this managers from Gold gym straight up denied that it was there trash; that it must be Unico, the trash collectors. So the following time I found a trash bag full of Gold Gym's invoices andsales receipt, I brought it over to the receptionist, showed her the contents, and asked if this would not happen again.

The receptionist replied, "ooooooookkkkaaaaay", as if she had no clue what was going on. The manager ** came over and that there was two things in the rash that were not theirs, that they had an "arrangement" with the other manager to drop off other trash, and that I was rude. I calmly told her that she did not have that arrangement with me and that it was not a little bit of trash, it was the entire trash can full. Later, I hear slander from my employees (who have witnesses) that their manager, ** said I was in a screaming match with ** and that I am a raging **.

I did not figure it was such an emotional issue when their manager ** approached my employee, ** with witness, ** that we need to cut it out putting trash by their desk. He was yelling at ** when she showed him the trash exclaiming he has no control over his night crew and that Unico probably did it. I get in Wednesday and there is trash again from their location. I bring it over as promised and ** comes storming, yelling, charging, at my stand (with customer witness) with his trash exclaiming (very threatening) that this wasn't there trash.

I take a piece out and the first thing I grabbed was their trash. He yelled, "this is a free area" and I calmly said "no, sir, actually within the white tiles is our area". He yells, to the point where I am getting physically ill, shaky and physically threatened. "This needs to stop". He looks at me and throws the trash in my direction into my stand. I tell him he is being irrational but he has already stormed off.

I call the appropriate people, where ** the owner was informed. He said he called the managers and fired the cleaning staff. ** does not approach us to apologize, in fact my employee has to call him over to tell him he is not welcome where he immediately yells and insults my character. I walk up and he asks what he can do to make nice. I ask for an apology. He says he will not apologize if I don't and that "You are wrong and I am right".

This whole ordeal, I will just say I have made to feel bullied, approached violently, and intimidated. He constantly interjected, not hearing what I have to say. Finally, he comes again. I let him talk, but feel his constant belittlement by saying things like, "I make five times more than you..." and "I wanted to throw that trash at your face..." (I have a witness and written recordings). I apologize for what he must have seen as insulting by me simply showing him that it was their trash. He Bolts off (literally, runs away).

I contact the owner. Immediately, I get accused for starting it "there is always two instigators..." and "how he could see my managers saying that (that I am a raging **) and that you are combative". He refused to listen to my points, saying that "I rambled on... and would not stop to listen". However, I let the man speak his peace even through belittling comments like, "I have been dealing with people, trained thousands of employees..." automatically putting his credentials in my face to intimidate me in order to dismiss my complaint. He would not take responsibility for his employees actions stating, "I trust her ** above anyone".

I have been emotionally affected these past few weeks. I cannot believe how they are allowed to bully people around without having someone call them out. I felt bullied into apologizing for no fault of my own. I have started on depression remedies, where I am normally the sunshine in the room. I breakdown in tears, affecting my career and school studies. I have to work three yards from their deep intimidation where I am considering quitting if something is not done; losing all my income, possibly going on unemployment in this economic crisis. I do not feel safe at my work, for myself and my coworkers.

Also Worst Company To Work For
By -

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS -- I can write a book on the management skills or there lack of at Golds Gym. Not to mention how they treat the employees. The ONLY things that management "Had on me" was being late in the mornings. In my defense I HATED getting out of bed knowing that I was going to work another day FOR them. I LOVE my customers,(still get to see some of them outside work, I go to church with some and clean houses for others, funny how they see & appreciate my strong work ethics) and co-workers and as far as my duties... No Biggie... I was housekeeping there and did it with pride.

It was the CONSTANT harassment I had to endure from a female manager that felt the need to ride me damn near, throughout the day, EVERYDAY and make it clear that she HAD the TITLE to ride me. It was clear that she had this "Had To Make Clear She Was Superior To Make Her Feel Better". Never once did I let it affect my work performance EVEN Though I was ONLY Making Min. Wage. It was My Customers that made me through the day. UNTIL I Just couldn't anymore and decided to put in my notice this past Friday Jan. 8, 2010.

