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Don't Join Gold's Gym
Posted by Robwazzu on 06/30/2006
AUBURN, ALABAMA -- I also made the mistake of signing a one year contract with the Gold's Gym in Auburn, AL. My advice to anyone considering it is, DON'T. I was told when I signed up that I would receive a monthly bill in the mail, and that they just needed me to pay the first month by credit card. Several months past and I did not receive a bill. I started carrying my wallet into the gym in case they needed me to make a payment, but it never came up. It wasn't until I found out that my checking account was not balanced correctly that I realized that they had been billing me directly from my checking account- without my consent, and without provided me with any invoice detailing what I was being charged for. I spoke to a girl at the front desk about the matter, and she politely informed me that Gold's Gym does not send out monthly bills and is not required by Alabama state law to provide their clients with an itemized bill. After that I began checking my bank statements very closely, and found that on several occasions I had been billed twice for one month. During the month of January I had been billed three times. I called to ask about the matter and was promptly told that if I had read my contract closely I would have known that Gold's Gym charges their members a $50 equipment fee at different times throughout the year. Apparently, the $50 you pay every month goes to replacing towels....wait they don't provide towels...o.k. so it goes to spray bottles to clean the equipment...wait they don't have those either, I guess sitting in someone else's butt sweat in considered hygienic.

Half way through my contract I closed the account Gold's Gym had been billing me through. I simply had forgot that their monthly fleecing that was still in progress. I also had been traveling quite a bit and hadn't been into the gym for approximately two months. About three months after I closed my bank account I received a notice from Gold's billing company out of Montgomery-the first notice I had ever received from the company- indicating that I owed them for two months membership, plus two $20 late fees, which needed to be paid within one business week or I'd be sent to collections. I called promptly and asked (given that they had both my address and phone number) why no one had bothered to inform after the first month, or for that matter the second the bill did not go through. The reply I received was simply that Gold's Gym was not required to do so by state law, and also did not send out monthly bills.

That was not the end of my troubles with Gold's Gym, but suffice it to say DON'T sign a contract with them. There are other Gym's now in Auburn that do not require a yearly contract. Additionally, the Gold's Gym in Auburn is; too small to handle peak hours; does not provide enough parking; has old and unsanitary equipment, and the men's locker room has only two showers (which appear wooden) and only one toilet. Look for another Gym, but if that fails, start walking....trust me, it's a much healthier and cheaper alternative than joining Gold's Gym.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-30:
It appears you simply didn't read your contract and took the word of the sales rep. Don't be surprised when they keep hounding you for money.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-30:
OK, so as far as you knew - you were not paying for the gym but you were fine with walking in there and using their facility? And then when you discover that they were getting $ from you - AS THEY SHOULD since you were using the gym - you were mad that they took it automatically...uhmmm cmon. $50 + a month and you don't notice? Anywhooo is's your responsibility to balance your checking acct not theirs. You sound like a complaining mooch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-30:
"I had to put her six feet under,and I can still hear her complain" Oh here comes that sound again!
However, call your credit card and or bank and tell them not to accept transactions from Gold's Digger Gym. You might want to keep a file of all correspondence from Gold Digger Gym, as they may come out of the wood work on down the road.
Although I belong to gym a good cheap alternative is to buy good jogging shoes and fast walk for about thirty minutes. Assuming you don't any health problems 1/Do some pushups (4 sets x 100 repetitions) 2/Do some situps (4 x 100) that's what they do in Army basic training, and free! If all else fails dispute your credit card deductions from Golds. Good luck
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had the same problem when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. If you need some help go to this website. www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens The membership is only 36 dollars and month and the letter the lawyer sent was FREE!!!
Posted by Nonaii on 2008-04-17:
mama3385, thank you for the suggestion. i don't know if they'll be able to help me. but I am contacting them. do you know, among other things, gold's gym changed my contract by changing my member id number on my signed contract after handing me my version? and that I was never informed of said change by Gold's Gym itself, I only found out because i called their old financial company (ABC) for help with a double bill and was told where I could see a copy of my contract on ABC's site as well as pay online. Gold's Gym never told me that that site existed, either. They also claim that a box is checked for 'yearly' on my monthly contract. By the way the Better Business Bureau has been known as a joke for years, but contacting them anyway on general principle doesn't hurt because of their reputation among people who still respect the BBB.
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Gold's Gym Contract - Be Wary
Posted by Bonnie65 on 01/30/2006
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I had joined several gyms in the past. Of the ones I joined (Gold's, 24-hour Fitness), Gold's gym will suck you into a years contract without being giving or delaying contracts for any reasons, whether moving or financial problems to family problems. My intentions were go go back! Not now!