What makes it worst is that I DID bring this to her supervisors attention and NOTHING was done... I ALSO brought it to corporate's attention and "She was not sure what we can do, but we will talk to her about it". Really, in "her" defense, what COULD she do??? This place was SO political... Another instance, I was made fun of by BOTH this harassing super of mine & her boss when I ASKED them a 5th time about my reimbursement over an 8 dollar T-shirt I HAD to buy to wear as a uniform that was stolen from their office.

NEVER did they Offer or EVEN pay me back after they made me feel like a fool for asking to be reimbursed. Now I KNOW it may sound like a minuscule 8 dollars... but keep in mind that they ONLY paid me 7.25 an hour, that very 8 dollars, I worked HARD TO EARN. Last thing, Thanksgiving time,... They had, A SECOND time, made an error in my payroll. (Among other employees)... Having to make it from paycheck to paycheck, they owed me 14!! hours from AUGUST (this was Thankgsgiving when it was discovered) and ANOTHER "teen" hours from that weeks payroll.

According to Corporate, "Company policy states that "WE" don't have to pay you those hours until the following payroll unless it is over a "certain amount"... THIS WAS THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!! Of course I got upset and I told her that IF there was such a thing as Policy, wasn't there such thing as MORAL???!!! After hearing this.. I STILL worked my ASS off that day, UPSET.

Once I calmed down some, I then Asked That I see a copy of that "POLICY". Wouldn't you know it, not EVEN 10 mins. later... "My immediate super, the one who harassed me EVERYDAY, approaches me as though SHE was the one that "made it happen" and I can almost quote her word for word... "You better love me! I told corp that you were the best worker and that I wanted them to find a way to pay you. I had them manually/hand write you a check. So you will get your check here soon".

Serious?? I think that once they heard that I was not a dumb housekeeper, maybe they should pay me what I have worked for. GET THIS... EVEN MORE Because I was not the only one they screwed my payroll, my Co-house keeper... (A VERY soft spoken lady with CHILDREN too had a shorted check that payroll and am sure she could have used for their Thanksgiving dinner...) I asked the "SUPER HERO" BOSS OF MINE, "What about **??? Are they going to give her what they owe her too?"... Boss said, "Well that was the other thing... Ur going to have to keep this on the down low. They are not going to pay her until next payroll."

THAT MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE!!!! That was JUST not fair!!! Here it is January... and that STILL makes me upset... To KNOW THAT No Matter HOW HARD U WORK FOR GOLDS... They can just use you as a number and not appreciate strong work ethics... So if your a customer of Golds... chances are if the gym is not up to par... It maybe because they treat the house keepers as though they are not worthy of being appreciated.

Fortunately, Some of us take pride in our work and don't let it affect our performance. Like I mentioned earlier.. There ARE SEVERAL MORE Underhanded/ Immoral acts they committed... but I would be here all day and really... I just want to wash my hands and let Karma visit those involved... Just so you know... IF you decide to work for this company, be prepared to face a manager that evidently has security issues and will let you know that YOU are NO BETTER Than her cause she IS YOUR BOSS. It makes her feel better and helping her feel that IS a part of YOUR Job.

Golds Gym Lies
By -

Late last year, my fiance and I went to sign up for Golds Gym so we could work out together. He is a bike racer, and works out with his team 8-9 months out of the year. We were extremely clear that we wanted a month to month contract because of this. The salesperson said no problem. So we signed up.
When we went to cancel the membership, I still wanted to keep mine. They told us we could not cancel because we were in a 2-year contract.

I spoke with a manager, who told me that the salesperson who signed me up was fired for doing things like he did to us. He apologized for it. I told him that I was wanting to keep my part of the membership. We were paying for 2 memberships, but were under one contract. The manager told me this was not possible, that we would have to cancel the entire contract and I would have to sign my own. I asked how to do it.

He said to send the two barcodes, $100, and a cancellation letter to the corporate office and they would cancel the contract. I said great and I signed up for my own contract. I sent in the materials he told me to that evening and received an email from a customer service representative a couple weeks later stating she could not cancel my membership.

I called to discuss this and she said there is no way to get out of a contract unless I had moved. I told her the manager told me I could cancel, otherwise I would have never signed an additional contract, that makes no sense. She said she couldn't help me because managers do not deal with cancellations and he shouldn't have told me that.

I said "so you are telling me I am stuck paying for three memberships for only 2 people?" she said yes. She called the manager and he denied every discussing a cancellation. I ask, though, why would I agree to sign another contract when I was already in a contract for the same thing unless I was told the old contract would be cancelled? Now I have two memberships under my name and two contracts for the separate memberships. I then said "so I am stuck in all these contracts because your manager lied to me?" she said yes.

I asked to speak to someone higher up about the situation and she said the only thing was to call their national office but I shouldn't bother because they would tell me to call her. I called the national office and spoke to a manager and told her the situation. She couldn't believe I was signed up for 2 contracts at the same time and she said that was completely against their policy and should have never happened, but she wasn't sure she could do anything since Golds Gym is a franchise. I am still waiting for a response.

I have been reading reviews and customer complaints most of the afternoon and see that I am definitely not alone. I feel as though I cannot stand idle while this company continues to operate unethically and take advantage of people. They will lie to you and then deny it straight to your face. In my opinion, what is stated is an oral contract, and they, in some situations, are breaking that oral agreement.

Don't Join Gold's Gym
By -

AUBURN, ALABAMA -- I also made the mistake of signing a one year contract with the Gold's Gym in Auburn, AL. My advice to anyone considering it is, DON'T. I was told when I signed up that I would receive a monthly bill in the mail, and that they just needed me to pay the first month by credit card. Several months past and I did not receive a bill. I started carrying my wallet into the gym in case they needed me to make a payment, but it never came up.

It wasn't until I found out that my checking account was not balanced correctly that I realized that they had been billing me directly from my checking account- without my consent, and without provided me with any invoice detailing what I was being charged for. I spoke to a girl at the front desk about the matter, and she politely informed me that Gold's Gym does not send out monthly bills and is not required by Alabama state law to provide their clients with an itemized bill. After that I began checking my bank statements very closely, and found that on several occasions I had been billed twice for one month.

During the month of January I had been billed three times. I called to ask about the matter and was promptly told that if I had read my contract closely I would have known that Gold's Gym charges their members a $50 equipment fee at different times throughout the year. Apparently, the $50 you pay every month goes to replacing towels... wait they don't provide towels... o.k. so it goes to spray bottles to clean the equipment... wait they don't have those either, I guess sitting in someone else's butt sweat in considered hygienic.

Half way through my contract I closed the account Gold's Gym had been billing me through. I simply had forgot that their monthly fleecing that was still in progress. I also had been traveling quite a bit and hadn't been into the gym for approximately two months. About three months after I closed my bank account I received a notice from Gold's billing company out of Montgomery-the first notice I had ever received from the company- indicating that I owed them for two months membership, plus two $20 late fees, which needed to be paid within one business week or I'd be sent to collections.

I called promptly and asked (given that they had both my address and phone number) why no one had bothered to inform after the first month, or for that matter the second the bill did not go through. The reply I received was simply that Gold's Gym was not required to do so by state law, and also did not send out monthly bills.