I had some family problems, involving my daughter, which she cost me a bundle. I asked for a waiver till I could get control of my home situations and financial. My family comes first. . .They wouldn't. I had to forgot about the contract and concentrated on my daughter. A year and half later, they came after me via "collection agency", which I have now have paid off to them instead of my credit ruined as one writer also stated (Posted By: BlueBenz on 5/23/2004 & littlebit2 on 01/22/2005)!!!

I learned about their contracts and will never get sucked up again. TAKE HEED BEFORE SIGNING AND JOINING THEIR OR ANY GYM. They don't even delay the contract so you can get matters under handle, they DO NOT care about "you" and your health physically or mentally.

I suggest joining a gym who does a month-to-month basis as 24-Hour Fitness. They sit down and explain their contract with you. If you move, as some people here posted, then you can just move, no contract to bind to. Their facilities are much nicer, more variety of exercise equipment and quality of each machine so they are not all tied up and have to wait. Gold's Gym staff stated that why their membership is cheaper is due to NOT having the extras such as a pool/Jacuzzi, etc. 24-Hour, I paid less and they have much more to offer than Gold's Gym along with being open 24-hours a day facility.

I will never step my foot into Gold's Gym again!!!

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-01-30:
I'm not a Gold's fan, but why should they be expected to behave any differently than any other business? You entered into a contract with them, you are an adult (I assume) - you read it, you understood it, you signed it.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's health problems, but why would you expect Gold's to just forgive this legitimate debt? Did you call GMAC and ask them for a break on your car payments, or did you call your mortgage company to tell them you were going to stop paying them for a little while?
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-01-30:
Those other obligations are necessities...this is a luxury. I don't see where the poster ever said he wanted this legitimate debt forgiven; I think he was looking for Gold's to defer payment until he was back on his feet. As far as priorities, go he was correct in putting this last on monthly list of bills. I'm not saying he shouldn't pay it...I'm saying he's right to pay others first.
Posted by Shakra on 2006-01-30:
I agree with Hugh Jorgen. Please name me one company that would defer payment on a contract until the person has the funds to pay for it? He shouldn't have entered into a contract. To be honest, this person's comment sounds more like an advertisement for 24-hour Fitness instead of a complaint against Gold's Gym. Why didn't (s)he just go to 24-hour Fitness in the first place?
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-01-30:
Companies that will defer payments due to hardships: Most Car loan companies, a lot of insurance companies - when I had a mortgage, they did it for me...moved the payment on to the end of the loan. Lot's of companies will do so if you call them, explain, and ask for your options. In fact, most companies have such programs in place for just such situations. Even the dreaded 3rd Party Collection agency, NCO has programs for people who have unexpected financial set backs. I think you're too quick to judge this gentleman. You make valid arguements, to be sure, but understand that businesses like banks, insurance companies, and some others want you to remain a customer and will work with you under certain circumstances. It's possible you've never had to ask, but I'm willing to bet that some of the institutions you deal with would do the same. Some won't...but many more than you might think, will. :)
Posted by Shakra on 2006-01-30:
You would, at the very least, have to pay for interest accrued on the monthly bill for any deferment. They will not let you get by month after month without paying anything. Paying a partial is completely different from not paying anything at all. I do not think I am judging this person harshly. This person is an adult who entered into a binding contract. They have to follow the same rules as we all do. I think you are taking the bait for what is clearly an advertisement. Notice how the contributor debases another company and then moves onto how "great" 24-hour Fitness is? It sounds like a commercial.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-30:
Complaining about a company and complementing another company... That would probably be okay on an opinion website but not on a site named my3cents. The nerve of some people.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-30:
Gold Gym is very short sighted. Yes, legally they are able to continue to charge for services not rendered but in the end they lose the possibility of a long term cash stream in exchange for a short term collection they may or most likely won’t collect. In the end nobody wins.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-31:
Years ago I signed a health club contract. I asked if I move do I still have to pay? The rep said no, not if there isn't another Court South in 20 miles of your new residence. Three months later I did move and called to tell them. They laughed at me, said the salesman was no longer with them, ect. I got upset and didn't pay it. I should have read the contract, but I did not. I did take it to my companies attorney and she laughed and said it was the most 1 sided, iron clad contract she had ever seen. Thanks for showing it to her it was the best laugh she had in awhile. Yeah good advise would be read the health club memberships carefully. "///warning fake numbers to make a point///" They need say 1000 members per yer to make money. They know that only 200 or so will be motivated enough to maintain membership and use it. So they make the contracts so that the other 800 pay or pay.
Posted by Shakra on 2006-01-31:
There is a difference between a compliment and a plug. Bonnie here sounds like a commercial.
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Aggressive personal trainers
Posted by Juile on 07/22/2004