That was not the end of my troubles with Gold's Gym, but suffice it to say DON'T sign a contract with them. There are other Gym's now in Auburn that do not require a yearly contract. Additionally, the Gold's Gym in Auburn is; too small to handle peak hours; does not provide enough parking; has old and unsanitary equipment, and the men's locker room has only two showers (which appear wooden) and only one toilet. Look for another Gym, but if that fails, start walking... trust me, it's a much healthier and cheaper alternative than joining Gold's Gym.

Gold Gym's Scam
By -

I bought a membership at Golds Gym. I asked repeatedly for a trainer to help me set up a program (Part of their advertisement). No Trainer was ever there. At least that is what I was told... They were not available.
So much for a training program. There was never anyone that could even show me the different machines. The classes were always full a half hour before the class began. I asked them if why they didn't have more classes. They told me that they were going to start more (not) (just another lie).

The pool was gross... and the locker rooms filthy. So my husband and I contacted them 30 days prior to our contract expiring. My husband had to call 5 different numbers before he found anyone that he could talk to. The girl said sure she would process the cancellation (another lie).

In Utah a verbal contract or notice is just as good as a written one in a court of law. (not in their opinion) So if you don't know how to write legal notices to them it is best not to join. Since your cancellation is determined on their own understanding. My husband notified the bank to stop the automatic withdrawal. Then we got bank charges billed to us. My husband called again. Agreed to mail the amount for the last month... They said great... (don't believe that one either, just another lie).

Long story short... Don't join... there are lots of other honest gyms out there that value their customers and they actually communicate with their customers unlike Golds Gym... The main line that I have heard from Gold's Gym is that you have to put everything in writing. So the Question is... Why do they even have telephones? Except to lie to their customers.

If you want to hear a good lie... just give them a call. They are experts. You could possibly hear them tell you three different things all in one conversation, so don't believe any of it. Instead... just pay the bill and post all of the nasty posts that you can. I figure if I keep one person from making the mistake of joining their gym, like I did... It is worth my while. If you are so unfortunate to have a membership... first... I am sorry.

But, remember think ahead and before you reach 30 days before your contract is up... Send them a written notice to not renew... (don't forget to send it registered mail, so that you can get a nice signature of receipt) Then... stop your direct deposit... you can even supply the bank a copy of your nice notice and a copy of your contract so they can put it in their files too. (as documentation of your closing your account with Gold's). Then, if they try to remove money from your account... be sure to keep any information and documents of their attempted transaction... And mail it, fax it, etc... to the Attorney General... they love fraud scams.

Cancellation Fee
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Rating: 1/51

MOORHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife had joined Gold's Gym in the beginning of the year, but for one reason or another quit going. After four months of non-use and a $35 monthly charge I asked her to cancel her membership because we were paying for a service that she had not used for many months. My surprise was that there was a $200 cancellation fee! So for a service I had just paid $140 to not use, I was asked to pay an additional $200 to not use it again. I explained my position to the person I was told had the authority to waive the cancellation fee, he simply stated that he was unable to and did not have the authority to do so, and that he knew of no one who had the authority to waive the fee.

Any business has the ability to waive a contract and I found the lack of empathy and inept customer service to be poor. I explained any future membership for any member of my family would be unlikely due to this poor customer service--he said that was unfortunate. I would recommend staying away from a membership especially if you are joining as a "New Year's Resolution" because it will be costly to quit--they expect a 3 year contract to be signed with a $200 cancellation fee if New Year's doesn't quite go the way you want it to.

Contract Obligation
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I belonged to a small neighborhood fitness center. One of the members bought it from the original owner several months ago. Equipment began falling into disrepair. Apparently whatever custodial attention it got ended with the new ownership.

On Oct. 31st, there was a notice on the door it was closing immediately and the membership list had been sold to another fitness business. I received a phone call today from the other center telling me I owed two months fees; for Nov. and due to a "notice of termination" period, Dec. This center claimed I had been notified by surface or email. I do not open junk email and I am absolutely certain I received no notification in my by-name mail. I do not open unsolicited surface mail, so if I did receive notice by surface mail, it went to the trash.