I recently joined Gold's because of a special offer they had in my area and when I was signing up, the assistant manager told me that I got three free lessons with a personal trainer. That was cool even though I don't need a personal trainer-I really just wanted somebody to spend an hour showing me how to properly use the equipment and I would have been on my way. Instead, before we even started the first session, the trainer asked if would be continuing in the program after my free lessons. I was somewhat taken aback but told him I wanted to take my free lessons and see how it all went. The first lesson was fine but he mostly talked and I mostly listened. Then, halfway during the second session, he asked if I had reconsidered signing up with him for more personal training and said his rate was $50 an hour. Uh, being a poor student, I told him that was not going to be possible. He ended the session right then and there with me on the floor, 45 minutes early saying that he had other commitments and has never made himself available for my third session. I am stuck walking on the treadmills because I STILL don't know how to use the equipment. If you join Gold's, expect to get high pressure sales when it comes to the personal training.
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Posted by HARDCORE on 2004-07-23:
I understand your thoughts. Being a personal trainer myself I can understand the egarness of wanting to earn a paycheck. Unfortunately jerks like the one you dealt with are hungry for the money right now, and dont know what customer service is. You just might have bought training from him at a later date if he had build enough value in himself and what he could do for you (if you ran into some money of course, you never know)
Posted by chad on 2004-07-23:
You are an really that stupid. I mean seriously it is not hard to figure out how to work a machine. Get a life
Posted by Juile on 2004-07-24:
Chad, I appreciate your concern over my intelligence and lack of a life but really, everything is fine. Before I signed the contract, Gold's assured me that somebody would show me how to safely and properly use the equipment-to this point, they have not provided that person. This is a failure on the part of Gold's Gym, not me.
Posted by noodles on 2004-10-12:
In response to the individual who was ill-treated by a Gold's personal trainer: As both a personal trainer and a poor college student myself; it is our job to sell training, it's how we make our living - sales. Although, that is only a small part of it, first and foremost our intention should always be to help the members. The trainer you dealt with, I agree, was terrible. You should have at least recieved the training you were supposed to get and when he acted so unprofessionally the matter should have been taken up with management and he should have been dealt with. I don't care for aggressive people, most of us are just trying to do our job and help the members in our club, not move in for a "car salesman-like" attack just for a quick buck (pardon the cliche). I realize that sort of thing does happen, but for those of us who enjoy our job and don't run our business like in that manner deserve some credit...you can't judge the masses based on one individual experience.
Posted by wootang on 2004-11-05:
50 bucks and hour is what I was told.
I work for $50 bucks an hour in my computer biz.
I don't think that a personal trainer is as skilled of a profession as someone that programs computers or fixes them.
Posted by ITrue on 2007-04-30:
One thing I will like to recommend to everyone is that if you do sign a contract for personal training, read all the fine print. I just completed my contract a couple of months ago and they are still charging me monthly because of an auto-renewal clause. And in order to stop them I had to write a certified letter with a return reciept to some P.O. box. But before that, I searched for the address on the contract, it was not there. I called the number on the contract and they forwarded me to two different departments before eventually giving me the correct contact phone number. I spoke with two different representatives who gave me two different addresses and processes. This all seems unfair to me but I will take the hit on this one since I did not read every letter of the contract. Lesson Learned!!!!!!
Posted by jajo on 2008-08-01:
I would like to respond to the computer programmer comment on 'not being as skilled as you are' and charging the same rate. Most personal trainers will never see the whole amount of $50/hour. They will only see a percentage of that. Most trainers have a degree in Exercise Science, I do, with the course work I completed I can apply to medical school. Personal trainers also are required to have at least 1 certification. While I can't program a computer I can test and assess a clients health. Ultimately helping to change their way of life. Now, that is also a skill. How much is your health worth?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-08-01:
jajo, do you realize you just responded to a comment that was made almost 4 years ago? And that user has not been here since. I assure you he won't see your response.
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Fraudulent Rip off Company
Posted by Bambi on 05/01/2004
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I signed up with Gold's Gym May of 2003 when I lived in Kenosha WI. I moved to Milwaukee WI. for school in Jul 2003. I do not attend the gym anymore and I would simply like to cancel my account. From what I have experienced, this is impossible. I would be willing to pay any cancellation fee. I have faxed several cancellation letters letting them know I want my account closed as requested and still I seem to get a bill for $88.00 every month. I DO NOT ATTEND THE GYM!! STOP SENDING ME BILLS!! CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!! I barely went there three times if even that when I did live in Kenosha. I live about 45 min from the gym now and it is nearly impossible for me to get down there being that I am enrolled full time in school. And all the while I am still liable for these charges. I just want a final bill and a closed account since I no longer attend the gym.
I am very angry with Gold's Gym because they are theives. I do hope that letter is read by someone with some power to something about this because this is not right. Please cancel my account. Do not send me any more monthly bills. I want a final bill and a closed account.

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Posted by wearecruisers on 2004-05-01:
It sounds like you need to go there in person. Speek to the owner or manager. If you explain that you have moved most companies understand and work with you.
Posted by wearecruisers on 2004-05-01:
Sorry about the typo, should have been speak.
Posted by Beefcake on 2006-03-02:
You signed up for a one year membership in May 2003 and wanted to cancel in July 2003? Maybe it's good you're going to school to learn how to read a contract. I've been a member at Gold's for 6 years and they are very straightforward about their memberships. You shouldn't post lies on the site if you have nothing to back it up with. Why didn't you file a complaint with the BBB? I'll tell you why....never mind. You know why. I looked on the BBB website and they have never had one complaint against them in the 17 years they have been open. It's individual's like yourself that blame everyone else but yourself for a mistake. Nice try though....
Posted by KAVjuly14 on 2010-01-24:
thank you beefcake, no one ever seems to go in person, the blame is always passed on to the fax or phone, or always lose the copy of the cancellation, i hear this bs all day long, and we know you are lying
Posted by dlentz on 2011-05-18:
My wife and I signed a one year contract with Gold's Gym which has recently expired. Apparently there was some fine print on the contract that allowed them to charge a monthly fee AFTER the expiration to my credit card. In order to cancel this monthly fee I must fax a letter or notice that I would like to cancel, (which I did) and then wait 60 days for termination. I have not received a confirmation of receipt from Gold's for the fax and my registered letter was returned. Corporate has not answered the phone (I called at 10am and 3pm) and has not returned my messages. The employee at the local gym told me that they would refund the money and cancel the account immediately, then during another visit to ask why they had withdrawn YET AGAIN, I was given the same fax number and a good run around about corporate policy and registered letters for 'my own protection'.

This single franchise has received 24 complaints in the Kansas City area alone in the last 10 years and 12 in the last 6 months alone. To prove this, a link to the BBB is below:

Everything that I have described has been without embellishment and cannot be disputed. Beefcake, you either work for Gold's Gym or you are so hopped up on 'roids that your brain has been melted.
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A Dirty Place to do business
Posted by FitFabFather on 11/15/2007
LAWRENCEVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I recently visited Gold's Gym in Lawrenceville New Jersey to inquire about possibly joining as a member. I currently workout at another facility New Jersey. I was looking for a new workout atmosphere that is more energetic and offers reasonable personal training rates. It is my opinion, the rates at my current gym have become far too expensive at $65.00/hour for the level of inexperienced training offered.

The sales person at Gold's gave me a one week free pass to visit and workout at the Lawrenceville facility. I am writing this review as I was very disappointed in the overall Gold's Gym in Lawrenceville. First of all, there are not nearly enough benches available in the free weight area. The benches that are available are not only dirty, but scary to use for fear they may collapse during an exercise. The nautilus machines were also in horrible condition, and not one single machine had the pin needed to increase the weight in five or ten pound increments. That is pathetic! How can Gold's justify a $49 and month rate for equipment that is not in working order? I spoke to a few members who said new benches were on order for about two months now. Again, this is an unreasonable amount of time for a well known chain like Gold's.