My question is if I am obligated to give notification of termination within a specified amount of time, isn't the first fitness center obligated legally to extend the same courtesy to me? Am I obligated to honor such a contract if my name was given to another fitness center without my permission or prior notification? I paid the fees today. I am filing complaints with the state attorney general's and Better Business Bureau's offices and I have contacted a local television station's consumer action reporter.

Billing issues
By -

I purchased a trial membership in Gold's Gym, Arlington, VA in March 2008 and paid by credit card. I cancelled the trial membership in August of 2008 and subsequently credit charges ceased. My last payment to the Gold's Gym was August 25, 2008. I used Gold's Gym facilities 2 times only in March 2008. Sometime in 2010 the relevant credit card expired, no additional charge for Gold's gym appeared before the expiration of the credit card with which I made original payment. On August 2, 2011 I received a letter from Gold's Gym claiming that I owed an additional $32.99 in charges.

On August 16, 2011 First Credit services, Inc. sent me a correspondence indicating that I was indebted to Gold's in the amount of $57.99. I contacted Gold's by phone and was told by one **, a Gold's employee that in fact I owed "hundreds of dollars" and that my payment of $57.99 would not be sufficient to eliminate my "debt".

On September 30, 2011 I received a new letter from First Credit Services indicating that I owed Gold's Gym $267.92. All the correspondence actually asked for new credit card information, savings or checking account numbers noting that Gold's had tried to run the charge described in their correspondence of August 2, 2011 through the credit card I had paid my 2008 invoices with. They are aggressive on the collection effort which may or may not be based on some cancellation fee that Gold's gym never invoiced me for.

On the other hand since this was a "trial membership" a cancellation fee would be poor business practice. The telephonic claim of much larger additional debt may be a collection scare tactic, an employee mistake, or part of a scam to collect additional charges since 2008. Is a complaint to the Virginia State Police Economic Crimes Unit a consideration? Many people suggested that we should get together for a class action lawsuit.

Golds Gym Magnolia - Horrible Customer Svc, a real nightmare!
By -

MAGNOLIA, TEXAS -- I was working right down the road and stopped in one day to find about about a membership so that I could work out on my lunch breaks. I told the guy that because I lived so far I was not interested in signing a contract. He said that he would put me under a "corporate membership" so that if I ever left or lost my job that I would not be obligated to a contract.

Well now three months after losing my job and submitting the paperwork that they requested to cancel, they continue to go back and forth, one minute telling me there would be no problem cancelling, and the next speaking with someone else telling me they will not be allowing me out of my contract. And forget about getting anyone to actually return your calls, I have now made trips up there the last two weeks in a row because I could not get one single person to return my phone calls, even after ten consecutive days of leaving messages. And when you do manage to call enough times to catch someone they are extremely rude.

THEY WILL LIE, cheat and tell you anything to get your signature and then their relationship with you is over. Other than the phone call 2-3 times per month asking me if I ever received a guest pass for a free week to come check out their club - HELLO, they still haven't managed to figure out that I have been a member now for the last 6 months because apparently they don't care.

Once they get you in the door, any customer service or effort goes out the door! Oh, and as an added warning to mothers, the child care hours are virtually non-existent during the day, which renders a membership completely useless to those of us that have kids at home. Anyway, I hope by sharing this that it will help others to not to get suckered by these awful people and their substandard excuse for a gym.

Is golds gym Bangladesh is an international gym????
By -

DHAKA -- Gold's gym is an international brand and why I get my self admitted in the gym. But it's really sad and unwanted that the equipment don't work properly at all. Most of them are out of work. Most of them are not working for months. Instructor does not take care of the members. Some times it's so insulting that there gym employee forget how to behave with the members. I am really disappointed by the service of gold's gym Bangladesh. I will appreciate if the Gold's Gym International come to Bangladesh and see by their own eye what is happening in Bangladesh gold's gym.

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