The offer from the sales person at Gold's was for an initial payment of $79, and a monthly rate of $49 plus tax. I am sorry, but I am paying $6 more a month at my current gym and the facilities are extremely better by far. At least the equipment is clean, safe and in working order.

This was so disappointing for a nationally known and respected (so I thought) gym like Gold's. I was expecting Gold's Gym to be much better than what I experienced during my recent workouts and I cannot see paying that kind of money for the embarrassing facilities Gold's offers in Lawrenceville, NJ.

In the current condition, and at the offered rate, I will not be joining Gold's and I would not recommend Gold's to any of my professional friends looking for a clean, reliable, workout facility.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-15:
The Golds over by me is grrrrreat!
Posted by geather-c on 2007-11-16:
try this on for size.my son use to work for them two different towns.they cater to cops and the slime(cops) go there to chase women,married or single most of the cops were married themselves(so much for morals)
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Unable to Cancel Membership Due to Relocation
Posted by GoldGymSucks on 09/29/2007
SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- I signed a contract on 4/15/2007 with Gold's Gym of Silver Spring, MD. I purchased a home in Frederick, MD 47.92 miles from the Silver Spring Gold's Gym on August 31, 2007. I telephoned the gym and spoke with a gentleman who identified himself as Eric and asked him what I needed to do to cancel my membership. He said I simply needed to come by the gym and bring a piece of mail with my new address on it. I went to the gym on Friday, September 28, 2007 and brought my change of address from the post office as well as some new checks with my new address and copy of a statement from the Title Company from the day I purchased my home. I spoke with the manager Justin at the front desk. Justin said that the only proof they would accept is a driver's license with my new address. I explained that this does not make sense since if your license is not expired DMV will simply give you a form that you put in your wallet with your new address. They do not issue new licenses and even if they did what would they do for someone who does not have a license.

He said he did not care and the only thing he would accept is a driver's license. I went to the Gold's Gym in Laurel, a franchise which is owned by the same owner of the Silver Spring location and they told me that they accept a change of address form from the post office (which I tried to provide Justin at the Silver Spring location), a utility with your new address, or a driver's license with your new address.

The staff at the laurel location canceled my membership and made a copy of my change of address form from the post office. I went back to the Silver Spring location to confront the manager and he said it did not matter that the location at Laurel said they canceled my membership, because I did not join at that location although it is its sister location.

Justin claims I can only cancel at the Silver Spring location with a new driver's license which I do not intend to obtain since it is not required by the State of Maryland.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-29:
Spend the few bucks a new license will cost. MUCH CHEAPER than having to pay out your contract.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-09-29:
Did you HAVE the form from the DMV yet and he wouldn't accept that or you didn't have it yet?
Posted by Ponie on 2007-09-29:
Cut that out Brenda! That was the first thought that popped into my head too. :)
Posted by manamana on 2009-02-22:
If you want to get a new driver's license for free and don't mind switching, you can change your organ donor status. I did that when I canceled my Laurel gym membership earlier this month.

By the way, the cancellation takes 30 days to go through after they see the license.
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Avoid Golds Gym
Posted by Jonnyjw on 06/27/2007
KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- Golds Gym does not handle their own monthly statements - it is farmed out to a collection agency called ABC financial in Arizona. ABC is aggressive and will not make any exceptions to anything.

In my case, my girlfriend moved to an area where there is no gym, so i asked to have her removed from the account (and save me $32 a month). ABC asked for proof. I supplied a hotel bill showing her address. ABC stated they wanted either a copy of her drivers license or a copy of a utility company bill. I stated NO - due to risk of identity theft.

I called the Golds gym to complain (Kirkland Washington) and requested that the owner call me back. NO CALL

I emailed the national company - NO RESPONSE.

So now i am stuck paying for her during the rest of the contract! ABC threatened to ruin my credit if i refused to pay per contract.

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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-06-27:
A hotel bill isn't proof at all. You should have given them a copy of the license, but with the number blacked out if you were worried.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-06-27:
Good call, Brenda.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-06-27:
It's not an unreasonable request on the part of Gold's Gym; they are only trying to verify your assertion of your girlfriend's move. Do what Brenda suggested, or give them a copy of a utility bill with the account number blacked out. It's not that big of a deal, and a little effort will save you $32 per month.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-06-27:
Sounds like you are fighting something petty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-27:
I agree with adzidek!
Posted by MISSKI on 2007-07-05:
Um, actully ABC Financial is arkansas (AR)not arizona (AZ). I worked for them for about 3 years. Any of the information required to cancel a membership is clearly stated on the signed contracts. abc cannot threaten to ruin credit as they are not a collection agency they are just a third party biller. they just send your account back to gold's and the gym makes the decision to send you account to their own collections agency.PLEASE READ CONTRACTS/ AGREEMENTS/LEASES BEFORE SIGNING. I learned this principle in junior high...
Posted by tfv4mizzou on 2007-08-13:
I'm looking to join a gym, but probably won't b/c of all the crap I hear about them. it sucks that you had so much trouble! as for MISSKI, it shouldn't be so complicated to cancel a memebership to anything! one should just have to call and say, "I'd like to cancel my membership," and that's it! no 'fine print' readaing. it's all just a shame.
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Can't Cancel!
Posted by Hudnaec on 08/16/2004
NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a member of Golds Gym for just over a year now. I recently decided to buy a home gym to save myself time and money. I called to let them know I would be cancelling my membership and they told me I couldn't. This is MY money we are talking about not theirs. I was told there are only two ways I can cancel. 1) If I die! or 2) I become disabled. No one told me anything about this "clause". I am requesting they send me a copy of my original contract becuase I do not remember reading this "small detail". This is ridiculous to say the least. I joined for one year and assumed it would be month to month after the year was up. I own my home and they are telling I would have to move outside a 50 mile radius of a Golds Gym to cancel! This is pure robbery. I intent to dispute this. If anyone is thinking about a membership DO NOT go here.

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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-16:
I think that you "assumed" wrong. Never assume. What you signed up for was a year long membership-not a month to month. Regardless of what half of these people say on here-a contract is binding (check your court system in the state you live) so forget court-however READ IN DEPTH your contract to see what loop hole you might be able to find...
Posted by DebbieAnne on 2004-08-17:
Thanks, I will not join this gym. I know of another family that had problems with them. It seems that they are not in the business to make consumers happy, but rather money hungry.
Posted by oregongirl23 on 2004-10-17:
Bally's does the same thing. I got conned into it as well. I'm unemployed & struggling to buy food & gas for myself and pay the rent, yet they continue to charge my credit card for their membership fee. I even MOVED within 50 miles from one of their gyms at one point & asked again in writing for my account to be canceled and they never did it. Now I can't even pay my credit card off and because of Bally's, it's maxed out now & I'm racking up interest & finance charges & getting collections calls. To top it off, I can't even use the gym right now because my account is "past due" because my overlimit credit card kicks their billing back. I am SOOOO pissed at this gym & all gyms that do that. At this point they tell me I can be free of their reign of terror if like you said 1) I die 2) I become severely disabled 3) move 50 miles from a gym (like I believe that one now - it's a load of crock) or 4) - and this one is good - "pay off the remainder of your 'commitment' " which is like two more years worth of dues. Apparently, I signed a 4-year contract. Sure, I have only myself to blame for not reading the "fineprint" - but that should be something they discuss with you outright. They are shady salepeople - no better than life insurance or used car salesmen and worse than banks. They should not be allowed to do what they do. They could care less about health and fitness. All they care about is ripping people off and making lots of commission.
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Deceitful Tactics
Posted by Chuckyluv on 08/12/2008
SAINT PETERSBURG -- I joined Gold’s Gym with a Month-to-Month Membership about 6 months ago. I was told at the time of signing up that I could cancel at any time and that there would be no penalty or fees. I was also told that I would be billed for the remainder of the month I canceled. I remember reading in the contract that I would have to write a letter to cancel my membership, which I thought was not customer service oriented and I even mentioned that to the sales person.

So, times are tight and I decided that I need to cancel my Month-to-Month Membership and I called them up to do so. I asked them what I needed to do and I was told to write a letter to the Billing Department and then my final payment would be in January of 2009! I told the ‘Gentleman' that was unacceptable, I was on a Month-to-Month Membership and he said, “Well, it takes 60 days to process.” It does not take 60 Days to process a cancellation of a Month-to-Month Membership. It only took an hour to process our sign-up. So, not only is that ridiculous, but his math is terrible. 60 days is not 5 months. I was furious.

I told the ‘Gentleman’ that I would just deny their charges or cancel my credit card that is associated with my “Membership”. His reply was, “Go ahead. It’s your credit.” He was implying that if I don’t comply with their charging me for 5 extra months of service, then my credit will be ruined.

It would appear that they train their staff to be deceitful and to be bullies. I will try to work my way up the chain of command and resolve this to a more acceptable outcome. I will update my post with any further information I learn.

Update: I sent an email and never received a response and then had a death in the family so I put off dealing with these lovely individuals for a couple of months. They kept charging my card. I called and spoke with the billing department and they were curt, but I then called and spoke with the owner and explained the situation. He agreed to not make me send in a certified mail letter to cancel my membership and then just pay what I've owed up to that time. So... in the end. I paid for 3 months of membership (for 2 people) that I did not use after I tried to cancel my Month-to-Month membership. Steer clear of these ethically challenged individuals.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-12:
That's a sticky situation. You either cancel your membership and wait for the charges to stop, or cancel your card and ruin your credit. If it were me, I'd cancel the card.

Hope you get some answers soon.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-08-13:
Make sure you send that cancellation registered mail, and get a receipt. I am not a lawyer, but I believe your obligation ends when they receive the notice.
Posted by chuckyluv on 2009-01-30:
Update: I sent an email and never received a response and then had a death in the family so I put off dealing with these lovely individuals for a couple of months. They kept charging my card. I called and spoke with the billing department and they were curt, but I then called and spoke with the owner and explained the situation. He agreed to not make me send in a certified mail letter to cancel my membership and then just pay what I've owed up to that time. So... in the end. I paid for 3 months of membership (for 2 people) that I did not use after I tried to cancel my Month-to-Month membership. Steer clear of these ethically challenged individuals.
Posted by gardianangel on 2013-05-16:
they are doing the same thing to me.
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Posted by Rjl443 on 03/23/2006
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I have been a member of Herndon/Reston/Clocktower Gold's Gym in Virginia. I had been considering renewal and went in there on 3/21/2006 to do that. I signed a contract for 16 months membership, paid up front, for $460.

Today I received a call from another sales person that the are not going to honor the contract that I signed and paid for. He said that they are only going to make the membership good until 4/21/2007 (instead of 7/21/2007 which is what is written on the contract) and that he said he was going to change the contract to only 13 months at the same rate of $460.

I told him that this was not what I signed for and paid for. He started yelling at and berating me on the telephone because his sales person made a mistake and "I should have known that was not the offer" and that *I* was taking advantage of the club by accepting, signing for and paying for the membership. He continued to berate and yell at me on the phone, would not let me speak or listen to anything that I said.

I have never been treated with such anger, disrespect, rudeness and callousness from a customer service organization. I had to disconnect the telephone to get him to stop yelling at me, the customer.

Another manager called me and once again told me that he would not honor the contract that I signed and paid for.

I do not think that he should be taking his anger at his employee out on me. And then try to renege on a contract that is signed and paid for.
Please assist with this issue. I would like to keep working out with Golds but do not appreciate this "bait and switch" tactic that has been used and also that the person treated me so rudely.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-03-23:
Tell them tough shyt! I signed and paid for it now honor it or you will be summons to court and tell the judge.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-23:
I could not imagine going back to a place that treated me that badly.. but there is not much you can do until a) they put something in writing or b) they stop you from using the club at the start of month 14. Hopefully someone can correct me and give you a way out..
Posted by crewboy on 2006-03-23:
I agree. If you signed a contract with them, they are legally obliged to honor it as well. I would do as the first poster suggested. Tell the manager that he will either honor the contract voluntarily or you will get a court order forcing him to do so. Not to mention that he may have to pay your legal fees if it gets that far.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-03-23:
Definitely a bait and switch. What's with thess gym places having modern day adult bullies working for them? Must be a prerequisite for employment.
Posted by bill on 2006-03-25:
A contract is a contract is a contract. If they made a mistake, they should eat it. At this point I would demand my money back and take my business to another gym.
Posted by yoke on 2006-03-27:
I would demand my money back. They will probably tell you that you signed a contract that you can't get out of. Remind them the same thing, that they signed the same contract and unless they are going to go by the contract you want your money back.
Posted by wvgal on 2006-08-04:
rj - Try contacting the Fairfax County Consumer Protection Office at 703-222-8435. You can access their website & file a complaint on-line at www.fairfax.va.us/consumer.htm.
Hope this information helps. :-}
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